tagLesbian SexSecond Day of School

Second Day of School


Note: Thank you so much for making "First Day of School" the Lesbian Story of the Year in 2003. It was obvious from the beginning that there had to be a second day. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *

My first year as a third grade teacher was going well. Much better than I had expected, in fact. The kids were great; my principal was great; and the other third grade teacher—Lisa—was, well, more than great.

Our relationship was growing stronger by the day. We got together at least once a week for a meal at her condo and dessert in her bedroom. On weekends it was not unusual for me to arrive on Saturday and leave on Sunday.

I loved Lisa. Her maturity compelled me to grow a little myself, and I thanked her for that. My insecurities faded when we were together and that even carried over to my real life.

Better yet, we were able to carry on our relationship without raising suspicion at school. Since both of us were fairly attractive, single and young...I had turned 24 in February and Lisa was 31...the other teachers were constantly trying to set us up with guys.

Lisa, of course, would have never been interested. I had lost nearly all interest in men since school opened. It would take a truly special man to pull me away from Lisa at this point. It was much more likely that she and I would be living together before my second year of teaching.

March rolled around and our thoughts turned toward the end of the school year and the approaching summer. Yes! Three months off. Endless morning showers with Lisa, kissing and licking until we couldn't cum any more. Heaven.

We were sitting in my classroom at the end of the day when the subject of summer came up once more.

"Chris, I meant to ask you," Lisa started to say. I looked up from my lesson plans as she continued. "I noticed you had a lot of history books on your bookshelf at the apartment. Mostly Civil War."

When she trailed off, I jumped in unsure of where this was going. "Yep."

"Have you studied it much?" she asked.

"Sure. It goes back to when my grandparents lived in southern Pennsylvania. We would visit them and sometimes head over to Gettysburg. Then in school I did reports on it. I guess I just never gave up the interest."

"That's neat," Lisa said. "I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing something this summer."

She hesitated again, but this time I let her go on. "Chris, I know this is being very forward...and asking a lot...but..."

"God, Lisa, I hate it when you do this. I thought I was the insecure one. Maybe I'm rubbing off on you."

Lisa laughed. "Ok, ok. Well, for years I've wanted to visit some of the battlefields myself. Maybe hit Gettysburg and Antietam and The Wilderness and farther down into Virginia. Would you consider going with me if I went this summer?"

My heart leapt. I tried not to let my elation become too obvious as I looked up into her blue eyes.

Lisa went on. "I've done some research on the Internet and there are great bed and breakfasts at each stop...for around a hundred dollars or one twenty five a night. With breakfast," she exclaimed excitedly, as if trying to convince me.

"Well, duh. Maybe that's why they call them bed and breakfasts," I said dryly.

"Chris Spivey. Stop it. I'm trying to be serious."

Our laughter eventually spilled out into the empty hallway.

"You would want me to go with you? Really?" I asked.

Lisa looked back at me coolly. "I wouldn't go without you."

Now my heart was racing uncontrollably. I wanted to jump on her, but remembered we were still at school and not on her couch.

"When would you go?" This was a stalling tactic on my part as I could care less when she wanted to go. I was going.

"Maybe July. After the Fourth. It might not be as crowded then."

It was no use playing with her any more. She had to know from my smiling face I wanted this more than anything. My mind alternated between the excitement of revisiting historic sites I hadn't seen in years and the ecstasy of having Lisa to myself in beautiful, old country inns.

"Sure. I'll go."

"Yea," Lisa cried out as she leaned over from her chair and hugged my neck. "Some night when you're over we'll sit down and plan it. Ok?"

"I can't wait," I said. What I really couldn't wait for was the opportunity to kiss her passionately and feel her wonderful body next to mine. But we were used to dealing with those desires in school.

A couple nights later I was sitting with Lisa at her kitchen table, wine in half empty glasses and two dozen or so pieces of paper in front of us. Lisa had printed out web sites for the bed and breakfasts she thought we should consider at each stop of the tour. Now she was trying to organize them by city.

She held one in her hand and stared at it. "Oh. This one is outside Gettysburg. Look at the four-poster bed in this room. Isn't it great?"

Lisa turned the page toward me and I admired the dark wood of the posters. In my mind, I pictured Lisa lying naked on top of the cushy quilt that covered the bed.

"It's beautiful. I'm not sure I would want to get out of it in the morning," I sighed.

"Maybe I won't let you," Lisa answered quickly.

Half an hour later we had the printed information categorized. Lisa refilled our glasses, but before she could sit back down I stood up, grabbed my glass and clutched the woman's hand.

"C'mon. Let's take a break for a little while. We have until July."

Lisa recognized the look on my face. It was there each time we ever made love. She came to learn that when it was there, nothing was going to stop me.

She took her wine glass in her free hand and I pulled her into the living room. When we got to the couch I took her glass and placed it on a table along with mine. I turned and looked at the woman I had grown to love, standing tall and beautiful in front of me.

Lisa and I enjoyed taking turns being in control. This was my turn...and she waited patiently. I moved until our bodies barely touched at the waist. Face to face, with desire beginning to build a bond between us.

I ran my fingers up her bare arms and over the top of her t-shirt, across her shoulders. I moved to her neck and her chin and her face. With her face cupped in my hands, I kissed her.

Lisa played this part very well. She hardly moved. So, I forced my tongue into her mouth. She responded in kind, but only with her tongue. Her body was otherwise frozen in place, but burning for me underneath.

I turned my head in an effort to taste more of her. I pulled her head towards me, feeling her short blonde hair intertwine with my fingers. Our breasts pressed against each other and I could feel her hips begin to move into mine.

As I ran my tongue over her lips for the last time I could feel her body losing control. I moved my hands down her back and inside her jeans. Lisa's panties were soft and silky under my fingers as I squeezed her butt.

The woman couldn't wait patently any longer. She kissed me again and pulled me to her. I felt her hands disappear inside the back of my shirt, then slide around to my breasts. Lisa kneaded my smallish boobs, which desperately needed the wetness of her mouth on them. I knew it wouldn't be long.

We both began to pull the other's shirt off at the same time, causing us to giggle.

"Geez," I said sarcastically. "You must be horny. I thought I was going to get to do whatever I wanted."

"Do whatever you want. Just get naked first," she replied while throwing my shirt on the floor. Her's quickly followed.

The dim light in the room made her breasts appear even more appealing, with dark shadows between and beneath the two ample tits. Our hands began to roam over each other's naked upper bodies. As often as we had done this in the past several months, the thrill was still intense for me. I hoped it was the same for Lisa.

She allowed me the pleasure of being the first to taste the other. I took her left breast in my hand and pushed it up to my wet lips. Lisa loved to have her nipple licked and very lightly bit. So, I concentrated on it for a while, letting it grow harder under my tongue.

Eventually, my mouth engulfed as much of her breast as it could. Lisa pushed it farther into my mouth and pulled my head hard against her. I frantically licked and sucked and nipped at the nipple until moans of pleasure came from deep inside my lover.

Lisa began to lower herself onto the couch, taking me with her. At first I tried to stay connected to her breast, but ultimately I had to let it go before I hurt either Lisa or myself. As she got settled onto her back, I leaned over her to the table holding the wine glasses. I dipped two fingers into my glass and brought several drops of wine to my right breast. I repeated the process and covered another portion of the same breast.

Before I could get it down to Lisa's mouth, she was raising her head and reaching for my tit with her hand. I watched a single drop of wine fall onto her face before she was able to surround the wet area with her lips.

Eagerly she licked and sucked on my breast. I felt her tongue glide over it from side to side, top to bottom, scraping across the nipple several times. My pussy tingled. I wanted to reach inside my jeans and feel the wetness.

Instead, I leaned up again and got more wine on my hand. This time I spread it on Lisa's breast and tried to bring her the same pleasure she had given me. I devoured every drop and left a few of my own from my tongue.

We were both ready to explode, knowing what delights awaited us. Nothing Lisa had done since I began seeing her ever disappointed me. She had made me cum in many ways, in many positions. Each night we seemed to find new ones.

I reached once more for my glass and brought it to us. I lifted Lisa's head gently with my hand and let her take a drink. I did the same, then we tasted it on our tongues as we kissed deeply.

In the excitement, a small amount of wine spilled onto Lisa's chest, causing her to shriek in the middle of our kiss. I returned the glass to the table and my mouth to her body. A thin stream of clear, white wine had found it's way to her navel.

Starting at that point, I began lapping up the spillage, taking an occasional light bite at Lisa's skin. She half giggled and half scolded me to stop. I knew she didn't mean it. Especially when I got to the base of her breasts and the valley between them.

Once all the excess wine had been accounted for, I buried my tongue in her mouth one last time. I had other places I wanted it to be.

My hand got there first.

Lisa's jeans always allowed me to slide my hand inside. Front or back, it didn't matter. Standing. Reclining. It didn't matter. At the moment I was on top of her, reclining with her, when my hand snuck under the snap and wiggled under her panties until reaching her clit.

Just then, my mouth settled on her right breast. The combination of sensations always produced the result I wanted. Lisa's ass rose off the couch as she strained to meet my hand with her body. Rubbing gently, I let her squirm a little. I would tease her before making full contact with her soft clit.

Tonight she wasn't in the mood for too much teasing. I watched her hands unsnap the jeans and pull down the zipper. Lisa opened the jeans and slid them down a few inches, giving my hand a chance to move more freely.

She settled back down on the couch and concentrated on my mouth and fingers. Inside her panties I could now reach down to her damp pussy and draw some of her juices up over her clit. Within a couple minutes I could feel the clit lengthen and harden. She was almost ready for me.

I lifted myself from her and stood next to the couch, looking down on her long, lean body. I opened my jeans and pushed them down my legs. Purposely taking my time, I leaned towards her and slowly lifted my feet from the pants. My breasts hung over her and I watched Lisa's eyes take them in.

When I stood back up, her eyes moved to my panties and legs. Just as slowly, I removed the panties and let her see my neatly shaven pussy. One small strip of hair extended above my clit, which ached for her touch. The feeling I got from watching the look of desire on Lisa's face was always indescribable. I wanted her so much.

A moment later I had her jeans and panties off. We were naked again, loving each other again, just as we'd done so many times in the past. But it never got old.

My body was on top of hers. We rolled and kissed and moaned. I bit at her neck and shoulders before licking and sucking both breasts again. I felt a little lightheaded either from the wine or from desire...or both.

By the time my mouth reached her clit I was feeling better. Now I could concentrate on making this woman cum. My tongue grazed across her skin, then dropped to the sweet wetness between her legs. I entered her and licked the inside of her cunt. Lisa's ass rose off the couch as she tried to fuck my face.

Finally, I returned to her clit.

"Oh, baby," Lisa sighed. "Right there. Suck me. There."

She didn't need to tell me. My mouth clamped down on the engorged clit and I began to roughly lick and suck on it. Both of my hands slid under her and grasped her ass. I pulled her up to me; tight against my face.

It only took a couple minutes for the familiar sounds of her pending orgasm to start. Lisa screamed my name, put her hands on both of her nipples and began rolling them between her fingers. I felt her body get tense in the seconds before her release.

Then it began and Lisa came with the usual erotic intensity. Her body thrashed under me. I struggled to keep her clit between my lips and used my tongue when I felt I had lost it. Lisa's cries of pleasure made me want to cum so bad, but I knew I had to wait. My goal now was to satisfy her the best I could.

Her hands clutched at her breasts while my lips and tongue tormented her clit. Lisa shuddered several times as I licked her and moaned loudly with approval. I continued my attack until she began to crawl up the couch away from me. This was always my indication she was about done.

One final good lick and Lisa was spent. I watched her put her hands on her forehead for a second before pulling back her frazzled hair. With my head resting on her thigh, I just looked at her magnificent body.

"God, Chris."

I let her rest for a few seconds. Then, she spoke again.

"I did not teach you that. You've been lying to me all this time. You HAD to have had somebody before me."

"Nope," I said quietly. My fingers were tracing around her clit. "You're it. You just make it easy to love you."

Lisa rolled onto her side. I saw her reach above her head for the drawer in the little table that held our glasses. She slid higher on the couch to peer inside the drawer and my heart began to race again. Soon, the drawer was pushed shut and Lisa was returning to her prone position.

My eyes immediately locked in on her hand. Past experiences in this place with this woman had taught me to look. I began to feel my body tingle all over.

She had pulled out the metal one. The long, slender, silver metal dildo that I loved so much. I watched as Lisa slid it erotically into her mouth and sucked on it. She smiled. It was going to be a very good night.

Spring arrived in the next few weeks and the school year wound down. Lisa and I talked informally off and on about our trip in July, but never got around to making reservations at any of the great bed and breakfasts that she had found. This was due more to laziness than any second thoughts on our part.

I was more concerned with getting through the remainder of the school year without totally screwing something up. My lesson plans looked great on paper, but would they work in the classroom? How would the kids start to act now that the weather was warmer? Would a parent go ballistic on me for some unknown reason?

It ended up that a parent was my biggest problem, but not for the reason I anticipated. His name was Bill and he was gorgeous. Tall. Light brown hair and the cutest butt I'd ever seen. Bill was about thirty and became a single parent two years ago. He became my problem when he showed up after school one day to ask if his daughter, Megan, was progressing in math as well as I thought she should be.

We ended up in my classroom with the door closed. This guy was so nice I almost got over the feeling that Lisa was across the hall spying on us the whole time. Each time I looked into his gray eyes I felt a twinge of guilt. This guy could almost make me forget nights with Lisa.

"I know girls and boys are supposed to be different in the development of math and English skills," he was saying, "But she is so behind where her older brother was at this point."

I nearly missed his pause, an obvious attempt to get a response out of me without asking a specific question.

"Uh, well, I think Megan is exactly where I would expect her to be at this point based on her ability at the beginning of the year," I stammered. My legs were crossed and I nervously pulled my skirt over my knee. One hand fiddled with a button on my blouse. "I certainly would never consider holding her back."

Bill sat up a little straighter. "Oh, that wasn't what I was getting at. I was...ah, just...you know. I was worried about her and I wanted to hear it from you."

You could cut the tension with a knife. I was a complete mess inside. How could I possibly be expected to give this man a logical explanation to what was going on with his daughter when my mind was mush?

Bill was everything I liked in men. He was older, very mature, showed his emotions and, so far, showed respect to younger women. Well, at least this younger woman.

I could hear Lisa's door close and the sound of her shoes fading away in the hallway. Did she slam that door on purpose?

I believe I convinced Bill his concerns were premature at best, maybe totally unfounded. We agreed that if he felt Megan needed help during the summer he could contact me and I'd arrange for a tutor. Then it happened. Right after we exchanged phone numbers.

"And can I call you for purely social reasons?" he asked shyly.

It was impossible to get mad at him. My attraction to him had to be obvious during the previous half hour and now all I could do was smile and look down at my knees, barely visible again under my skirt. The hesitation must have disappointed him immensely.

"I...well, sure. Yeah." I looked up at him and Lisa's face flashed before me. This was going to be hard.

"Great. I would enjoy that," he said. "Now I guess I better let you get home."

"Oh, it's alright. We're used to working over."

We did spend another five minutes just chatting about stuff and I felt somewhat more comfortable by the time he was leaving. I was telling myself he wasn't like all the other jerks I'd known in my life. And dated. And why was I thinking in terms of dating this guy? If he called I'd probably go out with him. But long term? Nah. Maybe.

Of course the phone rang that evening.

"When are you getting married?"

"Oh, shut up, Lisa. God. One parent conference and you think I'm married," I said sternly, holding back my smile.

"OK. When are you going out?"

I waited, thinking of an acceptable answer to that one. "He's supposed to call."

"I knew it," Lisa nearly shouted on the other end. "You are...you're..."

"What?" I asked.

"You're driving me crazy."

"Listen, Lisa. This doesn't change anything with us. Nothing could. He seems like a really nice guy and he might want to go out. So what?"

I could hear her take a drink. "So he might want to get married next."

"And I'll say no. What's the big deal?" I didn't sound at all convincing, I'm sure.

"Will you think of me when you're in bed with him?" Lisa asked.

"You ask a lot of questions, girl. When are we going to finalize this trip, anyway?"

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