Robin Hood


The audience applauded, clapping loudly. One, then two, three, four… they stood in ovation and cheered. The cast stood, arms over each other's shoulders and took several bows. The curtains closed and that was it, the opening night, error free and perfect. The amateur drama club had pulled it off. After three months of rehearsals, the group of fourteen men and five women had played to a full house, the first show of eight to be held over the coming week.

Dave had a leading role whose character was killed off in the final scene. Playing a modern-day Robin Hood, his 'Maid Marion', Marie, played by the beautiful Del, had to kiss him firmly on the lips as he took his dying breath. This scene was extremely dramatic and the acting throughout the play had to be convincing to pull it off. Del had some initial problems with the final scene. Although she liked Dave, she found it difficult to act out her intense, deep love for his character. The director had shouted almost every rehearsal to 'just let yourselves live the moment… two lovers, deeply in love…' and Del had problems letting herself go.

"Why don't we go for a coffee?" Dave asked Del after one disastrous rehearsal.

"Okay." They took a booth in the 'Back Stage Café-Bar' that was next to the theatre. After a moment's silence, Dave tried to reassure his leading lady that it was only acting and that the kissing meant nothing really.

Del nodded in agreement and explained that every time she closed her eyes, she could see her husband, angry at her kissing another man. John, Del's husband, was very abusive and possessive and he didn't like his wife being an amateur actress. They had rowed many times, but Del's persistence and patience won out. John finally, and reluctantly, accepted that his wife would act, but he would not come to see her performance. This had upset Del and was affecting her excellent acting abilities.

"Why don't we meet tomorrow at six? We have rehearsal at seven; we could practice in the park for an hour. It might help us loosen up," Dave coaxed. Del, reluctantly accepted the invitation and the next day, at six o'clock, they met at the bandstand in the park.

It was a cool evening. The autumn was knocking on the door and some of the trees were already beginning to glow in the low light of the sun. They had about an hour's daylight and soon, they began reading lines to one another as they sat on a bench, facing each other.

There were two scenes that Del was having problems with. The first was in act three, when the two characters kiss for the first time; Robert and Marie, meet at a party held by a mutual friend, and Marie's current lover, Dominic, the villain of the play. The characters find themselves on a veranda under the stars; the music builds up to a crescendo and the tension between the two characters as they finally embrace for a long, lingering kiss that is meant to set the scene for the rest of the play.

The second scene was the final act. Dave's character, Robert, tries to get his old friend, Marie's former lover and villain in the play, Dominic, to overcome his criminal ways, but drugs have warped the villain's mind. He shoots Robert in the chest when he wrongly believes his old friend has betrayed him to the police. Robert falls to the floor in a pool of blood, his lover, Marie, cradles him as she weeps over her dying lover. As the police arrest Dominic in the wings, Marie realises Robert is dying and kisses him for the last time as he passes away and the curtains close.

"Here, stand behind the bench and imagine it's the veranda," Dave told Del as the words lead them through the French doors on the veranda.

They read out their lines, and then they looked into each other's eyes. Robert took Marie by the upper arms and pulled her close his lips pressing hard on hers.

They kissed for about two minutes. Dave felt an attraction he'd not felt before. Was it because they were alone now, not on stage under the hot spotlights? The kiss was passionate and for the first time, he felt Del respond to his kiss.

They pulled away as the scene ended. Del blushed a little. She too had felt something, a spark inside her that hadn't been dormant for a long time. 'Yes, it was better, if she could repeat this performance on stage, the director would be happy,' she thought to herself.

"Okay," Dave said after a moment's silence. "Let's do the final scene." Robert lay on the grass, fatally wounded. His lover, Marie runs to his side, tears welling up in her eyes. They speak of their eternal love for each other and Marie promises she will never forget him. On her knees, his head cradled in her arms, she leans forward and kisses him.

Again, the spark ignited and Del felt a passion rising in her soul. Dave felt it too. This was not acting anymore; this was for real. He wrapped his arms around Del and hugged her tightly. She responded, letting out a quiet hum as she felt him tighten his caress. They kissed for a long time, tongues began to explore each other's mouths, saliva mixed as their lips slid over each other's in a hot and passionate kiss that both wanted to last forever.

Del finally pulled away from his lips, panting slightly. She looked deeply into Dave's eyes, her heart beating so hard, she thought Dave might hear it, and then kissed him again. She knew she wanted this gentle man. Her husband had neglected her and treated her without respect for a long time now, and already she was thinking of calling it a day and leaving him. She just needed an excuse, a stronger reason that would pull her through, supporting her convictions. She saw this in Dave. But she was weak too. Marriage was a powerful institution, and deep down she knew marriage was forever.

Dave looked into Del's hazel eyes. He was very fond of Del and if she hadn't have been married he would have asked her out as soon as they had met. Dave loved the scent of this woman, the way she moved, and the way her brunette hair flowed as she walked. Her figure was to his liking; her breasts were petite, with a small waist and shapely hips that gave her a good 34-26-34 figure that suited her 5'2" frame.

Del looked at Dave through different eyes now. Now she wanted to taste him, to eat him up, to hold him tight, to pour out all of the love inside her that had been pent up over the last couple of years. As her husband became more abusive, so too had Del become less loving. But now, she wanted that to change, she wanted to be her old self again. She remembered how she used to fully enjoy life; even sex she loved. But recently, sex was a chore, a duty to be performed almost daily with no tenderness, no loving; more like a ritual rape. But things were going to change. Now she could see herself falling for her Robin Hood.

The town hall clock chimed, six forty-five. "We'd better make tracks or we'll be late," Del finally spoke after they simply gazed into each other's eyes for several minutes.

The final scene played out without one call from the director. Robert and Marie kissed as he died on the stage. Their fellow actors clapped as the two stood, smiling. It was the best rehearsal yet.

"Just keep it that way," shouted the director from the third row of the auditorium.

In the dressing room, Sheila, a fellow actress, bombarded Del with questions. 'Who is he? How long have you known him?' Sheila knew there was a new love in Del's life, and it had to be Dave. Del didn't answer any of her questions; she just smiled.

Dave was waiting at the back door. Del took his arm and they headed for the café-bar. After some awkward talking, Dave asked Del out to dinner. Del accepted the invitation, but was unsure how she would get her husband to let her out on Saturday evening without him shooting off his big mouth and slapping her.

Friday morning, Del arranged with a good friend at work, Helen, to call her at home on Saturday afternoon, claiming there was a crisis at work and that they needed Del in that evening. The plan worked, and soon, Del was at Helen's changing into her favourite dress, her hair and make-up perfect.

Helen dropped Del off at the restaurant where Dave was waiting outside. He offered her his arm and they took a table in the corner. Del had a fantastic evening, a couple of drinks made her light-headed. She knew she had to be careful or hubby would suspect.

They held hands over the table and decided to take a walk through the park. The cold evening made Del's nipples stand out. She hadn't worn a coat and the thin fabric of her dress didn't hide her little shiver in the coldness of the early autumn evening. Dave, the gentleman, saw Del was cold and offered his blazer jacket. He placed it over her shoulders and they kissed.

Del pressed herself against his 6'2" hard body. She was excited, like a teenager again. Her nipples pressed against Dave's lower chest and she knew he could feel them through his cotton shirt.

They walked a while longer and occasionally stopped to kiss. Dave wanted this woman badly, but he knew she was married to an abusive husband and it must have been difficult for Del. He didn't want to spoil the evening, so he decided to be patient.

Del, now beginning to get turned on by this man, had different thoughts. She hadn't made love for almost a year. Yes, her husband had raped her almost every night, but she longed for the feel of a loving man inside her. Her love was bubbling over and she had to let it out and let it out soon.

They came across the bandstand and sat on the bench. The sodium lamp was out, so the area was in shade. From their seat, they could see most of the empty park. Dave sat, looking across to the town hall, when he felt Del's hand gently touch his thigh.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening," Del whispered and kissed his cheek.

Dave looked into her eyes and saw the deep emotion behind her hazel gaze. He kissed her again. Del wrapped her arms around his neck, his around her torso and they kissed passionately. Dave felt his cock stirring and adjusted his seating position slightly to make himself more comfortable. Del too, felt a stirring inside. She pushed her tongue deep into Dave's mouth. He responded by dropping his left hand onto Del's lower back and stroking her, slowly making his way down to her ass. Del didn't resist. She wanted him to make love to her and she would do it right now if he wanted.

Del fell back onto the bench, Dave on top. Still kissing, Del let her hand drop onto Dave's ass. She gently pinched his firm butt and felt his cock twitch against her thigh. Her pussy dampened and she began to lift Dave's shirt out of his trousers, her hand slipping under the material to feel the soft skin of his back.

Dave responded by gently rubbing Del's right nipple through her dress. It stood hard and erect from the cold and the arousal Del was feeling. After several minutes of this, his let his hand slip down Del's side to find the hem of her dress just above the knee. He felt the softness of her thigh as his had slid under her dress and stroked her right thigh. Del moaned gently as she felt his touch. Dave's hand explored her softness. Rising up, his fingers touched her cotton panties. He rubbed her pussy with the palm of his hand through the material, feeling her dampness. Again, Del moaned with pleasure. His fingers pulled the panty to one side and he felt her pubic hair, neatly trimmed. Soon, his fingers were exploring the crease that lead to the source of her hot wetness.

Del felt his finger press against her clitoris. She began to moan louder now as the sensation took over her body. Dave's fingers traced the folds of her labia, wet with anticipation. One, then two fingers slipped into her vagina. She knew that this was to be the best night she'd had in a long, long time.

Del struggled to unbuckle Dave's belt, but eventually, she succeeded. She undid his trousers and buried her hand into his underwear. His hardness was reassuring. The tip of his cock was damp with pre-cum. Del used this to lubricate the head with her thumb. She pushed back Dave's foreskin, then slid her hand further into his trousers to feel his large balls. She used to love the feel of a man's balls in her hand; how they used to move as their owners got more excited and aroused. It was then she noticed the thickness of Dave's cock. Her fingers and thumb couldn't meet as she encircled his shaft.

Dave knelt and removed Del's panties. Del dropped Dave's trousers and shorts. Then slowly, he rested his weight on top of her, his hard cock pressed against her pubis. She reached down and guided his cock into her wet pussy. She felt him penetrate slowly, but firmly, deeper into her hotness.

Dave began his slow, even strokes that made Del arch her back to meet his penetration. His cock, firmly grasped by her pussy, now glistened with juices that began to migrate onto his balls.

Del, arching her back with every stroke, wanted to get more of this man inside her. She knew it was impossible to take any more cock; she was full and the tip of his cock pressed hard against her cervix. This made her feel sexier. She was already extremely aroused but with each nudge, she was raised to a higher level. She began to shake as her orgasm began to take over her muscles. Her vagina spasmed, tightening her grip on Dave's cock as he penetrated her.

Dave felt Del's orgasm build. He too was close to a climax. A minute later and they both came simultaneously; Dave exploding deep inside Del.

Del felt Dave's cock pulse as it exploded inside, filling her with his seed. They kissed passionately as Dave's cock slowly softened inside Del, allowing their juices to slowly ooze from Del's vagina.

They straightened up and Dave walked Del to his car. They kissed, but hardly said a word. He dropped Del at the bottom of her street and watched her walk up her driveway and enter the house.

The show opened two weeks later. It was an extraordinary success. The local press had hailed it the best amateur drama in decades. Both Dave and Del were hailed the most promising actors of the year. Everyone was pleased, except Del's husband, John.

Dave opened the door of his apartment. Del stood there in tears. She had rowed with John and he had beaten her. Sitting down, Dave gave Del a hug. She flinched. John had bruised Del's ribs with his fist. Dave was furious.

"I think we should get the police on this bastard," Dave shouted in anger. "I've got a good mind to go over there and punch his lights out."

"No, don't," Del calmed Dave down. "This will never happen again. This is the last straw. I've finally built up enough courage. I've left him."

Dave hugged Del gently. He had tried to convince Del over that past month to leave her husband and move in with him. She had been afraid of what he might do, so she wanted to bide her time and pick the right moment, and this was now the right moment.

"My bags are in the car. Can you bring them in, then take the car over and leave it at the bottom of the street with the keys in the glove compartment?"

Dave smiled and agreed.


Del soaked in Dave's bath. The hot water, dosed with bath salts and minerals, took away some of the discomfort. She dozed as she relaxed.

Dave opened the door and realised Del was bathing. He dimmed the lights and put on some soothing music. Then he poured two tall glasses of wine. He sat on the edge of the bath watching his love sleep. He realised then that he deeply loved this woman and he wanted to marry her.

Del sensed Dave's presence and awoke from her slumber. She smiled at Dave, they kissed, and then Dave knelt at the side of the bath, offering her the glass of wine. She took a sip.

"Will you marry me?" He asked.

She cried as she nodded her head, "Yes."

Dave carried her from the bathtub, soaking wet and covered with bubbles and laid her on his bed. Gently kissing her neck, Dave traced his lips down the centre of Del's body, his tongue tasting the remnants of the minerals from Del's bath. He kissed her stomach, her thighs, her feet, settling on her toes.

Del loved having her toes kissed. She closed her eyes and took in every sensation. In the depths of her stomach, she felt her sex stirring. After several minutes of toe licking and sucking, Dave retraced his route, up Del's thighs, where he paused for some time to taste her skin, to smell her pheromones, now oozing from Del's body. He kissed the fold at the top of Del's thighs, just at the point where her pubic hair would have been, if she hadn't have shave herself clean earlier. His hands reached up to caress Del's breasts, teasing her nipples and gently massaging as she began to take deeper breaths.

Del felt his tongue slide across her pubis, pausing at the top of her genitalia, then, slowly, lightly touch her clitoris, tasting her as he probed the folds of her labia. She felt her pussy dampen in anticipation. His tongue pressed against her opening, burying itself in the hot wetness.

Dave loved the taste of this woman. He had had several lovers, but none compared to Del. She tasted sweet and the musky aroma did things to his senses he couldn't understand; it drove him wild, raising his libido to heights he'd not seen since he lost his virginity at sixteen to his best friend's eighteen year-old sister.

Del held Dave's head in her hands and pressed him against her as he touched her swollen clitoris with his tongue. He sucked it hardener now, bringing Del to her first orgasm of the evening.

Del pushed Dave onto his back. Then, she repaid the loving attention she had just received. Del kissed him firmly on the lips, then traced her tongue over his body, finally stopping at his genitals. She pulled his foreskin back to reveal the head of his hard cock. She tasted the pre-cum then engulfed his shaft, taking him deep into her mouth she sucked and licked hard on his cock. Her fingers tickled his balls lightly as they began to move in her hands. Then, moistening her fingers with saliva, she teased his ass, her finger gently probing.

Dave had never experienced this ass probing before, but he liked it. With his eyes firmly shut, he felt his cock grow a little more as Del pushed up to her second knuckle. The combination of having his cock in Del's mouth and Del's finger up his ass made Dave even more excited and turned on. He was unsure whether or not to just take Del now and fuck her, or let her fuck him. He decided to let Del take the lead for a while longer.

Del had read in a health magazine of the male g-spot and she wanted to find Dave's. After a little more probing, and with her index finger now fully inside Dave's ass, she found his g-spot. As she gently teased the spot, she felt Dave's cock grow harder; it was like iron now, and she knew he would cum very soon.

Dave felt the sudden urge to cum. Del had touched something that was pushing him over the edge very quickly. His cock began to throb in Del's mouth. She responded by sucking harder on his cock. Soon, he emptied the contents of his sack into the back of Del's throat. Del almost gagged as she felt his cum blast on the back of her throat. She gulped the fluid down, now letting a single drop escape her mouth.

Dave's cock began to soften. Del went to the bathroom to wash her hands and on her return, she found Dave sporting another hard-on.

"That was a quick recovery, darling," she whispered in his ear as she touched his hardness.

He kissed her lips, rolling on top of her, his cock pressed against her opening. It slid in, penetrating deeply in one slow thrust. Dave raised himself onto his hands and looked down to watch his cock slide in and out of his lover. In this position, he could see Del's breasts ripple with each thrust, her labia caress his shaft and her shallow breaths as she began to cum.

Del felt Dave deep inside. Each thrust was deep applying pressure on her cervix. This made her orgasm rapidly. She began to arch her back in an attempt to take more of her lover's cock. She shuddered as she reached an intense orgasm, the best so far with Dave.

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