tagFirst TimeRose’s Petals

Rose’s Petals


Rose was one of those girls who don't realise how attractive they are to the opposite sex. As a kid she'd been a bit chubby and as a result she was embarrassed about the generous size of her tits. She'd developed early and spent years hiding her assets rather than showing them off. At 18 she had a gorgeous figure with firm D-cup tits and curves in all the right places, but all she saw was how she wasn't as skinny as those size 0 models in the magazines.

Martin noticed her the day he moved into the house next door. He'd only just been through a bitter divorce from his wife of 10 years and had sworn himself off women. But as he was unloading the moving van a beat up old Ford pulled into the drive next door and out stepped the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on. It was a warm and sunny spring day and her strawberry blonde hair shone like gold in the sunshine. She was wearing the typical teenage uniform of tight jeans and a fitted t-shirt. There was an immediate reaction in his shorts. He forgot all his promises to never go near another pussy again.

Rose hardly noticed the man moving in next door. He looked too old to be of any interest to her and not old enough to have any children her age. She had to prepare for an exam the next day so she headed straight inside. At dinner that night the new neighbour rang the doorbell and introduced himself. His name was Martin, he was 36 and recently divorced. His wife had taken the two children back to her home, over a thousand miles away, so everybody immediately felt sorry for him. His blue eyes pierced into Rose's as he spoke and she felt an unfamiliar flutter in her stomach. He only looked at her as he smiled and took his leave.

Over the course of the next few weeks Martin became a regular visitor in Rose's house. He struck up an easy friendship with her parents, but he always seemed to look at Rose whenever he spoke with anyone. Or did he? Rose wasn't sure. Nobody else seemed to notice it. She wasn't used to noticing men noticing her so could she be mistaken?

One day in May Rose's parents asked Martin if he minded looking after the house when they went away on a cruise to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. Rose's older brothers lived on the other side of town so it made them feel better to know that there was someone nearby to whom Rose could turn in an emergency. He was happy to oblige.

Rose took her parents to the airport on a Saturday morning. When she came back Martin was doing some gardening. Rose loved plants and was going to study horticulture when she left high school. She asked him if he wanted help, which he did. They worked together all afternoon, chatting about all sorts of things and laughing at each other's jokes. Rose didn't notice that Martin kept positioning himself strategically where he would get a good view of her heart shaped ass in those tight little shorts. When they were done they were both tired and muddy. Martin wanted nothing more than ask Rose to join him in is brand new shower for two, but he held his tongue.

"Rose," he said instead, "I'm too tired to cook tonight so I'm going to order Chinese. Please let me treat you to some Chinese food as a thank you for all the help you've given me."

Rose hated cooking so she quickly agreed. They quickly picked what they wanted and Rose went home to shower and change. She put on a clean bra and matching underpants and slipped a blue cotton dress over them. Since she favoured the kind of bra that squished her tits tight, thinking that they'd look smaller, she didn't notice that she entered Martin's house with a killer cleavage. He nearly choked on his beer.

"So why didn't you have any plans tonight?" he asked casually as they tucked into the feast that had just been delivered. "I thought teenagers were always out partying on Saturdays."

"It's my prom tonight," Rose said sullenly.

"It is? Why aren't you there?"

"I didn't have a date."

"What do you mean, you're a gorgeous girl, did the boy you fancy not ask you?"

"Nobody asked me. I'm not gorgeous. I'm fat and freckly and smart. All the boys go for the skinny dumb girls."

"Sweetheart, you're not fat. You're sexy and desirable. I can't believe you don't have a long line of boys wanting to take you out. Who was your last boyfriend?"

Rose got flustered. She didn't believe a word he was saying and he was tapping into her most private humiliation. "I've never had a boyfriend. Nobody wants anyone like me."

"If you'd been in my school 18 years ago I would have been all over you. I promise. You're the most desirable woman I've ever laid eyes on."

"You're just saying that because you're an adult and you think I'm still a kid who needs comforting."

"No, Rose, I don't think you're a kid. Why do you think I invited you over tonight?"

"To thank me for helping you out in the garden."

Martin chuckled at her innocence. She may look like a woman, but she still had a lot to learn.

"Sweetie, I normally pay people to do my gardening. I just did it today to have an excuse to be alone with you."


"Yes, really. I would much rather have spent the day in bed, making love to you, but I doubt you would've accepted that offer as readily as helping me with my gardening."

"You want to make love to me?"

"Does that upset you?"

"No, I'm rather curious..." Rose blushed as she admitted it.

"Are you a virgin, Rose?"

She nodded quietly.

"Do you find me desirable?"

"I'm not sure."

That arrow hit him hard, but he guessed he deserved it for coming on so strong. He decided to change his tactic slightly.

"You know how a lot of girls lose their virginity on prom night?"

She nodded.

"Well, they lose their virginity to a fumbling virgin boy who knows nothing about giving pleasure to a woman."


"If you want to, you can also lose your virginity on prom night... I promise to stop if you tell me to, but if you don't tell me to stop I promise you several orgasms. Tomorrow morning I'll ask you again if you find me desirable."

Rose bit her lip. Martin was so much older than her, but his talk had turned her on. She recognised what the damp patch between her legs meant. Even if he was right that boys did fancy her and she went out to find a boyfriend tomorrow, it'd still be months before they'd sleep together and even then she'd heard about how messy it got for two first-timers.

Martin moved up to her and caressed the white flesh of her cleavage with his thumb. When she neither protested nor complied he cupped her tits and kissed her cleavage. Her breathing got more laboured and he licked the valley between her tits. He then looked up and placed his lips on hers, parting them with his tongue and devoured her mouth. When their lips parted they were both panting. He took her hand and placed it on the bulge in his jeans.

"That's how desirable I find you. Has any man ever seen you naked?"


"I want to be the first. Will you please let me take your clothes off?"


They stood up and he started unbuttoning her dress. It was so loose-fitting that it soon hit the floor. He reached around her to unhook her bra and nearly gasped as he laid eyes on her gorgeous, huge stiff nipples. He just stared at her beautiful tits. His wife had had A-cups so it had been years since he last tasted big tits and he didn't think he'd ever had any this big. He had to tear his eyes off her magnificent bosoms and pulled her pants down, revealing a trimmed strawberry blonde strip of hair above her virgin folds.

"You're so beautiful. Can I take a photo of you?"

"I'm not sure. What will you do with the photo?"

"It's only for my eyes, I don't want to share you with anyone."

"I don't know."

"Will it make you better if I'm naked too, and we're both in the photo?"


He took her by the hand and walked her upstairs to the bedroom. She looked at the queen size bed with the satin sheets and realised that she was excited about what they were doing. Martin undressed with his back to her and went to pick up his camera. When he came back he had his camera in one hand and tripod in the other. But all Rose could see was his semi-erect cock. To her eyes it looked huge and a bit scary.

He followed her gaze. "Don't worry, I get bigger than this."

"Bigger? But you're huge!"

He laughed. "You can say that to me every day if you want. Don't worry, sweetheart. You've got plenty of space where it's going."

He mounted the camera on the tripod and grabbed a remote. He then walked behind Rose and wrapped his arms around her.

"Wrap your hand around my cock," he said as he kissed her cheek. She did as she was asked and he clicked the remote.

He cupped her tits and clicked the remote again. He then placed his hand on Rose's and showed her how to stroke his cock in her hand. He clicked the remote a few more times as his cock grew in her grip and he started to roll her nipples between his fingers. Rose moaned with pleasure as he clicked the last time.

"Do you want to look at them?" he asked and she nodded. He pulled a cable from the camera to the TV and brought up a slideshow. He kissed her as they watched the photos. "You're so sexy. See how horny you're making me."

He started stroking his cock as she watched the slideshow three times.

"Would you mind if I aim the camera at the bed now?" he asked and when she didn't protest he got up and moved the tripod into position. He then got on the bed and lay flat on his back, cock in one hand and remote in the other, parting his legs wide to show off his balls. "Why don't you get on your hands and knees down there and see if you like the taste of my cock?"

She did as he asked and he snapped another shot as she got into position. "You have to tell me what to do."

"Lick me like a lollipop."

She licked the length of his shaft and he moaned appreciatively.

"That goo is salty," she remarked as she reached his swollen head.

"That's precum. One of these days you'll get to love the taste of cum. Now take me in your mouth, as deep as you can."

He noted that she was a natural cock sucker as she managed to take two thirds of him into her throat. He snapped another shot and instructed her to start sucking him in and out. As she tucked into his thick meat he went snap crazy. He was so turned on by the sight of her head eating his shaft. He knew he'd scare her if he came in her mouth so he soon had to pull her off. He snapped another shot as she raised her body and stood before him on her knees, her lips swollen and her face red. Damn, she was sexy.

"Now it's your turn, baby. Get on your back and part your legs wide."

She did as she was told, getting used to the incessant clicking of the camera as he manoeuvred into place. He grabbed her knees and pulled her legs upwards, making her pussy open up like a dew covered pink rose.

"Rose..." he mused. "You're so aptly named. Your pussy will always remind me of sweet smelling pink rose petals on a late spring morning."

His tongue travelled the length of her folds and she shuddered as it circled her clit. Like a cat he lapped up her sweet juices as his lips and tongue kissed and caressed her womanhood. Unused to being satisfied by a man, she didn't know how to hold back and soon shuddered as her body was possessed by her first ever orgasm. He kept hold of her until she settled and then he moved up her body and kissed her, allowing her the taste of her pussy on his lips.

"Was that good?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"Don't thank me, sweetheart. There's more and better stuff to come. Unless you'd rather stop now."

"No! Don't stop!" Rose blushed as she heard how eager she sounded.

He placed a light kiss on her lips. "I'm just going to get a towel so that we don't stain the sheets unnecessarily."

When he came back he placed the towel under Rose's sweet ass and then rested his legs between hers. He lowered himself carefully on top of her, making sure most of his weight was on his knees and elbows.

"Now we're going to fuck."

He reached down and ran his hard cock up and down her soaking slit. Then he slowly sank inside her, pushing hard enough to break through her barrier but not so hard that he hurt her. She yelped as he confined her virginity to the past but soon forgot the instance of pain as she was overwhelmed by pleasure. Instinct told her to wrap her legs around him as he started fucking her. Their bodies moved in unison as he slid in and out of her, slamming his balls against her ass.

She cried out in ecstasy as she came for the second time, but he wasn't done with her yet. Camera remote in hand he turned her over and entered her from behind. He grabbed her by the tits and fucked her deep and hard.

"Play with your clit!" he panted in her ear. "Play with your clit and make yourself cum again, babe."

She did as she was told and soon she felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she convulsed in orgasm once more. The increased pressure around his swollen shaft was all it took, her tight pussy milked him dry and he groaned with satisfaction as he shot load upon load deep inside her. He pressed the camera remote one final time as he collapsed with her in his arms.

"That was wonderful, my love," he whispered and kissed her. It was now dark outside and he glanced over on the bedside clock and realised that it was nearly 10. A day of physical labour in the garden, followed by exquisite lovemaking had taken its toll on him. "Will you stay with me tonight?"

"I can't," she suddenly snapped back to reality. "There's bound to be a message from one of my brothers on the phone and if I don't call back they'll come looking for me."

She quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs to put on her clothes. He came behind her, wearing only his boxers, and handed her a small object. It was the camera memory card. "I'll let you keep hold of this for now. I hope you'll come and see me again tomorrow."

As she ran back to her house he realised that she hadn't wiped his cum from her thighs. The thought turned him on a lot and was probably the reason why it took him a while to settle again.

Rose took a long shower and then connected her memory card reader to her laptop. She looked at their lovemaking photos again and again. It had been wonderful. Looking at the photos made her want to go back over and do it again. When her brother called to check on her she almost went back, but noticed that Martin's house was all dark. She had to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning she declined her brothers' offer to take her to church and told them that she'd be out all day. She rushed over to Martin's house and he took her straight into his arms and onto his waiting cock. He fucked her against the front door and didn't bother taking her clothes off until after they'd both cum. They fucked all day, forgetting to eat until they discovered that they were ravenous at 5.30 and then they ordered a pizza, having time to fuck once more before it was delivered.

For the rest of the week that her parents were away Rose practically lived at Martin's house. She went to school during the day when he worked in his home office. They went straight to bed when she came home and then she went back to her house to check in with her brothers before she snuck out and spent the night with Martin.

When her parents returned she learnt the art of sneaking out at night and sneaking back in before anyone woke up. She was so busy learning what it meant to be a sexual being that it wasn't until the end of July that she realised something was wrong. She and Martin had made lunchtime love as both her parents were at work and she was enjoying her last summer of being a kid. Martin was caressing her tits and made a passing comment how he thought they were probably still growing. He pinched her nipple and she winced.

"Ow! They're so sensitive."

"Your tits?" Martin raised himself on his elbow.

"Yes. Well, I'm more sensitive all over since we started making love."

He caressed her soft tummy.

"Sweetheart, have you had a period since we started making love?"

"Yes, I've had two."

"Were they as heavy as usual?"

"No! That's another great thing about losing my virginity. My periods are so light now."

"Darling, you need to go and see a doctor. I think you might be pregnant."

"But we've always used a condom."

"Not always. Not that first weekend."


And so it was that I became Martin's wife. I still studied horticulture and became a professional garden designer, but it took a lot longer than I'd planned since Martin kept making me pregnant. My parents were outraged at first, but soon learnt to accept our love and we still live next door to them and they love having their 5 grandkids next door. I'm now 36, the age Martin was when he first seduced me. He's joked about me taking a toyboy half my age, but I'm not interested. Not when Martin at the age of 54 keeps satisfying me every night.

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Rose's Petals

Rose has the right idea older men are more experienced and mature then boys.

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