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Sandi's Questions


Sandi and I had gotten to the point in our relationship where the newness of it had worn off and the kinky all-day sex sessions were subsiding. The days where we would both take off of work to stay in bed making love were over by about a month and we were having "relationship discussions."

The conversation turned from the usual "Is this going anywhere?" to the always dangerous, "What do you find attractive about me?" As I complimented her and shared all of the things I found attractive, she softened a bit. Then she asked about our sex life.

"What do I do that arouses you?" Her words and tone had that air of sexual playfulness, but I knew that there was an edge below the surface that would slice me if I used the wrong words.

"You give the best head I have ever had," I told her. I was not lying. Sandi had an unusual talent for sucking my cock. Sometimes, if I looked down at her with my shaft in her mouth, I would come instantly. She was extremely comfortable with a cock in her mouth, and I was proud to put it there.

Sandi smiled when I said that and began to blush as she glanced down at her hands, which were resting in her lap "I love to give head. I've always loved giving blowjobs." She knew she turned me on when she used the word 'blowjob,' and my cock began to stiffen in my pants. She slowly raised her gaze to me. "I love feeling you pump your semen into my mouth." That was another word that turned me on when I heard her say it: 'Semen.'

I was completely aroused and she knew it. Sandi got turned on when she knew that she had the upper hand in our sexual situations, and right now she certainly had the upper hand. I would have done anything she asked to be able to slide my shaft past her lips and into her warm mouth. She gently licked her lips and smiled at me.

Sandi moved closer to me on the couch and leaned in to kiss me. As her lips opened wider and her tongue moved more aggressively in my mouth, she straddled me and grinded her crotch against the bulge in my pants. My cock was straining against my jeans as she pinned me to the couch. Her body was pressed tightly against mine and her hands held my wrists behind my head as she rhythmically humped me. Her breasts felt hot against my chest.

Sandi broke our kiss, let go of my wrists, leaned back and pulled her black shirt over her head. I could see her hard nipples poking through her black satin bra. We didn't say a word to each other. I leaned forward and wrapped my hands around her back to unclasp her bra. Her tits swung free as I dropped her bra on the floor and massaged them in my hands. We softly looked at each other through half closed eyes as I thrust my crotch against hers. Sandi let out a soft moan as I pinched her nipples.

She leaned in again, took hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head. As she dropped it onto the floor, I pulled her against my body and kissed her deeply, letting my tongue dance around hers, and finally retracting from her mouth to lick her lips. I always loved the way her lips felt against my tongue- like sun-warmed silk.

Sandi stood up without saying a word and stepped out of her pants. She has beautiful long thin legs that are muscular without being bulky. Her body is beautifully toned. She stood in front of me silently as she rubbed her swollen pussy lips through her black panties. As she moved her fingers from back to front, I could see the shine from her lubrication seep through the fabric, and I wanted to throw her on the ground, rip her underwear off, and feverishly eat her out. But she had other plans.

Sandi slowly raised her hand from her crotch to her nose and took a deep breath. Then she slid her fingers down over her breasts, across her stomach, and into her panties as she smiled. I watched her slide her fingers up and down her slit, through her panties, as she moaned softly. When she pulled her hand out of her crotch, her fingers glistened with her juices. "Look how wet you've made me," she said as she stepped toward me and slipped her fingers into my mouth as I leaned forward to meet her. Sandi's thick juices and salty taste clung to her two fingers as I rolled my tongue around them and pulled them deeper into my mouth. I massaged her lips through her underwear as her juices soaked the fabric and her scent filled my nose. I loved making her panties soaking wet.

Sandi took her fingers out of my mouth and stepped back. I pulled my hand from between her legs and smelled my fingers. She pulled her wet panties off, threw them aside, kneeled on the carpet, and locked my eyes in her gaze. Sandi reached her hands out to my waist and unbuttoned my jeans. "I need your thick cock in my mouth," she breathily said as she unzipped me. She could see that the front of my underwear was soaked with precome, and smiled with satisfaction and anticipation.

Sandi grabbed my jeans and underwear from the sides as I arched my back and reached behind me to help her out. We both slid my pants down to my knees and she pulled them off from there. The head of my cock was shiny from precome as she grabbed my shaft and looked into my eyes. With her free hand, she pulled her hair back behind her shoulders and leaned forward to lick me.

Sandi pushed my cock toward my stomach and licked the underside of my shaft from bottom to top and back down. More precome leaked out. Sandi glanced up at me and said, "It's so sexy when you get that little drop of semen on the tip of your penis," and she leaned down to lick it off. She ran her tongue around my helmet and pulled her head away, leaving a strand of semen connecting her bottom lip to the tip of my cock.

She broke the strand with her tongue, leaned in to me, put her lips firmly around my tip, and slowly lowered her mouth down my shaft. She was sucking hard and I was straining not to come. As she slowly deep-throated me, I slowly lifted my hips to penetrate her mouth further. Sandi massaged my scrotum as my cock bottomed out in her throat. She has the amazing ability to hold my cock entirely in her mouth while she tongues my testicles.

Sandi firmly grabbed my testicles with her right hand, slid her mouth up my shaft, grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand, and began to rapidly stroke me as she sucked gently and tongued the tip. She let go of my shaft and lowered her left hand between her legs. As she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, she sunk her index finger in her twat, getting it soaking wet.

As she sucked her way up and off of my cock, she removed her finger from her slit and looked up at me. Her lips were wet and she was smiling. "You make me feel so good. I need to eat you out. I want to taste you," I told her. She didn't say a word. Sandi then slid her right hand to my scrotum and lifted my balls forward. She slid her left index finger between my legs and began massaging my asshole. She slowly penetrated my ass with her wet finger as she gently squeezed my testicles. My cock bulged with arousal and she knew I was close to coming.

Sandi buried her finger up to her hand in my ass and leaned forward to take me in her mouth again. I was moaning louder and louder and trying to hold back. I was thrusting my hips towards her face and slamming my cock into her throat as she fingered my ass. She was wiggling her finger around inside me as I brushed her hair out of her face so I could watch my cock pump semen into her mouth.

As I began to come, she slid her mouth up the length of my shaft and placed her pursed lips firmly on the tip of my cock. My semen was spurting onto her lips and chin in a sloppy mess as she massaged her finger deep in my ass. She held my cock against her closed mouth and stared into my eyes as come dripped down her chin and onto her neck.

As soon as I stopped coming, she dropped my still-hard cock and fell backwards onto the floor. She lay on her back, legs spread, hands pinching her own nipples. Her cunt was dripping and my semen on her chin and neck glistened in the light.

I stood from the couch, kneeled between her legs, lowered my body to hers and rubbed the tip of my still hard cock between her wet, swollen pussy lips. Sandi opened her mouth and moaned, and strands of semen connected her bottom lip to her top. I felt my cock harden even more at that sight. She raised her hips to envelop my cock, and I slowly penetrated her. As her mouth opened wider, I leaned down, slid my tongue into her mouth, and lowered my lips to hers. I felt the semen on her chin and tasted my come in her mouth.

As I slowly slid my thick cock in and out of her tight pussy, I licked my semen off of her neck and kissed her deeply. We swirled my come around in our mouths before she swallowed it. I licked more come from her chin and kissed her again. She grabbed my ass and thrust me deeper into her as she bucked her hips forward to meet my thrusts. I couldn't fuck her hard enough. I was resting my weight on my hands and holding my chest above her; her legs were spread as wide apart as they could be; and the slurping sounds of her pussy filled the room.

Sandi squeezed her tits hard with both hands and let out a series of screams. "Fuck me," she screamed, "fuck me." Her moans were getting more frantic and her breaths were getting shorter. I leaned back on my knees, pulled her legs over my shoulders, and started pounding my cock into her as hard as I could.

I was close to coming again, and she was on the brink of a loud and seismic orgasm. I felt her cunt muscles begin to spasm around my cock. Sandi arched her back and screamed, "Ahhh . . . ahh, I'm . . .ahhh . . coming . . . ahahahahahahhhhhh." She thrust her hips against me as hard as she could and her pussy clamped my cock inside her. I felt my muscles tighten, my cock spasmed, and shot into her, pumping whatever semen I had left into her sopping wet pussy. She squeezed my spent cock out of her as my semen leaked out and onto the carpet.

I let go of Sandi's legs and slumped down on top of her. We kissed each other deeply and I could still taste my come on her lips. I slid behind her and tucked my softening cock between her ass cheeks as I pulled her tightly against my body. We drifted off to sleep, there on the floor, tangled in each other's arms, with the scent of our combined orgasms in the air, and a thin sheen of sexy sweat covering our bodies.

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