tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 11

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 11


"Sir, I've made my decision."

Stone just looked at her over the breakfast table, not saying a word.

She looked down, not meaning to look at her full udders, but also not being able to help it since they were so large and displayed on the shelf bra. The sight of them brought her back to her decision.

"I will be your cow."

Stone didn't say a word, just continued to look at her.

"I will belong to you."

"As what? "

"Your cow. Oh, as your property?"

"As livestock that I own. If that is what you mean, then say it."

"I will be livestock that you own. You may do what you will with me, with this body."

"Good. Then let's take you to your new home."

With that, he stood up and strode from the room, confident that she would follow him.

She stood up, fidgeted nervously for a minute before rushing to catch up to him. He led her out the door and down a path that led to a barn.

"This will be your new home. You will live here with my other cow and my two ponies."

She stared at the barn, uncomfortable with the new reality that was confronting her. While she had agreed to be his cow, she hadn't expected to live in a barn. But she knew it was not her decision, so just nodded mutely.

There was no one around as they approached the barn. Stone opened a door in the side of the barn and ushered her inside. Closing the door, Stone led her through the large barn to a small room where she spotted three milking stations, just like the one she had been milked in at Stone's house.

Then she got a shock. A woman was lowering herself into a milking station. That was not what shocked her. It was the fact that the woman was black and white. Then she realized that she had markings like one of those dairy cows you see in commercials for Chick Filet. Not that there was much bovine about her body. She was clearly in good shape with well defined back muscles. The next thing she noticed was nipples. They were dark red, at least five inches long and as big around as a man's thumb. She'd thought her own nipples were long at three inches but they were nothing compared to her nipples.

A stable hand quickly washed the nipples and slipped them into the nozzles of the milking machine. Then she had another shock. The woman mooed very loudly once the machine started sucking. It was clearly a contented moo, but it was shocking to hear it coming from her mouth.

It was at that moment that the woman became aware that Stone was standing there. She turned her head to look at him. Her face displayed first happiness at seeing him, and then a look of shock passed over her features.

"Ah, I believe you two know each other." Stone says with a smile. "Sarah, I told you I was adding a second cow to my small herd. Well, your sister is that cow."

Stone had been aware of Sarah's sister, Vicki, from the research done on Sarah's background before she was offered the "trainee" position. He also monitored Sarah's emails to Vicki and only found mentions of the exciting business deals she was involved in. So he had some research done on the sister.

That research showed a woman with large breasts, just like Sarah's plus the fact that she was going to have so many student loans that she would find it difficult to ever pay off. Since her degree was also in finance, it seemed like life had dropped a very juice morsel into his hand. So, of course he gobbled it up.

He approached her before she graduated and offered her a job as his "trainee" that would start immediately upon graduation. The only stipulation was that she could not tell Sarah that the job was with Stone. He told her not to tell Sarah so as to not spoil surprise nor distract Sarah from her job.

Vicki was shocked to see Sarah being milked like a cow, even though she had just agreed to the same thing. She'd had this vision of her sister striding the world making multimillion dollar deals. To see her on all fours being milked shook her to her core.

Vicki started to speak but realized she didn't know what to say. Neither did Sarah. So they just looked at each other for a moment.

Stone stood off to the side, watching the interplay of emotions on his cows' faces. This was extremely amusing. He remembered when his second pony came to the barn for the first time. The two ponies had not known each other but had immediately taken a liking to each other. They'd taken obvious pleasure in not being the only person who'd been converted into a pony.

This situation was different, much different.

Finally, Sarah spoke.

"I thought you were with a multinational firm? Why didn't you tell me the truth?"

"Stone wanted to surprise you. Besides, he said it would distract you and you were involved in some transformational activities that required focus."

"Transformational activities? I guess I was. I was being transformed into a prize winning cow."

"Prize winning?"

Sarah smiled and said "Yes, I've been shown in three fairs since I became a full time cow. I've won first place each time in both events."

"What were the events? "

"Milk production and beauty. I produce more than a gallon per udder a day now. That is way more than any other cow. And with my all over tattoo and nose ring, I am clearly fully converted into a cow, so I always do well in the beauty contest. No other cow has such a complete tattoo but a few have the nose ring, but I'm sure they are temporary, not permanent like mine."

That was the first time that Vicki became aware of the ring in Sarah's nose. Surprising since it was rather prominent. But there was so much to take in that she'd just missed it.

"I guess you're the one who's been doing such great research for the proposals I've been writing. I should have guessed. You were always so good at ferreting out information."

"I've seen the proposals and contracts you've written too. They are amazing! I thought you were out traveling the world making deals. Not, well, you know."

"Living in a barn producing milk? Being displayed as livestock? Well, I can do both. Stone owns this body and he wants a cow. So, I am a cow. But I also have a mind and use it to work on some fascinating deals. I love both parts of my life. I am very proud to be his cow and I am proud of the work I do for him."

They spoke for a few minutes more before it becomes obvious that Sarah was distracted. Her eyes gradually became glazed and then she started to moo. The moos started quietly and gradually built up. Vicki realized her sister was building to an orgasm. Stone too noticed her arousal and, at the right moment he said "Cum!"

At hearing the command, Sarah exploded in an orgasm. Her body quivered with what appeared to be waves of orgasmic pleasures, her mouth open as loud moos emerged from her. Vicki was shocked at this turn of events. Sarah had always been somewhat sexually repressed and so sure her intellect would bring her success. However, here she was having a loud orgasm in public from being milked like a cow! To top it off, she did it on command. Vicki knew she was trained to cum on command but her sister...!

Sarah was also shocked to see her sister and to find out she'd agreed to be a cow. But it was obvious that she was since Vicki had three inch long nipples, something Sarah knew was the result of Stone's nipple lengthening treatment. While Sarah was happy as a cow, she'd never wanted her sister to be one too. She'd been relieved that her sister had found a normal job and would become the successful woman that she never would be.

But she'd rallied and started speaking with Vicki, not even conscious of the fact that she was being milked like a cow in front of her. Her milking had become so normal to her that she didn't even think about it.

But, seeing her sister's eyes keep flickering to where the milk machine was sucking the milk from her udders, brought the situation to her mind. Then the thought that she was being milked like a cow in public started to excite her. Between the steady sucking on her sensitive nipples and the humiliation of being milked in front of her sister, she felt an orgasm coming on. By now, she was used to cumming in front of others, so she did nothing to suppress the orgasm. Instead, she became consumed by the idea of cumming.

So when Stone told her to cum, her orgasm swept over her. It was intense and all consuming. One of the biggest changes in her since becoming Stone's cow was the intensity and frequency of her orgasms. Before her transformation into a cow, she'd rarely had orgasms. Even the ones she'd had were mild compared to the incredible ones she had so frequently now.

"Vicki, I believe it's time for your milking. Use that station."

So now the moment of truth. The station he pointed to was next to Sarah's. She was to join her sister as livestock. Used to obeying, Vicki moved forward and knelt into the station. The stable hand quickly swabbed her nipples and inserted them into the nozzles.

Vicki felt relieved when the machine started sucking. With all that had happened this morning, she'd overlooked the pressure in her udders. But now she was so grateful she was being milked. Like her sister, Vicki's nipples were very sensitive and it wasn't long before she felt a warmth build up in her cunt.

"Boss, ok if I fuck the new one?"

"Be my guest. You'll find her cunt nice and tight. Unfortunately, unlike her sister she didn't have long pussy lips, so you won't have to unlock her first."

For the first time in over a year, Vicki felt a cock other than Stone's inside her. Despite the callous way she'd been given to him to use, it felt good to have a cock inside her. Right now she just needed to get fucked. Not only because she was horny, but to help distract her from all that had happened.

After a few minutes of intense fucking, Vicki called out "Please sir, may I cum?"

She heard the stable hand give her permission, but she was unsure if he was able to give her permission so she turned to look at Stone with a quizzical look.

"The stable hands are permitted to use any holes and they may give you permission to cum."

Hearing those words, Vicki gave into the orgasm that she'd been holding back. Unlike her sister, Vicki had always had a very enjoyable sex life. But even she had to admit, it had gotten better since Stone took control of her ability to orgasm. She didn't understand how relinquishing control over such a personal function could increase her pleasure, but it did.

After the two cows had been milked and cleaned, Stone said to Vicki, "Enjoy your new life. I think your sister will be a big help in getting you accustomed to your new role."

Then he turned and walked away.

The stable hand snapped his fingers and said "You'll be in the stall across from Sarah's. She can show you where it is."

Then he too walked away, leaving the two cows to themselves.

"Let me show you your stable. Despite the name, it's actually pretty comfortable. We each have a computer that also functions as a TV, so we at least can keep in touch with the world. Of course, with you here, I don't have anyone else to exchange emails with. I found that I had little in common with my old classmates as I was becoming more domesticated, so we just stopped communicating."


"Oh, yes. Before we came to Stone, we were wild cows. Now we're fully domesticated."

"I never thought of it that way. But I guess you're right."

"I hadn't either until Stone said it when he was presenting me at the first fair I was competed in. But after thinking about it, I realized how right it is."

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm sorry you're here. I know what I am and am content but I had such great hopes for you. I wanted you to be all the things I could never be."

"I understand. But here I am. A cow, just like you. Well, not just like you. I am more a calf compared to you. You look amazing. I was shocked when I first saw you. But now, wow! I hope to be like you. Maybe even give you a run for your money in the milk production contests."

Smiling, Sarah said, "I don't know. I always was bigger on top than you. I bet I can out produce you."

"Oh, it isn't the size of the udder that makes a difference. It's how much the demand for milk is. I'll bet Stone will do everything to me that he's done to you and I'll be producing a gallon an udder before long."

"We'll see. I have a head start and plan on keeping my lead."

With that exchange, the whole issue of Vicki becoming a cow was dropped.

"What was it Stone said about pussy lips?"

"Oh, do you remember how long my pussy lips have always been? Well, one of the ways he established his control over me was to have grommets put in them so he could lace his pussy closed. Here, let me show you."

With that, Sarah sat down on Vicki's bed, spread her legs and shifted her hips up to give Vicki the best view of the laced up lips.

Vicki was taken aback by the matter of fact way her sister presented her crotch for viewing. Once again, it went against all she remembered about her sister. She's always been rather shy about showing her body. In fact, the only way Vicki had known about her long pussy lips was from a vacation long ago when the girls had had to share a bathroom and she'd walked in unannounced as Sarah was getting out of the tub. Her lips had been so obvious and Vicki had teased her about them for at least a year after that. Of course, she'd never done so in front of their father. One thing the two girls shared from an early age was a wariness around him when it came to sexual subjects.

Now, here she was, showing off her most intimate parts. Of course, Vicki realized, they didn't belong to Sarah. They were Stone's. Besides, if Sarah had been exhibited, then perhaps hundreds of people had seen every inch of her.

Vicki looked at her crotch, a little embarrassed because she's always shied away from anything having to do with other women's sexual organs. But then, despite herself, she became fascinated by what she saw. Sarah's lips were laced up just like someone had laced a shoe. But instead of a knot, there was a little lock.

Then she noticed the little bell. She too had a little bell hanging from her clit ring, so that was no surprise.

"I guess you have to ask for permission to pee. That must have been hard to take at first."

"Yes, it was. It was when I really knew I had no control over this body and that it really belonged to Stone. It was devastating at the time but now I know it for the truth that it is. How did he establish control over you?"

"Well, I guess, like you, it was gradual. I moved in with him after I got attacked outside my apartment and he started inspecting me every morning to be sure I wore exactly what he wanted me to wear. That was the first thing."

"Oh, you were really attacked. Those men work for Stone. In fact, they are the stable hands here. One of them fucked you just a little bit ago."

"I thought he looked familiar but with all the rest going on, I just didn't process it. I guess the same thing happened to you, didn't it?"

"Yes, including the inspections. How long before he started caning you?"

"I got my first caning the first morning I lived at his place. It seemed like a daily occurrence for the first couple of months."

"Same here. Either we are very similar or that is Stone's approach to domesticating wild cows. Maybe a little of both."

"He kept telling me it was for my own good. That I had to accept the things he was doing so I could be like you. I just didn't realize he meant I could be a cow like you."

"I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I made my own decisions and I am now a cow. I must live with that."

All of a sudden, there was the clatter of hooves outside in the courtyard.

"Oh, Joe must be back from exercising the ponies. Come, you must meet them. They've been anxious to meet you for a couple of months now. We've been together by ourselves so long that we know all about each other. So it'll be good to have someone new."

"Them? What do you mean? You only mentioned Joe. Who else is here?"

"The ponies, that's who. Oh, you didn't think Stone livestock was limited to just had human cows, did you? He also has human ponies. Just wait till you see them. They are such beautiful ponies."

It was troubling to hear her sister refer to them so casually as ponies rather than as women but she justified it in her mind as just a figure of speech. Sarah led her outside to a courtyard where two women were standing harnessed to a two person buggy.

A man was fiddling with their harnesses so Vicki couldn't see the women that well. But as they came closer, it was apparent these women were fully rigged out as ponies. They had boots on that looked like horses hooves. The harness had a wide band around their hips and a complex set of leather bands around their shoulders that allowed them to pull the cart without their hands. Their hands were fastened at their sides to the band around hips.

It wasn't until she got close that Vicki could tell they had bits in their mouths. The women looked so much alike that Vicki figured they were twins that Stone had converted into human ponies.

Just then the stable hand finished adjusting the harnesses. He took the reins and started leading them over to a door in the side of the barn.

Sarah and Vicki followed them, standing to one side as the stable hand took the harness off the women. As soon as the women were unharnessed, they turned to Vicki and one of them said "Oh, she's gorgeous! I can't wait to get her in bed!"

"Wanda, what a way to greet her! I apologize for my fellow pony. I'm Ellen. You must be the new cow. It's so nice to have you here."

"Hi, I'm Vicki."

"Vicki is my sister. For real."

"Oh, Oh! How did Stone manage that?"

"I guess he tracked my emails and approached her after she graduated, which was about the time I joined you in the barn. As you can guess, I had no idea what he was up to."

"He always is a step ahead of everyone. Our owner is quite the planner."

Vicki was a little taken aback by the clear admiration in her voice and the matter of fact way she called him her owner. Clearly things were different in other ways here in the barn that what she expected. While she more or less acknowledged that he owned her, she wasn't quite ready to say it out loud. The livestock went into the barn to a central area with some chairs and a table. There they sat around and discussed all sorts of things. The ponies asked Vicki about her college experiences. Vicki asked them about life as livestock. All three of them spoke in a matter of fact tone about their lives. The ponies spoke about their daily training sessions and how they were used to pull carts with various farm tools or produce in them.

Sarah spoke of her nightly milking; how it had improved her milk quantity and the speed at which she replenished her supply of milk. She told Vicki about the continuous mini orgasms she had from being milked all night.

They all spoke of being used sexually by, not just the stable hands, but others working on the farm as well as visitors. The ponies said that visitors frequently asked Stone for permission to have the ponies take them around the property and how male visitors almost always sodomized them while they were in harness. Sarah spoke of when Stone had visitors and having to be available to be milked at the table.

Then it was time for the cows' second milking of the day. A stable hand led them to their stations and hooked them up. He then sodomized Vicki while she was being milked and she had a great orgasm. Anal sex was not something she particularly enjoyed before becoming a cow and certainly she had never had an orgasm from it. But now it was almost as good as being pussy fucked.

After their milking, the cows rejoined the ponies and the discussion resumed. This time they excitedly talked about the fairs. The ponies were particularly excited when they talked about the races. When they talked about the parade and the dressage events, they were so animated that they had to demonstrate their high steps as well as some of the other moves.

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