tagIncest/TabooScouries Family – Mandy's Story

Scouries Family – Mandy's Story


This is a story which continues the chronicles of the Scouries family of South Carolina (the author's distant cousins). It is not necessary to read the first story, 'SCOURIES FAMILY – CHRISSIES TALE' to enjoy this one, but if you haven't read it yet you might like it. One of my second cousins, the beautiful Amanda Scouries, told me what follows a couple of months ago as we sat by the edge of the pond mentioned in the story.

FYI – As of today 'Chrissies Tale' has been opened by 43,000 readers and 574 of you took the few seconds to vote. Thanks everyone.

Remember, it's the feedback that makes writing stories fun.



The farmhouse sat at the end of a dusty lane that wove listlessly over a half mile from the turn-off from Horry County Road #6 just outside Conway, South Carolina. It was only after you'd made the last turn that the white, two-story house came into view, peeking through the tall trees my grandfather had planted sixty years ago.

I saw Chris standing at the wide door of the old barn, waving in welcome as the warm breeze made the long, blond curls dance magically around her head. She was my baby sister, thirty-one now, finally separated after a twelve year marriage from her husband Dwayne.

She's still as beautiful as she was when she was fifteen, I thought, as I watched her naked breasts, breasts still riding high and firm on her tall frame.

"Hi," she welcomed simply as I jumped eagerly out to meet her.

I laughed when she put her clay covered arms around me, enjoying the feel of her even as she ruined my white blouse.

"What if I had been the mailman, or the grocery boy...topless like that," I chided after we'd kissed.

"I'm a horny, single woman now...just like you," she laughed, a new confidence in her eyes.

"Ya'll still have the puffiest nipples I've ever seen," I giggled as I quickly tweaked one.

"Hah! So, how was the course," she asked as we walked arm in arm towards the house.

"First you're going to tell about these dirty sculptures you've been doing. I can't believe you never told me."

I'm thirty-five now, live and teach in Savannah, want to be a writer, a single Mom who'd just sent my son Jimmy, my only child, off to Boston and MIT. I've never been married, not even close. My best friend, the person I loved the most, was this willowy blond who walked topless next to me, and she'd kept a secret from me for at least ten years.

I could see her blush as she stammered, "I was embarrassed, worried what people would think..."

"It's art, true art Chrissie," I said thinking of the wood crate that Chris had sent me a month ago, a crate that when opened revealed a statue of myself that took my breath away.

"Did Jimmy show you the web site?" she asked warily.

"We didn't have time. I only had three days with him to get him packed and off to school."

"How is he?"

"Golly, he was as crazy as ever. He musta grown another inch while I was away; what'd you feed that boy anyway," I asked, referring to the two months my boy had spent with Chrissie on the farm, not knowing he'd spent most of the summer eating his aunt!

"I miss him already," Chris answered wistfully.

"Me too....Oh my gawd!" I shrieked as we climbed the porch steps and I was faced by two statues of Daddy standing on pedestals guarding the door.

"I've put my statues all over the house, the barn, by the pool," she said with a shy smile as I stood mouth agape, "so you could see them."

"Has Daddy seen these, does he know anything bout this"? I asked.

"Not yet," she said with a wince.

"He'll kill you," I laughed as I put my hand over the tiny, pink prick that sat erect on the eighteen inch high statue. "No pubic hair and a baby prick! You didn't put a picture of this online did you?"

"You'll see," she answered ominously.

"Here all our lives everyone thinks I'm the wild, crazy daughter, the tramp daughter knocked up at sixteen, while you're the sweet, demure beauty who wouldn't even talk about sex. And fuck, now I find out you've got this perverted, secret slut life."

"I don't."

"Oh gawd no!" I can't stop from saying in protest as she propels me through the front door and guides me to the living room and I see the statue over the mantelpiece. "Has anyone seen that?" I demand as a perfect, naked likeness of myself stares back at me.

"No, I just put it out for you...well, Jimmy has of course."

"My son saw this," I gasp as I continue to stare at myself squatting naked, my engorged pussy lips wide open, painted crimson, hovering over a hard phallus.

"It's his fault anyone ever saw them," Chris protested defensively. "He broke into my private storeroom."

"What did he say?" I asked, excited at the thought of my young son looking at such a sexual representation of his Mum.

"He was more worried about his, about the size of his...you know."

"Penis?" I supplied, incredulous that a women who could produce such graphic work was still shy about using the word penis in front of her sister.

"Yes," she grinned back.

"God, did you make him as small as Daddy?"


"Oh no. What'd he say?"

"Well, he was pretty angry at first. Insisted that they all be 'repaired' as he called it, or hidden forever in the swamp."


We settled in together as we always had, into a comfortable love, a friendship we'd formed as children. We had ten days before I had to be back for school opening in Savannah and my sister used all ten days in trying to convince me to move back home.

"You're all alone down there...

"I have no one to talk to...

"You've got to finish writing that book, you're wasting time...

"No one ever visits me...

"I need a friend...

We gardened and then ate the products of our work in fresh salads under the warm September sun. We swam naked in the pond during the hot afternoons and then lay tanning until I was soon as dark as Chris. We sipped wine as we talked on the porch as the sun slowly sank. We spent our nights intertwined under the cool silk sheets on Chrissie's king sized bed. It was so nice to sleep with someone again, even if it wasn't a man...

We were sisters again! She made me want to come home!

"I can't, I need the money," I'd cry.

"Bullshit, you could sell your house; it has to be worth half a million."

"It has a mortgage!"

"You'll never be an author if you're not brave," she railed.

But it was her simple plea made just as I was getting into my car to drive home that stayed with me as I traveled to Savannah, "I need you Mandy. I don't know what I'll do if you're not here with me this spring."

I didn't know the reason then, but in the days that followed, her plea reverberated in my mind.


It was a rainy fall in Georgia and my life seemed as gloomy as the weather. My students seemed to be the worst class I'd ever taught, although I knew it was me, not them, who was the problem.

The hopes I'd had for my writing, hopes nurtured during my summer course in Colorado, were dashed as page after page was dropped listlessly into the garbage.

I didn't have sex! A hundred days and I didn't have one warm body to cuddle next to, no hard, thick cock to sate my need.

I missed my son, and often woke during the night, vague dreams of wild, orgasmic sex intertwined with visions of his tall, young body.


Daddy called in late October. His gruff, "What the good godamm is your crazy sister up to anyway?" the first words I heard.

"Hi Daddy," I sang back, immediately knowing he'd finally heard about Chrissie's internet site.

"She's got a picture of me naked with the tiniest little dick...right on the godamm internet. It's a bloody porn site for perverts!"

"It's an art work Daddy. A statue. It's not you; it's just an anonymous man."

"Bullshit! Looks exactly like me. What, do you think I'm going senile?"

I knew it was the size of the appendage that bothered him, not the rest of it, so teasing added, "You have been forgetful lately Daddy. You are almost seventy."

Sputtering he yelled, "Seventy my ass! I'm sixty-three. Has the ninny ever seen a real penis?"

"Why don't you call her? I thought it looked very lifelike."

"I did! She made no sense at all. God, I've got a mind to show the two of you at Christmas what a real prick looks like."

"Daddddddy!" I scolded in my most schoolmarms' voice.

"I didn't mean..."


I flew to Boston for thanksgiving. Jimmy threatened to quit MIT and come home. He was working twenty hours a day trying to keep up with his schoolwork while running the two online businesses he'd started as well as tweaking the program he'd sold to a bank last year.

"I got lots of money, I'm too busy," he complained as we sipped wine in his messy apartment. "I'm learning nothing new. I haven't got laid..."

"What?" I asked.

"I have no time for women," he amended, blushing.

I slept naked in his bed that weekend while Jimmy took the couch...I was almost hoping he'd join me, shit, I hadn't 'got laid' since the summer! In my dreams I thrashed under his hard, young body...


I put the house up for sale as soon as I got home. Fuck it; it's time to see if I can write...

Two weeks later I called Chris...

"I hope you were serious," I started.

"Mandy! Hi. About what?"

"About having a roommate."

"Really!" she squealed with a child's delight in her voice. "When? When, when, when?" she demanded.

"I sold the house. I got to be out by January 1st."

"Oh I love you. Once you're here for Christmas you can just stay. Do you need help packing? When can you get here?"

"I was planning on coming up the twentieth. I'll get everything ready; then let the movers do the work. When are Daddy and Jimmy getting there?"

"Jimmy on the 22nd, Daddy late on Christmas eve."


She stood tall, immobile, a Mona Lisa smile on her lips, her arms wrapped underneath her large breasts... her large breasts?...I'm half in, half out of the car....simply too shocked to move.

"You don't even want to say hello to your new roommate?" she asks as she suddenly moves toward me.

I want to scream, yell out the vilest words I know, but finally simply ask, "Another surprise you forgot to tell me about?" She had no bra under the tight tank top she wore, and as she moved, her now larger breasts only seemed to point towards her now gently rounded stomach below.

"How many months are you?

"Shit, does Dwayne know?

"Does Daddy?

"When is it due?

"Is it a boy? A girl?" I demanded rapid fire. It never even crosses my mind that it's Jimmy's baby growing in my sister's womb, that soon I'll be a grandma!

"I'm happy you've come Mandy," she disarms me as we embrace, "So very happy."

I don't let her help as I unpack the car, shooing her away even though she says she still has close to four months to go. "No wonder you looked so good in September," I said, remembering the glow on her skin I'd attributed to the summer sun.

"I told you I needed you," she replies.

She talks of everything but the baby as I work, and then over a late dinner makes me talk about my writing, demanding details, unwilling to let me ask about the child. I went to bed frustrated, my curiosity denied.

I couldn't stand it any longer, and even though the bedside clock read 2:05, I rose, and then naked and barefooted tiptoed down the hall to Chrissie's room. I could see her in the moonlight when I entered but still lit of one the bedside lamps as I slipped under the sheet.

"Mandy?" Chris asked as she awoke with a start.

"Let's talk," I ordered.

"It's so late," she complained yawning but watched me with a sly grin as my eyes followed the round curves of her body as she stretched sinuously beside me.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me," I warned.

"Good," she said as she curled into me, "now let's go to sleep and we'll talk in the morning."

I finally slept but not before luxuriating in the feel of my little sister's naked body lying against mine...


"It's not Dwayne's," she said between sips of the coffee I'd just delivered.


"When he left," she lied, "I just felt like I had to do something...I went to Charleston for the weekend, rented a room."


"I had to prove to myself I was still desirable," she added as I started to nod my head, me, her perennially frustrated sister understanding completely what she'd felt.


"He was an engineer, a northerner though"

"A damn Yankee," I laughed.

"Yes. Tall and blond, distinguished, about fifty...he said he was married though..."

"Aren't they all?"

Later when I learned the truth I asked Chris if she'd made up the story on the fly or whether she had spent months practicing it – but she'd never answer. "And?" I demanded, now totally caught up in her tale.

"We made love. For three days," she giggled with sparkling eyes.


"He was beeeeg," she gloated, making me remember I'd used the same term to her the previous summer.

"You slut," I chuckled, believing every word.


The movers arrived with my heavy furniture, the hundreds of boxes, around noon the next day and sis and I directed them, some stuff here, some there, some to be stored in the barn.

We slept in each others arms again that night, both of us excited knowing Jimmy was to arrive the next day.


I should have understood as soon as I saw my son's reaction, his stunned surprise, the pride in his eyes.

But in the excitement, the happiness we all felt I missed the obvious.

But I'm not totally stupid though, and at about 3:51 a.m. the next morning awoke with complete understanding.

'You bitch', I thought, thinking of my supposedly innocent sister sleeping next door. 'My son,' I screamed inwardly. I tossed and turned for four hours before finally marching down the hall.

"You're lucky I didn't come in here last night, I mighta killed ya," I started, then almost lost it.

"I'm only thirty-five and I'm going to be a grandmother," I screeched, my carefully planned words completely forgotten.

"Uh huh," my sister answered sweetly.

"So you don't deny it?" I squawked.

"Is everything okay?" my son asked, drawn to the door by my strident voice.

"I'm talking to your Aunt right now Jimmy," I said in my most icy tone, a sound that drove him meekly away. "A night in fucking Charleston with a Yankee. How dumb do you take me for? Jesus!"

"Well at least you know who the father is now."

"Daddy's right! You've gone crazy," I mumbled, unable to stay angry.


We were all eating ham and eggs twenty minutes later when I looked at my son across the table and hissed, "I know."

Quickly looking at me, then his aunt, then back, he smiled and said with a relieved sigh, "Good," then stood and moving to my sister lifted her from her chair and embraced her. I watched for second after second, watched as my son's and my sister's bodies entwined, watched as their lips and tongues met, watched as Chris's arms circled my boys neck, watched as Jimmy's hand moved to her thigh, slipped under the hem of her nightgown, moved up...

"STOP!" I shouted as Chrissies fingers moved to the elastic waistband of my son's sweatpants.

"Sorry Mom," he gasped as they both fell apart blushing.

Somehow I made it through the next fifteen minutes of discussion without completely losing it. I finally had to escape, knew that within minutes these two, hungrily eying each other throughout, would be at it whether I stayed or went.

As I stood, ready to flee, Jimmy asked, "What do we tell granddad?"

"WE DON'T TELL HIM ANYTHING," both Chris and I yelled at the same time.

"I'm not pregnant. I'll wear sweaters, it doesn't show much. He's only here three days, he'll never notice," Chrissie decided with no dissent from Jimmy or I. "I'll tell him eventually."

I fled the house. Returned two hours later. Heard the cries, my sister's passion echoing through the house as my son fucked her.

Finally, secretly stood at her half open bedroom door, watching my son's white buttocks as he pumped his sperm into my sister's heaving body. Wanted it to be me!

Watched when she took his dripping prick between her lips, fled as I felt my insides melt.

Chrissie slipped into my room ten minutes later, naked, a string of my son's seed hanging from the corner of her mouth. She knows I watched, but doesn't say anything as she kisses me, as her tongue pushes his sticky cum between my lips. She leaves silently. My fingers rush to my need...Oh God!


Daddy, as Chris had predicted, is completely oblivious to her condition when he arrives on Christmas Eve, giving both she and I only cursory hugs before launching into his complaint.

"What if my friends see them?" he demanded, "God, everyone I know will think I've got a tiny prick."

"Not your girlfriends," I teased.

"They don't even look like you Daddy," I added, lying to him, as all four of us looked at the pictures of the four statues of him on page 3 of Chris's internet site.

"Christ, the page is labeled 'Memories of Daddy', what the hell do you think people will believe?" he stormed.

"You shoulda seen mine gramps," Jimmy interrupted, "she made me smaller than you."

"Oh then, where the hell are the pictures of them," he ranted

"You don't think I'd let Aunt Chris put them on the site?" he smirked back.

"Threw them out did ya? I blame you Jimmy, you're the only one who coulda set up this computer crap. I want you to fix it," he ordered his grandson.

"But gramps."


We had an old fashioned Christmas, a day filled with presents and smiles, with turkey and pumpkin pie, with stories and singing...love...

Chrissie's gift to Daddy was a new eighteen inch high statue of him, but this one sporting a twelve inch prick!

We all laughed at his, "Now that's more like it! Still a little small but..."

"Now don't exaggerate gramps," Jimmy admonished his beaming elder.

We all slept in separate bedrooms for the three days Daddy stayed, somehow Chrissie and Jimmy controlled their passion, knowing not to ruin the holidays for Daddy, for all of us...


I talked as I drove Dad towards Myrtle Beach and his flight home on the 28th, gently trying to convince him to come and stay the whole spring and summer with us.

"We're all alone Daddy, we need a man around."

"What would I do up here all the time?"

"You got your friends, you could bring the boat up, fish," I wheedled. "We'll need help in the garden, the orchard...we've got a hundred repair jobs only you could do."

"Maybe I could come up mid-June, no earlier though"

"April Daddy. Its perfect here then, you'll be too hot in Miami."

"We have AC my dear. Besides, what'll I do for girls?" he asked, finally voicing his real reason for not wanting to stay too long in our small town.

"You can always drive over to Myrtle Beach if you get so horny that the Conway women can't satisfy you."

"Hmmmmh," he grumbled.

"Besides, you'll be living with the two prettiest single women in the county," I said as I pulled up in to a spot in the short term airport parking lot.

"Little good that'll do me."

"Tall, horny, blond girls, one of whom hasn't had sex in three months," I added saucily as we entered the terminal arm in arm.

He didn't say anything when he checked in and got his boarding pass but I know his mind was working furiously, trying to figure out which of his daughters wasn't getting laid.

"That crazy girl might find a man if she didn't spend so much time with those sculpture things," he finally said as we approached the gate, evidently deciding it was Chris who wasn't getting any sex,

As he looked down at me, seeking confirmation of his guess, I reached up to Dad. A goodbye kiss he thinks as I lightly kiss him, perhaps the ten thousandth time in my life our lips have met, chaste, father-daughter kisses that have comforted me, kisses that simply expressed our family love.

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