tagRomanceSeduction In Bunny Pyjamas Ch. 03

Seduction In Bunny Pyjamas Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – Never give up hope

Things begin to look clearer, but not before the fight!

Note from Buzzlegirl – Here's part 3. Another part which builds more by way of story than sex, but things with Alex and Draven really start to develop.

With lots of thanks to luvtaread for her superb editing skills.

Alex turned away from Jamie and her past and walked resolutely back down the street. She may not like this, but she had to try and sort the mess out rather than running away. As she got to the house, she could hear the sound of voices from the street. The front door was slightly ajar. She slipped inside and soundlessly dropped the catch.

They were fighting. One problem with this house, poor sound insulation – you could hear pretty much everything.

"How could you just stand there and let her talk about me like that? I mean, what in the hell is wrong with you? We're having a great time at the bar with all the girls, and then suddenly you see HER with that poor guy, lucky escape if you ask me, and you jump up and run off to her. Then...THEN she leaves and suddenly you're not in the mood and want to go too..."

The ranting just continued, she didn't even seem to take a breath!

Alex stood stock still. Clearly she couldn't talk to Draven, apologise to him, now. Suddenly she heard a thud and a moan like someone had been hit. She didn't think Draven would ever hit a woman, but well, that sounded painful, what if he'd lost his temper?

She gingerly walked up the stairs just as the sounds of things being thrown around the room got louder. She couldn't hear him shouting, only Rachel, but damn, she had to do something, she'd feel terrible if things got violent and she stood by doing nothing. Alex hesitated, poised outside Draven's door to knock just as it flew open.

"YOU..." Rachel screamed, flying out of the door towards her. She looked wild, mad and spitting like an angry cat. "How dare you..." Rachel stepped forward as Alex backed away until her back was pressed against the wall. "You're just jealous that he wouldn't look at a dumpy little slut like you and yet you think you have the right to go round bringing me into your sordid little affairs. I'm not surprised Jamie dumped you! Oh yes, I know all about you and the evil Jamie... Poor little Alex begging for the scraps of attention from a man who feels nothing but pity for you" Before anyone could move, Rachel's hand connected with Alex's cheek in a slap so hard that rattled her back teeth.

"Rachel no!" Draven roared as her hand raised again this time using her fist. Alex tasted blood long before the ringing in her ears stopped. "Get the fuck out Rachel, I mean it...I've had it with you, seriously, you are fucking insane!" He grabbed the blonde's swinging arm, spinning her away from Alex and pushing her up the corridor.

It could have been minutes, could have been hours later, she felt him crouching down over her, gently tilting her chin up with one finger so he could look at her face. Alex looked up at him. He had a cut on his cheek and he looked rough; bloodshot eyes and an ashen pallor on his tanned, handsome face.

"God Alex, I'm so sorry. Fuck..." he looked crestfallen.

"You didn't hit me, did you" Alex reached out and touched his face "and anyway, I'm the one who should be apologising here. I realise that you were just looking out for me. You come back to find me crying and Jamie standing there, and I realise what you think of him. I mean, I've thought it too before now. And you really have been the best friend I ever had, could ever wish for. You helped me pick up the pieces and get my life back together and, well that gives you a right to know what was going on. But I was embarrassed at what had happened so I lashed out at you. I am sorry Dray really I am."

It surprised her to realise that she felt so much worse about this than she did about Jamie.

She found herself sitting in Draven's room – the usually neat clutter was strewn all over the room. She caught sight of her face in the mirror; she'd have a nice black eye in an hour or so if she didn't get some ice on it. He disappeared for a minute then came in with a bag of peas wrapped in a tea towel and pushed it firmly on her eye. "Are you ok, you didn't pass out or anything did you?"

"No I'm fine really. Look, I have to tell you, I didn't sleep with Jamie."

"Alex, look, I'm the last person you have to explain yourself to. I'm sorry too you know. I saw you with him and I just saw red" he looked unsure of himself, confusing marring his beautiful features.

"You're not going back to him Al, are you? Please no..."

He sank down next to her on the bed reaching over to move the rudimentary ice pack away to check the damage. She saw him wince, clearly it wasn't good. He looked so concerned for her, she knew that he did care for her at least. Sometimes she could almost fool herself into thinking it was more than friendly concern. His cheek looked painful. She reached out and gently stroked her finger across the gash. At least it wasn't bleeding any more. Draven stilled as her fingers continued to gently stroke along his cheek before threading her fingers into his curly black hair.

"I want you to know Dray, I told Jamie not to come back here. That I didn't want to be with him. And you know, he understood. He even tried to give me some advice about..." she trailed off, how could she finish that sentence without giving away what had made her cry?

"You can tell me anything Al, you know that don't you" he was the only one that called her Al. A sudden memory of his Al Capone impression made her smile. He was a goofy one sometimes. But...

"I can't tell you this Dray, it could destroy everything. I could lose you and I just couldn't risk that. I could live with just about anything, as long as I have you in my life" realising she'd already said too much, she jumped up off the bed, the sudden movement made her dizzy and she swayed on her feet for a second. Draven was immediately at her side, taking her arm to steady her.

"So it is about me then, the reason you were crying? Rachel mentioned a few times...ahem.." he coughed and looked anywhere but at her "that you were, you know, interested in me. As more than a friend...that you might even, well, have feelings for me." He looked up at her, his piercing blue eyes shining looking stormy, full of emotion.

She felt her face burning with shame "Dray, please, I don't want to talk about this now. I'm tired. Tomorrow yeah?" he was getting too close to something that could be the truth and Alex knew she wasn't ready for that.

He let her go. She crawled into bed moments later, her prayers not to cry herself to sleep were answered; sleep didn't come.

A week later, Alex peered carefully around her door down the hall, listening for any signs of life, hoping that Draven had already left for work. She had done a fairly good job at avoiding him since "that night" and had buried herself into work and going out with her friends. She'd even been out with Justin again, just to the cinema and they were both quite clear, just as friends. But it did seem a step in the right direction.

She had noticed that Rachel hadn't been round since then either. In fact, now she thought about it, she hadn't seen nor heard anything of Draven's usual parade of women, which in all the time she'd known him was a first, save for the time he had chicken pox and he'd been too sick to get out of bed for two weeks. He'd been so sweet when he was poorly, letting her feed him chicken soup and begging her to cuddle up in bed with him whilst they watched TV. She sighed, she was going to miss him, that was for sure.

The house was still. Alex relaxed and wondered downstairs still in her pyjamas to get some breakfast. She'd taken a couple of days leave from work so she could start the search for a new flat. She couldn't really afford to move out, but she couldn't stay either. It was all too complicated. Walking into the kitchen she came to a dead halt. Draven was sitting at the table, his eyes bloodshot, his hair a mess and, from the state of him, still wearing yesterday's clothes.

"Alex" he leapt up from the table, the chair clattering to the floor loudly behind him, but he didn't even seem to notice.

"Dray! Are you ok? You're not sick are you?" she rushed to him, feeling his forehead with the back of her hand to check for fever.

"I don't think so, well I haven't been sleeping well...but, I need to talk to you. Really Alex, it's important" he'd grasped her hand and was holding on for dear life as if scared she'd disappear in front of him.

"Erm, ok sure. We do need to talk, you're right" There was no good time to tell him her plan to move out, but she might as well do it now.

"Rachel and I have split up"

No surprise there.

He chuckled, had she said that out loud? "You don't look surprised! I suppose you shouldn't be really. But it's not the fact we've split up that's unusual. I saw her at work the day after. We went back to her place and she was apologising" he actually started to blush, Alex could imagine what kind of apologising he was eluding to.

"Well, I don't know Al, we got into another spat which turned into another row. It's just she was shouting at me for an hour about how I was always commenting on your opinions of things, what you'd done, where you'd been. I was, well, no offence, but I was saying that Jamie really was a loser and that he didn't deserve your forgiveness. Well she just lost it, saying that if I agreed with you so much and if I enjoyed spending time with you so much and we had so much fun, why was I with her and not you? And, well" he glanced up at her for a second, uncertainty clear in his eyes.

"And Dray, what happened?" she coaxed.

"Well, I...I....hesitated."

"You hesitated? Why Dray? We've been friends for ages and you never even once looked at me even sideways! What would make her think there was anything between us?"

Draven was staring intently at her, as if he was trying to read the answer to some mystic puzzle in her eyes. "It was like for the first time someone had pointed out something to me that was right before my eyes and I could see the truth. So maybe you weren't someone who I would normally go for, but it was like I could see a future with you that I could never have with Rachel or any of the others I've dated."

"I've always been a shallow bastard. I've never hidden that. But I've always been looking for something deep down. I know you know that, you've said it before, like I was looking for the perfect girl and none of them measured up because of the type of girls I was looking at. Rachel was the last in a long line," (he had enough sense to look embarrassed at this, a small smile on his lips for a brief second) "well a long line of cardboard cut out women, all slight variations on the same theme, beautiful, great arm-candy, but nothing more. Suddenly I realised in that second that you were under my skin. The thought of being with you, well, it wasn't the shock it should have been."

She asked incredulously. "Dray, you can't mean this, you don't see me like that, you never have!" she argued.

He looked exasperated for a second "I think I just told you, Alexandra, that you are right, to a point, but now I'm looking. I'm looking and I see something that I've been missing out on for way too long..." the humorous glint returning to his ocean-blue eyes. "I'm willing to wait if you need some convincing."

He moved to stand in front of her, reaching out for her face, tracing the swell on her cheek with the tip of his finger. His lips followed the same path, kissing along her cheek before brushing gently over her lips, once, twice. He pulled back slightly to look at her "You can breathe now, I'd rather you didn't pass out from lack of oxygen you know" he chided.

"Dray, please, I....Please don't be joking"

"I wouldn't be so cruel sweetheart. I know I've been an idiot. I know I've not noticed what a beautiful girl I had right in front of my eyes. But I do want you; I want everything you can give me. I want the future that I can only have with you Al."

His lips came down over hers again, more firmly this time. She hesitated for a moment longer before signing quietly and giving herself over to the kiss completely. He took advantage of her slightly parted lips, the tip of his tongue probing into her mouth, his hand stroking along her shoulder, down her back and up again in a tender caress. Suddenly, she was in his arms, her body pressed tightly against him from head to toe. She felt his hard cock pressed against the softness of her belly.

"Jeez" she cried, her head snapping back to look into his eyes "You really want me?"

"Oh baby, please don't doubt it" His mouth lowered to the curve of her neck, biting gently, making her gasp, this time sweeping his hands down her back to cup her bottom through the thin material, before lifting her off her feet so he could reach her mouth and nestle her against his hard erection. Her legs wrapped around his hips allowing him to feel the warmth radiating from her pussy through the thin barrier of her pyjama shorts. Her arms held him tightly around his neck, their kiss becoming more impassioned, less gentle.

He stepped forward as she clung to him, turning and sitting her gently on the kitchen table, the effort of depositing her without dumping her causing his pecs and abs to tense. She'd seen him clad in a towel or skimpy boxer shorts often enough to know that all those hours of sport paid off, leaving him with beautiful sculpted muscle. He reached down to run his hands over her calves, massaging the quivering muscles before skimming the backs of her knees, continuing up the inside of her thighs as far as he could reach under the skimpy shorts.

Alex was dreaming again, she was so sure. Draven's mouth was tasting hers, so sweetly, yet so hungrily. His hands running over her body stroking every plane in wonder. Except this was more real than any dream about Draven she'd ever had before. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, desperately trying to hang onto the dream. She heard him chuckle, that sexy husky laugh that set her body aflame. Opening her eyes she looked into his.

"I've never seen you look more beautiful" Then, confusingly, he smoothed down her clothes "but this is not some quick shag, as MUCH as I do want you right now, so, we're going to wait. We're going to do this right...Alexandra Xanthie Forrester, will you go on a date with me?"

Alex couldn't understand what he was saying. This was Draven, love em fast and hard then leave em. "You don't want to sleep with me?"

"Oh I do babe, you've felt how much," for good measure he gripped her hips and ground his hard cock against her. "But you and I are going to do this differently. We're going to date, we're going to get to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, we're going to take this slowly, and then, when we're ready, we'll take that step...if you say yes of course" Draven looked at her.

"He actually looks unsure of himself" Alex marvelled to herself "Dray, we've been friends a long time. We've lived together for a year and I think you know me better than anyone. I'm scared of throwing away the best friend I ever had, but I'm more scared at the thought of passing up the one thing I've wanted more in my life than anything else, out of fear. Oh any by the way, when has any woman ever been able to say no to the great Draven Holmes?" she chided.

He beamed at her, "You aren't most women, in fact, I never met one like you, don't think I ever will again." he stroked her face again "Right, assuming you're not working today, you'd best get dressed, we're going out."

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