tagLoving WivesSchool Teacher Photo Shoot Ch. 2

School Teacher Photo Shoot Ch. 2


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Jennifer looked over at her spent lover. He lay back on the couch with his hands at his sides, head lolling back on the couch as if he'd just shot his testicles out through his dick. His shining cock was deflating but it still stood at about half-mast with his curly pubic hair matted with their combined juices that had just flooded out of her vagina. The glans of his organ drooled a syrupy stream of aftercum out of its opening.

Her blood was still up; she wasn't done quite yet and rolled herself to her hands and knees on the sofa, looked up at Derek and asked, "You don't mind if I clean up the mess I made do you?" as she slurped his slimy, black missile into her mouth without waiting for permission. Here's this prim and proper high school math teacher going crazy over a cock she'd seen for the first time only an hour ago!

Oscar could hardly believe his eyes; she was going at it again! This lady was one hot number! He quickly focused his digital camera and began capturing the images of the young blond gulping his son's manhood.

She cradled Derek's scrotum with her left hand and eagerly sucked the slimy ooze off his shaft and cockhead. She used her tongue to lick the length of his shaft cleaning every drop of their combined passion from his ebony rod. She had more difficulty removing the sticky cum from his matted pubic hair. Her noisy sucking punctuated her efforts as she looked to be grazing on his pubic mat.

Derek was not letting her efforts go unrewarded. He was rubbing her back and shoulders and coaxing her along. "That's it, Jenn, suck my cock. Yeah, eat that cum. Do you taste your pussy on my cock? What a hot cunt you are!" His hand slipped back to her ass and squeezed her cheeks, soaked in their cum. He slid his hand across her belly, her scant pubic patch and between her legs and began to massage the nubbin' of her clit with the fingers of his left hand as she sucked his length back into her mouth again. She was soaked and he soon had her rotating her hips in time to his stroking. He found himself burying his middle and ring finger into her slippery depths with her scant pubic patch squarely nestled in his palm. He wrapped those two fingers around her pubic bone and pulled the fingertips up and into her G-sport visibly moving her pelvis each time he pulled his fingers into her. He felt his palm fill with the sap of her excitement as clenched his hand as if trying to make a fist and closing the tender flesh of her clit into it.

Oscar was scurrying around the two trying to get the right photographic angles to highlight this renewed passion. The hour long "simulated sex" shoot that had suddenly gone reality based was heating up again. The big man moved behind the young woman and focused on his son's black hand massaging the swollen flesh of her labia and then burying two fingers completely in the succulent cavern of her sex. His index and little finger rested on either asscheek and separated the moons to reveal the bud of her anus. The tanned skin of the young mother, her full hips and her sexual energy were not to be completely captured in still photos but Oscar was giving it the ol' college try.

Jennifer's oral efforts were not going without some noticeable impact on Derek's pleasure pole. The five minutes of tonguing and sucking had revived him to his full length if not his original stiffness and Jennifer continued to bob her head up and down as she fellated the length of his shining staff.

Derek had some difficulty separating himself from the woman's oral attack but extricated himself long enough to move in behind her as she looked back over her left shoulder as he put a hand on her ass to steady himself and slid his now bulbous cockhead over the length of her pink, shining slit that was more inviting than any welcome mat could ever be. Oscar moved closer and focused on the veiny shaft as it poised itself at her shimmering entrance; the blood in her lips had her a brilliant hue of pink and the slimy coat of ooze made it glisten in the studio light.

"Slow, slow, Derek," the older man coaxed, "plenty of time, go slow, let's make this all it can be," as he shot photo after photo. Jennifer, supporting herself on her left arm reached her right hand back and pulled the petals of her sex apart and clasped at the slimy head of her lover's dick head. She swirled her fingertips in the ooze he had shot in her before and that was now leaking out of her quivering sheath and rubbed it over the mushroom head. This only served to put more metal in his already steely shaft.

Her hand grabbed the ebony rod at midshaft and she jacked its length back and forth a few strokes and then massaged his hanging nutsack. "Do it! Put it in! Fuck me!" she urged. Her full breasts swung off her chest like ripe fruit on a tree with the hard, pink rubber of her nipples punctuating their fullness. "Don't tease me! Shove it in! Oh, please, fuck me, fuck me! Put that black fucker back in me!"

Who was Derek to refuse a lady? He slowly buried his steely mast in the fuck tube he'd just dumped a huge load of spunk into not 10 minutes prior. This lady was one hot piece of ass! He heard his father coaching the shot, "Out slow, slow, yeah, okay, now back in again. Spread your legs so I can get a shot of her pussy and your balls at the same time." The comments coming from his father might have bothered him in other times but with his cock being bathed by the steamy depths of this married woman he could have cared less.

Derek could feel and see his cock slowly sheathing its black, veiny length inside her. First just the tip penetrated her willing orifice, then the taper, and the base of the mushroom head. Her tube closed in around him when the head had penetrated the portal. Her hot walls bathed his shaft as he slowly, slowly pushed into her fuck tube. The wetness inside served to conduct the heat from her flesh to his. His felt her quiver with excitement as he planted his pubes fully against her full buttocks and then he gave one more little nudge just to make sure she had every inch of his missile firmly seated in her.

"Okay, okay, now really give it to her." Oscar had situated himself at the desired angle where he could photograph his son's swinging scrotum and cock shaft as he penetrated the woman's pinkness. His black thighs and ass framed the pink slit as he slapped himself into her repeatedly. It had the desired effect as the computer monitors revealed. Derek's black bag seemed to be about a half second behind his cock thrusts and then when they would join briefly with the wetness of her outer lips, clung briefly there before they lost contact as he withdrew. His sack hung loosely from the root of his cock indicating he was a long way from climaxing. It flowed like an ocean wave as he jabbed himself again and again into the willing depths.

Jennifer had rested her right arm on the arm of the sofa and had her face rested against it, turned to the camera, eyes half closed and her mouth half open as she was stuck again and again by Derek's hard nail. Oscar shot her from all angles, across her back, from behind, from above, close-up of her face, and of her torso with only Derek's hands steadying himself on her waist. That shot sort of pleased Oscar. It was obvious the young woman was getting all she wanted. Her mouth half open, her breasts swaying with each thrust, eyes oblivious to the camera at all. He had purposefully framed her from about her lower back forward with the only hint that a man was behind her being the black hand on the curve where her waist met her hip. This shot would make the soft porn category but it revealed the intensity of the fucking she was getting. "It was fucking art," Oscar thought silently to himself and laughed quietly at his own joke as he continued to snap photo after photo of the copulating couple.

"Whoa, whoa, you two. Let's not burn out in this first set," Oscar scolded. "Change position. Let's get something else going."

Jennifer didn't hesitate at all as she disengaged from Derek. She pushed him into a sitting position and then sat on his lap facing forward as well. She looked up at Oscar, grabbed Derek's stiff penis and then slid herself down on its full length. She lay back on him as though he was the couch with her white skin now highlighted against the darkness of the pole buried between her legs. She wrapped her right arm backward around Derek's head and pulled him to her as she kissed him on the mouth and fucked herself up and down on his pole.

Derek had his knees together, which pushed and held his balls at the root of his cock. Jennifer had her legs spread on each side of his and was using the coffee table in front of the sofa for purchase as she hunched herself up and down the length of the chocolate rod she was so enjoying. Derek was kneading her breast flesh and twisting the nipples, lifting each breast by the nipple until his grip could no longer support the weight and then letting them fall to her chest only to repeat the process again.

"Use both hands and reach down and spread your lips for us, " Oscar coaxed. "Let us see how those inner petals look with a fat cock sliding in and out of them."

The young mother instinctively complied as she pulled her fat outer lips toward her thighs exposing the cleft of pinkness that housed her sex. Oscar zoomed in on the black shaft shimmering with their combined juices as the labia appeared and disappeared on each thrust and withdrawal as it wrapped and clutched wetly at the hot, fleshy cylinder. The cream from her channel was coating the shaft of the dark skin with gobs of musky slime. Oscar was close enough to smell the sweat, the semen and the ooze of the orifice he was so intently photographing. The sound of their breathing was ragged but not loud enough to cover the distinct sounds of his pole wetly sliding into and out of her very willing lava tube. Her clit was nearly purple it was so blood engorged and standing proudly as the sentinel to her succulent cave.

Derek had only the one real chance to control the tempo of the intercourse thus far and he felt the need to really show this blonde wench what he could do. He slid her reluctantly off his pole and positioned her on her back on the burgundy sofa. He pushed her knees outward and upward and then ever so slightly prodded at the portal of her lust with his penis. Her legs held lewdly open, the contrast of their skin tones was again so very evident. That shiny black cock and her pink fleshy docking bay made for some excellent photos.

He hooked his forearms under her knees and speared his cock expertly into her waiting pussy. He stabbed into her again and again lifting her pelvis upward to accept more and more of his length. She grunted with each lung as he buried himself ball deep into her waiting quim.

Oscar sat on the coffee table and shot photo after photo of the scene before him. Jennifer's face framed by the blonde hair and highlighted by the lust in her blue eyes made for some very erotic scenes. He could tell she was approaching another orgasm, he'd witnessed so many already today. She started sort of gnashing her teeth and wrapped her arms around Derek's neck.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, fuck me. Fill me up with that big, fat, black cock of yours. Yeah, that's it fuck my cunt. Fuck me with that big fat...uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh," she started to cum. Derek buried his pole in her and rode her through wave after wave of her climax. He took particular pride in this orgasm, as he had been the cause of it unlike her earlier ones. He felt her sex ring spasm on the base of his cock as she wrapped her legs around his lower back and rocked her hips from side to side. He withdrew part way and then drove his bony spear into her as if trying to nail her to the couch. The effort only elicited more spasms from her full hips and he did it again and again with each punctuating thrust increasing the tension in his own balls.

He picked up a new rhythm as her convulsions decreased in intensity. He began to pull his cock's full length out of her before driving it back into her. He picked up the pace; his hips and cock a blur as sweat poured off his forehead and down onto her chest and breasts. "Yeah, that's it baby, fuck me good. Yeah, shoot another load in my pussy...fill me with your cum....unload that seed in me....I love feeling you cum in my cunt...." she coached. "Come on lover, do me, do me, fuck my hot pussy. Fill me with you jiz...uh, uh, yeah, fuck me with that big black cock...come on baby, fill me up, my pussy needs your spunk,.... give it to me......" Oscar was at a loss. He just sat back and watched Derek pound his cock into the schoolteacher, wife and mother and noticed he had come in his pants.

Derek felt the orgasm building in the center of his pelvis. He could tell it was going to be as good if not better than the first time he had unloaded in her because he was controlling the tempo this time. Jennifer's cheerleading was doing a fair amount to incite his lust as well as she squirmed under him as he jabbed his meat home again and again. There it was, he felt it rising.....filling his tube.....coming....coming....... "There, there, there, take that and that and that," as his ass clenched and unclenched as he shot jet after jet into the hot, wet, pink target he was buried into.

Ignoring his own embarrassing condition, Oscar began shooting photos again as soon as Derek began to slide his cock from her. His shaft was shining silver with his goo and as he pulled out of her. It was almost as if he had pulled the cork out of a champagne bottle. A remarkable amount of spew flooded wetly out of Jennifer's vagina and poured across the burgundy leather of the couch and followed the cheeks and crack of her ass as it flowed in a pearly river. A string of sticky cum still connected the tip of Derek's softening member with the heart of her sex. An opalescent drop of his fluid formed at the meatus of his glans and hung there like a grape on the vine. Each image was captured in digital mode as Oscar continued to snap away.

"What happened to you, Oscar," Jennifer asked mischievously as she looked at the enormous wet spot on the front of his shorts knowing full well the impact her sexual antics had had on the older photographer.

"Well, young lady, you just got fucked by both of us and didn't even really know it. I've been doing this a long time but I've never had this happen to me before. You are one hot lady!"

Jennifer finally thought of Troy and looked for a clock. "Shit it was getting late and he'd be back from his fishing trip in short order and her she sat, knees splayed wide open with two stranger staring at the semen of one of them running in rivulets from her gaping cunt."

"I've got to get going," she said standing, which caused a fair amount of goo to run down the insides of both of her thighs. Oscar quickly lined up the viewscreen of the camera and popped off a couple of quick shots of the scene. She had her hands on her hips as though looking for clothes and then realized that these men weren't going to see anything they had already seen so why be modest?

"Oscar, do you have a shower here? I need to wash up before I leave."

"Sure, sure, in the back. Derek, show the lady the shower and get her some clean towels."

Derek led the way down a wood paneled hall that opened into a semi-open air pavilion. The building had a roof but was open to a ring of sand that surrounded the building and then was enclosed by a tall wooden fence. She looked out and saw the palm trees and the colors of the setting sun before turning her attention to Derek and his directions.

He opened the door to a primitive shower stall that had only a slight privacy wall around it, open to about the knees at the bottom and only a bit below shoulder high on Jennifer as she stepped into it. "Watch the water" he said as he dug into a nearby cabinet for clean towels, "it gets real hot real fast."

Jennifer examined the showerhead and angled it below her shoulders so she didn't ruin the $100 hairdo she had gotten that morning and started fiddling with the valves of the shower. She started when she felt Derek's cool skin brush up against hers as reached past her and grabbed the knob over the top of hers. "Careful, that's the hot. You'll get burned." She backed up a bit and felt his cock brush against her right ass cheek. Before she could react a cold shower of water hit her midchest and took her mind off where she was.

She felt awkward standing nude in the shower with this perfect stranger but he quickly adjusted the water and soaped a sponge and began lathering her back. He'd been with enough women to know they all loved having their backs rubbed and knew she'd be no exception. He worked in large circles and then smaller ones and guided her hands to rest on the upper part of the shower stall wall as he worked his way from her shoulders to her wrists and back again.

Derek looked at her as she leaned there supporting herself. Her hips were wide but in a womanly sort of way. Three kids he had remembered Oscar saying somewhere in the past couple of hours. He could see a faint tan line contrast from her naked buttocks and thighs. He looked at the taper of her waist as it joined her thighs and thought about how perfect and artful the curve was as it joined. He kept the sponge working so she didn't realize he was also gaping at her as he was scrubbing away the evidence of their sexual tryst.

She adjusted her feet a bit outward, which enticed him to move in closer. He planted his dangling cock right between the globes of her ass as he began to soap her full breasts with one hand and guided the other across the crease between her thigh and pelvis until he felt her slippery folds on his fingertips. She jumped noticeably when he glanced her clitoris but otherwise allowed him free access to her tender places he had just so recently visited with his cream shooter.

The two had been silent throughout this somewhat ritual washing until Jennifer broke the silence. "That really was some fuck," causing them both to burst into tension relieving laughter.

"Well, thank you ma'am. I am to please."

"Uh, huh, you sure did. I've never been pleased like this before."

Derek backed away from her breaking contact with her and his dick but quickly replacing his hand in the crack of her ass as he ran a hand down across the bud of her anus making her clench her cheeks and squeal.

"We'll have no more of that," she said as she spun around and made a feint as if to hit him in the privates.

"Now, now, is that any way to treat the man who just gave you the fucking of your life?"

"I never said it was the fucking of my life, I said 'I'd never been pleased like this before'," being certain to accurately quote herself.

"What's that mean? You never been fucked by a black man before?"

"Well, actually, no.....and, well, maybe, it was the fucking of my life."

"As I recall, the first fucking was done by you not by me," Derek reminded her. Ahhh, how well she remembered the sensation of the first feel of that ebony monster sliding into her.

"Ya, got me there. I just couldn't help myself. I just sort of fainted and fell on it, and, well, you know the rest."

"Yeah, yeah, I do." Derek stepped close to her and pulled them both into the warm water of the shower. The feeling of warm, wet skin against warm wet skin was marvelous. Soon Derek had her sitting on a small shelf in the corner of the shower fucking and cumming in and with her for the third time in two hours.

"I've never had a woman get me 'up' and 'down' three times in the same day before, let alone in three hours," Derek gasped as he pulled his slippery wand from her cum-lined pink cove.

As Jennifer left the studio she didn't even confirm when the proofs would be done. She and her husband had lots more time in the Bahamas and she knew where the studio was.

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