tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoom With a View Ch. 02

Room With a View Ch. 02

byArt Martin©

It was almost noon when Shelly finished cleaning up the mess. It really didn't take her very long to unpack, after all, she and Luke hadn't accumulated that many possessions in their first two years of marriage, and not just because the dumpy trailer they had lived in was small. Returning from carrying the last of the trash out back, the screen door slammed shut behind her as she heard the lilting cries from the front of the house.

"Hellooooo! Anybody home?"

Shelly rushed to the front and found Toni, her next-door neighbor, standing just inside the door.

"Hi!" gushed Toni.

Upon seeing Toni, Shelly blushed with the memory of last night's 'competition' as Luke had put it this morning. "Uh, hi," she replied meekly.

"You getting all settled in?"

"Uh, yeah," stammered Shelly not really sure what to say.

"Great! Say, I just wanted say, um, err, that last night…um, well…well it was fun! You two sure know how to, um, get after it."

Shelly blushed again and Toni giggled.

"You too," replied Shelly as her face burned red.

"Well, Jake and I had such a good time and…we're really glad you guys moved in.

"Old Mrs. Crabtree," Toni rattled on, "what an appropriate name bless her heart, didn't like us very much. She called the sheriff on us a couple of times for being 'obscene'."

Toni walked in a few steps and looked around. "Mrs. Crabtree sure didn't do much to this place, but then again she lived here for sixty or seventy years. Poor thing, could hardly get around. Usually we'd see her in her rocking chair just staring into our bedroom. We'd forget to close the blinds and next thing we knew the sheriff was knocking on our door. Good thing he's a friend of Jake's." Toni sniggered, "Anyway, we decided we'd put on real show for her. Guess that pretty much did it, 'cause we didn't see her peeking anymore."

"You put on a show?"

"Well, we figured she needed a trill. Anyway, we never really saw her again.

Toni twisted her mouth slightly in thought. "She died, what, six months ago? Fortunately, her grandson found her before she started stinking up the place."

A mischievous smile spread across Toni face. "Jake and I had been wondering who would move in. We're really happy that someone like us moved in."

"Uh, thanks," replied Shelly not knowing what she thanking Toni for.

"Look, I know you're busy… Shelly, isn't it? Well, I don't know if you've had a chance to get to the grocery yet, so if you want," said Toni gesturing towards her house, "I fixed a pot of soup for lunch."

Shelly's stomach growled loudly and both girls started laughing.

"Yeah, I guess I'm hungry," replied Shelly warming up to the offered hospitality.

"I'm fixing meatballs tonight. Why don't you and Luke come over for supper?"

"Oh, we really couldn't impose."

"It's not an imposition. It'll give us all a better chance to get know each other."


Shelly sat down at the table and admired the homey ambiance of Toni's kitchen. It was so bright and cheerful, not at all like her dark and drab kitchen. She had just tasted the delicious homemade vegetable-beef soup when Jake came lumbering in.

"Hi there," he greeted with a big smile. "Get'n settled in?"

Shelly blushed as she felt the heat of his stare. He turned and growled, "C'mere little one," then he scooped Toni up and gave her a kiss. He gently set Toni down and plopped down in a big reinforced chair.

Peering out from his bearded face with a lecherous smirk, his eyes roamed up and down from Shelly's face to her breasts. Wilting under his knowing stare, Shelly kept her eyes down in her soup bowl.

"Saw Luke this morning down near the railroad shops," offered Jake. "He's a nice guy. I really like him. Said he had fun last night, but his balls were aching!" Jake broke out in a deep laugh. "I told him we had fun too, eh Toni?"

Shelly blushed again and Jake laughed heartily. "Don't be shy girl, we're all gonna be good friends. I asked him if ya'll wanted to come over fer supper tonight."

"I already asked her," added Toni as she put a bowl of steaming soup down in front of him.

"Also told your husband that I liked your tits."

"Jake!" scolded Toni with a slap to his shoulder. "You're embarrassing her."

"She didn't look embarrassed last night!" he said with a laugh. "Anyway, I told Luke that I liked your tits."


"Silence woman! Let me finish. Anyway, he just laughed, said that he liked them too. Then he said you had nice tight pussy."


"I didn't say that, that's what he said," he replied in a lame defense.

"Oh, really! You don't have to so crude!" scolded Toni. "She's our guest, she's…"

"She's the big titted cunt next door," laughed Jake.

Shelly's face burned with embarrassment.

Jake smirked as Shelly blushed. Then he unctuously said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"You did too, you big baboon! I'm sorry Shelly, Jake…he gets a little carried away sometimes."

"Oh, it's all right," said Shelly meekly, "I really don't have any room to complain."

"See! She's okay with it," said Jake. "You know, I'm really gonna like having you next door. I just have this thing for girls with big…"

"Jake, that's enough!"

"I was going to say 'with a big heart'." He turned to his wife and smiled warmly. "Toni has a big heart and I adore her." Toni looked at him skeptically, but accepted the ruse compliment without question. She put her hand on his massive shoulder and he pulled her into his lap.

"Now about that baggy t-shirt you're wearing…"

"Jake, leave her alone."

"Hey, I wasn't going to ask her to take it off. Of course if she did, I wouldn't mind, and neither would you." Toni playfully beat on him without effect. "You've got a great body Shelly and you shouldn't hide it. Tonight when you come over, wear something low cut or wear a cut off top, ya know, show a little flesh. Something like what Toni's wearing." With that he ran a big hand up under Toni's cut off t-shirt.

"Jake!" protested Toni.

Jake ignored her protest and took liberties with his wife's breasts, pulling the top up to expose her and fondling her openly at the table.

Shelly sat in silence, watching the libertine display, her eyes riveted on Toni's dark erect nipples and Jake's roving hand. Jake felt up his wife for several minutes while kissing the nape of her neck, all the while watching Shelly's reaction.

He pulled his hand abruptly from the nipple he was tormenting and pushed Toni from his lap breaking off the play. "Hey, I gotta get back to work, Toni."

She stood up and pulled the top down over her tits. "Damn," she muttered. "Get me all worked up will ya? Well, then go!"

"I need to finish my soup!"

"Eat up and beat it."

"You really want me to beat it?"

Toni looked over at Shelly whose eyes were glassy and said, "Men! They're like children sometimes!"

Jake proceeded to wolf down the bowl of soup and then two more without saying another word other than, "More!" After the third bowl, he stood up, kissed his wife and lumbered towards the door. He turned saying with a wry grin, "See you tonight Shelly," then he was gone for the remainder of the day.

Shelly looked to her new friend and asked, "Is he always that bad?"

"Yeah. I love it!"


Shelly sat on the tattered sofa anxiously waiting for Luke to get home. She patted the bottom curls of her shoulder length honey blonde hair and then adjusted her tight fitting red top with the scooped neckline. She looked at the clock; it was past seven.

With a start she jumped when the front door suddenly flew open and work boots clopped on the old wood floor.

"Hi, honeypot! Sorry I'm late," greeted Luke. "We had a signal malfunction up near Hallswood and had to get it sorted out. I'm famished, what's for supper?"

"Toni invited us over for meatballs and spaghetti. Toni says Jake's about to have a fit. I told her you weren't home yet. That was over a half hour ago."

"Oh, yeah. I saw Jake this morning. He asked if we wanted to eat with them. He said Toni's a terrific cook."

"Is that all he said?"

Luke grinned as he replied, "Not exactly. He said you have awesome tits."

"And you said…what?"

"I laughed. Said you had a nice pussy too."


"Hey, it was guy talk. Guys talk about pussy all the time. It wasn't a big deal."

"He's our neighbor. You should see the way he looks at me."

"Yeah, I guess he really got an eyeful last night."

"I guess he did! What else did you two talk about?"


"What about Toni?"

"Well…look we're late. It was just two married guys being nasty. Okay? Let me get cleaned up and we can go. By the way, you look great."


"Oh, hi Shelly! Hi, Luke! Please come in," sang Toni cheerfully. "Hey, Jake! They're here!" Toni escorted them to the kitchen. Seated at the table, Jake looked up from the remnants on his plate. "Sorry, but the big lug couldn't wait. Don't worry, he's only working on his first plate."

"Hey!" protested Jake as Toni picked the soiled plate up from the table. "I wasn't fin…"

"I'll get you a clean plate. Now mind your manners, dear, we have guests."

Luke sat across the table from Jake.

"Give me a hand," said Toni to Shelly. Toni directed Shelly to place the salads on the table as she prepared the serving bowls for the table. Once all the food was on the table, the ice tea poured, and Jake received a clean plate and silverware, the girls sat down.

The bowl of pasta was in front of Shelly. She served herself. Then she passed the bowl to the left to her husband, followed by the bowl of sauce and meatball, and then the garlic bread. Before everyone was served, Luke picked up his fork and immediately received a sharp kick under the table.

"Ow!" Luke looked questioning towards Shelly who glared at him. He put his fork down with a sheepish grin.

"Oh, this looks so good!" exclaimed Shelly twirling spaghetti on her fork.

"You look good," deadpanned Jake. "I like that top. Shows just the right amount of tit to make it interesting."

"Jake! Will you please stop it! Can't you say something nice?" chided his wife.

"Yeah, nice tits!" Jake broke out in laughter and was joined by Luke who was amused at Jake's audacity. Blushing, Shelly turned to her husband who continued to chuckle.

"He's right Honey, you do have nice tits and that top shows them off very well."

"Oh, lord! He's as bad as Jake!" said Toni with a laugh. "Now you two jokers mind your manners! That goes for both of you! Jake, if you embarrass Shelly again, I'll cut you off for a week!"

"Okay, okay, I'll be good. But you wouldn't last a week! You can't make it through a day without…"

"Enough Jake," said Toni icily.

Through the remainder of the meal, they chatted amicably about jobs, housework, and the miserable performance of the Rockford Rockets who were already 8 ½ games out of first place in the National League. Luke and Jake exchanged a few ribald jokes that had everyone in stitches. After a desert of cake with homemade lemon cream-cheese icing, the men retired outside for a smoke and a beer while the wives cleaned up.

Presently the girls joined them. Jake was showing Luke the large spa he put in last year.

"This thing is great! Really relaxes you after a hard day. Great for parties too!" Jake turned to the girls, "Anyone for a soak?"

Shelly was about to say that she didn't have anything to wear when Jake stripped naked and stepped into the swirling hot water.

Thirty seconds later Shelly watched dumbstruck as, Luke had entered the spa in the buff.

Jake called out, "C'mon girls, get naked! The water's just fine!"

Toni smiled broadly and began shucking her clothes. Once naked, she too climbed into the tub, modeling for a moment, giving Luke a close-up view of her firm petite tits. Shelly hesitated.

"C'mon honey," encouraged Luke as Toni settled close to her husband.

"Get naked girl!" called out Jake. "Let's see some raw flesh!"

Still Shelly hesitated.

"Shelly, get in the tub," ordered Luke sternly.

"Luke, I can't…"

"What's the problem? They've already seen you naked! Hell, they watched us fuck last night! Now get in the tub!"

Reluctantly Shelly unsnapped her shorts and shimmied out of them. Then she pulled her top over her head. She stood for a moment in her red panties and red bra.

"Nice undies!" quipped Jake as Shelly stood there, her face burning, nearly matching the shade of her lingerie. "Love your bra, but I don't want you to get it wet."

"C'mon Shelly," chided Luke.

"Oh, yeah! Nice tits!" exclaimed Jake as her bra fell away from her. "Now let's see that pretty little pussy! Now put your hands down, I can't see your tits like that. Put your hands down and pull down your panties."

"Luke!" pleaded Shelly.

"Damn it, will you get on with it!"

Shelly lowered her hands and pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them and was about to step into the spa when Jake held up his hand and said, "Wait! Turn around. Oh…my… lord, you are gorgeous girl!"

Shelly covered her breasts again and slipped into the water up to her neck and slid next to Luke.

"Ow!" exclaimed Luke as he felt a sharp pinch on the leg.

"Serves you right," she whispered.

Jake and Toni, smooching, sat on the opposite side of the spa from Luke and Shelly. Toni would periodically jump and squeal as Jake teased her.

Luke pulled Shelly to him and kissed the back of her neck, his hands roaming over her under water. Shelly was relieved that Jake was occupied and no longer teased her.

"This is nice," whispered Luke as he nibbled an ear lobe.

The erotic feeling ran down her spine eliciting a soft moan. She looked across the spa to where Toni was sitting up in Jake's lap facing away from him, slowly rising and falling back into the water, his hands pulling on her nipples as they immerged from the foam. Toni smiled at her then closed her eyes as she continued to rise and fall.

"My god, they're fucking," Shelly whispered to Luke as his hands roamed across his wife's breasts. "I don't believe we're doing this."

"Do'n what?"

"What do you think? This is so, so…"

"So hot? So cool? So sexy?"

"Yesssss, it's also very…"



"Ain't it great?"

Shelly moaned again as Luke brushed across her pussy with his hand. Luke stroked her breasts and gently rubbed her pudendum, while she watched the neighbors slowly copulate. Her body responded as Luke knew it would, her arousal increasing by the minute. He teased her mercilessly, tracing her slit with a finger without penetrating, rubbing her until her vulva began to puff up. She groaned gutturally as he worked the flat of his finger into her slit and tweaked her thick nipples. Gently he rocked his finger back and forth, hardly moving it, but stimulating her greatly, playing her with great skill.

Shutting out everything but the soothing water and the orgasm that was steadily building, Shelly closed her eyes, reveling in the sensations. She was only dimly aware of her husband urging her to let herself go.

"C'mon baby, let it go. You know you like it. Concentrate on your pussy, baby. That feel good? Come for me. Come for me. Come and I'll stick my dick in you. You'd like that, wouldn't you. I know you'd like a nice hard dick. That's it baby, come for me, come for me. They're watching you baby. Jake's watching, Toni's watching."

Shelly opened her eyes and saw Toni still fucking her husband. Then she realized that they were indeed both watching her as they fucked. She rolled her head back, squeezing her eyes shut again. Her mouth agape, she moaned very loudly and shook violently as a pleasurable wave of sexual release radiated from her groin throughout her body.

Shelly rolled away from her husband's hands. Grasping the sides, she laid her head on her hands and began to slowly recuperate. She felt Luke lifting her hips, then felt his cock pushing against her still throbbing pussy.

"No, Luke, no…not…Oh, god," she moaned as Luke pushed into her.

She dimly realized that she was on salacious display and that their audience was only three feet away when through the fog of lust she heard, "Fuck her Luke. Fuck that cunt!…Goddamn Toni, look at'em go!"

Her orgasmic energy had barely abated and it quickly surged through Shelly again. She thrust back into Luke meeting him stroke for stroke. Luke suddenly stopped thrusting and buried his cock as deep in as possible. She felt his cock swell and then pulsate as he shot his load of come into her pussy. At the feel of her husband ejaculating, Shelly went over the edge for the third time, shuddering like an epileptic.

Shelly was panting, trying to catch her breath as Luke withdrew his flagging rod.

"Hey Luke," called Jake. "Let me see some that pussy."

Luke reached around her waist and lifted her hips until her butt was out of the water. Grasping her thighs, he spread her out for Jake's inspection.

"Nice pussy! Look babe, her cunt's practically inside out! Damn that's beautiful…You ever fuck her in the butt?"

"Uh, no," said Luke.

"Well you ought to. I'd fuck her…"


"I meant if I had the opportunity, I'd f…"

"Jake, that's enough," scolded Toni.

Luke began to lower her back into the water. "No, wait!" said Jake. "I'm not through lookin'."

Shelly felt totally humiliated while Luke spread her open for Jake's pleasure and was thankful when her husband finally ended the inspection of her swollen genitals. She sat down in the seat and slumped forward until the water covered her breasts. Her foot bumped into a thick leg and she looked up. Jake was grinning at her with unconcealed lust. Then she felt his foot make contact just below her knee. His foot slid up her leg and along her thigh. To keep him from putting his foot in her crotch she scooted up a little. Still the foot continued up her leg. She sat up more until Jake was floating on his back in the middle of the spa, his stiff cock breaking the surface of the water, his leg fully extended.

"That's much better," he said. "Now I can see those beautiful tits." Shelly wanted to slouch into the water again, but knew Jake would try to put his foot on her pussy and she wasn't ready for that. Reluctantly, she sat upright, her boobs above the water. She looked to her husband for support, but found him flirting with Toni.

"Hey, Luke. How do you like Toni's tits?"

"They're nice, very nice."

"Yeah, they're nice and firm. Honey, go give Luke a feel of your tits."

With a laugh Toni said, "I don't think so, Jake. But you're welcome to look all you want Luke."

"Aw, honey, don't be such a spoils sport."


"Okay, okay. Luke, how about a beer?"


"How about you Shelly? Want a cold one?"

Shelly nodded.

"Toni, go get us all a beer, will ya?"

"Sure Baby. Four beers coming up." Toni stood and stepped out of the tub. Grabbing a towel, she dried off, posturing just so, her eyes flirting with Luke the entire time. Sufficiently dry, she turned and walked back to the house.

Luke watched her taut ass cheeks flex as she walked away. "Nice ass," he exclaimed.

"Yeah, she's got a nice body. So does your wife," replied Jake with a smirk.

As soon as the screen door closed, Jake scooted around to sit next to Shelly. She froze when his large hand settled on her thigh. He didn't move his hand, but let it rest on her while he studied her bosoms up close.

"I like the color of your nipples. Same color as your pussy, dark pink. Nice big aureoles too. Tits for sucking. You like your tits sucked on, don't you?"

"Yeah, she likes it," answered Luke amused, "but only when I'm doing the sucking."

Jake glanced at Luke and sat back a little, putting a few more inches between his thick lips and her succulent jugs. The screen door slammed and Toni descended the steps with a tray and four beers.

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