She watched his face, fascinated by the almost pained expression there. He'd stop her if she hurt him, wouldn't he? His eyes opened into hers. They were dark again, and full of fiery energy. It was a different sort of darkness, and she belatedly recognized it as lust, though not before the gaze had sufficiently seared her insides. She turned her eyes away, unable to stand that look for long. Her hands had already increased their pace in response without urging and her thighs contracted in time with her hands. She tried to still them, but found it impossible.

His hips slowly rose to meet her hands, exposing most of him to the air and revealing moisture that was clearly not water at the mushroomed tip. As she ran her hand over it she found it slick and it allowed her to move more easily over him. Watching intently while her hands slid over the smooth flesh she remembered her sister telling her that one of her friends had used her mouth on her husband. It had seemed strange at the time, but now the thought sent an excited thrill through her.

One of his hands had moved to her back and was caressing the length of it through the thin fabric. Leaning in she mimicked the motion with her tongue and lapped from base to tip eliciting a gasping moan from him. It was a little strange, but it was also extremely exciting, touching him so intimately. She squeezed her thighs tighter causing a hot throb to course through her loins. Licking around the swollen head, she pressed her lips against the tip and slowly took him into her mouth, pulling as much inside her as possible, stretching her jaw as wide as she could. She didn't get very far before she was forced to stop and let out a chocked groan as she felt him pressing against the back of her throat. Her moan was accompanied by a low growl from above.

She looked up. He was watching her again, his eyes burning into hers. This time she didn't look away, and let them sear into her making her tremble and her hands, still wrapped around his cock, shake. But her mouth still moved, sliding rhythmically and automatically over his now slick head.

He kept his eyes locked on hers as he reached out and stroked her hair, threading his fingers through it. He gripped her head pulling her hair taunt against her skull. A shock of sensation that wasn't quite pain shot through her. She groaned low in her throat, and the vibrations made him shudder beneath her and his eyes rolled breaking their contact. She moaned again, this time intentionally and watched his rapturous expression, revelling in the sudden power. The more he growled and the harder he gripped her hair the more voraciously she tried to devour him with her tongue and hands.

He pumped his hips against her mouth and she gripped his thighs to steady herself as she felt him stiffen even more against her tongue. She let out one more moan before he gasped and cried out thickly. She felt a pressure in her mouth and it was suddenly filled. She nearly gagged and had to swallow several times to keep from choking, finally pulling away with a gasp to see the remainder still leaking from the tip. She blinked up at him taking heavy breaths.

He looked down at her as she panted in his lap, the fingers of one of his hands still loosely twined in her hair.

She felt shaken and disoriented. What was she supposed to do now? He said nothing and just sat there looking at her.

She became suddenly self-conscious. She was in disarray, her tidy pinned hair had come undone and hung in messy curls, she was half soaked, and her dress had begun to slip from her shoulders. His hand finally dropped from her hair.

She pulled her dress back up, blushing, and did her best to re-pin her errant curls. Half way she froze as he slowly reached out and started pulling at the pins she was attempting to replace. She lowered her hand and held her breath as he pulled out the last pins and poured them from his palm onto the stone floor behind him. Her hair fell down around her shoulders in a mass of dark curls.

She continued to watch him with bated breath through her loosened hair. She searched his face but he was unreadable and silent. She tried to remember what happened now, but her mind was a blur, and she was distracted by the combined heat of her arousal and embarrassment.

She remembered that they would say something, something nice to her sister, then she'd laugh sweetly, but normally Caliope left her alone, and she wouldn't hear it from the other room. He was still watching her, why wouldn't he say something she wondered. Was he unhappy with her? Surely not, he seemed well enough pleased a moment ago.

Again he said nothing, but he raised a hand to brush the hair from her face and cupped her cheek in one hand. His hand practically engulfed her but was extremely gentle, almost tender and she gave into the urge to move towards it. She sighed lightly, relieved and reassured that he'd finally acted.

"You do that for your guests then?" His voice was soft, but held a fair amount of laughter. "N-no," she stuttered out, "not me...but my sister, sometimes...with her hands I mean..."She trailed off, her blush deepening.

"First time?"

She nodded, looking at her hands in her lap.

"I hope it was adequate."

"Quite. You certainly don't lack enthusiasm." She nodded at her lap and began to rise, not being clear headed enough to think of something clever or endearing to say. But before she made it to her feet she was pulled off balance by a quick hand snaking around her waist and fell back into his readied arms as he too rose, taking their dripping bodies out of the bath. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself as he made for a side door. She must have weighed less than nothing to him because he was able to open the door easily and half tossed her onto a pile of skins and pillows near the back of the new room which looked much like the dining room, only without the long low table. She let out a yelp when he tossed her, and scrambled off the pile. He put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Where are you off to?"

"I'm soaked, I'll get it all wet." She tried to gather the clinging material so that it would drip less on the rugs. He grinned at her.

"Then why don't you take it off?"

She paused then, forgetting her dripping self and looked up at him. His eyes were already roaming over her sprawled form, and his amused expression was replaced with another more fiery one. Apparently they weren't done. Hesitantly she got up on her knees, and shimmied the sticky wet cloth up her hips and over her head. She crossed her breasts with one arm in a vain attempt at modesty and held the damp mass in her other hand, unsure now of what to do with it. He solved that dilemma by taking it and tossing it in a heap on the stone floor. She wrapped both her arms around herself and shivered feeling the cool air and his eyes on her now bare skin.

He loomed over her, glistening. The flickering torchlight turned his damp skin silver and gave his horns a metallic sheen. He looked like a temple statue to posidon or an idol of a river god.

The statue shifted and knelt, the gold and silver returning to brown and grey, and he was suddenly very near, and very real. His body was close to hers, no more than a hands span away. And though he didn't touch her she could feel the nearness of him crawling across her skin making her hairs stand on end. She waited an eternity with ever quickening breath and stiff limbs for him to act. Finally, and with all the urgency of a melting candle, he moved, taking her by the shoulders and turning her, forcing her stomach first onto the rugs. She complied stiffly and lay her palms to the ground near her face, turning her head in frigid apprehension. She had a general idea of what was to happen next, but she wasn't that close to her married sisters to have a more detailed understanding. She supposed he intended to enter her...somehow, with that oversized staff of his. The thought made her squeeze her thighs together involuntarily.

"Definitely a virgin." He sighed behind her. She began to push herself up to respond but she was met with two hands pushing her back down and kneading into her flesh, rubbing hard into her shoulder blades. The force pushed the breath right out of her and pinned her to the floor, but it did feel painfully good. He kept going moving roughly up and down her back with his massive hands until she could do nothing but go limp and malleable beneath him. She groaned as he captured her neck and her lower skull in one hand and gently squeezed three days of travel and fear from her body. She was half asleep by the time he reached her legs and did little more than blink in surprise as she felt his thumbs dip between her thighs, grazing the soft flesh between.

Her mind may have been slow to respond, but the rest of her responded immediately. Her legs flexed and parted ever so slightly, enough to encourage a second, and third pass before her mind had cleared and she finally gasped as he kneaded her buttocks, sliding a thumb firmly along the length of her slit.

Before she could tense again he turned her over, gripping her by the hips and pulling her downwards making her knees bend and spread, exposing her to him completely. He shifted himself, kneeling between her legs and cupping her backside with his massive hands. She was going to protest, but his mouth was already pulling other sounds from her before she had the chance.

Gasping she watched in surprise as he forced his face between her legs, parting them with his broad shoulders and ran his tongue along the same path his thumb had taken seconds before. She felt an instant hot shiver as his wet tongue parted her and slid along the soft folds, pressing itself against the throbbing center. She pushed her hips against his mouth in order to feel that wonderful pressure deeper inside her, but he pulled away sliding his tongue higher, making her groan in frustration until he landed on a new spot. He pressed his mouth and tongue against her sensitive nub, pushing and sucking at it and wracking her body with spine twisting shocks of sensation. She was vaguely aware of the sharp points of his teeth digging lightly into her flesh, and the thought produced an erotic fear that accentuated the effects of his tongue, making her whole body contract and spasm. Her back felt as though it was about to snap as she convulsed under him and the pleasure of the sensation was rapidly turned into torture.

She arched her hips encouraging him lower, but to no avail, and the only audible sounds she could produce were incoherent half words that died into whimpers. Finally she put her hand against his head and pushed down, attempting to force him back towards the unattended and now aching center. He complied, if slowly, chuckling against her, sending more warm shivers down her legs. She watched him through lust glazed eyes enjoying the strange but erotic sight of his long tongue darting out between his teeth to stab gently at her now slick flesh. His tongue pierced her folds easily, and she writhed beneath him trying to force him deeper. She wondered and hoped that he had felt such pleasure when she had tried to attend to his needs. If he had felt half of what she was feeling than she must have made him very happy indeed. Never had she felt anything so incredible, so intense. She wondered if it could even be called pleasure...yet she did not wish to see it end, not for the world.

He pushed against her in response when she wriggled even harder against his wonderful mouth, thrusting his tongue slowly in and out of her swollen, sensitized flesh. All she could think about was getting more of him inside her, as if there was some terrible unreachable place demanding satisfaction. She shifted her grip on his head, sliding her hand against one of his ridged horns and pressing it between two splayed fingers. She ran the tips of her fingers over it as she imagined with closed eyes something of a similar shape pressed elsewhere.

And, as if by magic, his still stabbing tongue was joined by first one, then two fingers, which he slid slowly inside of her as his tongue lapped again at the sensitive swollen crest. There was an initial discomfort as he pushed the first finger into her and a hot, sharp pain that made her gasp and bite back a whimper, yet even so,his fingers moved easily covered in her slick wetness. It still took her a moment to adjust to the tight stretching pain as he plummeted into her, forcing his thick fingers knuckle deep, making her burn and grunt softly in pain. She let out another low groan as his finger tips paused and curved inside of her, pressing against the walls, and caressing some wonderful hidden place inside of her, before slowly sliding out. His tongue still worked at her, and the sensations distracted her somewhat from the discomfort.

He repeated the curving, thrusting motion, gradually increasing his speed until she began grinding against his hand. Despite the hot sear as he stretched her, she found that every time he pulled from her, she was anxious to have him back, and began to delight in the friction his fingers caused. She wrapped her fingers around his wrist in an attempt to pull him against her, her mind empty of all but one thought.

"More." she whispered hoarsely, pulling at his steady hand as she trembled uncontrollably. He was on top of her now, leaning over her, one hand by her shoulder steadying himself, the other still working between her slick thighs. He leaned down and brushed his lips against her jaw, tracing it and following the line of her throat with his tongue. His skin, where she gripped him at the wrist, and at his neck where her hand had slid as he moved over her, was cool to the touch, but his mouth was burning hot. He moved lower with his fiery tongue, etching a path to the valley of her breasts. He brushed one breast with his lips, his teeth scraping lightly against the inner curve, before sliding his tongue over the hard nipple. Her breath came in shaking gasps as he began to use her breast as he had her sex, sucking and pulling at it with his mouth and teeth, making her squirm and writhe even more fitfully.

He pulled his mouth away and dragged it over her throat and chin, hovering over her mouth. "What was that you said?"

She didn't have the faintest idea...had she said something. She gave him a questioning look in between whimpers.

"Something about, more?"

Yes more. Absolutely more.

"Yes." She agreed throatily, "yes, please."

His hand moved off from her landing by her head. She gave it a mournful look and ground her hips against a phantom hand, only to find it too had been replaced.

She felt that mixture of fear and excitement that was becoming very familiar and caught her breath in anticipation.

He pressed forward, sliding the very hard, very hot head of his penis along the wet folds, pressing ever so slightly into the center. She bit her lip and spread her thighs a little wider, opening up beneath him. Her hand slid between their bodies, finding the shaft and sliding it back and forth along her slit until the tip was pressed firmly against the opening. He pushed into her, and she felt the head slide past her fingers and work its way with a few short thrusts inside of her.

It's too big she thought as the stretched virgin flesh sent out waves of aching pain. It felt as though her sides would split and she'd be torn in half. She moaned and tilted her head, brushing her lips inadvertently against his, sending more erotic shivers through her. The shivers distracted her from the aching, and she made another pass at his lips, this time pressing her mouth against his, not caring that she didn`t know what she was doing only that it felt wonderful. He didn't move or respond except to part his lips slightly, which she took as an invitation and kissed him more fully, her mouth parting with his. She felt the tip of his tongue graze her lips and she reciprocated eagerly sliding her tongue fully into his mouth and rubbing it against his. He let out a growl and forced her tongue back, possessing her mouth and pressing down hard against hers. She let out a surprised and excited sound and sucked at his tongue without thinking as he made love to her mouth, thrusting into her in an unabashed display of his immediate intentions elsewhere. In her excitement she'd barely noticed him slowly edging inside her until he was nearly pressed against the deepest wall of her sex and had begun to withdraw. Her hand reached for the base of his cock to prevent his withdrawal, inexplicably enjoying the strange but exciting feeling of being so completely filled despite the terrible ache it caused. He intercepted her hand and pinned her arm above her head.

"Do you want more or not?" His voice was harsh sounding and low, and it rumbled through her again like it had that first time. She nodded.

"Do you?" She parroted.

He paused a moment and gave her a cockeyed grin. "Yes, please."

She let out a broken laugh as he began to re-enter her, stretching the tender flesh all over again. She winced against the ache, but lifted her hips to meet him nonetheless. That burning place had yet to be satisfied.

"Are you in pain?"

"A little." It was much more than a little. Her voice sounded raw and breathless.

"I don't suppose you're going to beg me to stop?"

She shook her head. He was pressing against the deep wall, this time harder, and the pressure made her cramp. One of his hands had begun toying with her breasts, creating more of those warm and blessed shivers of sensation.

"That's good" he said brushing his knuckles against the undersides of her breasts. "Because you're a sweet girl and I'd hate to rape you."

"You'd do that?" She asked, insensibly rocking her hips against his, and pressing her breast into his hand.

"I might. I'm not a nice person...perhaps I should enlighten you..." He pinched one of her nipples, a little hard, but she instantly wanted him to do it again.

"Perhaps...perhaps you might find a more...productive use for...your mouth." She looked at him with glazed eyes, and he gave her a heart stopping look in return.

"As you wish my lady." And with that his mouth was at hers devouring her mouth, her throat, and finally was at her breasts. She rewarded him with an approving squeeze at the back of his neck, and gripped his skull and horns as he ravaged her.

He pumped into her more aggressively now, and she ground against him, each shock sliding further from pain towards pleasure until he gripped her and forced himself completely inside of her with a sharp stab of pain. She cried out, clutching at him and wrapping her legs tightly around him, but he continued to thrust into her with greater need, moving more and more deeply, his tongue all over her body. Again the pain mingled with pleasure until it all blurred into a white heat. It was as if she felt everything and nothing. She had trouble discerning where one caress began and another violent thrust ended. She felt him moving above her, his huge muscles straining beneath her hands and at her mouth as she licked and nipped at his rough skin feeling an undeniable urge to feel and taste every part of him. She felt his moans as much as she heard them, vibrating through her body as he pressed against her, covering her and burying himself inside her. He was everywhere, and it felt as if there was nothing left of the world beyond their two straining bodies.

She was close to something, to that unreachable place, and she rocked her hips faster against him, grunting as their bodies slammed together. Her hips meet his thrusts coming closer and closer with each jarring shock. He laced his fingers through her loose hair and gripped her again, leveraging himself into her and sending a blinding heat through her making her hips jerk beneath him. His own cry tore from his throat as she shook beneath him, and she felt herself suddenly filled, if that were any more possible, and was overcome by a series of wrenching spasms that made her clutch at the skins under her and gasp for air. She twitched delirious as the throbbing inside of her sent hot waves of pleasure and relief through her trembling body.

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