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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 07



This is the seventh in a continuing series of stories about what is essentially a very high-class prostitution business in Asia, with the headquarters in Manila. 'Rocky' is the chief – you could call him a pimp in other circumstances – of the very large consortium which includes operations in many Asian countries. Although each section can stand on it's own as an erotic story, I highly recommend that you begin with the first story, which explains the business and introduces some key characters. Character development is constant through the sequential sections, so you'll be reading about people you don't yet 'know' if you don't start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I'm having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 7

Christina gets lonely

** 1- Rocky goes for a month **

Rocky and Christina had enjoyed a passionate evening, working every inch of each others bodies in an intense lust-fest that brought multiple orgasms to both of them. But they both knew it would be their last time together for a while. Rocky had a trip to make, taking care of business in Singapore. While in that region he planned to visit Malaysia and Thailand, with a possible stop to peruse the opportunity in Viet Nam where he had no current position.

Christina was in tears, no matter how hard she tried to avoid it. "I'm just going to miss you so much babe, that's all. I'm sorry." she sobbed, holding her man close.

Rocky stroked her hair, letting her get it all out. "T, you know I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have to. The Singapore thing just needs my personal attention, and the next two locations on my list are Malaysia and Thailand so it makes sense to go while I'm in the area. I promise I won't bother with the Viet Nam trip unless I'm ahead of schedule. It could be as short as three weeks; but I promise it won't be more than month baby." Rocky told her. "I can't do with you for longer than that, you know that." he added.

"I know. I'll be alright, it's just hard to say goodbye." Christina told him. "Besides, I'll have to take care of everything here, and that will keep my mind off of you – at least a little." she added, the flow of tears slowing. "You'll call every day, right?" she asked.

"Of course baby. You know I will." Rocky answered, slowly swinging his legs over the side of the bed. "Now I really need to pack and get some things together for the trip babe. Want to help?" he asked, rising and walking to the wardrobe. Christina followed him, her naked form still glistening with post-passion perspiration. They selected three each of the 'primary' pieces, shirt and pants, and a subdued blazer to go with all of the combinations. Christina carefully folded each garment and contained them with the elastic straps, adding underwear and his personal bag before closing it up. Rocky watched her intently, her firmness always bringing his own.

As she finished the packing he moved up behind her, running his hands over her breasts as his hard cock pressed against her sexy bottom. She reached back to stroke his cheek, a soft moan escaping her lips. "Don't tease baby, not when I have to wait so long for your return." she whispered, gently wriggling her backside against him. She could feel the pulsing of his cock between her cheeks as his lips nuzzled her neck. Then his strong hands grasped her shoulders and turned her around. Their lips met in a hungry kiss, his hands following her sides to reach around to her sexy ass. He reached down to gently probe at her tender anus with a finger, going further to bring back her juices before slipping the digit into her butt. She broke the kiss; but not the hold, looking into his eyes. "Fuck my ass baby... fuck it nice and slow... make me cum with your beautiful cock" Christina said hoarsely, dropping to her knees before her man and taking his manhood into her mouth. She sucked hungrily on his meat, taking his length into her throat as her hands gripped his taut buttocks to pull him still closer.

Rocky knew he had to please her once more before they said goodbye, his fingers reaching down to pull her head away. His cock needed no further oral stimulation, as wonderful as her lips and tongue were. He helped her up and watched as she crawled onto the bed and laid flat on her belly, offering him the pleasure of her bottom. She turned her head to face him, reaching out to him as her body trembled. "Fuck me darling, fuck my tight asshole now..." she pleaded. Rocky walked to the foot of the bed, kneeling between her legs and watching as Christina reached back to splay her cheeks wide, showing him the dark star of her sphincter. The tiny wrinkle winked at him, the muscle relaxing to open for him, then clenching itself closed. He moved forward, then lowered his hips to position the head of his cock at the snug but receptive opening. He watched again as she relaxed her anal port, then pushed his organ inside, bringing a soft whimper as she gave in to his power. A gentle pressure was all that was needed to burrow half of his length into her asshole, then he paused, holding himself up to let her adjust. He felt her rectal muscles spasming gently around his dick. "Ohhhhhgawd... baby.... your cock feels sooooo good in my ass." Christina whispered, gently writhing her hips to ease more of his shaft into her bottomhole. "ohhhhyesssss... deeeep in my asssssss." she added, lifting her hips an inch to complete the lewd penetration.

Rocky reveled at the buttery smooth channel of her rectum, her muscles rippling around his organ as he held it deep inside her. He slowly lowered his torso, pressing his lips against the soft skin of her neck. "I love you my baby... I love you so much..." he whispered in her ear. "No other woman pleases me so completely as you my darling T" he added, slowly withdrawing his dick half way before sliding it back into her willing rear. "So damn tight... so damn good... I love your ass honey." Rocky added, moving his throbbing penis slowly out then back in. Even though they had just finished one of their 'marathon' sessions, the intense pleasure of Christina's ass could drive him to a quick climax if he wasn't careful – and he wanted it to last a long time, so she could go for passion's ride with him. He let one hand roam down over her belly to find the wet heat of her pussy, beginning a teasing swirl around her clit as his cock began slowly moving in and out of her mucky nether chute. He loved the little squeaks and mewls that came with each inward thrust, the juices of her cunt flowing over his fingers as he worked to bring her to orgasm.

Christina was slowly getting lost in the passion of her man's expert sodomy. She loved it when he used her backside this way, filling her most private opening as only he had been able. His cock filled her tender hole so completely, pushing inside her until she imagined she could feel it in her stomach – even her throat. The exquisite sensations quickly moved her lust up the scale, and now he added his fingers on her sensitive clit. "mmoohhhhh... yessssbaby... fuck my ass..." she moaned, her hips now involuntarily rising and falling in rhythm with his thrusts. Their bodies joined in a meld of passion, moving in unison as his cock and her rectum worked together in intense pleasure. She felt his twitch inside her and willed her muscles to relax to let his passion pass – if only for a few more minutes. She wanted this pleasure to be simultaneous, to plant a memory in her man's mind that would bring him back to her. His cock continued to move in and out of her butt in long, slow thrusts as his fingers expertly manipulated her sensitive nub. Then her body tensed, shuddering as her climax rose in a flash of pleasure. "ohhHHHHMMMM... FUCK ME BABY... FUCK MY ASS... MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMM" she howled, her sphincter clenching around his throbbing meat.

Rocky knew it was time, sensing her pleasure coming to its peak. His fingers worked at her clit as her bottomhole spasmed around his dick. His own climax came quickly. "Oh baby... ohBABY... OHYEAH... OHYEAHBABY... AHHHH... AH... AHHHH..." he growled, splashing her insides with his semen in long spurts. His fingers were covered with her nectar as it flowed from her hot pussy. The snug ring of her anus continued to spasm around his organ, wringing his seed from him as his hands roamed her lithe body. They rocked together in post-climax passion, their breathing slowly returning to normal as the muscles of Christina's asshole gently squeezed his organ out as it softened. Rocky slowly rolled onto his back gently caressing her lush flesh. She curled up in his arms, and the two lovers drifted off into a deep slumber. The morning – and Rocky's departure – would come soon enough.

** 2- Christina enjoys a lesbian threesome **

Christina had seen Rocky off, following him to the car and giving him meaningful and affectionate kisses before she dutifully let him go and closed the door to the Beemer. She returned his wave and watched as Jorge wheeled the car out of the garage and onto the drive toward the gate. She'd have accompanied him to the airport; but this was a busy morning, and she had business to take care of. It would be a busy week, and the Kingdom needed her to be at her best. She was quickly engulfed in the matters at hand, startled when her cell phone rang. It was Rocky, calling from the airfield prior to his departure. "Hey babe. Just wanted to hear your voice before we take off here. I'll call you tonight after we arrive in Singapore." he said.

"Okay baby. I'll be around. Thanks for the call, I love you honey." Christina replied.

"I love you to my darling. Don't worry. Things around there won't give you much time to think about me being gone, and I'll call you every day. I promise." Rocky told her.

"I know; but I miss you already." Christina told him, holding back a tear. "I have to go honey, Edison and Karla are waiting for me. Have a good flight, and I'll talk to you later my love." she said.

"Alright my lady. Have a productive day, and I love you always." Rocky told her, ending the call.

Christina popped the phone back into its holster and grabbed her laptop and portfolio, heading to the conference room to meet with her staffing team. It was a bit slow in the recruiting arena; but it wasn't a problem as all of the homegirls were doing well and seemed happy. While there had been a few special requests for girls from Viet Nam and Laos, the demand for the girls in the inventory was high and growing thanks to the exposure they were getting from calendars and well-advertised shows. The schedule was full for the remainder of the year, and was beginning to push well into next year. Their big – and very popular – Valentine's Day show was already booked, with a major sponsor coming forward to handle all of their expenses and pay the Kingdom a very handsome fee.

Christina ended the meeting on time, gathering her computer and notebook and heading out to join some of the girls for the lunch hour as was her usual. The chef had an assortment of healthy choices for them, including baked spring rolls, crispy grilled calamari, and a robust garden salad. She put a pile of salad and a spring roll on her plate, then grabbed a glass of the raspberry iced tea and looked around. Mary Ann waved from the table she was sharing with Rina, and Christina headed over to join them. "Hey girls, how's tricks?" she asked, laughing at the accurate query.

Mary Ann laughed, reaching over to swat affectionately at Christina's arm. "Well, it's nice to have a day off finally. I think I've had at least one appointment every day for the last two weeks." she said, taking another bite of calamari. "Last Saturday I had three in the same day!" she added with a giggle.

"I haven't been that busy; but seven appointments in the past week has kept me busy." Rina said. "And one of those was a guy with the biggest dick I've ever seen, and he wanted my butt." she added, squirming on her chair. "I still have trouble sitting." Rina laughed.

"So, Christina, I heard Rocky is gone for a month." Mary Ann asked.

Christina let go of a long sigh. "Yeah, he is. I mean, I understand why he has to go, and that it makes sense to just take care of the area while he's there, but..."

"But you're horny already." Mary Ann finished her sentence, grazing her fingernails over the back of Christina's hand. "So why don't you come up and join us for a little afternoon delight?" she asked, giving her boss a wink.

"Yeah Christina, let Mary Ann and I take care of that itch for you. Rocky can't possibly get jealous!" Rina said. While Mary Ann had tasted Christina's pussy more than once, Rina had never enjoyed the experience. It sounded like a wonderful idea for what would otherwise be a slow afternoon. Both she and Mary Ann were 'off' for the day, and had planned on hooking up for some fun anyway. Adding Christina would just make things more interesting.

Christina took a long swig of her tea and another bite of salad, her eyes darting back and forth between the two beauties who offered her an afternoon of womanly pleasure. Swallowing the salad, she picked up her glass and held it high. "Okay ladies, let's have some fun this afternoon. And let's do Mango Margaritas, shall we?" she suggested with a big smile.

Mary Ann laughed. "We call them Mango MargaRINA's, just so you know!" she said. "Rina has her personal recipe, and it's yummy." she added.

The three women rose in unison and headed into the house and up the stairs to Mary Ann's room. Ari was out for an overnighter with her best customer, and Lib was in Cebu with Carina and two of Rocky's major clients. They effectively had two rooms, four beds, and all of the spacious veranda to themselves. Rina gathered the ingredients and various utensils on one of the 'cooler carts' and rolled it out to the balcony while Christina and Mary Ann selected comfortable garb for an afternoon of fun and pleasure. The three hooked up on the balcony after Rina changed into her bikini and blended the first pitcher of the fruity drinks.

Rina poured each of them a glass, handing one to Mary Ann and Christina, then holding hers up for a toast. "To afternoon delights!" she said with a giggle. The other two touched their glasses to hers and they all had a taste.

"Oh... wow... that is delicious!" Christina said. "We should serve this at pool parties!" she added, taking another drink. "What's your secret?" she asked.

"Um... it's Vodka, of course, and a Mango Rum Liqueur with a splash of orange juice." Rina told her. "It's mostly booze, so it's pretty potent." she added, watching as Mary Ann downed her first one with an impish grin.

With two of the powerful drinks in them, the girls began to get closer, Rina and Mary Ann sitting on either side of Christina who was laying back comfortably on a lounge. She had a soft hand from each of them on her body, grazing lightly along her arms, her torso, and her legs. Mary Ann leaned over and kissed her cheek, then let her lips trace a path down to her neck as fingers teased her inner thighs. Soft moans escaped all three of them as Mary Ann pressed her lips to Christina's for the first time. It didn't take long for things to heat up considerably, Rina's fingers slipping under Christina's bikini to gently massage the moist folds of her pussy as she tugged the top away to expose a nipple. Rina sucked softly at the sensitive flesh as Mary Ann pursued Christina's tongue with her own.

In minutes Christina was naked, Rina kneeling between her widespread thighs to kiss and lap at her wet folds. Mary Ann took Rina's place at Christina's breasts, fondling the firm orbs as she continued the hungry kiss. They worked Rocky's lady into a frenzy, her lithe form writhing on the lounge as her whimpers turned into moans and squeals. Rina slipped two fingers into her cunt, feigning intercourse as she sucked at the hard little nub of her clit. Christina's passion rose quickly, her first orgasm beginning within a few minutes – and continuing to build as Rina and Mary Ann pushed her higher.

Christina had been groping at her, and Mary Ann decided it was time to give her what she wanted. She swung a leg over her boss' head and gently settled her pussy down on Christina's mouth, feeling the tease of her tongue as 'T' lapped the length of her wet slit, sliding beyond to tease her little brown star. The heat rose to an intensity normally reserved for the customers as the three women worked each other in a crescendo of lust. As Mary Ann lowered her head to join Rina between Christina's legs, she reached down to grasp Christina's knees, pulling them back to splay open the entire plane of T's sex for their attention. Mary Ann attacked Christina's clit as Rina moved lower, worming her curled tongue into the boss' asshole. Mary Ann felt a finger probing her bottom, and relaxed the muscle to receive the slender digit. All three women moaned in a shared and growing passion of tongues, fingers, and available openings.

It had been too long since Christina had enjoyed a lesbian threesome, and her body trembled as Rina probed her anus while Mary Ann sucked her clit. She opened her eyes to find Mary Ann's sweet little bottomhole only inches from her face. Her tongue reached out to find the hard little nub of Mary Ann's clit as her fingers gently probed at the little wrinkle. She watched as the girl relaxed her sphincter, welcoming the digit inside her most private opening before clenching around it. Christina felt Rina's slender finger withdraw from her pussy, repositioning to glide slowly into her asshole. She wriggled her hips at the intrusion, then felt a second finger joining the first. She added a second finger to Mary Ann's backside, then twitched as lips closed around her clit. Mary Ann's talented tongue flicked wildly at her sensitive nub, and Christina's body responded.

Muffled squeals accompanied the thrashing of Christina's body as Rina watched, sliding two fingers in and out of the beautiful woman's ass as her contribution. She knew Mary Ann would give her the attention she needed. This was about Christina's needs, to keep her happy and relaxed while Rocky was out of town. Just for fun she added a third finger, stretching Christina's anal ring and bringing on an additional, more intense wave of spasms from her pretty boss. Then Mary Ann began squirming in a vital, lusty dance Rina recognized all too well. Rina placed her hand on the back of Mary Ann's head, running her fingers through the soft curls as she kept the girl's mouth in contact with Christina's loins. The muffled whimpers grew louder as Mary Ann rode her own waves of passion, grinding her pussy on Christina's face as she crested the peak. Rina let her fingers graze lightly over Mary Ann's ears as her friend moaned in pleasure, the trembles becoming less intense as her lust subsided. Rina withdrew her digits from Christina's bottom and sat back on her haunches to watch her two friends slowly return to normal. Though she'd never really enjoyed lesbian sex before coming here, she had to admit it was a beautiful and very sensuous form of lovemaking, the blend of softness and femininity giving a special feel to the acts.

The three girls relaxed and enjoyed another drink together before Christina finally had to leave them. She gave them both a soft kiss before pulling on her clothes and bidding them a good day. She had a business to run, after all.

** 3- Christina's threesome with Jorge and Mel **

Christina was in her office, reviewing her task list to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything, and to prepare for the following day. Mel's pretty face showed up in her doorway, and Christina returned her smile. "What's up babe?" Christina asked, setting down her papers.

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