tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRunning the Risk

Running the Risk

byThe Freek©

It had been a rough week. Fighting with the wife had made my night life quite quiet. To top it all off she had decided to go and visit her mother for the weekend. She must have been really pissed off as she told our daughter that she could have one of her college friends spend the night.

I wasn't really impressed as I was now responsible for the two of them and all their miscreant behaviors.

They got together around 3 pm on Friday night in order to get ready to go out. They had the music blasting some rap stuff that my wife knew I found difficult to handle in the best of times. She just smiled at me and told me to enjoy myself and she would see me on Sunday afternoon. I was only allowed to kiss her cheek, but I knew it was her ass she was waiting for me to kiss. I refused to give in.

I tried to stay away from the girls as they got ready. I never realized how noisy two second year college girls could be. I went outside to enjoy the summer breeze and to avoid the girls as long as I could. After what felt like forever the music suddenly went quiet and my headache eased.

I headed back inside to grab a bite to eat as I remembered that my usual chef was away. Damn I hated this. I headed to the kitchen as I heard the shower turn on. How could they spend all this time getting ready only to have a shower now, I thought to myself. College girls, a whole other species I thought.

I made myself a ham sandwich and drank a cold beer as I sat at the table contemplating my night. I could watch a movie or catch the hockey game. I guessed I would figure it out. As I finished my food I noticed the water was still running.

I headed upstairs to yell at them to get out of the shower or at least to hurry up. As I got to the top of the stairs I noticed my daughter's door was open and someone was moving around inside. I walked over to the door assuming that it was open because everyone was decent.

I peeked my head around the corner and caught an eyeful of my daughter's friend. Her back was to me and her pink glowing skin was completely uncovered. Her shoulders were glistening with the remnants of her shower. The droplets rolled off her shoulder and strolled down her back before pausing on the small of her back. Her skin attracted my attention as the apparent softness aroused me.

The water formed perfect droplets as they clung to her round ass in a desperate attempt to stay on her body. Even the water knew they were having the experiencing of a lifetime. As did I. This young woman had the most incredible ass I had ever seen. It was even better than my wife's'. The skin on her ass raised slightly under the gentle pressure of my gaze. Slight bumps danced off her skin as she stood tending to her hair.

She turned slightly and giving me a partial profile of her full generous breast. I longed to see more. My thoughts changed to images of running my rough caliced hands over her body exploring her ass as I gently suckled her nipple. I fantasized that I felt her hands running through my hair holding me in place as my fingers traced the soft supple skin of her ass. I explored her anus gently rubbing her as moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

I slid my hand forward as she opened her legs, inviting me to fully explore her body. It became readily apparent that she was extremely excited herself as her carnal scent started to fill my nostrils. She quivered as I a gently brushed the lips of her pussy with the side of my hand. My fingers felt her front and twisted in her pubic hair as I drew my hand back slowly applying pressure to her pussy dragging my middle finger against her clit hood. She jumped as my fingers paused and pushed into her pussy. Her ample breast dropped from my mouth in complete satisfaction.

I lowered myself behind her and placed a soft kiss upon her ass, tasting her natural chemicals as I slowly withdrew my soaked finger from her pussy. I continued kissing her as I pushed my hand back inside her. A desperate moan escaped her lips as she bent herself forward and placed both hands upon the dresser.

I understood my instructions, I lowered my head between her full ass cheeks and pushed one cheek to the side, opening my mouth I caressed her anus with my tongue. A definite gasp of enjoyment escaped her lips as I flicked my tongue over her anus, tasting her in the place most consider taboo.

I continued inserting and withdrawing my finger with one hand while the other reached up to find her breast. Her nipple was hard and protruding and was sensitive to my touch. My rough fingers tweaked her nipple and rolled it over and over in my fingers, kneading her breast, like fresh dough ready for baking. Her head dropped between her arms as she watched my hands fondle her body with the expressed sole intent of pleasuring her as much as possible.

My masculinity was at its limit. Fully engorged, I was ready to take my position behind her and replace my fingers with every inch of my longing cock. I could feel the pain of my zipper biting into my skin as my cock tried in vain to escape. The pressure told me that I needed to take this young goddess and soon. The reaction I received from licking her ass told me she may be into have me filling her ass with my seed. I was ready to oblige.

Somewhere in the back ground I heard the shower shut off. I pondered this for a moment before snapping back to reality. I stole one last glace in at the girl before I shifted back down the hall and back down stairs as quickly as I could. Only my hardness was real, the rest was in my imagination. I was confused in my arousal. Slightly discouraged I returned to my chair outside in the sun.

As I sat in the fading sun, I replayed this beautiful young lady's body in my mind over and over again. My cotton shorts flexed upwards as my excitement became obvious. My eyes slid shut as my hand drifted over my manhood. I squeezed myself in a pathetic attempt to release some of the pressure I was feeling. My body pulsated in the excitement of the sight my eyes beheld. It didn't take more than a second for my excitement to fade leaving me with a feeling of disgust in myself. I had violated the confidence this young lady had placed in me. She felt she was safe in our house. I justified my actions to myself as it was just an accident that got out of control. It's not like I physically violated her. I just saw her partially naked body. She probably showed more at the beach or around the pool. I was ok, no harm no foul.

It only took a few minutes of my self deprecation before I had justified my actions to a measure of zero fault. I sat back and relaxed. Visions of her beautiful body flashed back before my eyes. I tried to force them out, but I found it extremely difficult. My manhood flirted with total engorgement on several occasions. I held it down as best as I could while trying to clear my vision by trying to recall the race from Saturday. I wasn't successful.

To make matters worse, right in the middle of a particularly strong memory, the patio door opened and the two girls came outside to see me. They sat on either side of me as my daughter started to talk. I was oblivious to her voice. All I could think of was what was going through her girlfriends mind as she looked down at the bulge in my shorts. She quickly looked up into my face. I'm sure she saw my discomfort and embarrassment. I raised my legs to a bent position in a pathetic attempt to obstruct her view. Did she know that the bulge was for her? Of course not.

"I'm sorry hunny, what was that again," I squeaked out sheepishly?

"Pizza and a movie are you in," she replied with a totally confused look on her face?

"Oh yeah, yeah sure what ever you girls want is good with me," I stated trying to rush them back inside.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the car keys and $40.00 and handed them to her. She snatched the items from me and jumped to her feet. Her girlfriend was a little slower rising from her chair as her reassuring smile lingered a moment before she turned and walked away. The sound of her heels clicking against the concrete as she went. I exhaled deeply. I must have been holding my breath, but I didn't know why.

I stayed on the patio until they returned almost an hour later. Luckily everything had settled down back to its normal state. The screen door opened and her voice rang out like a melodic songbird calling me into the house. Thoughts jumped back into the forefront of my mind. As I envisioned myself as a water droplet. I jumped to my feet and beat a hasty retreat to the table.

My daughter instructed me to sit down as they worked to bring everything to the table for us. I sat on one side of the table while the girls both took the opposite side, looking me in the face. We engaged in some nonsensical conversation that did nothing but kill the silence while we ate. The pizza was adequate enough to sate my hunger, but little more. The girls told me they wanted to watch the movie they got before they headed out to the club for some dancing. It seemed pretty late to be heading to the club, but they insisted they would be right on time.

I cleared my plate and put it in the dishwasher as the girls ran giggling into the rec room to start the movie. It was readily apparent what kind of movie they rented by the music. It's dark and brooding tones were mixed with sharp sudden notes that contrasted the rest of the music starkly. I spent some time cleaning the table before sitting down in my chair to read a book.

After several pages a yelp followed by laughing met my ears from the room next door. I could hear the music change and new they were at the point where numerous people were about to die by some devious instrument. I never got into those movies as I found they had very little value to me. My daughter called me from the other room imploring me to come and join them.

I resisted. I told them my views on horror movies and they didn't care. They had paused the movie as they waited for me to join them. I finally relented and closed my book marking my page before walking to the rec room to join them. The room was totally black. The scant light that escaped from the paused screen barely allowed me to find a seat.

"No, Dad over here. I want you next to me," my daughter said in a childish voice. I laughed and wandered towards her voice bashing my shins into the coffee table and cursing before I sat down.

My daughter grabbed my left arm with a giggle and held it tight as she released the film from its virtual prison. The movie started again without emitting much more light that when I entered. Several minutes of suspenseful action passed with both girls jumping and lurching several times. My daughter pulled my arm tight against her body to protect her from the terrors on the screen.

Suddenly, I jumped. Her girlfriend had jumped onto the couch on my right and was gripping my arm tightly as well. I hadn't thought much of where my hand was until it fell upon her bare thigh. I rested my hand, acutely aware of its location. My heart started to speed up as those visions of her body returned flashing through my mind. As the movie became more suspenseful her grip on my arm increased.

As the end of the movie approached more people were killed. My heart raced with anticipation of the contact I was having with her soft skin. With each death she pulled my arm tighter to her body. This caused my hand to repeatedly slide up her leg. I looked down at my hand and to my astonishment it was already up under her skirt hem. My forearm pushed up the folds of her skirt allowing her little red panties to be exposed ever so slightly.

Devious thoughts ran through my mind. I wanted to touch her panties. I struggled to control myself as she jumped in time to the action on the screen. She squished my arm between her breasts. Their roundness engulfed my arm. I realized that she had rather large breasts. I watched the movie and pulled my arm and subsequently her towards me as the scary parts occurred. Her breast pressed against my side as I squished it against me. She didn't react.

A couple of plot twists later and I was squeezing her thigh. It was as soft as I imagined, I held it tight in my grip only to release it as tension on the screen relinquished. I knew I was running out of time when my second head started thinking for me. As we both relaxed the movie neared its conclusion. I waited for the perfect moment before I reacted.

Just as the final scary scene occurred I jumped in time with her pulling my hand inwards towards her pussy. In that brief split second time slowed for me. My fingers pressed against her body and into the soft folds of her scantily protected pussy. I quivered in mock shock at the movie before I relinquished my grip on her. Both girls screamed and jumped at the same time, I got to touch the girl's pussy.

The movie was over. My daughters head rested on my shoulder as she giggled and laughed before she spoke. Her girlfriend released my arm and got up stretching herself.

"Now I know why you don't watch those movies Dad. They scare the crap out of you too." Laughter filled the room. I lowered my head sheepishly.

"No," I protested, "What do you think I am a big chicken? I was just reacting to you girls screaming."

"Yeah right dad, sure you were," replied my daughter. The two girls continued to chide me until I finally relented.

"You figured me out," I said. "Now I have nothing left to say doesn't bother me."

The girls departed my company with more laughter and their satisfaction that I had succumb to their pressure. They headed upstairs back to my daughter's room. What more could they possibly need to do before they went out? That is one of life mysteries that men were never meant to understand. I slumped back down on the couch, feeling the slight wet spot in my underwear. My manhood was attempting to withdraw from the pressure being applied to it.

I sat in the darkness for several minutes before even attempting to get up. My head was swimming with the days events. What started out to be a punishment by my wife had become some alternate time line where I was fortunate to be a little perverse and touch the silky skin and roughly brush against the panties of such a heavenly being.

I walked out of the rec room in time to see the girls running down the stairs, apparently now ready to partake in the evening's festivities. Both girls had once again changed their clothes and were now heavily covered in their adornments. Both girls looked like dynamite ready to explode. As a father I feared that they looked so good it was the other men at the club that would be close to exploding.

I offered the keys to the car to my daughter, but she quickly refused. They were taking a cab in order to allow both of them to have a few drinks with no worries about their safety. I stood stunned in my amazement at the forethought of these two girls. They must be more mature that I gave them credit. A comfortable feeling came over me as my daughter crossed the room and kissed my cheek and hugged me tight.

My comfort was quickly sent into despair as her girlfriend came to my side as well and kissed my other cheek and hugged me aggressively. I looked into her face our bodies parted. Her smile lit up her entire being. This girl was the antithesis of average. I failed to see any measure of inadequacy in her essence; she was smart, beautiful and a fun person to be around. She would make some man very happy. I fantasized that it could be me.

With a quick turn on the spot they both vanished, leaving me to my thoughts, held captive to my raging desire. With a heavy sigh I returned to read my book. I struggled to remove the thoughts of this young lady from my mind. I found my attempts more than inadequate. My thoughts drifted back to the movie and the scant contact with her panties. My mind roamed with little to no resistance from me.

I must have fallen asleep as I was startled awake by a heavy rap on my door. I moved quickly to the door to hear the loud exchange between my daughter and a male voice. I quickly threw open the door to find am older man ten years my junior supporting my daughter as she struggled to find her key in her purse. He was careful to position his hands in such a way to support her under the arms, but make it abundantly clear he was not touching her in any other unacceptable manner.

He quickly made eye contact with me and thrust her into my arms.

"Here, take this one," he announced, "then come back and get the other one. She is passed out in the back of the car and I'm not touching her."

"Ok, give me a second to put my daughter upstairs," I said. What else could I say or do? I headed upstairs to my daughters room and took her inside. She lay on the bed laughing. She kicked off her shoes and grabbed he pillow lying in the middle of the bed flat on her back. I turned and headed back down the stairs to the still open front door. The cab driver stood next to it waiting for me.

"They didn't pay for the fare yet either," he barked. I looked at him taken aback at his rudeness. "You owe me 15 bucks, plus a tip for even picking these two up in this state."

I pulled a 20 out my wallet and handed it to him. He turned away with an obvious desire to keep the change. I shrugged it off and followed him back to the cab with out a word. The back door of the cab was open and my daughter's girlfriend was splayed all over the backseat. It was amazing that this petite girl had spread out all over the back of the cab filling the entire space. I attempted to revive her by shaking her arm and pulling her to a seated position. She was inebriated to the point of unconsciousness. I was going to have to carry her.

I dragged both of her legs towards to open door. As she slid across the seat her mini skirt slid up almost completely around her waist. I was stunned see her wearing a white wicked weasel panty. My heart leapt into my throat. My manhood erupted into a convulsing, pulsing, throbbing torrent, tenting the front of pants in an instant. My mouth was suddenly dry and hanging open as the folds of her pussy lay helplessly mere inches from me.

The cabbie yelled at me to get her out of his cab before she barfed. I reached for her arm and pulled her towards me. She flopped into my arms like a rag doll. She was unable to aid me in supporting her weight. She slumped down to the ground and out of the cab. The driver kicked at her leg and slammed the door shut with a note of finality. He raced around the car and jumped in as I pulled her away from the car and onto the grass. Without any further hesitation he was gone.

I was left standing in the yard with a passed out girl at my feet at what I could only perceive was around 2 in the morning. Her skirt was slightly covering her pleasure mound and scarcely covering my arousal. I stood watching her for a moment before I reached down and with hesitation, closed her legs and moved her to a seated position. I flung her arms over my shoulder and like an old food peddler carrying a sack I lifted her over my back.

She was low on my shoulder and I needed to move more of her weight to my back. I grabbed a bare leg and pushed her upwards. My hand slid against her soft pink cool skin. It was as I was struggling to reposition her that I realized my left hand was buried deep between her legs. With a full grip of her pussy I moved her higher over my shoulder. I was having difficulties balancing her weight and walking at the same time. She was slidding back down my front and was forced to hold her up.

I was more than willing to keep my hand between her legs as I jostled her into position. I could feel the lips of her sex move apart against the pressure of my hand. With my other hand I grabbed the back of one of her knees and pressed her leg against me. In this awkward position I headed for the front door.

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