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Rocky's Kingdom - Prologue


READERS PLEASE NOTE: This is the 'prologue' for a series I am beginning work on, and I would really appreciate your FEEDBACK on the concept of the story. It is very loosely based on some personal experiences; but with a lot of fantasy added to spice things up. Hope you enjoy, and let me know -- even anonymous comments are welcome.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, do not read the story.

Rocky's Kingdom - Prologue

Setup, Primary Characters, and Background Info

Rocky Ramirez' business had never been better. He had a worldwide inventory of more than fifteen-hundred 'units', seven percent of which were confirmed zero-mile examples. He was paid very well under a variety of contracts ranging from outright purchase to short-term rentals, with special requirements bringing particularly high value. He was, by all accounts, a very successful businessman indeed.

His home base was on the outskirts of Manila in a gated community within Quezon City. His compound comprised several acres with a spacious three-story house, a swimming pool, several outbuildings including a guest house, and a rehearsal studio used by some of the girls who performed in the local clubs. Here he boarded a dozen hand-selected 'units', girls who suited his fancy at the moment and brought in profitable 'fares' with his select clientele. None of them met the 'zero-mile' criteria, as he had enjoyed each of them during the screening process and occasionally at special events. Then there were his 'special friends', men who had paid their dues somewhere along the line and were deserving of special favors. Rocky did right by them, and they by him. There were occasional sex parties where the girls' participation was mandatory. These were always no-holes-barred events, often with a half-dozen or more of Rocky's friends. But Rocky took care of the 'home-girls'. They wanted for nothing, and feared no one.

His other 'inventory in the PI were dispersed in four other 'dormitories', where girls were boarded two to a small room with shared sanitary facilities on each floor. Most of these girls were 'bar girls' in the many clubs in the various areas that catered to 'short-time' encounters or overnight flings. Rocky had a half-dozen 'mamasans' residing at each of the dormitories, in much nicer digs than the girls, whose job it was to make sure Rocky got his cut of the action. While he didn't monitor the extra tips the girls garnered from customers, the mamasans would always get their share -- or the girl would regret having crossed her. Serious offenders would find themselves on the street fending for themselves.

Then there were Rocky's 'foreign affiliates'. He had similar arrangements in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan. He would visit one of these each month, staying a few days to a week to sample new girls and audit the business side of things. He had a 'Business Director' in each country whose job it was to pass profits to Rocky's protected accounts in Macau, and report all expenses to him directly. All of these men had cut their teeth working for Rocky in Manila, although most of them were native to the country in which they operated. In most of the countries there was a political protocol to be followed, and most often bribes to be paid. Even though prostitution was legal in many of the countries, the locals wanted a cut -- however small it might seem.

In Macau the cut was fifty percent of the gross, a heavy price to pay. The operation there was small; but the girls worked hard and brought in prime pay even with very stiff competition. Customers in Asia's 'corruption capitol' paid more for either Filipinas or Singaporean girls, as the local constabulary tended to run them out of town to give locals a bigger piece of the available business. Rocky's guys in Macau knew how to protect their girls and not bring the politicos down on them. It might not have been worth the extra effort; but Rocky saw Macau as a key location in the region. Next to the Philippines it was the highest 'bar fine per visitor' in all of Asia.

Hong Kong was an interesting market, as the government did not 'look the other way' when it came to working girls. It was technically legal for them to do business; but only if the girl was in business for herself. Here the director had to do his business by direct contact, as even telephone records could be used to prosecute violations. The mamasans in Hong Kong took on other professions, so as not to arouse suspicion, and most of the girls also had 'day jobs' as cover. The director was simply in charge of a 'trading company', complete with import/export records and accounts at local banks. Squeaky clean by definition.

The Malaysian operation spanned the isthmus between Panang and Kuala Lumpur, with the main office in Ipo, a small town midway between the two major cities on the main highway. There were satellite offices in both of the major centers; but the guts of the business worked out of Ipo. Prostitution in Malaysia was frowned upon, so all of the details had to be carefully controlled. Each girl had a cover occupation, and her own small apartment. While there was a boarding house in Ipo that housed a dozen girls, there were never any customers at that location. Instead, the director had a lease on a dozen rooms in various hotels in the area. Customers were given directions and a phone number to call upon arrival. If the coast was clear, the mamasan would provide the customer with access to the girl -- and the room. There had been only one arrest in the five years of operation in Malaysia, and that was dismissed before any prosecution, the only consequence being the deportation of the girl.

Thailand, while being very religious on the surface, was a hard-partying place where girls were available pretty much everywhere. Most of them weren't up for anything other than straight sex, leaving the door open for Rocky's girls who would do pretty much anything for the right price. A common street whore in Thailand would give up her pussy for a few bucks. Rocky's girls could bring in as much as a thousand for an overnighter. There were a lot of high-tech businessmen and drug thugs in the land called Siam, so there was money being spent for the kinds of sexual activities Rocky could provide. He and his director had connections in all of the clubs and other party establishments including Karaoke bars. His girls were either there every night or were available as needed.

Singapore regulated prostitution, with nearly all of the girls brought in from other Asian nations to support the needs of the clientele. The girls were examined at least monthly for STD's, and their activities were watched pretty closely. There were many clubs in town which were known as 'pickup bars', where most -- if not all -- of the girls were working. Being 'hand-selected', the quality of the girls was very high. On any given night, the average score for the women in a pickup bar was 9 on a scale of one to ten. Rocky's director was also a member of the local review board, so his girls were always accepted readily onto the island. Two of Rocky's home girls were in Singapore at any given time, getting valuable experience with customers chosen by the director.

The Korean situation was more like Malaysia, except that in Seoul the population of working girls was quite high in spite of the illegality. The local authorities in Seoul would simply take a girl off the street and use her for their own pleasure for a few days as 'payment' for looking the other way. Working girls in Seoul took their lives into their own hands, as a customer could kill them and the police would not even show concern. Rocky had spent more than six months in Seoul figuring out how to do business there without putting his girls in jeopardy. His director there was a highly-respected businessman with contacts inside the government, specifically law enforcement. While there were occasional issues if a particularly obstinate cop found one of his girls desirable, those issues were quickly solved -- usually with diplomacy, although force was an option when needed.

On Taiwan much of Rocky's business was in Tsin-Chu City and Kaoschung, the two high-tech centers at either end of the island. Taipei was simply too saturated with cheap hookers and high-priced 'escorts'. Tsin-Chu and Kaoschung were much more receptive to the quieter girls in Rocky's squad. The director who had a home in Tsin-Chu had determined that he needed no mamasans to run the operation. He had hand-selected girls who did that job and provided customer service as well. Four of these girls had been with the company more than five years. There was something to be said for the loyalty in Taiwan.

China posed a big problem -- except in Shanghai. Shanghai was so incredibly busy being a technology center that the authorities had no time for small irritants like illegal girls. If they were blatant, the police would pick them up and put them in jail. Most of those never got out. Rocky's girls never went in. All customer contacts were made in hotel bars or other similarly 'private' locales where a man picking up an attractive companion looked perfectly normal. There were so many hotels that a girl could go a month without visiting the same bar twice. Small payments to hotel managers and such was all it took to keep the heat off. And the price for a beautiful companion in Shanghai was very high indeed, with Rocky's girls among the most expensive.

Japan was another country where prostitution was strictly prohibited -- but the officials could be 'bought' with an hour of the right girls' time. Although the operation in Tokyo was small in size, with less than fifty girls in country, it was more profitable than most in spite of the high costs for room and board. His director in Tokyo was the building manager for a high-rise apartment complex. As such he had access to more than five-hundred rooms. A bit of fancy bookkeeping made twenty-five of those rooms disappear from the records, and become available for his girls. They were careful not to make a lot of noise or bring multiple customers in at the same time; but other than that kind of common sense the business ran without problems.

As for his girls, Rocky was very selective. Each and every girl went through a 'screening' process that included medical examinations, personality evaluations, and (of course) sexual performance tests. With the 'zero-mile' girls, they were examined to confirm their status as true virgins, while other openings were made available through training and conditioning sessions. The other girls were evaluated and placed into one of three categories. #1 were the 'class A' girls whose looks and mannerisms would bring top-notch clientele anywhere. It was class A girls you would find at Rocky's homebase and at selected locations elsewhere. Some of these girls were also sold on the black market, bringing as much as a quarter-million US dollars to high-bidders. Only about 1 percent of the interviewees made this grade. Category #2, comprising the majority of the inventory, were girls with great looks who might be deemed less desirable because of personality traits. They were nice enough, and would perform adequately. They just weren't the kind of girls Rocky wanted by his side. All of the 'showgirls' came from category 2, as well as a majority of the girls in the other countries. The third category were the run-of-the-mill bar girls. Although in Rocky's case, the girls possessed much better than average looks. Most had been working since their early teens, and wouldn't draw the higher-caliber customers; but would bring in basic fares from the inebriated customers in the bars of Manila and Macau. They were sex toys for hire, pure and simple.

Rocky had a 'sidekick', a man feared by most of his business acquaintances and any customers who had ever crossed the boss, while all of the girls loved him. Jorge Garcia was a tough cookie because he had to be. Men who bought sex could often be obnoxious and occasionally abusive, and it was Jorge's job to 'bring them around' -- one way or another. Physical force was the last resort; but Jorge was a master of seven different forms of the Martial Arts. He did not need a weapon of any kind to come out on top of most conflicts. Rocky counted on him to keep 'the boss' and his girls safe. He was well paid, and had his own hand-selected companion who accompanied him wherever he went. Her name was Imelda, 'Mel to her friends, and she was also an expert at Martial Arts. Both could handle a car with an expertise normally reserved for the Chauffeurs of heads of state, should that be required. That they were also lovers was just a bonus for them.

His house staff was no less competent at their positions. The maid compliment numbered twenty-two, with a minimum of seven 'on duty' at any time with another three working 'special events' at the chalet. The remainder were available during the alternate shifts. They were proud of what they did, and the house showed their pride. A white-glove inspection would pass at any time of the day or night. None of this staff were 'available' -- to anyone. The sentries were nearly invisible, until they were needed. Rocky didn't like the idea of having armed security out in the open, and the sentries abided by that protocol at all times. There was a maintenance staff to deal with power backup, plumbing, the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and the rehearsal hall. All in all the staff numbered nearly forty dedicated employees.

Then there was Christina, the Filipina goddess who was at Rocky's side most of the time. At a hundred fifty-five centimeters and forty-seven kilos, Christina was the perfect overall size, with her 84B/58/88 measurements suiting Rocky's taste to the 'T'. She had been 'his woman' for the better part of four years, and would do anything for him sexually -- including sharing him with other girls. She had to do that because it was his job to evaluate at least some of the new talent. It was his personal involvement that brought them all the success they enjoyed. She knew that he was 'her man', at the end of the day. He showered her with gifts that a princess could only dream of. She drove a Ferrari when she wasn't riding in the Bentley with Rocky or riding pillion on his Ducati. She wore garments that were hand made of the finest satins and silks. Her dark hair (with natural auburn highlights) hung down to her fine little bottom and was cared for by her personal assistant with several hundred brush-strokes each day. She was a kept woman; but only an ignorant bitch would want anything else.

Rocky was the 'king' of the Asian sex-for-money business. He didn't waste his time with 'blowjob bitches' or 'short-time sluts' because he didn't need to. His was the high-class escort business, with a bit of high-dollar slave trade to boost revenue. He had worked since his teens to build this empire, and at thirty-eight he finally had things precisely the way he wanted them. Making choices had always been a strong suit.

*Coming soon -- 'Ch 2, Rocky's Rules and the Screening Room'*

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