Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 04


Danny took it as a chance to find out what happened to Roberto, and to ask him the questions on his mind. He got up from the couch; at that moment, the mechanic's cell phone beeped. Danny went to the kitchen counter and looked at the text message. It was from a Steven.

"Hey Rob orgy party at 4! 405 Sussex c u there"

For the third time that day, Danny froze in his tracks. Was he dreaming? Was this all just a bad dream? Or was this all another one of Roberto's pranks?

The phone beeped again.

"Reminder from Corey: no cum eating, piss, fist, filming, snm. Condoms on. Byob byod. C u soon sexy can't wait 2 suck ur fat cock again"

Danny's entire body was trembling. His throat was so dry it made him cough, twice, thrice. He squeezed the phone tightly in his right hand and walked to the bedroom, every heavy step closer to the point of no return.

He found Roberto in bed, naked, his penis half-hard, his hand scratching unshaven balls.

"Come here, Danny," the mechanic muttered, lifting his arm towards Danny, that powerful, rippling arm he loved to kiss and snuggle up against.

"You got a text," the boy said, standing still beside the bed.

"Just come here," Roberto repeated, his fingers reaching for Danny. He wanted the boy's soft lips wrapped around his cockhead.

"Steven says the orgy's at 405 Sussex and that there's no cum eating, piss..." The boy's voice trembled and faltered, but he continued reading the text in a scratchy whisper. "...filming, S&M. Condoms on, bring your own booze and drugs." Roberto was fully sitting up now, staring at Danny's pale face, stunned. The boy cleared his throat and continued. "St-Steven says he can't wait to suck your..." The mechanic grabbed the phone out of the boy's hand.


"Is it real?" The boy waited for the mechanic to say something, anything, anything he could hold onto.

But all Roberto did was curse and run his hands through his buzzed scalp.

"Is it real, Roberto? Are you going to an orgy at four? With Steven?" Danny's voice was glacial, precise, quiet. "He sucked your cock?". One blink and a tear streamed down his cheek.

Roberto pulled his knees up and buried his head between his arms and legs. Danny let out his first sob, then immediately began to stuff his belongings into his backpack.

The mechanic looked up but didn't move. Danny's impromptu packing didn't take long; he learned how to pack from his mother, the queen of tidiness and economy. It came in handy during times like this.

Forcing sobs down his throat, Danny dashed towards the bedroom door with his knapsack in tow, then stopped one last time and turned to face his dream man, now his horrible nightmare.

"I loved you," Danny said, locking eyes with the mechanic. Then he left.


Hope you enjoyed! One more chapter to go with this story; it should be up in a few days. If you have any comments or feedback to give, I'd love to hear them. Please be nice!

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