tagLoving WivesSeducing a Cheater

Seducing a Cheater


So everyone is aware, this is a true story; it happened over the summer of 2010. It will be a chapter story showing the progression of Claire, Robert, and Samantha.

Feeling him for the first time in four months was amazing. His skin was golden bronze from the intense sun of Rota, Spain. His muscles were fine toned which luscious lines. My husband was 6'2" with a muscle toned body of 190 pounds. I knew my husband had cheated on me throughout his deployment with a bitch from Las Vegas, Nevada by forming a relationship online and by phone. However, I knew that I had a lot more going for me than that other woman.

I stripped.

Over the last four months, I had gone from a size 5 (which was perfectly healthy) to a size 0. The stress of losing my husband made me focus on working out and eating healthy foods. I was 5'8'' weighing 115, which was the smallest I had ever been. I knew this was the type of body he yearned for.

Robert looked at me and said with a smirk, " I could just break you with one thrust." My body quaked thinking of that. However, he turned away. He didn't love me anymore nor I him due to what he did. Nevertheless, I could at least make her feel the pain that I had felt.

I placed my hand on his cheek and pulled him close. I was already getting wet thinking of what was about to occur. I was the aggressor. I pressed my lips against his, tasting his sweet breath. I could smell the Old Spice body spray engulfing his already tense body. He didn't want to continue, but after not having sex for 4 months, I knew he could not resist. I pressed my hips against his already engorged cock. It was rock hard.

Pulling my lips from his own, I teased him lowering my kisses down his neck. I nibbled on his ear slowly kissing further down his body. I could feel his heart race through his skin as if he was a lion stalking a gazelle for the perfect pounce. I unbuttoned his blue camis pants sliding a hand to his stiff member. Lightly I ran my fingers from the tip of his head down the shaft to his balls. I loved massaging them between my fingers, tossing them back and forth. I then lowered my head and placed the tip of his pulsing cock in my mouth, teasing the hole with my tongue. He moaned in relief. There was no stopping at this point. I took his whole 9 inch cock into my mouth down to my throat over and over. He started fucking my mouth with the force of a Dominant. He grabbed my hair pulling me hard to his groin making sure I took every centimeter of his cock.

My pussy was pulsating with desire, I wanted him inside of me. I was so tight. I did not have his large member for four long months. Also, I never masturbated without him instructing me to do so. All of my passion had been building.

Then with one motion he lifted me up, grabbing my firm ass devouring my lips. My legs were wrapped around his waste. My clit was grinding against his taut abdomen. I could feel mini orgasms building just from that erotic grasp. I was rocking my hips back and forth knowing he could not take much longer. He would have to fuck me and he would be the one pushing it in.

Then it happened, his phone dinged. It was her. His lust filled mind was coming back to reality. His passionate kisses turned to blank motions. I knew I had to take control again if I wanted this to work.

I twisted out of his now limp grasp. I spun around making sure to move my hips in such a way he could see my lace panties were dripping ready for his massive cock. I put my arms around his firm shoulders and kissed him. I no longer allowed him to be the aggressor. I was in control. I pushed hard making sure he would lose balance. My nails dragged against his back and chest down to his cock. He had never seen me like this before which I'm guessing was a turn on. He was throbbing with anticipation once I took hold. He was now laying down stripped of all his clothing looking up at me with those deep brown eyes begging for release.

I pulled one side of my panties down and then the other. He was nodding as if, he was in control of the situation asking me to strip. The tiny bit of lace fabric drifted down my legs to my feet. I flicked them off to the side and straddled over my awaiting husband. Though nothing kept me from placing his cock into my pussy. I still wanted him to be the one begging me. Thus, I grinded back and forth over his cock. I could feel my cum leaking out onto his cock making it slick. His lips formed the word "please," though not a sound was uttered. I arched my back so that I could press the tip of his cock on the folds of my labia. I spread the lips apart with my fingers; I was so very wet that my index and middle finger became drenched. I brought my fingers to my mouth and slowly sucking in my own essence. He looked into my eyes amazed as I was still sucking and grinding his tip lightly against my folds. He mouthed the word "PLEASE."

I embraced his mouth with my own. He could taste my sweet cum and moaned in pleasure as I teased his tongue with my own. He pressed his tongue back. I suckled on it. I then kissed his neck slowly lowering my hips a little allowing his tip to feel the tightness of my pussy. I must say I had a mini orgasm at that moment which made the experience even better. His tip was clinched feeling how much I wanted him. His cock bounced trying to enter further. I raised my hips.

I whispered into his ear, "tell me you love me." His breathing ceased as he thought of my words.

I drove my hips down slightly so his tip could feel my tightness awaiting to release his built up tension. I then bounced with only his tip inside. Slightly in and slightly out, over and over. His moan begged me to take him fully.

I whispered into his ear again, "tell me you want me and no other."

He said, "Yes." That is not what I wanted to hear so I rose my hips up allowing his cock to only touch my folds. I dipped my left hand down to massage his tense balls.

I said again, "Tell me, you want me and no other. I am the only one that can give you this type of pleasure. Samantha cannot do this. Say it; once you say it, I will give myself to you."

Robert said, "I want you and no other. I love you. I want to fill your tight pussy with my cock. Please Claire, Please give that to me."

With that I pressed my hips down taking all of his cock. I pulsated in pleasure. My walls clinched and I shook as I thrusted up and down against him. He then took my body and threw me down against the floor. He took control and began fucking me. In and out, his huge cock ripping me open. I moaned in erotic pleasure. Feeling the orgasm building more and more.

I screamed, "Robert, fuck me, fuck me harder." I came. My walls clinched and suctioned his cock; his face was memorized as the liquid fire and tightness overcame his member. He moaned in desire for more. He continued; his cock was overcome by wetness; I could feel my cum dripping down from my pussy to my ass. He moved his hand to the dripping desire, coating his fingers. He forced them into my mouth. I sucked them clean which made his cock become thicker in my pussy.

After I came, my senses came back to me. I was done, but he had not released yet which meant he was even more desperate. I whispered into his ear, "Robert, tell me you love me."

He responded immediately saying, "I love you Claire, I love you; I need you." Thrusting deeper and deeper, pulling my legs up above his shoulders.

I then said, "Robert, this can continue everyday as long as you stay with me. Fuck me please, please." He thrusted deeper and harder. In and out; In and out. I moaned in ecstasy. It was the best fuck, I had every experienced.

At that moment, his cock became thicker; he pulled out and shoved his cock into my mouth. I began sucking tasting my cum and his stream flooding my mouth. I swallowed every drop licking him clean.

He then laid next to me covered in sweat. I laid my head on his chest gently kissing his neck. I knew he took the bait and then I heard another ding.

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