tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSecretarial Duties

Secretarial Duties


Emily could feel her pulse quicken as she walked down the hallway. She could see light coming from the attorney's office. Good. She forced herself to slow down...to take a deep breath when she got within two offices of the open door.

She ran her hands down the back of her skirt and nervously checked her hair with damp palms. Then she stopped, knocked lightly on the edge of the office door and peeked around the corner.

Hannah Caldwell looked up and smiled.

"Hi, Emily."

"Hi, Ms. Caldwell," the young woman replied, stepping halfway through the doorway. "If I'm interrupting..."

"No. Not at all," the attorney said quickly.

"I came to pick up the folder you wanted me to give to Mr. Brown."

"Sure," Hannah said. "Come on in."

The attorney swiveled her chair around and stood up. Emily gazed at the woman's long legs and petite ass in the expensive, perfectly fitting slacks. When Hannah turned back around with the folder in hand, Emily tried not to stare at Hannah's breasts. The attorney's pale blue blouse allowed just a hint of the outline of her black bra to sneak through. Beneath was a pair of smallish, but appealing, breasts that pressed against the soft material.

Hannah stretched across the corner of the desk, extending her arm toward the young secretary. Emily reached for the folder, catching a fleeting glimpse of the top of the bra through the opening in Hannah's blouse.

"Thank you," Emily said softly, beginning to turn back toward the door.

"Can't you stay?" Hannah said as she returned to her chair.

Emily's heart jumped. She looked at the smile on the attorney's face and knew she would stay. She wanted desperately to stay.

"Well, I guess for a little bit," Emily replied, secretly scolding herself for sounding like the inexperienced twenty-two year old she was.

She thought she caught Hannah scanning her body with those incredible blue eyes. Or did she just wish the thirty-something blonde was actually paying attention to her? Emily felt her nipples press against the inside of her sweater. How many nights had she lain naked in bed masturbating to the thought of Hannah sucking on those nipples?

"I haven't seen you in days, it seems," Hannah was saying. "Is everything alright? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Hannah and Emily was one of the newest "teams" in the large law firm. Hannah had been with the firm for only a year when Emily was hired. The managing partner teamed them together with the understanding, unbeknownst to Emily, that Hannah could request another secretary if the young woman didn't work out.

So far, everything had been working out.

"No. I'm fine. Thanks for asking," Emily said, fumbling with the folder.

"Sit down," Hannah said, turning her hand toward one of the office's large chairs.

"OK. Thanks."

Emily settled into the overstuffed chair and crossed her legs. Hannah watched as the tight skirt rode up the secretaries shapely legs.

"You're doing a good job, Emily," Hannah said, leaning back in her chair. "I'll be doing an evaluation soon. I don't think you have anything to worry about."

"Thanks. I enjoy working for you."

"How's that boyfriend of yours?" Hannah asked with another grin.

"Oh. He's fine. I don't see him much," Emily said, still sitting upright in the chair more from anxiety than anything else.

"Oh, oh. Sounds like trouble," Hannah said.

Emily felt the guilt flow through her from having invented the make-believe boyfriend in the first place. "Maybe. I don't think we'll ever get serious."

Hannah looked across the office at the young secretary. Shiny brown hair hung close to Emily's well-tanned face. Her sweater clung to attractive breasts. And those legs...those beautiful legs. What a waste, all of that going to a boy.

"You're young. You have plenty of time," Hannah assured her.

"I know. I'm not worried."

Emily finally slid back into the chair and relaxed. She tugged at her skirt and managed to cover an additional inch or two of her thighs.

The women talked for another fifteen minutes about office gossip and year-end goings-on. They really did communicate well when they let their sexual tensions take a back seat.

Hannah eventually wrapped up the discussion and Emily stood to leave. The attorney stopped her by asking, "Emily, can you be here at the end of the day tomorrow. Right before you have to leave?"

"Sure. Whatever you want." With that, Emily took her folder and walked out of the office, excited about the few minutes she'd had with the attorney.

The next day dragged on forever for Emily knowing another chance to spend time with Hannah awaited her. Hannah had stopped by the secretary's desk a couple times during the day, but it was always too brief and too formal for Emily's taste.

Fifteen minutes before Emily's normal quitting time, she got her stuff ready and placed it on top of her desk. Then she took the short walk down the hallway to Hannah's office. Nobody else appeared to be around. The sound of her shoes was the only noise on the entire floor, it seemed.

Emily rapped softly on the door and quickly heard Hannah invite her in.

"Close the door, Emily," Hannah said.

A lump rose in Emily's throat. What had she done wrong? She wracked her brain for anything that had gone wrong lately.

"I'm glad you could make it. I won't keep you long," Hannah said, rising from her chair and coming out from behind her desk. She stopped close enough to Emily that they could have touched.

The attorney slowly looked down to the top of Emily's sleeveless blouse. "You look very nice today, Emily."

"Uh, thank you." Emily watched Hannah's eyes. Unhurriedly, they rose to meet her own.

"Do you wear a bra?" Hannah knew the answer.


"Show me," Hannah ordered in a voice Emily had never heard before.

"What?" Emily understood the words, but couldn't comprehend the meaning.

"Do you have a bra on?"


"Show me," the attorney said again, looking down on the blouse.

"I don't think...I mean, um, I don't..."

"Unbutton your blouse, Emily," Hannah directed.

"No. I'd rather, um, not." Emily felt the same guilt she had when talking about the mythical boyfriend. Of course she wanted to unbutton her blouse. But she didn't. Not here. Not now.

"But I want you to," Hannah said, looking her straight in the eyes.

Emily stared back at the blue eyes and blonde hair and perfect face she imagined most nights in bed. Was this the same woman?

"I don't think I should," was all Emily could think of saying.

"I say you should. Or would you rather I do it?"

Emily wondered if Hannah could see her shaking, or hear her erratic breathing. "No."

Hannah waited. Then Emily's hands rose to the top of the blouse. They rested on the first unopened button.

The button slid through the hole and Emily let the blouse fall open by itself. She watched Hannah's eyes again.

"One more," she said.

"No. Please, Hannah. No more."

Hannah looked at her, as if pleading.

Emily felt like she had no control over her hands as they opened one more button. Now the top of her simple white bra appeared, along with the flawless, soft skin that was the top of her breasts.

Hannah looked inside the blouse. Her tongue briefly skirted across her lips.

"Very nice, Emily. Thank you. Tomorrow I'd like you to not wear a bra. OK?"

"Hannah. I can't. I mean, what if..."

"What if what? What if one of the horny bastards that work here notices? You think that would be a bad thing for your career?" Hannah asked bluntly.

Emily wondered if Hannah knew she could care less about the men who worked here. "I will if you want me to."

"I want you to," the attorney smiled. "And come back tomorrow afternoon."

Before Emily could do anything, Hannah began to close the two buttons Emily had opened. Little shocks went through the young woman's body as Hannah's hands grazed against her skin.

Hannah placed her hand on Emily's bare arm and said, "See you tomorrow."

Emily nearly ran back to her desk on uncertain legs. Well into the night she thought about the experience and what was to come the next day. It frightened her and excited her and confused her. How far was Hannah going to go? How far did Emily want her to go?

She wasn't sure she'd have the nerve, but Emily found herself pulling a heavy sweater over her bare top the next morning. It was the least revealing thing she could think of, and still meet Hannah's demands.

Emily used every excuse to stay in her seat most of the day, fearful that her bouncing breasts might give her away. The only time she saw Hannah was at the end of the day when she stood, once again, in the open doorway.

"Hi, Emily," Hannah said with a wide smile.

Emily stepped into the office, leaving the door open partially out of fear of what might happen if she closed it. Hannah simply looked at the door and leaned her head in such a way to signify her desire for the door to be shut. Emily pushed it and waited for the dreaded sound that meant she was alone with Hannah.

"Well, another nice outfit. You have great taste, Emily."

The secretary didn't reply.

Hannah was out of her chair. "Don't be nervous."

She touched the younger woman's arm and felt the soft texture of the sweater.

"Did you do as I asked?" Hannah said, leaning against the front of her desk.

Emily hesitated. "Yes." Her mouth was so dry she could hardly talk.

"Excellent. Show me, please."

Emily shook her head. "Please, don't."

"Ahh, Emily. I'm so disappointed in you. And with your evaluation coming up so soon."

Hannah let the implication of her statement sink in, but Emily was only listening to her own inner voices. For so long she'd wanted to do what Hannah was asking her. But her common sense was fighting back, telling her no.

"No, Hannah. Please."

A tear formed at the edge of each eye as Emily looked at her boss. She thought she saw a glimmer of understanding.

"Turn around, Emily."

The secretary obeyed. Behind her, she heard a rustling of papers followed by silence once more. Then, suddenly, something was wrapped around her right wrist and her left wrist was being pulled behind her. In an instant, that wrist, too, was restrained and a sharp clicking sound filled the room. Emily went to separate her hands, but could not.

"Hannah. What are you doing?" Emily nearly shouted.

"I asked you to do something and you didn't. So there has to be punishment," Hannah said softly, leaning toward Emily's ear.

The cuffs did not hurt Emily in any way; in fact they felt soft on her skin. But the inability to move her arms scared the girl. Hannah put a hand on each shoulder and turned Emily back around to face her.

Now the young woman's breasts pushed out against the sweater leaving little doubt of whether or not they were covered with a bra.

"Since you won't show me, I'll guess I'll have to find out for myself," Hannah said.

She placed her hands on the outside edge of each breast. Gently, she pushed the breasts closer together. Then Hannah let her hands slide over them until Emily's nipples were in her palms. Hannah pressed against the sweater and felt the nipples rub against her hands.

Emily breathed uneasily, both from the unexpected bondage and from the friction against her sensitive nipples. She knew they were growing uncontrollably.

Hannah's hands moved to the bottom of the sweater and felt for the skin above Emily's pants. The hands and sweater rose at the same time. Hannah watched as more and more of Emily's finely tuned stomach appeared. She felt Emily's body curve in at the waist, only to grow again as she went higher and higher.

Hannah's face was just inches from Emily, but she fought the urge to kiss her, to smell her beautiful hair. She concentrated on moving her hands into position at the base of the young woman's breasts.

The first time Hannah's fingers touched her breasts, Emily felt a twinge in her pussy. What would happen if the attorney actually touched her nipples?

Hannah moved her hands up, over the bottom of the breasts until they had to be near the nipples. At that point the attorney stopped and raised the sweater until Emily's breasts were completely uncovered.

Hannah stared down at the beautifully shaped breasts and the bright pink nipples at their ends. Emily gasped as Hannah leaned down, clearly intent on tasting the treats.

"No. Please. Hannah," Emily begged.

Hannah didn't say a thing. She stuck out her tongue and lightly touched Emily's left nipple. The girl let out a little sound she'd never heard herself make. It neither told Hannah to stop nor asked her to continue.

The attorney continued. She licked the other nipple, then went back and placed her lips around the left one. A few seconds later, the nipple and a large portion of the end of Emily's breast were in Hannah's mouth. Hannah's tongue worked feverishly over the nipple and Emily moaned.

By the time Hannah was done with the right breast, Emily could feel the moisture gathering between her legs.

"I think you like that," Hannah said, still holding up the sweater.

"Please stop." A tear flowed down Emily's flushed cheek.

"Wouldn't this have been much easier if you had just done what I asked?" Hannah asked.

Emily tried to keep from breaking down in tears.

Hannah wiped a tear away from the girl's cheek. "Do I need to confine you each time? Or maybe you like it this way?"

She was practically whispering to the secretary. Emily found the voice exceedingly sexy, despite her fear.

"Now go home tonight and think about what that felt like...how it felt deep inside you. I'll see you tomorrow."

Emily felt the cuffs being opened and she left the office without looking back at her boss.

The secretary lay naked in bed, one hand twirling a nipple between her fingers and the other hand frantically rubbing her clit. She pictured Hannah pressing her lips tightly around her breast, sucking on the nipple with her mouth and tongue. A finger entered her soaked pussy, then brought the fluid back up to her clit. She rubbed harder. Emily's legs stiffened and her back arched.

She might have called out the attorney's name, but was totally lost in the pleasure of her orgasm. The young woman's body bucked on the bed as if being ridden by the largest man she knew. Each time she touched her clit another shock wave went through her body. Each time she pinched her nipple her pussy spasmed again.

When the orgasm ended, Emily lie on her back and felt her heart pound. She couldn't move. Within minutes, she was asleep.

Emily dressed the next morning in another blouse and skirt, once again leaving her bra in the dresser. She wasn't one hundred percent sure she'd have another encounter with Hannah, but didn't want to risk it. Besides, she felt a little naughty and sexy without the bra.

At the end of the day, Hannah called Emily down to her office. Images from the previous two visits flashed in the secretary's head as she walked down the hall, entered the office and closed the door.

"Can you stay a couple minutes late this afternoon?" Hannah asked.

Emily wouldn't have said no under any circumstances. "Sure."

Hannah stared straight at the younger woman. "Take off your blouse, Emily."

She couldn't understand how she was about to willingly obey the attorney's command. It was all so wrong. But she wanted to do this. She wanted to show her body to the beautiful woman in the chair behind the large, wooden desk.

Emily slowly unbuttoned the blouse, pulling it free from inside her slacks. She let it hang on her body for a second. Then opened it and slid it off her shoulders. She held it in one hand at her side.

Hannah took half a minute to take in the exquisite sight in front of her. The secretary's breasts filled her chest, rising at the tips and topped by those magnificent nipples. The skin was smooth and even without a single flaw visible in the room's plentiful lighting.

Hannah rose from her chair and approached Emily. The secretary saw Hannah grab the cloth-lined handcuffs from the desktop.

"Turn around."

Emily's throat tightened with fear and yearning. She turned.

"Why, Hannah? Why are you doing this to me?" Emily begged.

The cuffs were closing. "Do you want to go home now?"

Emily closed her wet eyes. When she opened them she was staring down at the floor, past her naked breasts and tight skirt. She could only shake her head.

"Good," Hannah said. "Now face me."

Emily turned again. The women were just inches apart. Hannah put her hands on top of Emily's breasts. Very lightly. Then she slid them underneath the breasts and cupped them in her palms. She pushed up, squeezing her fingers around them.

Hannah leaned forward and put her lips directly in front of Emily's. She stopped for a moment, holding the breasts more firmly. Then she kissed the secretary. Their lips barely parted. But when Hannah's tongue began to outline the tip of Emily's lips, the younger woman involuntarily parted them.

Hannah tilted her head and began a serious probing of Emily's mouth with her tongue. Emily felt her breasts being pushed and squeezed and kneaded as their kiss became more and more heated. The women's bodies pressed closer together and Emily struggled against the cuffs, aching for the chance to put her hands on the attorney.

"Mmmph, stop," Emily managed to cry out between breaths. Hannah's mouth covered Emily's before she could go on. And Hannah's hands moved from the secretary's breasts to the top of her ass.

Emily froze when she felt the attorney pulling her skirt up, exposing more and more of the back of her legs while they continued to kiss. Finally, Hannah was able to put her hands on the base of Emily's ass. From there, it only took an instant for the hands to be directly over the small, thing pair of panties covering each cheek.

The kiss ended and Hannah moved down to Emily's breasts. Fingers were not inside the back of Emily's panties.

"Please. No," she murmured.

The sensation of Hannah's mouth and tongue on her nipples prevented Emily from complaining any more. The awareness of two hands clutching and grabbing at the cool skin of her ass didn't allow her to fight. The moisture collecting in her pussy convinced her not to struggle.

After several minutes of this torture, Hannah backed away from the flushed secretary.

"Your mind says one thing and your body another, Emily. Which one is going to win?" Hannah said in a quiet voice. "Would you slap me or strip me if your hands were free?"

Emily dare not answer that question. But she knew what she'd do. She prayed for the day when she could.

Hannah grabbed the keys and unlocked the cuffs. She watched eagerly as Emily bent over, picked up her blouse and buttoned it back up, stuffing it hurriedly into the skirt. The women looked at each other for a moment before Emily left the office.

Long after the secretary had left, Hannah Caldwell leaned back in her chair. Her slacks were hanging open halfway down her thighs. Her panties partially hid a hand working feverishly on her clit. And nobody in the empty office was around to hear the muffled sounds of her prolonged orgasm.

A couple days passed without Emily being called into her boss' office at the end of the day. Was it over? Emily asked herself if she wanted it to be over. Overwhelmingly, the answer she usually got was no. But the thought of where it would go next kind of scared her. Emily had never been with another woman in the way she thought Hannah wanted. Would she disappoint the older, more mature woman?

Every night Emily went to sleep dreaming of ways to pleasure her attorney. Yet, it was so easy in the dreams. Her heart only pounded with desire, not fear.

Finally, after a particularly hard day of work Emily was told to meet Hannah. The secretary had continued to obey Hannah's wish that she not wear a bra. And on this day she wore a simple dress.

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