tagGroup SexSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 02

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 02


Sally and Sarah

Sally Czarwitz, lay on Sarah's bed next to Sarah. They were both naked and faced each other while gently stroked each others body.

"That was great!" Sarah exclaimed.

"It's been a while," Sally replied.

Sally and Sarah had met in middle school through Sally's best friend, Warren. Sally had known Warren since infancy and he had been taken with Sarah in middle school and then his family had moved away. Sally and Sarah had stayed good friends through middle school and then drifted apart in high school as Sarah entered the social whirl of cheer leading and social activities. Sally had stuck to her studies and was involved in academic groups.

A chance meeting after the graduation ceremonies had brought the two old friends together again and they had met here in Sarah's home to discuss summer plans. One thing had led to another and they had brought each other to orgasm with the help of a dildo and vibrator Sarah kept in her nightstand.

As they were relaxing, Sally felt a softness moving along her legs from her feet to her thighs. "Well, hello 'Iva" she said as she saw the silver Persian rubbing against her. Sally had been with Sarah when she had purchased the pet and had suggested the name, "Lady Godiva." The cat continued to a position between the girl's breasts and lay there licking her paws with her soft tail flicking back and forth between the girls thighs. The girls moved their hands from their bodies and began petting the gently vibrating animal between them.

Sarah reminisced. "Remember that first time we went to the waterpark."

"What about it?"

Sally smiled broadly. "I remember how ill fitting that bikini of yours was."

"Well, I couldn't find anything that really fit."

"Well, it was SO loose around your hips, remember the wave pool."

"I'm not sure I'll ever forget."

"I remember running after your bikini bottoms and that guy picking them up," Sally laughed. "When I demanded he give them to me he ran out of the pool and told me I could have them if I'd come out of the pool."

Sally laughed too, "and you walked right out and took them. He had thought they were yours."

Sally then added, "And you lost your top on the 'Super Slide'."

"That was more embarrassing, I couldn't hide in the water and had to get out, covering my breasts with my hands while one of the attendants went to get my top. And there was that one jerk ..."

"Yeah, the one who yelled out, 'Why are you covering up, you've got nothing to hide'."

"I guess it was funny," Sally said with no conviction.

"No, that wasn't funny," Sarah told her. "I only brought this up because you really need to get a suit that fits and flatters. Especially if we're going to troll for men at the beach."

Sally was tall and thin everywhere with a long, thin face and a matching long, thin, hooked nose. Her mousy brown hair spread from her head in random curls and tangles. She had almost no waist, no butt and anorexic looking arms and legs. She had a couple of spongy fried eggs where her tits should be but the huge, hard nipples pushed out almost a half inch in the aftermath of the recent sexual activity. She allowed them to rub against the softness of the fur between them, "I've given up on flattery with this figure," she replied.

"Don't give up. There's a new place in the mall that advertises they can 'flatter any figure'. We should go there and see what they can do."

Summer Swim and Sun

The next day they met at the mall. Sally wore her usual loose fitting jeans and a loosely fitting T-shirt displaying differential equations and saying "What part of .... don't you understand?".

"Your outfit screams nerd," Sarah said when she saw her. "We should get you some decent clothes too."

Sarah was Sally's physical opposite. Short, with a cute face, small round nose and perfect, slightly curled, blond hair. Her body was maybe a bit on the chubby side but was a perfect hourglass. She had large, fully developed breasts, a slim waist, wide hips and a round butt. She dressed to display her assets to maximum effect: a loose fitting tank top that hung from her ample breasts to just above her navel and a pair of tight fitting shorts with a diagonal stripe pattern with the stripes angling down from both sides and meeting in the center to point at her crotch.

"They point to the parts you want the boys interested in," Sarah had told her friend. Not only that but when she sat down, spread her legs, and pushed back in the chair, she could get them to point at a nice, fleshy cameltoe. She walked confidently through the mall with Sally at her side checking out all the guys and looking to see which ones spent extra time watching at her.

She saw one pair of guys in their mid twenties dressed in jeans and dumpy sweatshirts following them until they turned into Summer Swim and Sun. The guys didn't turn in but she noticed that they stopped a bit away from the store and were watching her through the windows. She whispered to Sally, "There's two guys out there watching us."

"You mean watching you," Sally corrected. "I guarantee that there are more than two guys checking you out in that outfit."

"But they've been following us."

"Oh. Cute?"

"Not really. Kind of scruffy, but I bet they have cocks."

"I thought we were going to the beach to meet guys."

"Sally, you take 'em where you get 'em. You know that. You want cock or not?"

Both Sally and Sarah were nymphomaniacs and both knew it. In high school they each had a list of boys they would call for sex and both seldom went more than a couple of days without sex. Meeting guys, especially older men, now that they were 18 and out of high school was the priority in their summer planning.

"Sure. I guess. We going to forget about finding a swim suit?"

"No, keep them waiting. And we can use the opportunity to get them more interested."

Sarah approached a sales lady she seemed to know. "My friend here needs a suit that will emphasize her good points but not her flaws."

The lady looked Sally over. "I can't tell much in those clothes. Take off your jeans and shirt."

Sally hesitated. "Right here?"

"We can go behind the screen if you wish."

Sarah leaned in and whispered to Sally, "If you do it out here it'll give those guys a bit of a show."

Sally considered and decided that since she wouldn't be naked, it would be okay.

The sales lady looked at her and pushed against the loose fitting bra. Her finger met mostly air. then she pulled at the sides and front of Sally's loose hanging briefs. "I can't tell much from this. Go behind the screen and take these off.

Before Sarah could say anything Sally whispered to her, "I'm not giving them that much of a show."

Sally told the clerk, "I'm going to look around. Okay if I try some things on?" She went over to the window and began examining suits that weren't her style just because it gave her a chance to show off for the guys. Then she found one of the skimpiest bikinis she could find; selected one size too small and tried it on. She found a mirror near the window and made a show of examining herself while displaying herself for the guys. A couple of times she untied and retied the bikini top showing a bit of nipple as if trying to make it fit. She did the same with the bottom. Then she went back to take it off, untying on her way. If any of the clerks had noticed her immodesty, they didn't say anything.

Meanwhile, Sally was naked behind the screen with the sales lady.

"You have a nice thin body and could be a fashion model," she told her. "But if you want a sexy look you will need something to bring out those breasts and that butt. You have a nice, thin figure so a two piece will work great on you. Instead of a bikini top I think a sport top would work. For the bottom you need a stretch fabric. The sizes of anything else will just sag."

Sally was skeptical. "Buttering me up," she thought.

The sport tops the sales lady showed her were almost like tight tube tops and the bottoms like panties. They were all lycra or nylon or that new 'microfiber'.

The tops fit tightly and Sally thought they emphasized the flatness of her breasts. The sales lady responded to her concern, "No, look how they show that you have breasts. Loose things make it look like you have nothing. These show the curves. They say, 'I have breasts and I'm proud of them'."

Because the bottoms were a smooth stretchable fabric they fit her crotch and butt firmly. "I think you should get a size smaller," the sales lady said. "These are still a bit loose in the behind."

Sally felt at the bottom of her butt and could tell the cloth was loose there. "Will a smaller size fit my hips?" she asked.

"Well, they are stretch fabric. Let's see." The sales lady went to get a size smaller.

Sarah had returned from her display and looked at what Sally was wearing. "That will attract boys for sure." She rubbed Sally's nipples through the fabric. "Look how your nipples show too, guys will go nuts over that! Especially since you have such huge ones when they're erect."

The smaller bottoms fit like a glove. They were tight everywhere and still comfortable. Sally saw a flaw. "these don't come up high enough. I think my butt crack is showing. And here in the front my hip bones leave a gap. You can see almost down to my cunt"

"All the better," Sarah claimed.

"Maybe a high top, the sales lady said, ignoring Sarah's remark.

As she went to find something else, Sally told Sarah, "I feel like I'll be wearing underwear at the beach."

"And you think that won't get the boys interested?" Sarah replied. "They'll go bonkers over everything you just mentioned! You should go with this. Forget the high tops!"

"What about modesty? Won't this get me arrested?"

"Come on! As long as your cunt, butt and nipples are covered, you'll be okay. Your butt crack doesn't show any more than with the suits I wear. I have to pull them up once in a while but I like to let a little show now and again. You will be fine with this. Let's pick designs."

The sales lady had returned and suggested solid colors would be best for Sally.

They found three tops and three bottoms. Sarah insisted on light and bright colors. "The dark ones will hide what you're trying to reveal," she said.

The tops were white, florescent orange and florescent yellow. The bottoms were black, white and Sally ignored the sales lady's advice by recommending a pair with yellow, orange, blue and white stripes that spiraled down from the waist. They cost a bit more than Sally had wanted to pay but she felt satisfied, especially given Sarah's strong encouragement. Sarah was not given to false flattery when it came to her friends.

Fred and Joe

On the way out of the store, Sarah said, "Let's get some cocks to fuck."

Sally glanced furtively over at the men Sarah had talked about. They weren't as scruffy as she had thought. Neither was a "prize", but one was a bit handsome due to his unshaved look. The other was thin and a bit unkempt, but not ugly. They were pretending to talk to each other as the girls emerged from the store.

"Who gets which one?" Sally whispered.

"Let's get them naked first and then decide, we can let each fuck us both, or maybe they have a preference."

Sarah looked directly at them. They noticed her stare and obviously redirected their eyes. She walked over to them, bold as brass. Sally followed. "Hello, boys," Sarah said. "Were you guys checking us out?"

They looked embarrassed. The better looking one said "uhh, No." The other said, "Well, maybe."

Sally got right to the point, " 'Well, maybe?' Maybe this is your lucky day. We think you're cute and we like cute guys checking us out, right Sally?"

"Right," Sally managed to get out.

Sarah struck a pose, "If you like what you see, we can show you more. Are you interested?"

"Uhh yeah!" the guy who had said 'no' stammered out.

"Well, if you will show us enough of yourselves and we like what we see, fucking may be involved," Sarah said. "How does that sound?"

"Real good," the man who had said 'no' responded without hesitation.

"Great" the other said after a brief delay.

Their names were Fred and Joe. Fred was the better looking one. They told the girls that they were 26 and 24, an auto mechanic and a theater manager.

In fact, Fred was 23 and a "gopher" at a repair shop. He cleaned up spills and brought things out of the back for the mechanics. The closest he got to actual automobiles at work was to drive to auto parts stores and junkyards to pick up parts that weren't in stock. If he brought back the wrong part he would have to return it and was docked for the time and mileage. His pay had a lot of deductions!

Joe was really 21 and just a worker at the local multiplex. His management responsibilities included managing to get the trash cans emptied without spilling contents and managing to clean out auditoriums without leaving behind any popcorn containers. The actual theater manager wouldn't even let Joe behind the concession stand where he might have to handle actual money and the popcorn machine without losing count or getting burned.

Fred had the day off and had convinced Joe to call in sick. "Sick of work" he liked to say. Joe had used up his sick days and so was without pay for the day. It hadn't mattered that he missed work during the fall and winter but school was out now, the multiplex was busy every day and they needed every hand so Joe would soon be without a job.

Sally and Sarah wouldn't have cared if they had known the facts. They just wanted hard, warm cocks attached to bodies that could use them. Fred and Joe had the cocks and the bodies but were sexually inexperienced and barely capable of using their genitals effectively in the manner Sally and Sarah were used to. Sarah drove them to a nearby "by the hour" but clean motel and insisted that they pay for the room.

In the room Sarah began by saying, "You first, boys."

"First?" Joe asked.

"Yes, first," Sarah said. "You strip and if we like what we see then we strip too."

"If you like what you see?" Fred asked.

"Sure, you guys better have a cock and balls to match. We like our cocks stiff. They don't need to be big."

"I want to taste them first," Sally said on impulse. She was anxious to see what they had inside their pants, being a phallophilic.

"Taste what?" Fred asked as he rapidly shed his pants. The pink tip of his circumcised rock hard, thin, average length cock popped through the fly of his boxers.

Sally didn't wait, replying, "Your cocks of course". She pulled the briefs down and held the thin, circumsized cock for examination. "You'll do," she said after licking it thoroughly. It was salty with perspiration but otherwise unremarkable. Sally wasn't that interested in the flavor, just in being able to touch any male organ with her hands and tongue and lips

Joe undressed reluctantly and shyly. He wasn't used to exposing himself in front of girls. His sexual experience was limited to a couple of trysts in the darkness of an unused theater auditorium. He hadn't even undressed beyond letting his trousers fall to his ankles and letting the girl (a pimply theater worker who had approached him) pull the waistband of his briefs just past his balls.

Finally he pulled his dingy, worn cotton briefs past his genitals, exposing a limp, pink worm resting on the pillows of his testicles.

Sally smiled. She had enough experience with shy guys to know the last thing to do if she wanted an internal massage was to laugh or insult. "Joe, You're not ready for us," she said sweetly and bent down. She examined the limp, two inch long, inch thick, uncircumsised penis. It was rare that she would see one in its "natural", pre-coital state. The foreskin pursed together at the tip and extended out almost a quarter of an inch.

Sally reached out with her right hand and cradled his large balls, feeing the way they gently rotated inside their sack. The worm jerked slightly in excitement. She moved her hand to the base of his cock and, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around it slid them firmly but gently up the limp shaft until she felt the foreskin begin to slip over the hardening shaft. She grasped the foreskin tightly and pulled it over the tip as far as she could. Over a half inch of skin now formed a closed tube at the tip and she pinched it tightly with her left hand. The expanding shaft pushed hard at her finger tips and she looked up at Joe, smiled and laughed lightly.

Joe had never had a girl play with his cock and looking at Sally's smiling face and hearing her laugh of pleasure as she teased him he knew that he was in love. His organ responded.

Sally was an expert in getting guys to fall in "lust" with her and she continued to work on the expanding cock. As it became clear that she would no longer be able to hold back the hardening shaft, she released her grasp on the tip and wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the foreskin. She pulled it down, rolling it over the stiff shaft to expose a red tip covered with strands of what looked like cotton.There was a slight odor of unwashed feet.

Sally carefully removed the strands. She found the sight and odor attractive, having encountered it before. She knew it showed a guy whose cock didn't get much exercise and who was unschooled in the better habits of genital hygiene. It reminded her of her earlier sexual experiences with unexperienced boys. Even now she would often suck the toes and smell the feet of her partners because of the thrill it gave her. But she'd much rather suck an inexperienced cock than any toes so she wrapped her mouth around the seven inch, fully hardened penis. Using her lips to keep the foreskin rolled down over the shaft she licked the exposed tip clean.

She released it. "Yum!"she said with meaning. "There, that's better and you taste fine." The flavor had met her expectations, musty, reminding her of toes and her first sexual experiences. "Do you want to try him out Sarah?"

She carefully rolled the foreskin back into place. The entire reddened tip was now exposed with the foreskin nestled in its base. She was ready to feel the cock inside her. She debated not using a condom so she could feel the foreskin rolling back and forth over the shaft inside her. She could tell that Fred was the dominant member of the pair and knew that the dominant member always picked Sarah, the the cuter, curvier one so she fully expected to have Joe.

Sarah just wanted to get to the business of fucking. She quickly licked Joe's cock and then gave Fred a perfuntory suck. "You both meet my approval," she said and pulled off her shirt.

Sarah was anked in a flash but Sally knew how to get guys excited despite her minimal assetts and undressed slowly to Sarah's frustration. The guys were frustrated too and began stroking their cocks. Sarah helped Fred out with his. When Sally was naked she turned in front of the two men and then the two girls sat side by side on the bed with their legs spread showing their cunts.

Sarah reached down and spread her pussy lips. "Do you like what you see?" she asked.

"Sure," they stammered.

"Each of you can have one of us," Sarah told them. "You can trade off if you want."

To Sally's surprise and disappointment Fred came right to her and began stroking her labia, leaving Joe and his uncircumsised cock to Sarah. Fred was turned on by thin women without breasts. Possibly due to times spent in the basement of a neighbors house playing strip poker with a group of neighborhood boys and girls when he was nine. In his mind those pre-nubile girls still represented the perfect female form. Sally's shaved pussy increased his excitement.

"You like that do you?" Sally said pulling her legs up and spreading them wider so he could get a good look and feel. "You can push your fingers up my cunt if you want." He did so, rather clumsily. "Is it wet and slippery inside?" she asked innocently, "that's so your cock will go in easily."

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