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Self Bound


After the break up of two relationships in the last year, I decided to take at least a six month break from dating. I figured time away from singles bars and blind dates would do me good. But being 31, taking a break from sex was not an option. So, I reverted to the old stand by, the internet and masturbation. Any kind of porn you want can be found online and that is what brings me to relate this story to you.

Whenever I decided to beat off, I would jump on line and surf around to find whatever I was in the mood to look at at that particular moment. Sometimes threesomes, sometimes blow jobs, sometimes lesbians. My tastes seemed to change most every session. Then, one night, I hit on a site that changed my life.

During a search for some bondage porn, I came upon a site dealing with self bondage. Having never heard of that before, I was instantly intrigued. How does one accomplish tying oneself up and also setting up a release? I decided to look into this concept deeper.

As I researched the topic, I learned more about how people managed it. I learned about all the methods of binding and the different release methods, from electric timers to melting ice. The more I learned, the more I realized it was not as difficult as it had first seemed. One thing all the sites stressed was safety. Reading through the methods laid out on the sites, I saw how easy it would be to get into real trouble if you did not plan carefully.

As time went by, I would find myself thinking more and more about the idea of self bondage. In normal bondage, you are giving control to another person. But I realized in self bondage, you are giving control to fate. Even with the best planning, there is always that chance that something could go amiss. And once you set events into motion, there is no one there to stop things if you change your mind. No safe word to end what is occurring. I found the whole idea to be quite exciting. I knew this was something I wanted to experience. I began to research the subject further.

One thing that stood out to me was that after learning about knots and release methods, most other aspects of self bondage were geared towards women. There was plenty of information pertaining to the use of vibrators or machines while bound but nothing about anything a man could use for stimulation.

Once I decided I was actually going to experiment with self bondage, I began to plan in earnest. I knew there was much to be done. Since like most experiences the first time is the most exciting, I wanted to be certain that I made the most of my first. Since my home has an unfinished basement, I decided it would be the perfect spot to set things up in. Surveying the basement, I started a list of items I would need and began to picture how I would rig everything up. Since the floor was concrete, the first thing I would need to assemble would be a raised platform. This would allow me to bolt on eyehooks, which I would use to hold my ankles and wrists. I decided to use an ice release mechanism, it seemed more fool proof.

On a bondage gear website, I found the cuffs I would need to secure my limbs. As I surfed through the site to see what else was available, I saw some other items I could use. Specifically, a butt plug and a parachute.

The platform was completed and the eyehooks were securely bolted into place. I began hanging the hooks from the rafters that would support the release system. According to my plan, a half gallon plastic milk jug would be filled with water and frozen. This would be suspend from the ceiling attached to a large knife with twine though two eye hooks. The knife weighed a little more than the empty jug. The knife would gradually drop from the ceiling as the ice in the jug melted. But almost all of the ice melt would have to drip from the jug before the knife would fall. When the knife fell into the reach of my right hand, I would use it to cut the rope binding my hand to the eyehook. I would leave enough slack in the rope so I could turn the knife to saw through the rope.

Under the ice jug, I planned to hang a one gallon jug to catch the water as it dripped from the first container. This larger jug would be suspended with twine though a hook in the ceiling, run over to one on the top of the wall then down to a hook at the base of the wall. From this eyehook, the twine would run to the chains attached to the parachute. As the ice melted, the water would drip from the hole in the bottom of the jug, fall into the large jug which would stretch my balls as it grew heavier. The closer I got to being free, the more strain would be placed on my nuts.

One final hook was placed into the rafters. This one was directly over the spot where my head would be when I was bound. For the last month, each time I would jerk off, I would catch my come in a small cup and transfer it into an unrolled condom I kept hung in the freezer. When it was full, I planned to clip off the end, suspend it from the hook over my face and allow come to drip onto me as it melted. This would provide the ultimate in humiliation.

Finally, after six weeks of preparation, everything appeared ready. My order had arrived and the condom was about three quarters full. Tomorrow would be the day.

I awoke early after a fitful night of sleep. Although excited, I was pretty nervous about my plans for today. I kept thinking about Murphy and his stupid law. Going to the basement, I checked over my design, trying to think of anything I had overlooked. Everything seemed correct, so I returned upstairs to get started.

As I removed my clothes, I decided the first order of business was to insert the butt plug. I had never used one before and it seemed larger than the two inches it was advertised as being. Using lots of lube, I slicked up the plug and the area around my asshole. Gently, I began to press it against my anus as I tried to relax. I could feel my sphincter stretch as I worked more of the plug into myself. Ever so slowly, I was able to insert more of the five inch length into my ass. After about ten minutes, I finally felt the plug slip in as my sphincter tightened and grasped the neck. I laid still for a bit, relishing the feeling of fullness. I snapped the parachute on my sack above my balls.

As I slowly got to my feet, the plug stayed securely seated within my asshole. I felt it shifting slightly as I stood and began gingerly walking to the kitchen. Retrieving the ice jug and condom, I went downstairs. After poking a good sized hole in the bottom, I hung the ice jug from its line, directly over the gallon container. Snipping off the tip of the condom, I tied it in place five feet above where my head would lie. I strapped the cuffs around my ankles and wrists. Before lying down, I glanced around to once again ensure things were as they should be.

Moving onto the platform, I attached my ankle cuffs to the eyehooks using a pair of carbineers threaded through the rings on the cuffs. This left my feet spread about two feet apart. I attached the twine leading from the empty jug to the ring on the parachute. I slid up the platform until my legs were straight. Lying down, I reached over and attached my left wrist to its hook the same way as my ankles. Rolling onto my back, I reached out to my right and felt the rope with the slip knot. I laid there, realizing that if I put my hand into the knot and pulled, I would have no means of escape until the ice melted. Even as I was planning, I had known all along that this moment of decision would come. This was my last chance to stop myself. I wiggled my wrist into the loop and hesitated again. If I gave one quick yank, my fate would be sealed.

With a deep breath, I jerked my arm and felt the knot tighten around my wrist. I remember thinking' Holy shit, I've done it,' followed by 'Holy shit, what have I done.'

I laid on the platform, taking stock of my situation. So far, everything had worked as planned. The butt plug moved some as I tried to free my feet and hands but they were securely fastened. I would have to wait for the knife to drop to free myself. Although I had not timed the ice to see how long it would take to melt, I figured it would be awhile. I had not brought a clock downstairs with me. I thought that not knowing how long I had been bound would heighten the sensations I felt.

I closed my eyes and thought about what I was feeling, both physical and mental. Physically, the restraints around my limbs and the sense of fullness from the plug deep in my ass. The mental feelings were even stronger. The sense of helplessness was intense. But the feeling I could not get rid of was humiliation. I pictured myself in this same situation, bound to a table. Only this time, I was exposed to a group of people. Taunts and jeers were thrown at me as they laughed at me. Men and women would walk by me and either stroke my cock or slap it. Around me, people were having all varieties of sex and I could only watch. I pictured two guys standing around my head. They were both stroking their hard cocks as they told me how they were going to cover my face with their come. One of them was stroking faster as he told me to open my mouth.


That sound yanked me back to the present, the first drop of water from the melting ice falling into the jug. Counting in my head, I reached 45 before another drop fell. I knew the melting rate would quicken as time passed.

As I listened to the quickening rate of the water dripping, I became aware of another familiar sensation. I had to pee. This was something I had not planned for. I was hoping I could hold it until I was able to get myself loose. Looking up at the jug, I saw maybe half an inch of water, a long way to go. I again closed my eyes to await what I knew would be coming soon, the onset of the stretching of the balls.

The ice was melting faster now and I listened to the steady drip as I felt the weight of the water begin to pull on the parachute. I was so fixated on the feeling in my crotch that I was shocked when the first drop on melting come landed on the tip of my nose. Glancing up, I saw another drop ready to fall. I tilted back my head and opened my mouth. The drop fell and landed on my tongue. Although it was only a single drop, it was the first come that had ever been in my mouth.

After such a long wait for things to happen, now it seemed everything was occurring at once. The pulling caused by the increasing weight on my nuts was still tolerable, but getting a little uncomfortable. I began to wonder how bad the pain would become before I was able to get free. Come was still dripping onto the lower section of my face. My moustache was drenched with come and I could smell the acrid aroma with each breath. And now I really had to pee.

There was not much ice left so I expected the knife to begin to drop shortly. The pain in my crotch was becoming intense. I knew I would be able to stand it until the end, but I was glad there was not much water left. The condom hung limply above me, all the contents now splattered on my face.

Finally, the knife moved just a little. I watched to see if I could see more movement in order to judge how long until I was freed. It was a few minutes before the knife dropped another little bit. It was then I knew that my bladder was not going to make it.

As they parachute pulled my balls towards the wall, it caused my cock to point straight up my body. Knowing I could wait no longer, I released control of my bladder and smiled with relief as I felt the warm liquid begin to spray over my stomach and chest. The strong ammonia smell was overpowering as the deep yellow urine pooled on my chest and overflowed, running down my sides.

The knife was dropping a little faster and soon the handle lay in the palm of my hand. Twisting it around, I was able to cut the ropes holding my right hand. I rolled over, undid the left hand and quickly unsnapped the parachute from my balls. After undoing my ankles, I laid on my back enjoying the relief from my bondage. Reaching between my legs, I started to remove the butt plug from my ass. When it popped out, I knew I was now totally free. But, boy did I need a shower. As I headed upstairs to the bathroom on wobbly legs, I glanced at the kitchen clock. Five and a half hours had elapsed since I went downstairs. As I looked in the bathroom mirror at my come covered face, I grinned.

'Five and a half hours well spent.', I thought.

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