tagMatureRoberta's Party Ch. 01

Roberta's Party Ch. 01


Copyright ©, 2003: All characters, events, and text in this story are purely fictional, and are created by and the sole property of the author. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

Roberta McGee and her three classmates, Todd, Kyle, and Tracy walked out of the classroom, discussing how difficult the final exam had been. The four were all second-year grad students at the downtown university, but Roberta was different from the others. While the others were in their early twenties and single, Roberta was forty-five, a divorced suburban mother with two children. Her former husband was a successful financial advisor, and gave her ample alimony and support. After both children left for college, Roberta decided to return to school and work for a Masters in Art Literature. The class just finished was the third with the other three students, who by now had accepted her as a close friend and intelligent student, with little regard to their age differences. She had come to value the after-class time the four spent together, discussing and arguing many topics over coffee and lunches.

"Whew! Am I glad that's over," exclaimed Kyle, the extrovert of the gang. "I have been so uptight this exam week, and I need someplace to unwind." Todd, slender and quiet, and Tracy, a pert short brunette with a buxom figure, both agreed.

"Just coffee won't do it for me," said Todd.

Roberta wanted to thank her three younger classmates for their friendship, and making her feel alive again. In addition to her graduate studies, she worked out three times a week at her fitness club, to maintain her 34-24-35 figure with long, slim legs. "Hey, guys," she said, "I would like to treat us all to dinner at that nice Italian restaurant nearby. It would be my way of saying thank you for being such good friends to me." Free food was something that full-time grad students would never refuse, and foursome enjoyed a fine dinner. They finished dessert, but continued talking over several glasses of wine, until they noticed the waiters impatiently glaring at their table. Roberta settled the bill, and the group walked to the parking lot at the school, where they had left their cars.

"Roberta, that was a fabulous dinner," thanked Todd. "How about going somewhere else? We're not likely to see much of each other over the summer vacation, and I don't want to say goodbye just yet. Where could we go that's quiet but interesting?" Roberta said, "Well, you could all come over to my house, and we could relax in our hot tub. That's what I do when I want to unwind. Let's get some bottles of wine, and pick up some cheese. Would you be interested?"

"Wait a minute," said Kyle. "It sounds great, but none of us have bathing suits."

"Oh, that's right," giggled Roberta. "I forgot that I never use bathing suits in the hot tub, Kyle."

"Well, we could all go skinny-dipping. That would be something we've never done together. Who else is game?" said Todd.

"I'm in," said Tracy. "But, Roberta, do you realize how horny these guys must be after cramming for the last two weeks? I guarantee that the night would not end up with just skinny-dipping. Are you ready for sex with Kyle or Todd?"

Roberta laughed. "As handsome as those two are, and with as much fun as we're having tonight, I could be persuaded. We can be consenting adults, can't we? Let's see what develops. Oh, there is one thing: let me drive you all in my car to my place. I'd just as soon not have any nosy neighbors wondering whose cars are in my driveway, and I also don't want any DUI trouble, if we drink more wine. You can all sleep over so we have lots of time, and I'll drive you back here tomorrow."

The group agreed, and chattered excitedly as Roberta drove her SUV out to her suburban house. They made a stop at a shopping mall for Roberta to buy cheese. Tracy went to the drugstore and returned with a bag of items. "Essentials for the morning," she explained. "Toothbrushes, disposable razors and shaving cream."

Once the car was discretely parked in Roberta's garage, she ushered them into the house. The three guests began to admire the decorations and art pieces tastefully arranged on the walls and side tables. She gave them a tour, ending upstairs. "Kyle, you can use my son's bedroom; Tracy, my daughter's. Todd can use the guest bedroom. There are two bathrooms up here, and another off the living room downstairs. I'll get some towels to wrap around you; sorry I don't have hot tub robes. Let's strip up here, and meet down in the kitchen. The hot tub's in that part of the house."

Ten minutes later, the four met in the kitchen, each wrapped in fluffy white bath towels. Kyle said, "Hey, Roberta, I found some condoms inside my towel. I have two questions: Number one, are they for us? And Number Two: how did you happen to have a supply on hand?"

"Yes, Kyle, to Number One; Number Two, that's an impertinent question to ask a woman, but the answer is that my ex-husband and I were not so naïve about our children remaining celibate while teenagers. So we stressed responsibility and precaution. When our son, the oldest, was sixteen, my husband, John made sure that condoms were available in the house, no questions asked. I strongly agreed with his idea, and have maintained that supply for when my children come home."

Looking at her younger guests, Roberta continued.

"We've gotten to know each other pretty well, but let's be adult here. You don't know where I've been, and I don't know where you've been. I insist on using good sense to assure all of us are safe, and Tracy and I are stork proof. While I'm still on the soapbox, let me recite the rest of the house rules. For tub hygiene, everyone must take a soap and water shower before entering. Please try hard to keep the wine and cheese out of the water; it's hell on the filters. And all sexual activities will be done on the beds in your rooms with the covers removed."

Roberta turned on the lights in the sunken room addition. In the center was the hot tub, surrounded in the corners by pots of leafy plants, including a huge fichus and a philodendron. She folded back the tub cover and pressed the buttons to turn on the pump motors and the submerged lights. Todd, Kyle, and Tracy were impressed with the bubbling water and pulsating jets.

"OK, people," Roberta said. "Here's our unwinding machine; who wants to shower first?" Tracy grinned and said, "Just to start the fun, let's pick our partners and do twosomes in the shower. The guys and gals will play the scissors, paper, rock game; winners go first." The fingers and hands quickly established that Kyle and Tracy were the winners.

Roberta said, "Leave your towels next to the hot tub here, and take your time in the shower. Todd and I will open a bottle of wine and cut some cheese cubes for us; then we'll take our turn."

Todd helped Roberta with the bottle opening and getting out the glasses and cheese plates. While using the cheese knife, Roberta's towel came loose and fell to the floor. "Oops. Oh, well, it was going to come off anyway." She turned to face Todd with her arms outspread. "Is it what you expected, Todd?"

Todd stared wide-eyed at Roberta's revealed body, and grinned. "Oh, much, much more. Roberta, you do realize that I have had the hots for you all semester, don't you?"

"Well, I have caught your eyes sometimes undressing me in the class or when we went out for coffee. I think it's very sweet that you can think of me as a sex object, Todd. At my age, that's a real compliment to a woman."

Just then, Kyle and Tracy returned from their shower, bodies and hair glistening with beads of water. They saw Roberta nude. "Wow, Roberta!" Kyle exclaimed. "That is one sensational body. You know, tonight, we're seeing an entirely new side of you."

Tracy interjected, "That's a little more than a side she's showing, jerk. But honestly, Roberta, you do look gorgeous. With those boobs and legs, who's going to look at me?"

Kyle, put his arms around Tracy, and kissed her.

"Not to worry, my charming little one. I am going to be paying lots of attention to you. Todd, wait until you try that shower; is it great!"

Roberta took Todd's hand and led him towards the shower.

"The person who installed the hot tub suggested the rainfall heads. It feels wonderful. Come on, Todd, we'll soap each other up."

In the shower, Roberta squeezed some liquid soap on a large sponge, and began to scrub Todd's back. She turned him around to do his front, and saw that he was already erect, his cock pointing straight up against his belly. "Oh, wow!" she exclaimed. "I've forgotten how far up a young man's cock can get. I haven't seen an erection like that in years. You look positively lethal. But I think that it is much too early to put that gorgeous thing to use. We have all night." She made a circle with her thumb and index finger, and squeezed hard at the base of his swollen cock. With the blood supply cut off, the cock quickly softened. Todd looked at Roberta gratefully.

"I apologize, Roberta. I'm not that experienced, and just the idea of taking a shower with you turned me on a lot."

"I am very flattered, Todd, truly, I am. What woman wouldn't appreciate being desired by a handsome male like you? You and I will be great partners tonight. Tracy seems to like Kyle, anyway. I think that we should get in the hot tub now, don't you?"

Roberta and Todd stepped down into the warm, bubbling water, joining Kyle and Tracy, who were already cuddled together and sipping wine. Todd grabbed a full wine glass, and settled into the water up to his neck. Roberta did the same sitting beside him, and positioning his arm around her shoulders. She raised her glass for a toast. "Here's to my very good and delightful friends. Tonight, we relax and make merry." The others raised their glasses in agreement, and they sipped wine and nibbled cheese. Out of sight, under the water, Roberta stroked the inside of Todd thigh, and then placed his hand over her vagina. She began to gently squeeze his cock, and he responded with his fingers tickling her labia. The group splashed and relaxed in the hot tub for almost an hour. As more wine was consumed the party grew bawdier. Roberta noticed that Kyle was lifting Tracy to have her mount his cock. "Ah, ah!" she said. "That's a no-no, Kyle. No bodily fluids in the hot tub, please, and you have no protection. I think that we're already beginning to look like prunes, so let's get out and dry off. Kyle, if you and Tracy are ready to do the nasty, will you please go upstairs to a bedroom?"

She stepped out of the hot tub, and toweled herself dry.

"Todd, will you drink another glass of wine with me?" she said.

Roberta and Todd remained in the kitchen, and finished their wine, waving at Kyle and Tracy who were running up the stairs, giggling. Soon, they could hear sounds of lovemaking coming from Tracy's bedroom. Roberta smiled at Todd.

"I'm enjoying this evening with you three very much. You are all darlings, and you make me feel so alive and free. But I wanted to talk about something possibly quite serious, Todd."

She held both of his hands in hers, and looked directly into his eyes. "I sense that you have strong feelings toward me, Todd, and I don't want to do anything to ever cause you hurt or disappointment. You must understand that tonight you and I will be just friends having sex, not making love. Can you feel that way, too?"

"I do understand, Roberta. Tonight let's just have lots of adult fun."

Going upstairs, Todd grabbed two condom packages. They went past Tracy's bedroom, and Roberta opened the door.

"Have fun in there, guys," she said. "Todd and I will be in my bedroom. Don't you dare come in for at least twenty minutes." She went to the bed, pulled the covers onto the floor, and then lay on the sheet. She patted the side next to her. "Come, lie down next to me, Todd, and we will just get used to each other first. Then, I want to get laid."

For several minutes, both Todd and Roberta lay on their sides. She gently traced lines down his chest and belly with her fingernails. At the same time, she was giving him nibbles and kisses on his ears, chin, and lips. She began to kiss his mouth, letting him taste her tongue. Todd took her breasts in his hands and massaged her nipples. "Oh, that feels so good, Todd," she whispered. "Just gently pinch my nipples sometimes. I really like that. Put your hand in my pussy and feel how wet I'm getting."

Todd followed her directions, letting Roberta set the pace. He was going to be a patient lover. "Now put a finger inside me and feel for my clit," she directed. "Gently, gently, oh, right there. Now go in and out, in and out. Oh, you are very good, sweetheart. You're really getting me excited. Just a few seconds more is all I need to come."

Todd enjoyed arousing Roberta until she reached her orgasm. He sucked her nipples and stroked her clit, feeling her hips pushing against his hand on her pussy. Without her direction, he knelt between her legs, and lifted them over his shoulders. He admired her reddened labia and swollen clit revealed by her wide-open legs. He started to lick and suck her clitoris, and Roberta begged for more.

"Oh, God! Don't stop! Oh, fuck, I'm coming," she gasped. She pressed his head harder into her pussy, and screamed with pleasure as one, then two more waves of orgasmic spasms of her vagina muscles forced her clit to maintain contact with Todd tongue and lips. He continued to attack her pussy after her climax, until her sensitivity could stand it no longer. She pushed his face away from her body.

"Oh, God, no more, please! I can't stand it," she gasped.

Todd lifted his head from her pussy and lay on his side next to her. He gently kissed her neck, shoulder, and earlobe, letting her come down from her orgasmic high. After some while, Roberta's breathing slowed from gasping pants to deep breaths and finally, back to normal. She rolled her body over Todd, and kissed him on the mouth. "Now, lie on your back, Todd, and I'm going to get your cock as excited as you got my pussy."

After Todd rolled over, Roberta straddled his legs, sitting on her own legs. Todd reveled in the feeling of his legs pinned to the mattress by Roberta's body. He played with her breasts that dangled so teasingly in front of him. Roberta began to stroke his cock with gentle up and down strokes, interspersed with licking it with her tongue. Todd needed little encouragement to become fully erect; his circumcised head was a dark crimson. Roberta smiled at Todd, and said, "You have such a lovely cock, Todd. I can't wait much longer to feel it inside me." Roberta speeded up the rhythm of her strokes, smiling as she felt Todd's legs and torso lift and fall in sync. Todd groaned in ecstasy, and she slowed down her stokes of his throbbing cock.

"I think that it's time we put that gorgeous cock of yours to work inside me. But first I must protect us." She unwrapped a condom, and covered his cock with the latex sheath. "That's got it, my sweet, sweet Todd. Now, I'm going to lie on my back, and I want you to just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. But to really pleasure me, start slowly and with tiny strokes. You'll know when I want to be fucked hard."

Todd and Robertaa exchanged places, and she supported herself on her elbows, watching as Todd tenderly positioned his cock in front of her open lips. She guided him with her hand until his head was completely buried within her. "Oh, Todd, your cock feels so good. Go slow, with deep strokes to let me feel all of you. That's it; wow, I am really filled. Oh, it feels so good to be fucked by you."

Todd understood that Robertaa wanted to slowly build up to her own climax, and he gently and patiently tried different variations of strokes. He used small strokes, in and out with just his head. On each withdrawal stroke, he paused, not moving at all, with just his head inside her. He heard Roberta whimper, pleading for more excitation by his hard member, but he remained still. When he sensed her pelvis thrusting up to capture his cock, he shifted to long, slow thrusts. Once his penetrating stroke buried his shaft deep inside her, he halted again, feeling her vagina contract with pleasure. At other times, he gave her a series of rapid strokes against her clitoris. "Oh, Todd, you are fucking me so well. You are very good. Now, just take me, let go until you explode inside me."

Todd needed no further encouragement. His groin ached with the pleasure/pain of anticipation of that orgasmic release. Faster and harder he pushed his cock in and out of Roberta's cunt. She responded by lifting her pelvis and hips to push even harder, and she tickled his nipples to entice him to come. "Oh, so good, Todd, so very good, let go, let go," she encouraged. Todd gave a few more thrusts, and then grunted as he came at last. Roberta grabbed his buttocks to pull him into herself, and continued to thrust against his body, feeling three or four more ejaculations. After coming, Todd lay on her body, panting and totally spent. Roberta let him lay exhausted on top of her body for several minutes. Finally, she rolled out from under him, and lay on her side. "Well, sugar, we had big one, didn't we? Just lie still and relax. I'm going to pull up the sheet, and we can rest for a little bit. Then we can do some math and find out how many times a twenty can go into a forty."

Todd was resting in Roberta's arms, his mouth on one of her breasts, when Kyle and Tracy tiptoed into the bedroom, carrying a wine bottle and four glasses. Tracy looked into Roberta's face and recognized that 'just-fucked' looked of contentment, which matched her own. "Looks like you done tuckered out our poor Todd, Roberta. He's kind of limp right now."

"Don't make fun of Todd, Tracy, he was a great lay. Let's all have a glass of that wine, and then how about swapping partners? I want to get laid by Kyle as well."

Tracy gulped down the last of her wine. "I've got an idea of how to get those guys turned on again. Todd, you get off the bed, and let me get Roberta excited."

Roberta blushed. "Tracy, I've never, that is, with a woman. What am I supposed to do?"

"Follow your instincts, Roberta. Soon you can say that you're AC/DC." Tracy quickly hopped onto the bed, knelt between Roberta's legs, and began licking her labia.

"Oh, Tracy," Robertaa whimpered. "You are so soft. Let's do a 69 together, so that I can taste you at the same time."

Tracy reversed her position, so that the two women began to suck and lick each other's pussies. Todd and Kyle stared at their women friends, and both instinctively began to stroke their now hardening cocks. Roberta was getting very excited by Tracy's tongue, and the idea of her tonguing Tracy. She dug her fingers into Tracy's buttocks, pulling her pussy even tighter against her face. Tracy began to moan and gasp. "Oh, God, I'm going to come very soon."

Roberta rolled out from under Tracy, and knelt facing her. They kissed and shared fingers in each other's pussy. It did not take very long before they were both near to coming. Suddenly, Roberta stopped, and grinned mischievously. "Tracy, let's have the boys do us together, doggie style. We'll bury our faces in the pillows, and the guys can take turns on us until they come."

Tracy jumped off the bed. "What a delicious idea, but first, it's time to get the guys safe for us. You do Kyle, and I'll do Todd."

The women opened fresh packages of condoms, and tenderly unrolled the latex sheaths on two very erect cocks. Roberta kissed each man and squeezed his cock, then knelt beside Tracy on the bed. Kyle exclaimed, "Ready or not, here we come." He knelt behind Roberta, and placed his hardened cock between her legs. She guided him into her vagina, gasping with pleasure as his member filled her. "Go, Kyle, do me right now!" she cried. Kyle leaned over her kneeling body, and grabbed her breasts, while thrusting in and out with his cock. Tracy was kneeling next to Roberta, and she called out to Todd. "Todd, I want to get fucked, too. I want you in me." Todd quickly complied, and he and Tracy were soon duplicating the actions of Kyle and Roberta. Tracy buried her head into the pillows, while thrusting her hips and ass in time with Todd' thrusting, trying to bury him even deeper inside herself. Todd held onto her breasts, and moaned, "Oh, Tracy, I've got to come! I can't hold out any longer."

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