tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Returns Home Ch. 02

Sarah Returns Home Ch. 02


Part 1

Moments after they left the boutique, they bumped into Linda and her mother and both women were keen to take a look at what she had bought. She knew she could never allow her mother or her sister to see the kind of underwear that Sandy had bought for her so promised to show them once they all got home, simply trying to buy herself some time. If she thought that was the end of her ordeal, she was badly mistaken.

Sandy announced that he would treat them all to a late lunch in town and steered them towards a small Italian restaurant that he knew well. As they entered the new diner, it didn't look anything like a traditional Italian restaurant, more of a modern Pizzeria, with chrome tables and booths as well as tables. Sandy was greeted like an old friend and they were escorted to one of the booths where he managed to manipulate the three women to sit exactly where he wanted them, Sarah on the outside, Sandy to her right, then on the other side of the table, Lind and finally her mother. Her brother-in-law was charm itself as he chose some full bodied Barolo and pretended to listen as his new wife and mother-in-law related their shopping tales from the morning.

Sarah was still feeling extremely embarrassed by what had happened in the changing room when she had brought herself to an incredible orgasm in front of the formidable shop assistant who simply stood and watched her. Now she could feel her tiny knickers sticking to her pussy as she had not been given the chance to clean up. Added to that, the strap at the back was sinking deeper and deeper between her cheeks and her tiny leather skirt was doing nothing to protect her modesty. The waiter had certainly enjoyed the sight of her trying to be ladylike as she had slid into the booth and now, as he returned with the wine, he feasted on her slender legs, causing her to blush once more.

Once the wine had been poured, tasted, and the waiter had departed, Sandy raised his glass in a toast to "all the gorgeous women of the Tucker family." While Linda and her mother beamed with undiluted pride, Sarah blushed with embarrassment that her brother-in-law knew far too much about how gorgeous she was. As her mother and sister began to discuss people that she had known a long time ago, Sarah retreated into herself but was suddenly brought back to reality when she felt a hand on her bare thigh.

She immediately turned to Sandy and glared at him. He simply pretended not to notice and joined in the other two women's conversation. She couldn't believe he would be so bold sitting opposite his wife and mother-in-law but the sensations of his hand stroking up and down her thigh, even moving her short skirt up and down a little, shocked her and she was delighted to see the waiter return to take their order. Once again he glanced down at Sarah's legs, smiling to himself, and to her, as he saw Sandy's hand resting near the top. Temporarily distracted by having to look at the menu, Sandy's hand rested for a moment and she took the chance to firmly lift it and placing it back in his own lap.

As the other three resumed their conversation, Sandy put his hand back where it had been before and, although she shifted slightly in her seat, hoping he would get the message, he resumed his stroking of her smooth skin, moving higher and higher as each minute passed. There was a small smile on the corner of his lips, and he turned to look at her for a second, squeezing her leg as she tried to remove his hand again. She was being told, in no uncertain manner, to sit still. Sarah could neither follow nor concentrate on the conversation around the table while her brother-in-law was tormenting her in the presence of her mother and sister, and began to look around the other diners in the hope of some sort of distraction. What she saw, however, simply made her blush even more.

A young couple at the table opposite them had already finished their meal and now seemed intent in devouring each other. As Sarah watched, they leaned together and kissed. They kissed and they kissed and they kissed. They broke off just for a second to look into each others eyes then the woman grabbed the back of the man's head, pulling him back to her mouth to resume their frantic kissing. They had obviously been sitting facing each other during their meal but now the man had taken the empty seat beside his girlfriend and, as their lips feasted on each other, their equally hungry bodies moved even closer together. Sarah watched as the girl seemed to slide forward, her skirt rising up her thighs, revealing her stocking tops. It was then that Sandy noticed her attention was elsewhere.

He followed the direction of her stare and smiled when he saw the young couple enjoying themselves so openly, oblivious to the rest of the world, oblivious to the audience they had. Taking the opportunity presented by Sarah's distraction, his hand slowly moved all the way up her short leather skirt and reached his target, the soaking wet crotch of her knickers. Pouring his wife and mother-in-law more wine, he left them to their gossiping as his fingertips began to slowly trace the outlines of her sensitive pussy lips Sarah was brought back to what was happening under the cover of her own table when she realised her brother-in-law was actually going to go further than even the young couple opposite. She tried to move her position again, glaring at him, but he ignored her and, taking advantage of the adjustment of her legs, pushed his hand even more firmly against her pussy. She could feel his fingers stroking her, rubbing up and down, bringing her somewhere she didn't want to go sitting opposite her mother in a very public place. They could both feel her moistness and, if anything, it seemed to spur him on.

"Who's having the spaghetti?" asked the waiter who had suddenly appeared at the booth.

Sandy slowly removed his hand from under her skirt, the other two women distracted by the arrival of their food. As Linda and her mother began to tuck into their food, Sandy brought his hand up to his face and inhaled deeply. Sarah could feel her cheeks start to burn red again as he did so but, when he surreptitiously licked his fingers, she thought she would die of shame. The waiter simply smiled at her; whether he had seen what was going on or whether he was till enjoying the view of her slender legs, she couldn't possibly know. Neither possibility was attractive to her.

Sarah tried to enjoy her lunch as much as the others were doing but between the threat of what Sandy might do next and the antics of the young couple opposite, she was in no mood to relax. Her eyes drifted across to them again and she saw that the man had become even more daring, pushing up his girlfriend's skirt, exposing her naked thighs and her tight black garter straps.

Suddenly the girl looked her right in the eye and Sarah realised she was not only aware of what she was doing, of what she was showing, but that she was enjoying it; enjoying being touched, enjoying being exposed. With very clear intent, she opened her legs wide and Sarah stared in disbelief as the girl's skirt rose further up, settling around her waist.

Her eyes nearly popped out as she saw that the girl wasn't wearing any knickers at all. The thick curly hair between her legs could not hide the pink lips that glistened behind them. Staring right at her audience of one, she took the man's hand, and placed it over her pussy, holding it there, pressing him firmly against herself. Sarah could almost hear the girl's heavy breathing but she certainly heard her when she threw back her head and moaned aloud.

This seemed to draw the attention of a few other diners and they stopped what they were doing. The girl quickly pulled down her skirt but not before more than a few others had a clear view of her hairy pussy, the women glaring in disbelief, the men smiling in jealousy. Sarah could only imagine the state the young man must be in but, when his girlfriend reached across and grabbed him between his legs he knew it was time to leave.

They both staggered to their feet, the girl still rearranging her skirt, the man trying to conceal the obvious bulge in the front of his trousers. He practically threw some money at the waiter on the way out and the last Sarah saw of them was the man grabbing his girlfriend's firm bottom cheeks as they hurried off to a more private location.

If she thought for one moment that the departure of the couple would have caused Sandy to stop, she was badly mistaken. He had somehow managed to slide one finger around the dripping crotch of her knickers and hook it to the side. Now his fingers were against her bald pussy and the more those fingers teased her, the wetter she became. He continued to talk to her sister and mother as he fingered her and part of her marveled at his ability to multi-task so blatantly.

"Sarah! Are you listening?"

"Sorry, what was the question?"

"I don't know what's the matter with you today. It might be acceptable to dress like that in the US but it most certainly isn't today but I would have thought that the least you could do is pay attention when your sister is speaking to you." She mumbled her apology to her mother but couldn't help but feel she was being judged unfairly. Would they really expect her to be paying attention if they knew Sandy had his fingers at the entrance to her pussy and was threatening to enter her as they sat there droning on?

She gasped silently, bringing her napkin to her mouth as he pushed his way in, even as he continued to eat his lunch. She stared at him, pleading with him not to do this but he was enjoying himself too much and he could tell, by the juices coating his fingers and the smallest of wet sounds as he pushed in and out, that her body was too, even if she would never admit it.

She tried to eat her own food but even her hands wouldn't function properly as her face became overheated and her whole body ached to thrust itself against his invading hand. She dreaded what would happen if he touched her sensitive clit but, as if reading her mind, his thumb reached up and stroked her throbbing button, causing her to whimper into her hand.

Biting her bottom lip to stop herself from asking for more, she nearly cried when she realised she was about to cum in front of her mother and sister, in a public place, with her brother-in-law's fingers deep inside her.

"Is everyone finished?"

Where had the waiter come from? Sandy removed his fingers slowly again and she was so tempted to grab his hand and push him back inside her frustrated pussy. She was so close but when she saw him licking his fingers again she cringed anew.

"Is that your salad dressing on your fingers? Let me taste it?"

She looked on aghast as he unashamedly offered his sticky fingers to his wife, her sister, and her face blushed bright red as she watched Linda lick those fingers that had just been removed from her pussy. Her sister had obviously had too much wine already as she ignored the glares of her mother and licked along the length of her new husband's long fingers, ensuring she captured every drop of the moisture covering them.

"That's a strange taste," she finally offered. "What's it called?"

"I'm not sure; I'll find out," answered the waiter, all too aware of where this new taste originated but not sure how he could it explain it. As he cleared the plates, he looked at Sarah's barely touched lunch.

"Didn't you like it?"

"I think she's got her mind on other things," Sandy answered for her and the waiter left.

Part 2

Thankfully, they had left the restaurant soon after, Linda driving her mother home and Sandy chauffeuring his sister-in-law. The drive was once again uneventful apart from Sarah having to sit with her short skirt around her waist again. On Sandy's instruction, she had pulled down her top and exposed her corset-covered breasts to any truck which passed in the opposite direction. Linda and her mother, driving behind them, wondered why all the trucks were sounding their horns as they passed but Sarah comforted herself with the thought that at least she would never have to face these men in person.

Even so, on their return to her mother's home, she made the excuse of a severe headache and stayed in her room the rest of the day. Her mother retired early that night too and she knew that Linda and Sandy were in their room too. The whole neighbourhood probably knew that, given the noise they were making.

She couldn't settle and once the house was quiet, John still being out with his friends, she decided she would take a dip in her mother's pool, hoping the exercise might drive the conflicting thoughts from her mind. If nothing else, perhaps she would be able to tire herself out.

Rummaging among the bags from her shopping expedition with Sandy earlier, she retrieved the swimsuit he had bought her. She knew it was revealing but at this time of night it probably wouldn't matter; no-one was going to see it. As she pulled it out of the bag, she remembered just how embarrassed she had been in the changing room when the older shop assistant had seen her try it on but the only older woman here tonight was her mother and she was one person who would never see Sarah in this outfit.

What there was of it was white; a colour she had realised Sandy seemed to favour. He seemed to prefer his woman to have something of the innocent about them but still expected them to act like a slut. The top consisted of two strings with two small triangles which she knew wouldn't even cover her modest breasts. The bottom was even smaller; it consisted of two stings and only one triangle. Even in the privacy of her room, Sarah felt aroused just by slipping it on. She pulled the two triangles that mostly make up the top into position so that they covered each nipple, leaving lots of exposed breast all around. The bottom triangle covered her pussy and not much more while the back was nothing more than a string that she pulled deep between her bottom cheeks so that it was practically invisible. Luckily she had managed to convince Sandy to buy the matching wrap which she now tied around her waist, allowing herself a small sense of decency before she grabbed the first footwear that came to hand, a pair of high-heeled white sandals.

Silently she opened her bedroom door and made her way downstairs. The house was dark but she knew her way round well enough not to bump into anything. By the time she got into the kitchen, there was enough moonlight coming in the patio doors to allow her to unlock them and slip outside without disturbing anyone. Making her way across the lawn, she reached the poolside and bent down, reaching in to test the water.

It was then she had another deliciously naughty thought. No-one was around; her bikini was as good as useless; what if she were to go skinny-dipping? Who would know; who would see her? It was something Linda and she had often dared each other to do when they were growing up but neither of them had ever had the nerve. What was to stop her now? She could just imagine Linda's face in the morning when she whispered in her sister's ear that she had finally won the bet.

Untying the wrap and laying it on one of the pool-side loungers, she quickly slipped off her top. Before her nerve deserted her, she pulled her tiny bottom triangle down her legs and she realised that it was wet already, even before she had entered the pool. I really need to calm down, she thought. Hopefully a good workout in the pool would help.

Not wanting to make too much noise by diving in, she slipped into the still pleasant water but still shivered as she felt it inching up her toned legs and reaching her private places. Trying to ignore the sensations as she felt the water caress her most intimate areas, she pushed herself off from the side and began to lap up and down.

She had always been a strong swimmer and she realised it had been too long since she had pushed herself this much but it felt good and she pushed some more. For over twenty minutes she lapped up and down her mother's pool, enjoying the stretch of her muscles, enjoying the feel of the water on her bare skin, losing herself in the physical exertion she had been longing for.

When she finally stopped, she stood in the shallow end, taking a minute to orientate herself again, pushing her wet hair off her face and wiping the water from her face. That was the moment she shuddered in fear and she ducked down to her knees hiding herself once more. There were three or four cars by the side of the house that hadn't been there before. John had obviously arrived home; and he wasn't alone.

Her first instinct had been to hide but now she knew she had to get dressed, to cover herself before anyone saw her like this. Her bikini wasn't going to cover much but it would cover the essentials and she didn't have any other choice. As quietly as she could, she climbed out of the pool, immediately aware of the night-time breeze blowing against her wet nipples and her naked pussy.

Making her way over to the lounger, she looked down in horror as she saw her bikini and wrap had disappeared, stolen; only her white sandals remained. She looked back at the house in fear, wondering if anyone was watching her, thankful that the full moon had dipped behind some clouds and that at least was offering her some protection.

The longer she stood there, the colder she became, the more she shivered and the harder her nipples seemed to become. She knew she couldn't stay there much longer and decided she would have to make a run for it. What she would do when she got to the house, what she would say to John or any of her friends if she bumped into them, she would have to work out once she got there.

John, however, had other plans. He had invited his team mates back to the pool for some midnight skinny dipping of their own and, as they were all over eighteen and had no worries about parental curfews, they stripped off in the kitchen. Just as he was about to switch on the pool-side floodlights, John noticed someone in the pool. At that point he hadn't known the identity of the mystery swimmer but he had quietened down his friends before creeping to the edge of the pool.

He was overjoyed to be met with the sight of his sexy aunt, especially as she was naked once more and now he could prove to his friends just how sexy she was. He saw her clothes lying on the lounger, grabbed them and crept back to the house. Promising his friends a treat if they could just keep quiet for a few minutes longer, he put his plan into place. When he saw the naked body of his aunt pull herself out of the pool, realise her bikini had gone, debate with herself what she should do, he was almost trembling with excitement when he saw her slip on her sandals and start to run towards the house.

Sarah was trembling too; she was cold; she was wet; and she was afraid. That was nothing, however, to how she felt when she was suddenly trapped in a pool of light as her nephew flicked the switch. Like a rabbit trapped in headlights, she couldn't see anything at first, her eyes blinded by the bright light. When she could see again, she nearly fainted on the spot.

John was standing at the patio doors, his video camera in his hand, capturing every moment of her exposure and her embarrassment. Worse still he was naked and her eyes were automatically dragged towards the erect cock between his legs; worse still was the fact that his friends were all standing on the patio enjoying her display; worse still they were all naked too and they all sported cocks that were just as erect as her nephew's. Worst of all, they were all smiling at her and she knew she would have to battle her way through them to reach the sanctuary of her mother's house.

As the boys all started to cheer and holler in delight, she knew she had no choice but to run for it before they woke the rest of the family. Unused to being presented with a naked older woman at the end of their night out, they politely stepped back and allowed her to pass through at high speed. Even so, a few braver ones still managed to run their hands over her naked cheeks and one even grabbed her breast.

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