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Room Service Seduction


When I was younger I went travelling around the states and spent most of my year there in Florida. The great weather and beach time was a real pull and the American girls seemed to love an English accent. Though I say it myself, I was fit and ok looking and enjoyed moderate success with them. I financed the trip by taking casual/short term work on construction sites, apart from the one occasion when I worked as a bus boy in a hotel in Orlando. It was while at this hotel that I had a brilliant and most unexpected experience. Though at the age of 19 one is pretty much hell bent on fun of all types and through any means, even I was blown away by this event.

I shan't name and shame the hotel as it was a shambles, the restaurant where I bussed the tables was a joke, the food was awful, residents were forever complaining and one was often taking food back untouched.

As well as working the restaurant one of my other duties was room service. This I loved because it not only got me away from the restaurant but the tips were great and you got to have more personal interaction with the clients. One of the other intriguing things about room service was that you never knew who were serving until they opened the door. The hours were varied and I'd often work late, finishing at about 11.

So one night at about 9 I find myself waiting outside a room with a tray of room service waiting for the door to open.

And what a pleasant surprise when it did! There before me was a 40 something dark haired and attractive woman in a sleeveless kimono type dress and without shoes. She opened the door in a kind of tired manner, her head down and with one hand brushing her shoulder length curly hair back from her tanned face.

She stood aside for me to carry the tray into the room and I don't think anything was on her mind until we started talking to each other. She seemed to come alive and relaxed, the weight on her shoulders visibly lift, while we chatted. We talked for what seemed like ages and it was obvious that we'd made a connection. Sandi, for that was her name, sat back on the bed in a very provocative and sexy way while asking me searching questions about my travels. She told me how she was just in the States on business and was really tired, perhaps a little stressed.

I was getting horny just thinking about how I would love to fuck this woman right there and now. But how could I orchestrate this? I just couldn't work it out and what if I was misreading the signals -- I'd be for the high jump. A 19year old English pretty boy in a Florida State Pen. I wouldn't last a day!

It was weird because it was becoming apparent neither of us wanted this situation to end but neither of us could work out how to initiate/justify a move. Despite Sandi leaning back on her elbows, her legs drifting apart as she smiled at me, my confidence evaporated and feeling defeated mumbled something about getting back to work. She gave me a nice big tip and a lovely fuck me smile as we crossed to the door.

"If you find time to slip back later I could make it worth your while. You might as well have my remaining dollars and save me the hassle of having to change them back to pounds sterling." Sandi commented, kissing me briefly on the lips.

I found myself standing in the hall kicking myself for not being bolder but also puzzled by her comment about money. She couldn't be offering me money to fuck her, could she? Surely not, such things only happened in fantasies. I wrote it off to experience and tried to put the incident out of my mind.

Thirty minutes later I'm back in the kitchen doing my job when I get paged for another room service delivery. I get the tray with the delivery -- a bottle of champagne, a bucket of ice and 2 glasses and then look at the chitty. It's her room! I can't believe it. Thoughts race through my mind and a dull ache in my groin starts again as the blood starts to engorge my already heavy cock.

I knock her door and wait. Sandi opens it and I see the lights are low and she has changed out of her kimono. She's walking away from me back into the room wearing a silk slip which just covers her pert ass. She sits on the bed, again leaning back with arms behind her and her chest proud. Sandi's breasts are of just the right size and I can see her nipples clearly against the fabric. She looks amazing and seductive, lying with her legs apart as before.

I ask what she would like and she says for me to first open the champagne and to pour 2 glasses. When I've done so she says for me to stay and have a drink with her.

We are standing face to face now and I protest falsely that yes I will have a quick drink with her but can't stay long.

"When do you finish work?"

"In about an hour." I told her.

"Well come back then and give me what I need and the money's yours." Sandi indicated a pile of dollar bills beside the bed.

Shit, the randy woman was offering to pay me to fuck her! I could hardly believe it.

Sandi stood up and kissed me, murmuring endearments as she tried to persuade me to return.

She must be desperate for it I thought, all my confidence returning as I put my hand behind Sandi's head to pull her close and kiss her hard. Our tongues hungrily explored each other's mouths as we rubbed against each other. I dropped my hand and ran it down her back to slide it up under the slip and squeeze her tight arse. Pulling her to me while kneading her arse, my fingers were inching closer to her pussy.

"My, you have come out of your shell!" Sandi exclaimed when my fingers touched her cunt.

I forced myself to pull away, this is great but I can't hang about here while I'm still working, I told her.

She pleads with me to stay, holding me by my belt, and as she pleads she's also unbuckling it. In a flash she has my trousers down and my hard throbbing cock in both her hands.

"I can tell you want it," she smiled, slowly but firmly wanking me.

We kiss and then she kisses down my chest until she's on her knees in front of me, wanking my shaft while looking up into my face. Precum oozes from my head and she deftly licks my knob and sucks in the juices while still slowly but firmly working her hands up and down my shaft. She takes the head in her mouth, sucking and licking before starting to take it all in. It's ecstasy as with one hand she squeezes my full balls while sucking my cock. I down the champagne and discard the glass to hold her head firmly while fucking her mouth. My cocks right down her throat now but I impulsively pull out and wank over her. As I come it hits her face and she's open mouthed to receive it. Sandi swallows and what misses her mouth she scoops up with her fingers and licks them. The cum which has dribbled down her chin she rubs into her tits.

We kiss hard again but I have to go. She smells and looks amazing but I explain that I really must go. When I finish in an hour I'll be back and we can resume matters. Somehow I manage to get myself out of her room.

The next hour was hell as I couldn't wait to get back up to her room and continue what we'd started.

When she answers the door we are all over each other kissing deep and hard, hands stroking and pulling clothes off as we stagger to the bed. As I pull the last of my clothing off she is kneeling legs apart on the bed and lifts her slip off over her head to reveal the most fantastic body. Up pointing breasts and a minute line of pubic hair down to her pussy. It being the mid 80's I had never seen such a groomed cunt before and could not wait to get closer to explore properly.

We lay side by side in a deep kiss, her hand on my hard cock and mine gently pinching her nipples, twisting and teasing them while she squirmed next to me. I broke from kissing her and craned my head to nibble her neck on the way down to her tits. Her skin tasted salty from my cum. I sucked and nibbled one nipple while twisting the other in my fingers. She loved it and held my head by my hair while also slowly wanking me.

Then I cupped her hot mound in my hand. I could feel some wetness on my palm as she tried to grind against me. Slowly I moved down her stomach till I was between her legs, centimetres away from heaven. Sandi's lips were dark and puffy, clear pussy juice glistening from top to bottom. Kissing her inner thighs around her pussy I gradually moved closer tasting and smelling her. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her lips and pushed my tongue onto her clit and flicked it back and forth. Sandi gasped in pleasure as I kept on doing this before sliding a finger into her wetness. She was tight round my finger, it felt amazing. My tongue worked fast and slow in unison with my finger. I added another finger and pumped harder and sucked harder on her clit. Sandi was bucking against me, forcing my mouth hard against her cunt. Her first orgasm was huge and loud.

She pulled me on top then, grabbing my head and kissing her juices off my face as I teased her cunt with the tip of my cock. Then she grabbed my hard cock and demanded I fuck her now! She guided me into her tight hole, god it was tight, so tight it gripped my shaft every inch as I sunk into her cunt. Sandi clung to me for a moment and I could feel her cunt walls twitching and clamping round me. We fucked slowly at first but then speeded up in response to Sandi's shout of, "Hard, fuck me hard and fast!"

With her feet round my ears I pounded deep into her. I was close to coming and realising it Sandi wanted to swap positions. She crouched over me and rode my cock; it was amazing watching her cunt slide up and down the shaft. She then climbed off and begged me to fuck her from behind. As I fucked her wet pussy I spat on Sandi's asshole and slipped a finger in and out of her tight ass. She loved it, we both loved it. As I came inside her Sandi was squeezing my balls and as my hardness dwindled she smeared the juices over her pussy.

"Don't forget your dollars." Sandi called later as I was leaving.

I looked at her, uncertain what to do and she added, "Go on take the money, you've earned it."

So it was that I left the room, my pockets full of dollar bills, but still hardly able to believe Sandi had actually paid me to fuck her. Doubt that's an experience that will be repeated!

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