tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah Has Another Bad Day Ch. 02

Sarah Has Another Bad Day Ch. 02


Sarah had only just escaped with her teacher's license intact. The local TV station had been persuaded that they could not show a teacher at the local school masturbating on the school steps without risking being sued for showing pornographic material on prime time news. Instead, they had agreed to show only the moment when the young teacher had burst through the school doors in a state of considerable undress. Her blouse was torn open and her bra covered breasts were on show. Her skirt had been lost and her tiny knickers were almost see-through due to being soaked in her copious pussy juices. Even so, she had been "encouraged" by the Headmaster to seek employment elsewhere and she knew she would have to move a long way to escape her ignominy.

Eventually, after months of trying at home and abroad, she was offered a position as the new science teacher at an all boys' boarding school in the United States. Sarah grabbed at the chance, seeing it as an excellent way to make a new start and emailed her acceptance within minutes. Now she was finally here, her first day at a new school and the first day of the rest of her life. In her eagerness to accept the job offer she had neglected to do any real research into the school but, if she had, she would have discovered that, although this was a fee-paying school and the boys were all from the richest of backgrounds, they were attending this school for a reason. They had all been expelled from one school or another in the past and were generally considered to be unteachable and unruly.

Even if she had done her "homework" on the school she would never have discovered that one of their favourite pastimes was to play "Guess what is underneath". The boys in her new class had all turned eighteen by the time Sarah arrived but she was determined this time things would be different. The boys, however, were fully versed in the rules of how to stare covertly, and sometimes not so covertly, at a woman's clothing and try to guess what they were wearing underneath. No panty line visible through a skirt meant a thong or no panties at all, in which case the woman would be instantly branded a slut in their minds. If no bra straps were visible through the back of a woman's blouse or dress it means she was wearing no bra at all or possibly a teddy. This only encouraged them even more to try to score further points by catching a glimpse down their target's blouse or top. Although most of their time spent playing their favourite game was ogling at the teenage girls, girls of their own age or slightly older, from the local village, on occasion they would make an exception and single out a fully grown woman as the object of their sport.

As soon as Sarah Tucker introduced herself to the class as their new science teacher, the boys all grinned to one another and they knew she would be unanimously elected as the next player in "Guess what is underneath". After their first lesson together, which Sarah thought had gone quite well even if she did find it a bit disconcerting to feel the stares of a room full of adolescents all focused on her, the boys gathered in their dormitory and discussed how they were going to play the game this time. They knew that this would be a special assignment and they wanted to make sure they played her right to ensure the maximum exposure for her and the maximum thrill for them. After a while, they noticed that Alex wasn't joining in the discussions as eagerly as he usually did and asked if something was wrong. He just smiled smugly to himself and to them, assuring them that everything was fine but that they should take their lead from him on this one. One or two raised objections as they wanted to be the ones looking down Miss Tucker's blouse or up her skirt but he promised them that, if they followed his lead, the rewards would be great and would be shared by them all. Agreeing to allow him one day to prove his boast, they dispersed and all looked forward to their science class the next day.

During class Sara was becoming aware of the fact that her students were paying more and more attention to her breasts rather than to their lessons. She could feel her face starting to blush as well as the familiar feeling between her legs as she became more and more embarrassed. Her knickers (no, her "panties"; she was in a new country now and must get used to the small changes in language); her "panties" were still as sexy as they had always been as Sarah was determined that there would never be an occasion when any of her new students would ever see them.

Pretending not to notice their stares, even as she became even more self conscious, she was relieved when Alex raised his hand and asked if she could help him with a problem he had. Relieved to move away from the front of the room, she strode purposefully down the aisle between the desks, towards the rear of the class where Alex was sitting. As the boy pulled out something from under his notebook, Sarah was forced to bend over to take a closer look. As she did so, the boy sitting next to Alex, his best friend, Danny, stared at the round bottom of the new teacher and noted that, despite her the modest length of her skirt, down below her knees, it stretched tightly across her cheeks and told his experienced eye that she was wearing French cut panties. What colour they were or what they were made of, he had no way of knowing but Alex had promised all these details would be revealed in good time. Danny shifted his legs under his desk, rearranging the front of his pants as his teenage cock grew quickly in appreciation of the young woman bent over inches from his desk.

"How can I help you, Alex?" asked the unsuspecting teacher.

"Did you know I had cousins in London, miss? In fact one of them, Todd Williams and I have been emailing each other ever since we were old enough. Last night I told him we had a new teacher from England and he sent me this photo? This is you, miss, isn't it?"

At the mention of Todd Williams' name, Sarah's heart had almost stopped. Her face burned deep red, even without looking at the picture, and when Alex waved it under her eyes, she had snatched it from him and marched back to her desk. She sat back down but could not face the inquisitive eyes of the rest of the class. Dismissing them early, she busied herself at her desk until the boys had all filed out of the classroom, delighted to be spared any more of the young teacher's demanding lesson.

When she dared to raise her eyes again, Alex was standing in front of her desk, smiling. He was looking down at her, almost indulgently, and pointed to the photo. For the first time, Sarah stared at it and realised it was the one Todd had taken of her panties being on show in front of his whole class when she had forgotten to pull up the zip on the front of her pants after a visit to the staff loo.

"This is you, miss, isn't it?"

Sarah hung her head in shame, knowing there was no way of denying that it was her who was in the photo; it was her who was sitting on her desk in front of a classroom full of students and it was her who was showing off her panties, even if it was an accident.

"Well, miss?"

Sarah raised her head, tears welling up in her eyes and nodded.

"Thank you. That's all I needed to know."

With that, he turned and walked out of the room, rushing to catch up with his friends and leaving his teacher shocked and mystified. What was he going to do? Should she pre-empt any possible trouble and confess all to the Principal. No, it had taken so much effort to secure this position. She knew if she walked away now, she would be unlikely to ever teach again. She would have to try to reason with Alex and try to persuade him not to tell anyone else about the photo or about what had happened in her last school.

When Alex caught up with his friends in the dorm they tried to find out what he had said to Miss Tucker. He urged them to be patient as tomorrow would see the start of their young teacher's new humiliation. As an added incentive, he promised each of them that if he didn't have a picture of their latest target's bra then he would pay each of them five dollars. If he did get such a photo, however, they had to pay him. They all readily accepted since money was never an issue for these boys. Sarah, meanwhile, went home and spent a miserable night wondering what was going to happen to her. She knew she couldn't lose her job again; she knew that she hated the idea of being embarrassed in front of a new group of students; and she knew her panties hadn't been as wet since the day she had left the UK.

The next day, Sarah suffered throughout all her classes, wondering what was going to happen when she taught Alex's class. As the time finally arrived and she watched the boys find their seats, she pretended to be busy with something on her desk. She was, however, keeping a close eye on her latest tormentor, wondering what he would do today. All seemed to be going well as he and the other boys busied themselves with the exercise she had given them, thinking that if she kept them busy there would be no time for any trouble. About to congratulate herself for being so strong, she nearly cried when Alex raised his hand once more from his seat at the back of the class. Sarah steeled herself and walked over to her student, not wanting him to ask his question out loud in case he said something in front of the whole class to humiliate her. She thought she could sense an anticipation in the class as if they all knew something was about to happen but she forced that thought from her head, unwilling to cope with the idea that all these boys were aware of her secret history.

Squatting down at the side of his desk so that she was eye to eye with him and, once more unknowingly giving Danny a nice view of her long skirt pulled tightly across her hips and ass, she looked at him with something pretending to be dominance in her eyes but which they both knew was fear.

"Yes, Alex, you have a question?"

"Yes I do. It's related to the matter we spoke of yesterday."

Alex kept his voice low because he wanted to keep his secret knowledge of his young teacher's past to himself for just a bit longer.

"I'm not sure that the woman in the picture I showed you is actually you. You've told me it is but I think I'll need some more evidence."

Sarah trembled in fear, not really wanting to think about what this boy could want but she knew she had to ask.

"What do you mean?"

"I think I have to check your breasts just to make sure. I'm going to open your blouse as you kneel there and take a photo of your bra. Then I'll be able to compare it with the photos my cousin sent me."

"Isn't it obvious it's me, Alex?" she almost whispered.

"That's what I need to confirm, miss. If you prefer, I could show the rest of the class my photos and ask them what they think."

Once again, Sarah found herself in a situation whereby her cheeks were burning in embarrassment and her panties were getting moist at the same time. Why did her body always have to betray her like this? She didn't want to feel this way but she knew that squatting down beside this young student as he "suggested" that she should expose herself to him was humiliating and arousing in equal measure. When she hesitated to comply, Alex asked again if she wanted him to show the rest of the class his photo.

"No, please, Alex, you can do what you want. Just promise me you'll not show anyone those pictures," she begged.

Alex promised, knowing full well that he had no intention of keeping his promise, but he was becoming impatient with the beautiful woman beside him. He knew he had turned her world upside down and suspected that her emotions were running somewhere between fear and humiliation but he also knew class was about to end. He needed that photo.

As Sarah made no move to escape but, equally, made no effort to assist, him he saw his classmates were rubbing their hands in anticipation of winning the bet. He could see nothing but a high buttoned blouse and that was never going to be enough of a prize.

"Fuck this," he thought. "No way am I letting this stupid cunt cost me the bet". In a bold move he reached up and quickly unbuttoned three buttons on Sarah's blouse as if that sort of thing was done all the time. Sarah was taken aback at the suddenness of his move but, in her shock, she did nothing. With her blouse open her shear bra was clearly exposed. Alex snapped a picture of her lace bra complete with her hardening nipples poking through. Calmly putting his camera back in his pocket, he nodded to Miss Tucker, half expecting her to drag him out of class and march him to the Principal's office. He would be suspended for sure but he knew it would have been worth it. Instead his previously prim and proper teacher simply buttoned her blouse back up, straightened up and walked back to her desk and pretending that nothing had happened.

After class the guys got together in their usual hang out place back in their dorm and Alex forwarded Sarah's picture to all his buddies. Before the school day was over her picture would be all over the internet porn sites. Alex collected his bet and said, "She just stood there showing me her bra and didn't say anything. I think she likes being humiliated like that". They all started laughing at the picture displayed on their camera phones.

"How on earth did you get away with that?" asked Craig. "I wonder if her panties are as sexy as her bra. Maybe you could get her to show us up her skirt next, Alex. Maybe she likes being humiliated. Maybe she would strip in front of the whole class."

The boy was obviously getting more and more excited as his dirty mind ran away with itself while he stared at the photo of his teacher's hard nipples sticking through her lacy bra. Alex knew he had to slow things down or his friends would get carried away and ruin this by going too fast.

"Ok, Craig, calm down. If we take our time with this I'm sure we can get her to do anything we want but we have to do it one step at a time. Can I assume that I am still in charge of this game?"

All the others nodded their heads eagerly, wondering what Alex was going to suggest next.

"Ok. Well, I'm willing to bet ten dollars this time that I can get a photo of her panties? Anyone want to take the bet?"

Every one of them excitedly took up their friend's challenge and couldn't wait until the helpless Miss Tucker was standing in front of them again. They knew she would wear a long dress or skirt as she always did but now they knew they could afford to dream tonight about what she had on beneath that conservative garment.

Sarah slept even less that night and when she returned to school the next morning she could concentrate on nothing without wondering what was going to be asked, no demanded of her in Alex's class. She didn't have long to wait as he and his buddies arrived in her classroom for the final lesson of the morning. She waited and waited, constantly looking at Alex sitting at the back of the class, wondering when he was going to raise his hand. When he didn't and the class bell rang, Sarah breathed a huge sigh of relief and began to gather her things before escaping to the staff room for lunch. When she looked up, however, Alex and all his friends were still sitting at their desks.

"Class is over, boys. It's lunchtime." She was trying to be authoritative, trying to be a teacher, but none of her students seemed to be taking any notice. That was when Alex raised his hand. Shuddering in fear and trepidation, she walked to the back of the class.

"What is it, Alex? It's time you all left."

"If that's what you want us to do, miss, then we will. I was just wondering if you could help me make more certain the identity of the woman in the photo I spoke to you about. I don't think I have enough evidence yet to make a final decision."

"What more do you want from me, you little creep? I've told you that's it is me in your horrible photo and I've even let you take another photo of my breasts. Now get out of here."

"OK, miss. I was just wondering. I guess I'll just ask my buddies what they think of the photos and video Todd sent me from England." Alex was still keeping his voice low, still keeping his secret, still tormenting his teacher.

Sarah's face crumpled and she knew she was beat. She could never allow anyone in the school to see the evidence of her past humiliation and if she had to endure a few more embarrassing days at the hands of these few boys then that was what she would have to do. She leaned forward, sure that Alex would want another photo of her breasts, maybe even this time without her bra. Maybe then he would leave her alone.

"All right, Alex. What do you want this time?" She forced herself to smile at the horrible boy who seemed to hold all the aces but smiling was the last thing she felt like doing.

"Nothing much, miss. I just want you to raise your skirt so that I can make sure your ass is the same one as the one in Todd's photos."

She looked at him in disbelief. How could she possibly demean herself like this and show off her panties to these horrible boys, boys not much younger than she herself, boys who all seemed to be staring at her, or more exactly, at her ass. Her cheeks blushed a deep shade of red as she realised she was even considering doing what he had suggested. Still, she had to try one last time

"Haven't you seen enough, Alex? You know it's me," she whispered.

"Well, you may be right, miss, but unless I make this final check I'll just have to ask my friends. Is that what you want?"

Realising she was defeated, she shook her head. Still keeping her voice as low as Alex's, still keeping the conversation just between the two of them, she begged him to do one thing for her.

"All right; just ask the others to leave, please."

Alex quite liked the idea of being the only one to see his young teacher's round bottom and he told the others to leave. They weren't too happy about it but when he explained it was the only way they were going to get the photo, they all picked up their books and trudged out. Sarah followed them as if nothing unusual was happening and locked the door behind them, making sure no-one was going to burst in unexpectedly. Taking a deep breath, she turned from the door and faced her tormentor.

"Promise me that this will be it, Alex. That nobody will ever learn about this; that you will never ask me to do anything like this again."

"Of course not, miss," Alex promised. Another promise he had no intention of keeping. "One final check and it will all be over."

Her whole body trembling, Sarah slowly turned round until her back was to her student. Taking hold of the long tweed skirt she had chosen for today, she slowly began to raise it up her toned legs. Alex watched in amazement as the bottom of her skirt rose up her calves, towards her thighs. He nearly gasped aloud as she continued to pull it up over her thighs and his cock jerked within his pants as he saw she was wearing stockings, her naked thighs coming in to view as she bunched the long skirt around her waist. If that was shocking enough for the eighteen year old boy, seeing the back strap of his teacher's thong trapped between her gorgeous ass cheeks nearly made him cum on the spot.

He could never have known it but Sarah's body was reacting too and she felt the cotton gusset of her panties become flooded with her own juices and she prayed he would not notice. But Alex was noticing everything. He simply stood there and drank in the picture of his sexy teacher displaying her bottom just for him. Then he remembered he had to take a photo or he would lose the bet

"Thank you, miss, I'm almost certain now that it's you in the photo. One last thing and then we're all done. Spread your legs apart and bend over."

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