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Role Play


Role Play

How I love to see your eyes,
filled with wonder and surprise,
perhaps a look of concentration,
mingled, Love, with adoration....

How I want to hear you gasp,
and see you move, and feel your grasp,
to see your undulating hips,
and open, parted, moistened lips.

Tease your clit, and spread your legs,
let me hear you moan and beg;
Watch me while I stroke my cock,
Wait for that familiar shock;

Spread your cheeks, and let me see
Your luscious ass exposed for me;
Let me use your nipples’ clamps,
And vibes with humming, buzzing amps...

Let me take my cock and place
The warm smooth length against your face;
Close your eyes, enjoy the feel
Of living manhood, firm and real.

How I want to see your toys,
As you feel their buzzing joys,
with your fingers moving faster
As you please your love, your Master...

Show me, Precious One, your lust--
Give me wanton, utter trust,
and let me take you to 'that place'
where lust is glowing on your face,
and tension-filled anticipation
becomes orgasmic adoration.
Come, and share our exploration!

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