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School Nurse


It was early in the morning and I slowly trudged along to the nurses' office as I did every morning. It became a ritual I would walk in set my bag down and do odd jobs for her during the coarse of that first period. How was I to know that today would be any different?

"Well good morning Manny!" said Mrs. Hayes the school nurse to me with a wide smile. "How was your weekend? What did you do to celebrate your 18th birthday?"

A huge grin spread across my face because now I could tell her that I had had quite a weekend. "My friends and I all got together at my place and first went to 'Le Palace'." Mrs. Hayes looked over at me with wide eyes. Le Palace is a very well known strip club in our city.

"How'd you like that?" she said trying to act as though it really didn't matter all that much. I could tell though that she was interested by the glint I saw in her eye when I had said the words.

"It was incredible, we went just for the fun of it and see what there was to do. Stefano offered to pay for a lap-dance for me from any girl of my choosing." I said enthusiastically.

"Really? What was the girl like? Tell me about her." She said with more interest in her voice.

"Well for the longest time I've had this thing for blondes, they drive me crazy. I also wanted a girl with large breasts and around the age of 30." While I was telling her about my preference Mrs. Hayes began to blush because she was noticing more and more that the girl I had chosen looked a lot like her. Mrs. Hayes has dirty blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She has fair skin dotted with freckles all over the places, which made me wonder where else those freckles touched. Her breasts were a good size C just enough for a good feel. Finally, her ass was just made for fondling. She was perfect.

"Oh yeah? Could you find one?" she said with a blush.

"Yeah that was just so unbelievably good. After it I couldn't get up, she had me so worked up." I held my breath and wondered if I had said too much.

"Oh my goodness. But I'm sure no one would have noticed anything if you did. To be honest Manny it can't be THAT big." She moved slowly to the other side of the office and started closing the door. "Don't want the little kids listening to our conversation. So go on tell me what was it like?"

I swallowed hard. Could this really be happening here in school? No way! "Well we talked for a little while about how it was my birthday and I was so nervous. Then she did something I wouldn't have expected in my life. She said, 'Don't worry I'll treat you well' and she started rubbing my crotch. It was incredible." Mrs. Hayes looked down at my pants for a second and looked back at me.

"Then what?"

"Well the show on stage ended and that meant that she could get started on my dance. I was so nervous by the time she got back. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss. Then the song started in the background and she started dancing around. Her hips and ass just kept rubbing over the crotch of my pants that I couldn't help it, and" I swallowed hard.

"Well? Come on Manny. Don't be shy!" She started moving her chair closer to me.

At this point I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. "And so my thing just made a huge bulge on the leg of my pant. She must have felt it because she kept running her hands over my shaft through my pants. Almost as if she was… well you know." I looked down a bit embarrassed.

"Like she was jerking you off?" I looked up to see Mrs. Hayes' eyes on my crotch and she liked her lips. Oh my God she isn't thinking about my cock is she?

"Yeah…" I looked back down and I noticed that you could easily see the lump on the leg of my pant. My cock as in plain view to Mrs. Hayes and she was actually staring at it.

"So she was stroking your cock… I mean your penis through your pants? That must have felt good. I can see it did because you're re-living it right now, here in-front of me." I must have turned deep red and very ashamed because she did something I never would have expected from someone that worked in my school. She got up quickly and sat next to me and put her hand on my thigh. "You don't have to be ashamed about that Manny. It looks like you're a healthy young man with intense hormones. Usually guys your age have to masturbate about two or three times a day to keep their sanity."

I didn't know what to say. I was completely speechless. "I guess."

"Do you masturbate at home Manny?" she said and gave my thigh a nice squeeze.

"Yeah… But I usually don't have much time to do it. So I might get away with once a day." I couldn't believe I was talking to Mrs. Hayes, the woman of my fantasies, about how often I jerked off.

"Well I have an offer for you Manny. If you don't want to it's all right and we can forget the whole thing ever happened. But lately my husband and I haven't been doing much of anything if you understand my meaning." She slowly ran her hand up to just above the tip of my cock. "So would you like if I milked your cock every morning for you?"

I must have looked very dumb because the next second she was pushing my lower chin up to meet my mouth. I tried to speak but just began stuttering. "Y-y-yeah. I would like that very much."

Mrs. Hayes smiled. But it wasn't a normal typical happy smile. I could see lust growing inside of her something that made me even more excited. "Stand up in-front of me Manny and slowly take those pants off. We don't want to stain them do we?"

"I guess not." I slowly got up and stood in front of her face. I slowly started to pull down my zipper and undo the button on my pants. She started to pull my pants down for me. I could take much more I thought I was going to blow my wad right there in my boxers just inches away from her face.

"Relax Manny. You'll enjoy it more if you do." Her hand went over my stiff prick through my boxers.

I let out a deep breath and tried to calm down. "I might cum soon."

"I know sweetheart. Don't worry I'll take care of everything." She then slid my boxers down to my knees and my cock sprang right onto her lips. My body jerked it was all that I had in me just to stop myself from shooting off. "That's a hot prick Manny. How did it get so hard? Is it because you are thinking about that girl? Or is it because of me?"

"It's definitely hard because of you Mrs. Hayes. I think about you every night when I get to jerk my cock. I think of you sucking on it or running it between your tits."

"You want me to suck your cock don't you Manny? You want this old woman to stick that dirty, hot, thick prick deep into my mouth don't you?" she liked the tip of it sending a chill down my spine.

"Oh please Mrs. Hayes suck my cock for me. Please let me feel your lips around my cock." I almost begged her.

She smiled wickedly at me and let my cock slide slowly between her full red lips. I was in paradise watching my cock disappear down her throat. She started jerking me off while bobbing her head on it. I could hear my cock slapping against her chin as she worked. I knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

"Ohhh. Wow Mrs. Hayes. I'm going to cum very soon. Oh God yeah, suck my cock." I started to move my hips almost fucking her face with my cock.

She quickly pulled her lips off my cock. "Yes Manny I want you to cum in my mouth. It's been so long since I've tasted a man." She started sucking my cock even harder. And now I know why she had said milk my cock before. It literally felt as though she was milking for my man-sauce.

I couldn't hold on any longer. My balls tightened and my eyes shut tight I thrust one last time before I felt the torrent of cum just blasting out of my cock, spurt by thick spurt. Mrs. Hayes started swallowing frantically keeping it all in her mouth and sending it down her throat.

After what seemed an eternity, I opened my eyes to see Mrs. Hayes wiping bits of cum that had fallen out of her mouth and swallowing them with a smile. "How'd you like that Manny?"

"It was incredible!" I put my boxers and pants back on just in time to hear the bell ring. "Mrs. Hayes," I said as I was walking out the door, "can we do this again?"

She flashed me a huge smile, "Any time that you feel as though you need it I'll be here for you sweetheart. Just drop your pants and I'll get on my knees."

Every day after that I've gotten the chance to shoot my wad all over her. Whenever I have a huge test she lets me take out my nerves on her sweet soft ass.

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