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Runners Hi the Segue


"Hey Ann. How would go about tying up your lover if he wasn't going to cooperate?" I yelled as I ran up the stairs from my basement office. I had written myself into a corner again and was really focused on the deadline in two days so I was looking for a little brainstorming help from my soul mate.

"Hi Kathy. Sorry Ann, didn't realize you had company. I'll catch you later."

"What were you asking?" said Kathy.

"Oh nothing important." I said. I couldn't remember if she's one of Ann's friends that know about my sideline.

"It's okay Ter . . . " said Ann. "Kathy found one of the web sites the other day. We were just hinting around the subject. You might as well sit down and join in. I'm sure she's already developed some impressions, and she may as well get it from the horses' mouth."

'Impression' now there's a carefully chosen word. My impression was one of this not being a really good idea. That I was about to be even more uncomfortable than some of the damsels in my short stories. If that was possible. Horses have it good, their marvelous design precludes the ability to insert a hoof in mouth. Homo sapiens are another matter entirely.

"What do you wish to know?" I thought leading questions would only make matters needlessly complex.

"Well I read a short story called 'Runner's Hi' on one of the web sites the other day and I thought I recognized you two and Jay and Jane who just moved into town last year. After I thought about it, I decided to ask Ann about her jogging through the Forrest Preserve and see where it ran, so to speak?"


"So . . . I guess there was some truth to the fiction I read then."

"There is always some truth in fiction, you have to stick to what people will believe or it won't hold their interest." I said.

"Yeah, but you weren't just retelling some police blotter crime report, were you?"

That was a clever lure if I ever heard one. A lot like someone asking 'if you'd stopped beating your wife,' no way to come out of that smelling like anything but a rat.

"So. . . . what do you want to know?"

"If that article is mostly true, why do that?"

"Before I answer, let me ask you a personal question? How did the article affect you?"

"Well since it was on a bondage site, I assumed it was supposed to be erotic, and on some level I guess it was. But it was scary also, maybe too close to reality on some other levels."

"How are you on roller coasters?"

"What does that have to do with . . . Oh I get it, adrenaline and intensity of experience that kind of thing. Sure, but those things are tested safe for people before I get on one."

"Well we didn't just decide one Saturday morning to take a field trip to the Forest Preserve to tie up Sara."

"So you did write that article, and Sara was Ann."

"Something like that."

"Why don't we let her think on that for a few minutes. We'll discuss your original problem. What are you writing about today?" Asked Ann.

"Okay . . . The 'dungeon dude' has two women tied up. After tickling them, he has gone upstairs to prepare their evening restraints, when one the girls discover that she is able to wiggle loose. They decide that they want to reverse the roles on the guy. After getting free how would they go about it? Physically one on one it's doubtful they could over come him without use of deadly force. They supposedly are lovers, but conversation alone won't do it either. They are going to need some kind of plan. Timing will probably be a big part of it."

"Is this how you work through writing the stories? Talking about it."

"Mostly, or we'll break up the action up into modules and test them individually in the safety of our homes. To work out the kinks, if you'll pardon the expression."

"Funny, ha ha. Doesn't that take some of the fun out of it?"

"Maybe . . . but better safe than sorry, lets you play another day. Besides it's the accumulative effect that becomes greater than the whole. We all knew how handcuffs worked before the field trip, and Jane prepared everything we were going to need before hand."

"How long did you guys plan that gig in the woods?"

"That one took almost a month, but some of that was bad weather delays on the weekends. Usually a week to ten days is normal. If you can call this normal."

"Was that you who tackled Ann?"

"Yeah, it's usually best for the pairs to do it to each other. Not that Jay would be any harder or softer on her than I would, but I'm not real good about watching someone else beat up on my wife. Butter-buns is another matter."

"What's buttered buns?"

"Watching someone else do your significant other. It can be extremely erotic. Especially if she's having a good time, it can be very instructive."

"I'll take your word for it." Kathy voiced that to Ann.

"It allows one to 'borrow' ideas on how to please one's mate."

"I believe you." Kathy was really looking for a segue off the topic now.

"Really? Have you ever been tied up for sex?" I said.

"I don't think I want to share that with you."

"Trust issues are a big part of bondage. You don't do any of this unless you trust the person or persons involved. That's one reason couples don't start something like this the first date. You need time to work into it. Usually after you've had sex with him, so you know intimately how he will treat you. Both then and the morning after, because some guys change a bit later on." Said Ann.

"No kidding."

"Hey, I always told my daughters to get used to it. They were going to kiss a lot of toads before they found their 'Prince Charming'. It's not pretty, it's just the way it is."

"Yeah, whatever."

"I didn't mean to lecture, on second thought I guess I did. Anyway we all know what it's like to give and get in these fantasies. We have our preferences, and since they are known to the group; and held in confidence, we work out our adventures accordingly."

"A group therapy approach?"

"Yeah, very funny."

"Seriously . . . you test your ideas against the people in your, what would you call it 'a club'?"

"A 'group' minus the therapist, because we're just poor lunatics. As opposed to yuppie neurotics who can afford real couch time."

"That's not what I meant . . . "

"Ease up Terry. The concepts are new to her. It takes a while to learn the vocabulary and the rules. Everybody is different, remember?" Scolded Ann.

"I'm sorry. I get carried away. Cape'd crusader at your service madam."

"That's a fantasy for another time. Back to the 'Dungeon Dude' project."

"Ahhh yes my pretty."

"You two definitely have vivid imaginations."

"The better to see into your soul with my dear, said he smacking his lips. Come closer Little Red Riding Hood, let me get a really good lick . . . er . . . look at you."

"That is sooo over the top."

"I know, but it's easier to edit then create. So we prune it down later and just go with the flow, when it's flowing. So to speak."

"So where's 'Dungeon Dude' when the women are free of their fetters?'

"Upstairs moving back and forth from the living room to the bedroom. He's setting up a post to tie the girls to as if they were Indian princesses. Lots of rope and leather thongs I imagine. I'd attach the leather to the top of the post to tie their wrists above their heads and use the rope on their torso and legs. That way you can get them quickly secured and take your time roping their bodies, playing with them etc."

"What's available to the girls from the basement dungeon?"

"Good question Kathy. I don't know. Presumably if one of them wiggled free that would have had to been rope or leather, but the other one could have been in manacles or leather. Keys would have been somewhere close by."

"Then handcuffs would be a possibility?" said Ann.

"Sure, this is fiction. Most things are possible. Within limits of course."

"I'd go for an ambush in the bedroom, away from the post he's preparing. Just in case we aren't successful." Said Kathy. "That way he only gets one of us with the handcuffs."

"Not true, he might get one wrist from each of you cuffed, then what?" I said.

"They would have to help each other to prevent that." Said Kathy.

"Maybe you want to keep them out of sight until you gain control of the subject." Said I.

"Yeah, good idea. Maybe we could drop a sheet over him and wrap a rope around him."

"That might hold him for three or four minutes if he doesn't see it coming, then what?"

"We'd have to keep tying him up, get his legs, wrap rope around his arms." Said Kathy.

"Tape maybe, we don't have to make knots that way, just wrap it around him." Said Ann.

"You guys are way past the acquisition phase. How do you initially gain control over him? That's what I'm trying to figure out." I said.

"We'd just smile at him; and jump on him, or something."

"I like that, 'smile or something'. That should do it. Why didn't I think of that?"

The two women then looked at each other and looked back at me, and as if one mind and in chorus said . . .

"Fuck you, you asked us remember."

"Sorry I brought it up. Excuse me whilst I go to powder my nose." With that I left for the smallest room of the house wondering to myself why I bother. I should have known this was going to be an exercise in futility.

After the 'other' pause that refreshes I exit the water closet and Ann's waiting for me in the hallway. Her posture seems to indicate an agitation of spirit has possessed her. She indicates that she wishes to speak to me in the bedroom. I follow her into our room, as I clear the door she says.

"Shut the door please."

As I turn to close the door, it swings shut without my intervention, and Kathy launches her body toward my chest. I feel Ann grabbing for my shoulders as my body begins its descent toward our bed. What a mixture of grunts and giggles as these two roll me onto my chest and start wrestling my arms behind me. I wasn't too worried until I felt my handcuffs being applied. The leg irons looped through the handcuffs was a nice touch. I imagine they were Ann's panties that got taped into my mouth, but then again.

How long do you suppose they're going to leave me like this?

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