tagLoving WivesRoom Girls Ch. 02

Room Girls Ch. 02


"My husband won this trip playing high stakes poker in Vegas," Julia said. She was trying to make idle chit chat to take her mind off of what she was about to do.

Her conversation buddy, the tall red head in the wrap around skirt never looked at her. She was shifting hangers in the closet of Julia's hotel suite looking for something appropriate for Julia to wear for her evening. The hangers made a screeching clash as they slammed against each other. For a long moment it was the only sound in the room.

"He's usually very lucky at cards," Julie chimed in again, tilting her head up the way she did in her Women's Society meeting's or at the Country Club luncheons for Women. It was the calculated face she used to hide her emotions. Add a designer dress and a string of pearls and you had the perfect wife to match the perfect professional husband. Inside, she was scared as hell.

How could he have lost everything in a card game! She was raging inside, her temples pounded with the effort to remain composed in front of this woman. Tabby, she thought that was her name, was throwing her clothes to the floor, and she could have swore just tucked one of her linen skirts into her bra.

Phenton was a very wealthy man. Came from a wealthy man, more like it, and had provided Julia with a very comfortable life. He always got what he wanted at no expense to himself. They had a lavish home, a lavish life style, and took lavish vacations where he always left her to her self and he went off to gamble.

Two nights ago, he had presented her with the two passes he had won off a man playing poker to this remote resort. It was a 6 star resort in a 5 star world. You had to be extended an invitation to reserve a stay. Very expensive, very elite, and very discreet it was located on its own remote island in the Pacific. Every luxury was indulged down to each suite having its own personal servant.

They had arrived last night, and barely opened their suitcases when Phenton was lured downstairs to the bar for a poker game with some of the other guests. Their personal assistant had gone with him to serve drinks at the party. Julia was somewhat relieved to see her go, even if it did leave her with unpacking their things. The woman was dressed in a very seductive French maid costume and had looked at Phenton in a way she did not like. More importantly, he had looked at the maid in a way Julie had liked even less.

Julia had once been runner up for Miss Massachusetts, a fact she still was proud to express. Even if it had been 8 years ago, she still could fit into that swimsuit, and was still a sleek blonde bombshell.

They had not been here yet a full 24 hours, and now Julia sat at the end of her bed, in this elegant suite watching Madame Lou's assistant go through her clothes for appropriate attire. The screeching of the hangers stopped. Julia looked up to see Tabby smiling at her and holding up a pair of black stiletto heals. She dropped them in Julia's lap then went for the chest holding her undergarments. "Put these on," she barked at her then threw her the red evening dress she had brought for a special occasion. Tabby looked at her frightened face and smiled, "no panties."

Tabby then turned and left the room. Julia began to dress. She would be playing hostess at tonight's poker game. The same games that her husband had lost everything at the night before. Tonight was the only chance to win it all back. As Madame Lou had calmly put it to her over a ledger book in a delicate tea room while her large male associates took turns hitting her husband; the hotel could do the couple a favor and forgive all debts, return all losses, for the return of a few favors by Julia to the hotel as requested by Madame.

While Mr. A and Mr. B took turns bouncing her husband across the room, Julia shakily signed a contract agreeing to one night of service in the poker parlor for the return of Phenton's transgressions.

Now Julia was standing in front of the large mirror in her room calming her nerves. Her heels were laced up her ankles with their slinky strings, ridiculously high spikes for heals, and her long red dress, backless, with a halter style neck and a slit up the long skirt to her thigh on one leg. She smoothed the skirt, then touched her hair that she had pulled up with pins on top of her head. Tabby came back in, carrying a pair of scissors and a pair of long white gloves.

She handed the gloves to Julia telling her to put them on then rounded her to admire the dress. When Julia was pulling up the first glove, Tabby leaned down and cut a slit up the other side of the dress. This one high enough to expose her hip. Julia gasped while Tabby made the other slit match on the other side. Without another word, she grabber her wrist and drug her from the room.

There were four men playing poker and one dealer in the room downstairs. One of the men Julia even recognized from Phenton's dinner parties, from the way he was looking at her, she knew he recognized her too.

Phenton was not there. He was in the room next door with A and B, watching to ensure that Julia upheld her bargain. If she didn't they would lose everything and the two gentlemen would finish what they started with her husband.

Madame Lou came in behind Julia and Tabby. She nodded at the gentlemen and sat down in the only empty chair. "Gentlemen it has been agreed. As requested for forgiveness for Mr. Crealey's debts to the four of you, his wife as consented to take responsibility for these debts. Madame Lou pulled out a tiny silver leash and attached it to the ring that circled under the table. She then placed a collar onto Julia's ankle, fastening her to the table with only enough chain to move around to the gentlemen at the table.

"For the evening, gentlemen," Madame walked out the door without looking back. "I trust you to follow discretion as is the policy of this hotel, Tabby will assist you with any further needs." The door was shut, bolted from the outside then Julia breathed.

The men were looking at her. They eyed her up and down. The dealer cleared his throat and began to shuffle the cards. "Gentleman the winner of each hand gets the favor of our entertainment, we'll start to see who goes first."

Cards were dealt and Julia studied the men carefully. There was the man from the dinner parties a tall tanned, man, very athletic and a known playboy. He was easy on the eyes, and wouldn't be such a hardship to serve him. The next was an older gentleman wearing a cowboy hat. He had graying hair; lots of rings on his fingers and the small rounding of a middle aged indulged man's belly. The third was a dark man. He looked latin, and sat with a cigar in one hand, counting his cards carefully. He eyes Julia curiously. Lastly, was a loud laughing, man wearing an expensive suit and gold chain pouring himself a drink. He spoke with a Brooklyn accent, and had very large fists. His nose had been broken, and he leered when he smiled.

He watched her as he picked up his cards. He was dangerous, she decided. He smiled at her as if he had heard her thoughts. "Tabby," he barked out, "that look won't do"

Tabby smiled at the man, the pulled the scissors from her pocket. She reached up and cut the skirt off of the dress to high up Julia's thighs. The dress looked more like a tunic now with the slits up to the hips and the skirt barely covering her bare ass.

The skirt hit the floor, and then the chain on her ankle was being pulled. The loud man had won the first hand. The other gentlemen watched as he pulled her over to him while the dealer picked up the cards. He forced her to sit on the table, her bare ass cold against the wooden rail of the poker table. He looked up at her and reached for her breasts. They were large and strained at the halter-top that was holding them. His hands found her nipples and pulled at them through the material roughly.

Julia pulled back, then caught Mr. A. watching her from the door. She had to do anything these men asked or she would lose her husband and all of their belongings. She closed her eyes and let the man pull on her nipples some more.

He smiled at her acceptance of her fate. Cards were being dealt again. He reached for her neck and pulled her down to him. "On your knees," he told her as he pushed her down between his legs. He held her neck in a large grip around the throat. Then he stuck his thumb into her mouth, testing the softness of her lips.

"Let's see how good you are at head," he said outloud as he leaned back and thrust his crotch at her face. The other gentleman laughed as they watched Julia open the man's pants and remove his dick.

She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft, watching it swell and harden in her hand. She started stroking him with her hand guessing him to be around 7 inches. His friends laughed and tried to see what was going on under the table. Suddenly the big hands were on her head, pushing it towards his cock.

"Hell, not like that, like this you stupid bitch," he pushed her face down to his dick, making her take him in his mouth. He held her head to him, as she gagged around his dick, when she relaxed he began moving her head with his hands. He scooted his chair up to the table, locking her in place with only her neck and head able to move up and down on his dick. He picked up his cards and began to play again.

Julia adjusted to his size and began sucking him in and out of her mouth. She had not had much experience with oral sex, and did not know what to expect. Given her squished place under the table she had no choice but to do what he had just forced her head to do, the movement of her head up and down, while sucking.

As she sucked him, she felt a foot against her ass cheek. Someone at the table was rubbing her ass with his foot. She stiffened, but could not get away from the invader.

The loud man she was sucking began to move his hips with her head. She heard him lay his cards down, "I think I need to fold on this one gentlemen." His cards hit the table, then he leaned back in his chair, pumping his hips against her face in earnest. His hands pulled down her hair, gripping the blonde waves and holding her until he was ready to cum. Julia fighting for air and being face fucked, was suddenly held hard against the strangers crotch as he exploded into the back of her throat.

Before she could catch a long breath, she felt the chain being pulled again. This time the older gentleman had won the hand. He pulled Julia to her feet and planted her on his lap for the next hand.

There his hand stroked her thigh while the other moved inside her halter-top for her breasts. One squeezed her nipple while the other slid between her legs to gage her wetness. His hands were very knowing, and before Julia knew it, she was starting to get turned on. He held his cards in one hand, and used the other to finger her, two fingers moving in and out of her wet hole.

Julia found herself lying back against the man's chest, opening her legs for him to have better access. Her knees were on his knees, and when he spread his legs open, it opened hers as well. He continued to finger her, and shake his legs, making her bounce up and down on his lap, her ass rubbing his hardness as it shifted each time. His hand moved to her clit, rubbing it fast and very hard as he bounced her on his knees like a game of rocking horse. She found herself grinding against his hand; her head arched back almost knocking off the man's hat. To her surprise she found herself getting close to her own edge, with the friction being sent to her bottom by his shaking legs and fingers roughly rubbing her clit.

One cry left her lips then she found herself pressed into the felt table, bent over with her ass in the air. Not far behind, she felt a thick cock being fed into her wet pussy. The cowboy had pressed her into the table and was taking her from behind. Her ass bounced at each stroke he made. The dress she had been wearing was being cut off of her by the very happy Tabby as she was taking a pounding from the older gentleman. The pressure being put on her clit rubbing against the wooden rail was beginning to finish off the job the man had started, and she found herself ready to cum as he finished his last strokes from behind.

The man sensing this pulled out of her and spun her around to sit on the table once again. Her dress fell off, leaving them to stare at her naked form. She was now only wearing the gloves and her heals. "Get down," he said as he stroked himself the last few times. Just as she got to her knees, he began to cum. Smearing himself all over her chest.

At the sight of this, the other two gentlemen became too interested in her to finish playing their game. Cards left the table and she was being pulled up to the felt once again.

The tanned playboy removed his pants and sat down beside her. He pulled her astride him, making her ride him with her ass high in the air. Being so close to cumming and then not being allowed had made her crazy. She rode this new man with a need to let go. He held her down at the waist, making her ass stick out high and her breasts bounce in his face. He began biting her nipples as she ground her hips in the air.

It felt so good, this handsome man biting at her fucking her that she didn't notice the Latin man behind her until she felt his lubricated cock sliding in against her ass cheeks. Before she knew it, he had forced himself into her ass, holding inside of her until he felt her give in the fucking her fast as she rode the man on the table.

Both holes were being fucked at one time and she loved the feeling. It was an overdrive to sexual sensation. The first gentleman came back around the table and pulled up her face again. Again she was forced onto his cock, sucking it as she two other men fucked her at the same time. She moaned against his cock, ramming into her mouth, and held onto his hips for support. She was close to cumming and was so horny; she was hungry for anything.

The man under her began bucking his hips hard, he was building up. The man pounding her ass sensed this and sped up his rhythm as well. She moaned, her body preparing to climax, and the man in her mouth drove in deeper. The sensations were too much and she began to cry out over and over as she came.

The excited gentleman soon followed suit, cumming one after another on her body. The one below on her stomach, the one from behind on her ass and the one in her mouth on her face.

They discarded her on the table when they were finished, leaving the dealer to help her clean up. The gentleman made jokes to each other, congratulating each on his conquest and making bets on who could do each thing the best.

Cards were being passed out again. Julia was sent under the table to suck off each gentleman as they played.

All night it went on. Cards would be played with Julia being passed around to the winner. One would come up with a clever idea, and then all would join in. After the third time that Julia was gang banged by the players trying new positions, she stopped counting. They left her before dawn chained to the table, naked and aching from her night of being servant at the poker game. She had cum more than once, and had been forced into some act of lewdness that embarrassed her many times, including once with the only other female in the room. Even that had somehow turned her own. She came the hardest when Tabby had pulled her up onto her face.

Mr. A and B came out of the room with her husband. He looked happy, with his black eye. He knew his debts were repaid through his wife giving her body to his poker-playing friends. He hadn't cared, he had enjoyed watching them fuck his wife and cum all over her pretty face.

Mr. A helped her up to her feet and put a robe around her body. He undid the chain and helped her stand. Phenton leered at her, dirtier than any of the men who had just enjoyed her. "Better than a credit card, boys, that's my own personal bitch."

Julia's eyes welled up with tears. It was the most hurtful thing. She walked over and slapped him, knowing that to him it was all a game that he didn't have to pay to play.

He laughed at her. "Let's go fellas, I'm starved."

Suddenly there was a loud thud. She looked up and saw Phenton face down on the poker felt. Mr. B was pinning his hands behind his back and holding him bent over the table. "We're not through sir, there was one more part requested by the gentleman that needs to be arranged."

Phenton glared at the large man. "They didn't think it was fair for your wife to pay all your debts for you. They wanted you to share in the same."

"What the fuck do you mean share the same?" Phenton shouted. His pants were being pulled down.

Julia was being picked up by Mr. A and taken out of the room. She watched over his shoulder as Phenton's pants were being pulled down to his ankles.

The door shut, and she heard him scream and the table being shook in a steady hard rhythm. She found herself smiling and actually curling into the arms of the large gentleman holding her. "Do you feel all right, miss?" the man asked her in a deep voice.

Julia thought a moment. She could still hear Phenton if she listened hard enough. She thought about the question, "You know something B, I think I feel just fine."

He hugged her body in his arms. He was carrying her like a baby in his arms, he was so large, she felt like one. "Madame would like to speak to you, Ms. Julia. She has a business proposition she thought you might like after this evening's performance."

Julia let the rocking motion of being carried lull her. She smiled to herself, "You know, I think that I just might."

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