tagLoving WivesRunaway Bay Ch. 05

Runaway Bay Ch. 05


To understand the background and the characters in this story it will help greatly to read the earlier chapters. If you don't like stories in the Loving Wives section where the wives actually do some 'loving', please use the back button now.


"We, are going to have to have more control over events than yesterday. To begin with, we are not going to have any 'hidden' cum shots. We need to see the spoo, we need to see how much, how many times he shoots and how far he shoots. And of course where on your body it hits, do we understand?"

Phil, the director, sounded uncharacteristically stern, my head dropped slightly, but then he smiled and continued,

"I appreciate that you think that you are here to enjoy yourself, and it's important for the film that you do, but the world has to see that you do and that the guy who fucks you does. Have you any questions?"

"Well, there is one question that I would like to ask?" I said in a little girly style voice, pretending to have been rebuked, "Can I do the sex scenes without wearing shoes?"

A puzzled look came over Phil's face, then suddenly he burst into a roaring laughter,

"Oh yes, I understand. No shoes." He continued laughing.

"What do you mean?" Barry enquired.

"In every film that I have ever seen, the girl is naked except for a pair of white, or maybe red high healed shoes, I don't think that it is very realistic in Jamaica, that's all."

"Well, I'm just making an erotic film here, what..."

"Yes, that's what I would like, a bit more eroticism." I interrupted.

"What do you mean?"

"Well again, in all the films that I have seen, the girl is on her knees in seconds, getting out the already hard cock in her mouth in seconds, I was thinking perhaps a bit more teasing especially when we have such gorgeous swimwear to promote."

"You may have a point there, what have you in mind?"

"Well, Barry and I had a chat this morning, on the way over, and thought that perhaps we could do a few short scenes of me in the swimwear to add to the beginning of some of the other scenes."

"Before we go any further, let me get Lucky in on this conversation I'm sure that he would love to hear your ideas."

A few minute later Lucky joined us in the office.

"I hear that you have some ideas for my film. Perhaps you want me to play some small part?" Lucky said with a grin.

"Barry and I were chatting this morning on the way over. Your swimsuits make me feel sexy when I wear them. Bearing in mind that most swimsuits are purchased by the female of a couple, perhaps we could make the film a little less wham bam thank you mam? We girls like to take things a little slower."

"The film is usually sent out to our best customers, You've seen them. They're mostly men who have seen you at our little fashion show. They want to see your pretty pink pussy and they want to see it stretched some. They may not be happy waiting for the money shot."

"How much does the film cost them?"

"Nothing, it's a gift for being a good customer."

"Well they can use the fast forward button, then."

"When they see you with my boys, it will be the slow mo button that they will be using." Lucky said with a little laugh.

Barry helped in his own way by telling Lucky,

"Like most girls, Crystal performs better when she has teased a little first. I'm sure any female buyer will be more able to see themselves in the position of Crystal if we delay the main action a little."

I added, "What I was thinking, was that I could maybe be wearing the swimwear around the house and teasing the boys a little. Maybe we could get the boys to wear the swimwear as well and get a close up of what the girls like to see?"

"I don't want my buyers to get an inferiority complex over their tiny cocks."

Barry said, "Guys love to see big black cocks in tight white pussy."

Phil came to the rescue also, "What doesn't work we can edit out. I think that Crystal is right, close-ups thru the material of the swimwear should suit everyone, so why not try it?"

"Ok, ok, as long as I can be in the picture." Relented Lucky.

"The only other thing that I would like, is for Barry to assist with the filming."

"Barry did a great job for me yesterday, but Joe arrived last night, we have all the cameramen that we need."

Barry, looking as though he may not see me in action, said, "I could do the stills. that they always have in top quality videos, Remember photography is my job at home"

"Please Phil, I will try extra hard if you let Barry help."

"Yes, OK then, as long as he doesn't get too jealous."

"What is my pleasure, is Barry's pleasure."

"Ok, OK you win."

"Thanks Phil, I owe you one." I said in my sexiest voice.

"And don't forget it." He said with a wink.

As Lucky was leaving, he turned and said, "If we do it your way, I insist on the last scene involving all the team who have worked behind the scenes. I want you to think of something that will show the spunk resistance of my swimwear."

"Well Barry, you had better get your thinking cap on." I told him.

We had time for a short break before filming began, it looked like I was going to have a busy day. I made my way out of the office, leaving Barry with Phil to discuss a plan of action for the Grade Finale.

I made my way to Lucky's garage where I knew that Carlton would be with the car we came in.

I asked Carlton if he had any weed on him, of course he did, but he wanted something in return.

"I hope that you haven't forgotten the promise that you made when we were on the beach. I helped you by letting you use my bamboo, you said that you owed me one.

I was probably in the mood for a little fun, but I remembered how big he was and how uncomfortable it had been trying to get it inside me. I could have give him a hand job but I had a better plan.

"I will make you cum, but not just now, how about me asking Phil if you could be in the film?"

"Now you're talking." He rolled me a joint and passed it to me. It was probably a little early for me, but I was so excited I had to have something to calm me down.

I wasn't sure where I could get Carlton into the film but I knew that Phil would agree to anything that I suggested.

It was then that I realised that I hadn't seen Mickie or Paul up to then. Carlton told me that they were on there way.

I suppose that I would be the star until they arrived.

I was soon feeling cool, so I made my way back to the office and had a quiet word with Phil.

He then made an announcement to all in the room,

"We are going to get it right first time on most scenes or we will run out of time. Barry has suggested that we start with Crystal in the shower. Not the one by the pool. the en suite shower to the main bedroom. We need a camera watching thru the roof window and a couple at ground level. Joe, our close up expert will be in the bedroom taking care of the extreme close-ups when required."

"I haven't met Joe yet, when do I get to meet him?" I asked.

"Very soon my dear, Joe has been on hundreds of similar shoots. I'm sure that you will be able to show him the best looking pussy that he has ever seen."

I could feel myself blushing, then said, "I hope that he likes the look of the rest of me."

"There is no doubt about that. He has been something of a swordsman in his time so be careful with him. We want some of the close ups that he is so very good at." He said with a little smile.

"What I need you to do is to slide from between the sheets, and walk naked from the bedroom into the shower. Then we will film the water running over your body. We will have the water a little cool to ensure that your nipples are at their best."

"Look at my nipples already, and they are no where near cold water."

I pulled the material of my thin cotton shirt close to my nipples for Phil's examination.

"OK you can have the water warm." he smiled, "Perhaps you could play with your nipples and pussy for a while and fake us an orgasm."

"A fake one, if you insist, but I will try and make it look as realistic as possible,"

"Then I want you to dry yourself and rub a thin coat of oil over your body. That will make your body look good, and the material of the swimwear will stick like a glove. A tight glove at that."

"Sounds good to me, Phil."

I was soon on the bed and naked, under the silk sheet. I couldn't stop myself from feeling between my pussy lips to see how wet it was, and it was.

Then, "Action!"

I slid out of bed and walked as sexily as I could to the shower. That was the first time that I saw Joe, the close up camera man. He was absolutely gorgeous. A tall, slim white guy, probably in his early twenties. With his long dark blonde hair he looked more like a rock star or young hippie. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his faded denim jeans. He was the type of guy that I would flash my panties at if I saw him out. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing any panties to flash, perhaps I could tease him with something else.

I spotted Alex on the roof, filming the view of the workmen.

Needless to say, that by the time I had teased my nipples and gently massaged between my legs I was well on the way to my 'fake' orgasm.

I couldn't stop myself from taking a peak at Joe. He was pointing the camera between my legs filming the soapy water run like a little stream from between my pussy lips. I messaged my lips so that they spread and Joe could see inside. I could tell that he enjoyed the view because I could see him licking his lips. Feeling naughty I tuned away from him, to give him an opportunity to see my ass. I soaped my body and slowly began to rinse the bubbles from my legs. I ran my hands from my hips to my ankles where they remained for a short time. I looked between my legs to see Joe zooming into my dripping pussy. As I looked between my legs, I could see that my pussy lips had split and the groove had made a little channel for the water to flow between. It felt divine. I knew that he would want to see deep into my body but the soapy water passing over my groove would partially obstruct his view.

Eventually I came to the end of my shower. I hadn't used my finger on my pussy but was still near an orgasm just from the thought of exciting such a shaggable guy.

I walked into the bedroom where I dried myself before slowly applying the oil. I didn't need any oil between my pussy lips but that didn't stop me from spending some time applying it there.

I wanted to show the camera how sexy I could look wearing Lucky's swimwear. Although the audience had already seen me naked they would be able to see just how little was hidden by the material.

My favourite swimsuits are the ones that get the most reaction, those are the ones with the really stretchy, micro thin material with a center seam that runs between my pussy lips. I love them in white but they are nearly as good in a baby pink or cream. I can feel dressed and naked at the same time wearing one.

I was modelling just the pink colored bikini bottoms, and lifting the sides for a maximum effect, in front of the huge mirrored wall, when Joe came really close with his camera. He started at my face then worked slowly down. My nipples puckered as his lens approached. There was a short delay before the lens travelled over my stomach to the sexy bikini bottoms. I turned slightly to enhance the view for Joe and his lens then pulled the sides up really tight. I could feel the material separating my outer lips and wondered if he could see the tiny bulge of my clit against the thin material.

Whilst the camera stared at my pussy, I saw Phil in the corner behind Joe. He indicated for me to lie back on the huge four poster bed and to play with myself.

I had to try hard not to laugh as his movements were so exaggerated and it looked silly for a guy to be doing those actions.

I turned to allow Joe a view of my rear, as I strolled to the bed.

I lay back and began by messaging my raspberry like nipples. I watched them grow as the camera moved closer.

The lens followed my right hand on its journey to the junction of my legs.

My middle finger made the center seam sink even deeper for a while before I took hold of the side of the tiny triangle and pulled it over so that my pussy was fully exposed. My other hand then went to work on the soft exposed flesh..

I didn't masturbate like I would normally do, because I like to start really slowly. I ran the palm of my hand over my pussy lips knowing that at certain times the action would pull a lip over and reveal my inner pale pink flesh and probably by that time the little pearls of my moisture.

I closed my eyes and began to feel the pleasure that my right hand was giving me. I wanted to use my left hand on my breasts but I knew that the material would spring back and spoil Joe's view.

I was on my way to an orgasm, when I felt my right hand being pulled away from my pussy. I opened my eyes to see Carla, dressed as a maid, wrapping one of my discarded bikini tops around my wrist. I didn't realise what she was doing at first but as soon as I did I allowed her to fasten first my right then my left wrist to a top bedposts. Of course I pretended to struggle as she tied the right wrist to the other post. I thought that she may fasten my ankles as well, but she didn't need to, there was no way that I wanted to close my legs. But still I pretended to struggle. I thought that I was playing the part of the naughty young wife quite well.

Carla put a hand on each knee and pushed them wide apart. It was like a cowboy subduing a wild horse as her tongue went to work on my pussy. Eventually she didn't need to hold my legs apart, the feelings that she was giving me were so intense. Her thick tongue probed between then she sucked on each puffy lip in turn. As her tongue neared the top of my groove I tried to adjust my hips so that her tongue would be in contact with my clit, but she pulled away. As she pulled upwards my hips followed, trying to get her mouth back where it belonged.

Then she got off the bed and opened the top drawer of a bedside cabinet.

I saw the little gold tip of the handbag size vibrator, I heard the quiet buzzing as she turned the pointed plastic toy on, her head went back between my legs and the tip of the vibrator was placed just between my pussy lips. As I felt her tongue approaching its target the buzzing pleasure stick went deeper into my tunnel.

Joe had the lens inches away and I knew what the world would be seeing, I imagined all those hard cocks and dreamed that thousands of men were spraying me with their stuff at the same time. The feelings from my groin and the nasty thoughts soon got me on the edge, my hips were humping Carla's face and the thing in my tunnel. Then it hit me, I couldn't help but scream out. My orgasm seemed to go on for such a long time before I sank back onto the bed.

Then she returned to the bedside cabinet and replaced the sticky golden tipped vibrator with what looked like a real eight inch pink penis complete with bulbous balls.

Carla soon had it in position and with one push of my hips I got the thing inside. With two or three more thrusts of my hips it was in as far as the latex balls. There was no vibrating but it was stretching me a little.

Carla soon had the thing moving in and out, like a real cock, but then she suddenly pulled it out allowing Joe to zoom in. I assume that my pussy had adopted the shape of the thing.

Carla then took a black bandeau top from the pile of swimwear and slipped it over my head and eyes. I suppose that it was to make it look like I was blindfolded, but the material was so thin I could see quite clearly what was going on.

Carla took a massive chocolate colored plastic cock out of the drawer and switched it on. It was much noisier than the tiny one or any that I had at home. Surely it wouldn't fit inside me.

I raised my knees and spread my legs as she climbed back on the bed. Joe got in position to record the thing as it pushed my pussy lips apart. The vibration was quite pleasurable and I totally relaxed, the thing was soon deep within me. I was surprised to find the stretching sensation quite pleasurable. In and out like a slow moving piston until most of it was inside. I had never had anything so big up and so deep in there.

I began thrusting with my hips for the camera, and continued as I saw Carlton walk into the room. He was naked and already hard. His cock looked even bigger than the time on the beach. I was not supposed to be able to see what was happening and so I kept on humping the plastic penis. I suppose that I did owe Carlton perhaps a little pleasure and decided that I would let him have another try.

Carlton climbed on to the bed and he kneeled between my open thighs. He stopped and just looked at me before he took hold of the dark plastic penis. I'm sure that I heard a little suction noise as he removed it from my body.

I soon felt the warmth of the real cock at my entrance. I didn't wait for him to push, I did it for him. It slipped between my lips quite easily. I was surprised because last time was so painful. I suppose the viewer would have thought that I believed that the thing inside me was a toy. But no matter how realistic they may make those things they will never feel as good as a real cock.

I carried on with the pretence and Carlton began to pick up the pace. It was easy for me to grip his cock with my muscles because it filled me so much. I began to grip him really tightly. I knew that I was on the verge of milking his cock when I released my grip so that he could take it out. I didn't want to upset Phil again. Carlton pulled out in time for his stuff to shoot all over my breasts and stomach. It felt warm at first but quickly cooled. Carlton looked at me and smiled. I wondered if he knew that I could see him.

Carlton climbed off and left the room, followed shortly by Phil calling, "Cut."

"That was truly horny Crystal, in the next scene I think we should go for a rapid change in positions."

"What happens if I'm reaching my peak, so to speak, and I need a little longer for me to hit the jackpot?"

"Crystal, just how many orgasms do you want in a day?"

"As many as I can get."

"Well I am trying to shoot a film here, perhaps if you could try, remembering they all want to see that beautiful pussy and the best way is to have different camera angles. The most restrictive is the missionary position. What I need is some reverse cowgirl."

"Reverse cowgirl?"

"Yes, just imagine that you were on top of me and bouncing up and down on my cock. If you are facing me you are like a cowgirl on a stear. Now if you turn around and face away from me and lean back, the camera gets a real good view between your wide spread thighs at your pussy and the black meat pumping into it. Just imagine what the punters will think as your creamy tube covers the veined meat with your pussy cream."

"Now that you put it that way, I will try my best."

"Can I talk you into taking it in the ass?"

"Not at the moment, I like to think of myself as a traditional kind of girl."

"We will just clean you up and prepare you for the next scene."

"What would you like me to do?"

"I need you to walk naked along the length of the pool with a bit of swagger. I want to see your tits bounce slightly and I want to show the fabulous backdrop that we have here. I'm thinking of using that shot at the beginning of the film. Then, for a different scene, I need you to swim a couple of lengths before making your way back to your sun lounger. Just before you lie down, you call up to the workmen on the roof, asking them if they would like anything. They tell you that they would like a cold drink. When you get the drinks you climb up the ladder to give them what they want."

"What do you want me to wear when I climb up the ladder?"

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