Secret Lover Ch. 02


I pushed her up away from me, gasping for air. "Wait, wait...I'm getting rug burn." I said. She looked at me a moment, head turned.

"Oh, oh my goodness." And she hopped off me. I got up off the couch and she came to me again, this time reaching for the belt of my pants while anxiously tearing it away and kissing me at the same time.

As you get older, I've noticed when someone declares their love for you it usually results in a thank you, some smiles, a glass of wine, and probably some nice kissing with a passionate love making session to conclude the night.

In college however, when two people declare their love for one another, it is followed up with some kissing, then...

"I cannot wait to get your dick in my mouth." Colleen said, pulling her mouth from mine and dropping down to her knees, and taking my pants and boxers with her allowing my extra firm cock to bounce free and experience the sweet relief of the denim confines.

She got situated, then went right down. The kissing had already brought the necessary mouth lubrication to the front so, she just devoured my dick, to the base. "Oooooooh." Was all I could barely moan.

I was literally frozen into a trance. This was hands down the best blow job I'd ever gotten. I can't put it fully into words. But I just stood there, arms draped at my side, knees shaking and trying desperately to keep their strength while I look down, slack jawed at this crazy cock sucking "woman" teaching my cock a lesson.

She would deep throat it to the very base, stick her tongue out of what little room was left, lick my balls for a second or two then come back to the head, bob up and down hard, fast, and messy a couple times before repeating the process.

When she finished, she sat back on her knees, looked up at me with a silly horny grin on her face trying to catch her breath. "Whoa." She said. "Not sure what got into me there."

I was left speechless. She then stood up, placed her hand on my shoulder and applied some pressure. "Ok...your turn." She said, pressing a little hard and snapping me from my pleasure filled daze.

I dropped down to my knees now, my jeans and boxers still around my ankles and I came face to face with Colleen's full on at attention cock. It stared at me, it intimidated me, it made my mouth water. For a brief moment I remember the oh so horrible taste of cum that I experienced this morning, but then I remember that I did enjoy the sweet flavor of her pre-cum, which was now dripping generously from her head.

And then I stopped thinking. I stopped caring that this was a cock, and started thinking about how badly I want Colleen to feel good. And if that meant a blow job right now, then by gosh I am going pleasure this she cock in ways never before done...literally, this is only the third time I've sucked a cock.

This time, I wasn't going to ease myself into the experience, I was going to dive right in. I swirled the spit around my mouth, opened wide and dove down, right to the point before my gag reflex went off. "WHOO, yeah baby. That's how you do it!" Colleen yelled, putting her hand on my head and grabbed a wad of hair. "Suck that cock." She said, again and again, guiding my head up and down as I sucked, clamping my mouth down hard and firm, making sure I covered ever inch possible of this thick, meaty she-dick.

I started building a rhythm, bobbing my head, relaxing and tense the muscles of my jaw rocking my head up and down in with Colleen's hand there to guide me. I heard her moaning, sighing, enjoying the blow job. It didn't hurt, it wasn't uncomfortable, it felt right. Strangely it felt like I was a natural at sucking cock...I certainly wasn't hearing any complaints. Just moaning in a soft satisfied way.

She began whispering. "I am going to stand you up. I am going to bend you over. I am going to stick my tongue up your asshole." She said, getting a little more sexually aggressive as she continued. I tried to pull my head back to talk back, instead she held me down. "Ah, I wasn't looking for your feedback, keep sucking." She ordered.

She continued to hold me into my cock sucking rhythm, keeping her hand a little more firmly on my head so I didn't break away. "Make sure you get my cock real wet and messy. Get it all lubed up with your spit. I'm going to lube up your asshole real good. I'm going to lick it, spit in it, tongue fuck it. Then...then I'm going to fuck you. I am going to stick my glorious cock right up your ass and fuck you til I cum. I am going to make you feel my cock throb as I unleash my orgasm inside you. I am going to make you feel it shake your body."


Just her talking was making me about to cum. As my mouth reached the top of her cock, she used her hand to snap my head off. The head of her dick flew from my mouth with a loud POP! And she looked down at me. "Up." She instructed.

I stood up. She stripped me naked and lead me over to the couch. "Grab the back of it." She instructed again. "Spread your legs." She ordered. She came up behind me and put one hand on my hip, the other slide around to my extra hard cock hanging, waiting for some further attention. She took her hand to the base of my dick and wrapped her hand around and began jerking me off with hard, forceful tugs. Her other hand came off my hip, over my ass and in between my legs, and she started pressing two fingers against my anus.

She didn't say anything, she know that I understood she was in control now. She was going to do exactly what she described to me.

She kept her hand on my cock, but move the one from my ass back to my hip and I felt her lower herself down. I could feel her warm breath in my ass, her mouth was getting closer The sensation of a stiff tongue pressing into my unexpecting asshole sent shivers up my spine. I moaned, louder than I had thought I would.

She wiggled, twisted, turned and lathered my asshole with her tongue. She would drag up in hard, firm bottom to top licks like she was a cat cleaning me. She then began tugging on my balls, pulling them down and back, getting into the mix of her slobbery asshole licking feast she has having while I stood exposed, moaning as my hand clutched the fabric of the couch.

She then grabbed my cock, pulling it all the way back. Truthfully, I didn't know it could go that far. And she began sucking it, moaning like a desperate whore needing cock so badly or she'd possibly pass out like a heroin addict coming off a high.

And then, after on final big spit into my very messy asshole, she stood up. She moved away from me, then I heard the sound of paper tearing, and rubber being rolled over thick hard cock skin.

I peaked over my shoulder and saw her sex self walking towards me. Her big fake mountainous tits glowed in the red candle light. Her cock was stiff and nearly standing straight up. To see a beautiful woman, with amazing tits, and a cock coming towards me, ready to fuck me...hard from the sound it...but it didn't seem weird at all. Normally, that'd be scary shit seen only in I was about to be fucked by a tranny...and I wanted to be real bad.

She put her hands on my hips. The head of her heavy cock was sliding down my ass into position at the opening of my anus. "I am going to penetrate you now..." she said. She leaned in, her tits hit my back. "I'll go slow, baby." She whispered.

She straightened back up and began pushing forward. And like I said at the beginning, not the first time I've been anally penetrated, even before last night. Yes it was there was a slight sense of stretching, Colleen has a giant cock! But it felt real good going in. My ass adjusted nicely, and before long, she was in...balls deep in my ass. She waited a moment, the front of her hips pressed hard against the flesh of my ass.

I could feel her grip tightening on my hips. Then she began to slide from my ass. Not to far at first, then thrust back in with as equal a pace as she pulled out. With each decline from my ass she went a little farther, and pushed back in a little bit hard, a little bit faster. I felt my stomach being pushed back and forth, shifting inside me as Colleen began breathing more and more heavily behind me as she was pumping even more fast and hard.

"You doin' alright, baby?" She asked. Never missing a beat as she pumped away.

"Yeah." Was all I could get out.

"Great. Oh, your ass feels so good." She said, loudly, over the slapping of hip flesh on ass flesh.

Truth be told, she was fucking me pretty hard, or at least hard than I'd ever experienced and the back and forth of my stomach was making me a little nauseous. I didn't know how much more I could take. But at the same time I didn't really want it to end.

"You like it, baby? You like me pounding your ass?" Colleen asked, pumping away still, having the time of her life.

"Yeah." Again, the only thing I could get out.

"Oh, yeah. Get ready. Get ready to feel me throbbing inside you." She said, gasping.

Then she stopped. Her cock head was right at the opening of my anus and I heard her groan, loud, the sound of an orgasm roaring through her. And with that she thrusted inside me. It sent me into a tizzy. She gripped my waist so I couldn't run. And she unleashed inside me. Her cock throbbed so hard I could literally feel it shaking my lungs. It was incredible.

It felt different than last night, it felt harder, stronger. She pulled me up toward her, grabbing at my chest, pulling me back until her tits were pressing to my back. Still her cock throbbed and shook inside me. She kissed my back as her orgasm ceased. She took deep, satisfied breaths as she released me.

She slid her cock from my ass and I turned around, reaching for her, wanting to kiss her so badly. She came to me, her body trembling. I could feel the heat on her body, and feel the moisture of sweat soaking through her thin laced lingerie.

We kissed for a moment. She started kissing my neck, then my ear, and then she stopped. She whispered, "I want to taste you."

And she lowered herself down to her knees, staring up at me as she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking and nursing on the head. I could feel the pre-cum being drained and sucked out. She kept looking up at me as she sucked, and swallowed what was being given to her. She smiled and winked at me as if to say, get ready.

And without notice, she saddened took me down her throat to the base of my cock. She grabbed onto my ass cheeks and pulled herself harder and further down on my cock. Next, she did something that I didn't think anyone outside of a porn move could do.

While keeping herself down on my cock, as far and as deep as she could, she started thrusting her head hard and fast on my cock. I could feel my cock head rubbing on the back of her throat, and it felt awesome! The sound she made was not human, it can't be described other than what sounded like internal choking.

It made me knees weak. My eyes rolled back into my head and it was literally impossible for me to move or do anything but stand there slack jawed.

When she pulled her head back she was choking and gasping for air, all the while laughing as tears ran down her face. I fell back, landing on the couch as Colleen continued to laugh. It took a moment for me to get my thoughts together. When I did I smiled at here, still choking and laughing. "You alright?" I asked.

She just nodded.

"What the hell was that?" I asked.

She didn't answer me. She just waived me back over, getting back to her knees and composing herself again. "Come on, get back over here." She said.

I got to my feet and went over to her. Again, she slammed her face all the way down to my stomach, grabbed onto my ass, pulled herself forward and began throat fucking my cock. Only this time, I couldn't take much. "Oooookay...Colleen...I'm gonna cum." I said, my words stuttering and slurring. And she didn't move. She pulled herself down further, I think.

I erupted, my cock spewing load after load of cum right down her throat and she didn't even flinch. She just kept herself down tight until I finished. And once I did, she pulled away, gagging spitting, and choking some more. She fell to the floor, her lingerie opening, exposing her big fake tits. Her cock, still hard, swayed back and forth as she laughed and choked.

I feel back to the couch, gasping myself trying to wrap my head around that awesome blow job, deep throat, throat fuck thing she just did. I looked at Colleen and she sat up. "That baby, is love." She said, smiling at me.

She got up and joined me on the couch. She feel into my lap, and kissed the top of my leg and sighed. I looked down at her, and my eyes traced along her body. Her tits were glowing with sweat, her cock was going limp, and her stomach was rising and falling as she continued to catch her breath. I looked down at her, her eyes now closed, and a sighed with satisfaction.

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