tagLoving WivesScratching Her Seven-Year Itch!

Scratching Her Seven-Year Itch!


There she was again bucking and moaning, but this time she seemed a lot less inhibited than the last time I watched her enjoy herself with another guy. We had not been back to Vegas in a couple years when I watched my hot wife Anna fuck and suck the shit out of a stranger she picked up at Rain, the club at The Palms Casino.

We were so excited to be back and we were ready to have even more fun this time around. It was our seventh year anniversary and I have to say, we both had the seven year itch -- but instead of cheating we decided to do it together. After we checked into The Palms again, we went right to the pool and started drinking. She looked amazing in her skimpy bikini as she turned the head of every guy she walked by. I wasted no time after we set our towels down and immediately got her a rum and coke from the bar. When I came back to our spot by the pool she was already talking to a guy who appeared to be in his mid twenties and was just her type as he had that bad boy surfer look she loves. I handed her the drink and she just kept talking and flirting. She introduced me to him -- Keith was his name -- and quickly drank her first drink. She asked him if he wanted a drink and quickly sent me back to the bar for more.

While I was at the bar, I looked back and saw her laughing and touching his leg. When the bartender handed me the drinks, I started walking and watched her grab his hand and walk toward the hotel and through the door they went. Wow, she moves fast when she wants something. I hung back for about 15 minutes, bought more drinks and headed up to the room. As soon as I opened the door I could hear the sounds she makes when she's sucking cock. I turned the corner and there she was on her knees with Keith sitting on the edge of the bed with his surfer shorts around his ankles. She was going to town on his cock and when she heard me come in, she looked over at me with his balls in her mouth while jerking his cock at the same time. She pulled off and said to me, just as she did the last time we were in Vegas, "his cock tastes so fucking good honey." Then she went back to work for the next five minutes licking, bobbing, and slurping his cock until he let out a huge groan and began to shake as she made him cum in her mouth. I could see her struggle to take it all in as not a drop seeped out. Her sucking slowed as he moaned. She pulled her mouth off his cock and showed him her mouthful of cum he just deposited, gargled his load, and swallowed his seed. Her eyes glowed as she let out a big "ahhh" then looked at me and said "that was the best tasting cum I have ever swallowed."

I was rock hard and could no longer watch as Anna told me to come closer. She removed her bikini and pushed Keith onto his back on the bed and climbed up his chest and sat on his face. I stood on the side of the bed and she took my cock into her mouth while she grinded her pussy all over his face. Keith was slurping loudly and I could see her pussy juices running down his face, and then she came with my dick in her mouth but she was far from done. He was beginning to get hard again so she had the two of us stand above her as she went back to her knees on the floor. She spent the next ten minutes alternating between sucking both our cocks. We both traded fucking her mouth and deep throating her while she kept jacking the cock not in her mouth. She looked up at us both and said "I want to get fucked really hard."

I walked over to our suitcases, grabbed a condom, and handed it to Anna. She proceeded to open it and roll it down Keith's cock. She told me to sit back, relax, and watch her fuck. She pulled Keith on top of her on the bed and he immediately positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She was so wet by then he just slipped in when she grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him deep into her pussy. She let out a huge moan as this new cock stretched her pussy walls in different ways than my cock could ever do. He pounded her with her legs in the air harder than I have in some time and she was loving every minute of it. I watched her come at least twice but he seemed to have the stamina of a normal 25-year-old and did not let up. He rolled her on top of him and she slowly rode him while she caught her breath. When she was totally sitting on his cock, I started playing with her butt hole. She reacted positively by laying flat against his chest with her tits pressed tightly on his chest and her ass in the air. I saw a moment of opportunity and went back to our suitcases to grab the lube. I poured some on my fingers and inserted one all the way to the knuckle. She was already somewhat loose as we had anal sex the previous night. I played around for a while with just one finger, then two. I could feel Keith's cock in her pussy through her asshole, which was a little weird.

By now I was rock hard and applied lube all over my cock and positioned myself behind her. I placed the head of my cock against her butt hole, while she lay still with Keith's cock balls deep in her pussy. I thrust forward as the head of my cock slipped into her asshole in the tightest fit I have ever experienced because another cock filled her pussy. She let out a huge moan as I slowly inched my cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. Both Keith and I were balls deep now and began a rhythm of going in and out as she moaned a tone I had never heard. As he pushed into her pussy, I would slowly pull back out of her asshole and vice versa. We continued this dance for what seemed like an eternity as Anna met each of our thrusts with equal vigor. She reached both hands back onto her butt cheeks and splayed her cheeks so we could go deeper and faster. I reached around to grab her nipple which was hard as a rock and sticking out farther than I had ever seen.

We were all sopping with pussy juice, lube, and sweat and she let out a scream and came harder than I had ever seen a woman come even in porn movies. She laid exhausted on Keith's chest and we were both still balls deep in both her holes. He said he was about to come and so was I. I pulled out of her asshole, and led her off his cock back onto her knees on the floor. We again stood over her and jacked off over her face and open mouth. He came first shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her waiting mouth. As she was draining his cock, I felt myself beginning to cum and tilted her head toward me. With his cum still in her mouth, I unleashed a torrent of jizz onto her tongue and into her mouth. Both of our loads filled her mouth to capacity as we both jacked the last drops on her tongue and lips. She sat there and relished our combined essence, gargled again, and swallowed both our loads in one big gulp.

It was awesome. I had never seen my wife so hot and beautiful in all my life. Keith grabbed his shorts, Anna thanked him, and he started to leave. I told him we would see him later, and then Anna somewhat jokingly asked him if he had any friends who might want to have some fun too. He laughed and said "fuck yeah." Anna crawled onto the bed exhausted and said we were staying for another two nights. After he left, I fucked her again and we passed out. Interestingly, we had only been in Vegas for five hours so I knew our anniversary trip would scratch the proverbial seven year itch, particularly after her first DP which she clearly loved.

God I love my wife. How did I get so lucky.

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