tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSaving Monica's Privates

Saving Monica's Privates


Private Monica had awoken from a long sleep and found herself tied by her hands and hanging from a ceiling in an empty dim lighted room. She was soak and wet and heard water drops in the background.

"What? Where am I?" Private Monica asked herself, as she slowly regained her vision.

Private Monica tried to jiggle herself loose from the ropes bonding her hands. She suddenly realized that her bra had been removed from her shirt and that her enormous breasts were wobbling freely underneath her damped Army shirt. Monica kicked her feet and realized that her shoes were also off her body.

"Where am I? HELLO!?" shouted Monica.

"No one can hear you woman," said a female's raspy voice.

"Who are you?" Monica asked. "And why am I here? Why are my shoes and bra off?"

"Those are all good questions my dear," said the mysterious woman, as she was hidden in the dark. "My men and I have never seen a woman with such large breasts in these areas. Especially an American woman such as yourself."

"Soooo, I've been kidnapped and hung from a ceiling because of my large breasts?" Monica asked.

"Your also the enemy dear. Your President Bush had no rights in sending his troops over to Iraq," said the woman.

Suddenly a bright light shinned on Private Monica and she was blinded. As she regained some of her vision, she noticed the light was coming off of a video camera. Two men wearing ski masks were standing behind the camera and the woman was to the left of them.

"What's going on? Am I a P.O.W?" asked Monica.

"Prisoner Of War? Yes my child. You are," said the woman.

"So you're going to kill me on video and send my killing to American as a warning?" Private Monica asked.

"No Miss Monica. We're not going to kill someone like you. My men and I are rather horny and so we're going to have fun with you and teach your President Bush to never send over large breasted woman with sexy feet again," said the woman.

"I would rather you assholes kill me instant of raping me," Monica pleaded.

The woman stepped into the light and was a naked Iraq woman. The two men stepped forward and were also naked except for their faces. Their cocks were rather huge and Monica became terrify of what they might do with those.

"Please let me go. I'm sure you could find another big-breasted woman like me if you kept looking," begged Monica.

"It's too late child. As you can see, my boys are hard and I'm wet," said the Iraq woman. "And from the looks of it, I think we're turning you on."

Monica looked confused by what the woman said until the woman pointed to Monica's chest. Monica looked down and saw her nipples had harden.

"It's cold in here. That's the reason my nipples are hard," Monica explained.

"Go head boys. Have fun with your new play toy," the Iraq woman commanded.

The two large naked men stood on opposite sides of Monica. Their big dicks hit and slapped into her legs.

Monica tried jiggling loose again but only made the masked men hornier, as they watched her huge boobs jiggle and sway beneath her shirt.

Each masked man took a shirt-covered boob in their hands and squeezed it.

"Stop it! You don't know what you're doing. I'm married and I have kids," pleaded Monica.

The Iraq woman pulled out a huge knife and cut down the middle of Monica's wet shirt. The men pulled the shirt to her sides and her large titties were exposed. Monica's huge tits jutted from her chest, toppled with puffy pink areolas and tiny pink nipples.

"Oh no!" cried Monica, as the cold air blew against her naked tits.

The masked men started licking the sides of Monica's breasts. They trailed their tongues all over Monica's chest until they reached her puffy areolas and nipples. Both men sucked on Monica's areolas and nipples.

The Iraq woman watched with passion in her eyes. She rubbed her own pussy as she filmed the rape on tape.

Both masked men sucked hard on Monica's tits. Her nipples began leaking a milk substance.

"She had milk boys! Drink up!" shouted the Iraq woman.

Both masked men latched onto Monica's milky nipples and sucked on them. Monica's sour breast milk flowed into their nasty mouths and down their throats.

Monica couldn't resist and started moaning. She has never had a guy, not even her own husband, drink milk from her titties.

The two men squeezed Monica's enormous milk-filled boobs, as they sucked on them and drunk her milk.

The breast feeding lasted nearly a half an hour and both men were still drinking and sucking her titties. Their cocks had became painfully hard, that the cockheads turned dark purple.

"Alright boys! I think it's time to do some other things to this American," said the Iraq woman, as she pulled two fingers from her cunt. "Take off her pants and socks."

The masked men obeyed and removed Private Monica's pants and socks. The men noticed that Monica's panties were damped.

"I think all the excitement has made our busty friend horny," said the woman. "And look at those pretty feet. I think they need to be sucked on too."

The masked men kneeled to the cold, damp floor and took Monica's feet in their hands. Each man had a foot and began licking and sucking on her arches.

Monica trashed her dark haired head around and her enormous milk jugs when swinging with her, as the two men sucked on her feet. Monica hated her feet and thought they were large and ugly. The two masked men loved her feet. They sucked every inch of her feet without touching her toes.

One of the masked men began sucking Monica's toes. He pressed his tongue between her toes while he sucked on them. The other masked man rubbed his big dick against the sole of her saliva-covered foot.

"Nice... Beat that dick against her foot," teased the woman, as she zoomed in for a close up.

The masked men whom sucked Monica's toes had stop sucking and went behind her. He pulled her soaked panties down and revealed her drenched wet hairy pussy.

"Ohhhh boys! Look at the juicy glistening from her pubes," moaned the woman, as she zoomed the camera up to Monica's pussy.

The masked man behind her, stayed behind her and buried his face between her round ass cheeks. He ate her ass out and sucked on her asshole. Monica had never had a man eat her ass out before. The masked man in front had Monica's feet wrapped around his huge prick and thrusted his cock up and down between the arches of her feet. His balls bounced against the heels of her feet as he thrusted.

"OHHHHHH!" moaned Monica.

Her pussy began spurting out juices onto the masked man in front. He held Monica's feet around his cock and leaned forward. He buried his face between her thick thighs and eat her pussy. Monica's body was surging with chills, as her pussy and ass were being eaten and her feet got fucked by a huge dick.

Monica came on the man's mask and inside his mouth. The man's cock had blasted a huge load of cum onto her feet. Monica's toes wiggled in hot cum.

The masked man behind Monica stood up and plunged his big hard cock into her pussy. He held her hips and leaned back against the floor, as he thrust Monica hard and fast.

"Oh God yes! Fuck her. Fuck her good!" egged on the Iraq woman.

The man in front stood back up and stroked his cock. He closed his lips around one of Monica's flopping breasts and sucked on it. Milk spilled from her loose titty and sprayed all over the man's mask and naked chest. He grabbed both of her milky titties and alternated between sucking on them and drinking her milk.

The masked man pounded Monica's pussy hard. His cock was buried deep to the core of her pussy as he pounded. His balls were drenched in Monica's pussy juices and bounced off her cunt.

Monica couldn't take it anymore and came all over his thrusting dick. The masked man busted a large nut inside Monica's hairy womb. Their cum mixed and spilled all over Monica's thighs and his balls. He pulled his cock from her cunt, as his partner's cock became hard again. He picked up Monica's legs and wrapped them around his waist, as he began to fuck her.

The masked man held onto Monica's ass and separated her cheeks as he fucked her pussy. Monica's tits bounced up and down in the man's face.

The masked man behind her stroked his cock to the action and plunged a finger up into Monica's asshole. Monica was fucked and fingered at the same time.

The Iraq woman had lost control of herself and used a large dildo to fuck her pussy.

The masked man behind Monica had his cock hard again and thrusted it up her ass. Now the two masked men fucked and penetrated both of her tender holes. Their hands squeezed and pinched at her titties and nipples. Her breast milk soaked the masked man in front and he loved every minute of it.

"AHhhhhhhhh! OH GOD! Ohhhhhhh FUCK!" cried Monica, as these two big dicks plowed in her holes.

They thrusted in and out of Monica for several minutes and she came. The masked men fill their cocks unloading in Monica's cumming pussy and ass. The Iraq woman came herself, as she pulled the large dildo from her cunt.

The masked men pulled their cum-drenched cocks from Monica.

Monica's body was sore, sweaty, and sticky. She was nearly unconscious hanging naked from the ropes.

"Beautiful," said the Iraq woman, as she got a close up of Monica's creamy cunt.

The Iraq woman left her camera and kneeled down in front of Monica. She puckered her lips up to Monica's pussy and eat it out. She could taste Monica's cum as well as the masked man's cum. She ate, licked, and sucked Monica's pussy savagely and made Private Monica cum again.

"Hmmm! You taste so sweet girl," moaned the Iraq woman, as she licked her lips clean of Monica's cum.

Suddenly Private Monica's military group raided the dark warehouse. They arrested the Iraq woman and the two masked men. A few of Monica's group members stayed back to help untie her, while the others took the woman and the masked men to prison.

"Wait a minute man! Look at Monica's tits. Those things are huge. I've always wanted to see them and now that I've seen them, I want to have my way with them," said one of the troops.

"I don't know man. We could be arrested and charged for this shit," said a team member.

"But it's worth it," another team member said.

The three troops stripped off their clothes and began raping Monica all night long.

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