Sarlene's Touch Ch. 14


She lay there for a moment, catching her breath, rubbing away a drip of sweat running down into her cleavage. Fentik, she realised, was removing the last of his own clothes, unbuckling his boots with a little difficulty. Just for the moment, she did not have the energy to help.

He was breathing heavily, his face flushed, and she realised that he still needed his own release. She reached out to feel his cock again, running her fingers along its length, rubbing his balls and teasing the swollen head, feeling the dampness of his pre-cum. He mumbled something as she did so, but she could not hear what it was.

She had thought that the first orgasm had robbed her of her energy, but knew now that that wasn't the case. She wanted him inside her, and wanted it now. This was a firm, hard, gnomish cock in her hand, around three-and-a-half inches in length, not the unmanageable proportions of her dream lover, but something perfectly suited to her diminutive, three foot frame.

She sat up and kissed Fentik again, as his hands fondled her breasts, then moved herself forward to sit in his lap, his straining cock pressed against her loins. He gasped as she lifted herself up a little, then plunged herself down, guiding him between her legs.

Goddess, it felt good to have a real warm cock there instead of her own nimble fingers! She had never truly forgotten what it was like, but the sensation was always better than the memory. Fentik's hips were grinding into hers, and she moved in response, letting them find a rhythm together. Her hard nipples pressed against his firm chest, sliding in the sweat of their mutual passion.

It felt so good, but she wanted more. Was it really the case that only thoughts of Horvan could satisfy her now? She refused to countenance that, determined to ring a second orgasm from this so very much more real lover. She leaned back, supporting herself with her arms on the rug, pulling her body down to a sharper angle, in the hope he could drive deeper, using the whole of her body to add to the force of Fentik's continued thrusts.

Her lover was gasping, breaths coming in sharp bursts, sweat beading his brow, his eyes wide with passion. He cupped one of her breasts again, gripping the nipple firmly between forefinger and thumb. He was obviously overwhelmed by her sheer passion, as if all of his fantasies had come true at once. She did not think he could last much longer.

She pulled free, giving him a chance to catch his breath, watching his pulsing cock smeared with her juices. She rolled over on her side, bracing her arms against the nearest table leg, and lifting a leg over one of his shoulders. He gazed down at her open pussy, as she silently begged him to take her again.

And take her he did, gripping onto her thigh, spreading her as wide as he could, driving his cock deeper into her than ever before. She shouted as she felt it slide home, filling her, pressing hard against her most intimate areas.

They had not spoken for a while, but now she began to cry out his name again, urging him on to still greater heights. "Yes, Fentik... I want you... Goddess, yes... harder... faster... give me everything... yes!"

Her lover's eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets, his face was red with exertion, almost unable to keep up with her desires. But somehow, he managed it, his hips and balls slapping into her as he thrust again and again, his rhythm quickening. With a final groan, he came inside her, the hot fluid flooding her cunt. She yelled, pressing her face down into the thick pile of the carpet as her second orgasm washed over her, her cunt contracting and squeezing out every last drop.

Fentik pulled out of her, collapsing onto his back, his chest heaving. She looked over at him, lying there, not quite able to believe what had just happened to him. She released the table leg, and moved up to lie beside him, resting a hand on his chest, and laying one of her thighs against his.

But she did not want to meet his eyes, because she knew something he did not. In those last few moments, as they had both reached the heights of climax, it was not his face she had seen in her mind's eye, but Horvan's. It seemed she would not be rid of him so easily...

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