tagSci-Fi & FantasySeraphic Love

Seraphic Love


"She fell out of the sky!" I exclaimed to my girlfriend. "Can we keep her, can we keep her?" I repeated, half-joking and smiling, like a little kid who'd just found a new pet.


We both ran outside into my backyard to see what was making all the noise - The dog was barking, the trash cans were rolling all over the driveway. There was a general panic in the air! And when we got out, there was a beautiful, young woman lying there. Almost naked, except for the white stockings, high heels and, what looked like, Angel's wings!

It looked like she'd fallen out of an airplane; but how could that be? No one could fall from that high and not look like a squashed pizza! Yet, here was a girl, in her "bare nakeds," lying unconscious, in our backyard.

The dog had stopped barking, finally, but was now sniffing the young girl. He sniffed her hair, then her shoulders, then went down her back and stuck his nose someplace it really didn't belong. When he stuck his cold, wet nose deeply into her vaginal area, I knew that if she were alive, that would surely wake her up! (It always wakes my girlfriend up when he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! It never fails and she always screams! Goofy dog!)

Well, my little Angel just fluttered her eyes and smiled, first at the dog, then at my girlfriend and I. She reached down to pet the pooch then stood up - no, more like, floated up - onto her feet and opened her mouth to speak but, instead of words, we heard a chorus of beautiful sounds emanating from the girls throat!

It was truly beautiful but immediately my girlfriend went into a trance. Her eyes were completely glassed-over, like she'd been hypnotized. Then the little angel found her speaking voice. She told me her name was Michelle and that I should not be afraid. I told her I wasn't afraid in the least and she said that that was good, for the last time that she had appeared like this, in the Middle Ages, it caused a big panic and people rushed away, killing the slow, old and infirmed in the way of the panicking crowd.

"Well, hello, Michelle," I said, "my name's Chris. Welcome to my home." I don't know why but I'd completely forgotten about my beautiful girlfriend standing there, like a statue, frozen in time.

I opened the backdoor for Michelle and we walked into the house, through the kitchen, the dining room straight into the living room. It had been a bit chilly outside so I'd made a fire, which was burning down to nothing but coals but was still throwing off a lot of heat. I suggested that 'Mish' stand closer to the fireplace as she must be cold, after her ordeal. That, and the fact that she wasn't wearing any clothes, of course. I told her to not stand too close, or else she'd singe her feathery wings. She paid no heed to my warnings, however, and walked right up to the burning embers and, I swear, created a big, raging fire, just by waving her hands! A few sparks flew outward and landed on her wings and I thought that they'd catch on fire, for sure. But they didn't... Instead, Mish just laughed as though the burning flames were tickling her and her wings...!

"OK," I thought to myself... "Something very odd is happening here." I glanced outside, into my backyard through the window and saw my girlfriend, still stone-faced, not moving or breathing. I asked my new Seraphic friend what was going on with my lover and Michelle told me not to worry, that some people cannot handle the sight of a real 'God spawn.'

I was going to ask her to be realistic and tell me who she really was but, sensing that I was beginning to doubt her words, she floated toward me and kissed me. This was no ordinary kiss, however. No, this kiss both sucked the life from me and infused me with a new, ever-strong, ever-vital, and ever-virile feeling that would not, could not be diminished by anything on Earth, it felt! I felt I could fly and cure all the plagues of Mankind and then I looked down and saw, what looked like, a 12 inch erection coming from my lower-torso where previously there had always been a good seven inches of erect penis!

All of a sudden, it dawned on me: Mish was a real Angel! A real, Seraphim sent, or fallen, from Heaven! I was not going to waste this opportunity. I grabbed my little Michelle by her tiny waist and spun her around so her back was to me and bent her over so she was grabbing onto her ankles. I then proceeded to mount her, spearing her very tight, very wet, vagina! In one thrust I was buried inside her hot cauldron of Angelic lust! She screamed for God to help her endure such pleasure, as I committed an act that God himself would surely stand up and applaud when it was completed!

Michelle kept screaming out my name and, after a few minutes, her screams turned to that same chorus of Heavenly voices from before! I couldn't get over how at Peace I felt as I plunged my newfound Ultra-Masculinity into the bubbling, hot orifice of this blessed Angel sent from God!

At that point Mish turned away from my thrusts and turned, facing me and floated upward, three feet, landing straight down on my Godly gift! She had a bit more trouble, impaling herself onto my God-cock than before, though. So I grabbed her by her beautiful hips and helped pull her down to the base of my shaft! She locked her ankles around my waist and we began to fuck in that position. She weighed next to nothing, it seemed, so my back didn't hurt like it normally would have had I been fucking a normal girl. (My girlfriend only weighed around 100 lbs. now; ever since our diet and exercise program began a few years ago had really started to work. We used to be severely over-weight but we went on the "Sex Diet" and whenever we got hungry, we would fuck each other until the pangs subsided. She lost 190 lbs and I lost 85 lbs and now we are both in great shape but always horny.)

Anyway, here I was, sliding my dick into a true Angel, a messenger from God, filling her tight hole with my giant cock! Her lovely voice was making my erection seem bigger and harder than any marble statue I had ever seen. Then I remembered something. It was in the back of my mind, what was it? Something about a- a- a- a "Statue...?"

Just then, my thoughts were pulled back to the present when Mish stopped singing, stopped breathing, even and became as stiff as my erection. I thought - well, I didn't know WHAT to think, as this was all so very new to me - but I just kept on plowing into her Angelic Beauty; it seemed like the thing to do, I supposed at that time. Something kept driving me on. A Divine Intervention or maybe a Divine Inspiration. I don't know, nor did I care. All I knew was I was having the most fun that ANYONE in the world had EVER had having sex! And it was only going to get better!

I was finally, after six hours, going to blow my wad of sperm into the tight, molten vaginal orifice of this sensual Angelic vixen. I told her so and cracked, I thought, a joke about her, perhaps, being on a birth control pill. She gave me a wink and smiled and flew off my turgid cock again. I thought it was over, that my little "joke" had upset her in some way. I tried to grab her and pull her back down onto my rod but to no avail. She was too high for me to reach her.

I was really pissed at myself for saying that and I felt my erection start to wither a tad. But before it could shrink too much, Michelle dropped down from the ceiling and fell on all fours in front of me and I heard a voice, it might have been her voice but it sounded like it was coming from a block away, echoing: "In my back door! Chris, please fuck my hot, tight ass!" Oh, my God! How could she have known that that is my favorite orifice - my favorite hole - to fuck on a woman. (I think I must have been "Greek" in a previous life!) I was loving the thought of plunging into the rear end of this hot little Angel-slut! I got down on my knees and looked up, silently thanking God for sending me this lovely girl, and plundered and pillaged her little anal canal! I fucked her ass hole raw! I lost all track of time/space as I sawed my way into Michelle's anus! Then, without warning, she started-in with the singing of the Angelic Chorus-thing again so I reached around and grabbed and pinched her pink, Angel's clit and felt her whole body tremble like a 9.9 Rictor Scale earthquake which started vibrating her whole body. This was the BIG ONE; I knew and didn't try to fight it! I just shoved my dick as deeply into her ass as possible and felt my twelve inches erupt a torrential flood's-worth of seed that would surely have drowned my girlfriend --- Literally, five or six gallons of semen burst-forth from my enlarged manhood into my Guardian Angel's rectum! I have no idea where it all went. My only guess is that Michelle's lovely, deep rectum was a portal to a Heavenly dimension that was now swimming in my sperm!

My tumescence popped out of her tight ass hole, still hard. Mish then spun around and locked her mouth onto the head of my hard on and sucked. And sucked. And sucked so hard I thought the top of her head would start to cave in!

I felt the stirrings of another orgasm begin. Just then, all of a sudden, Mish flew away! Without warning, without so much as a How-do-you-do, she just took off! I stood there, with my big 12-inch cock, sticking straight up, towards the Heavens...!

I heard the backdoor slam shut and the dog ran past me on his way to God only knows where and then my girlfriend came into the Living Room.

"What's wrong, honey? Why are you standing there, naked? Are you hungry? Do you need hel-LO, THERE! WHAT HAPPENED?" She asked, not believing what she was seeing sticking up from between my legs!

I just told her that she wouldn't believe me if I could tell her what was happening! But she wasn't listening. No, she was too transfixed by my new 12-inch dong! My little girlfriend, all 5 feet of her, got down on her knees and tried to deepthroat me. Of course it was too big so she just stroked it up and down, in her soft hands. Then she got on all fours and begged me to feed it into her hot, steaming box. I grabbed a bottle of body oil that we'd left on the coffee table a few nights prior and greased my rod as well as possible and inserted it as slowly into her hot cunt as I thought she could take. It only went in about three fourths of the way before it was banging into her cervix, causing great pain! At least three inches were still left outside her sultry hole! But never one to quit, she rolled away from me and greased up her left hand and shoved four of her own fingers up her own ass hole, trying to spread her anus open enough so that she could comfortably take in as much of me as possible. And I'll be darned if that didn't work! She screamed at me to fuck her as hard as I could! At this point, I'm sure, she was so hot and hard-up for my new cock that she began to lose patience... And all sense of reasoning, too! But she didn't care. She wanted, almost NEEDED, my whole 12 inches inside her diminutive frame at once!

Well, I was not in the mood to tease her. Especially after my little Angel (what was her name? It was all becoming something like unto a very erotic, very wet dream) left me hanging, unsatisfied, like that. Then I reached around and rubbed the girlfriend's clitoris and felt her body go off like a rocket! She started to convulse and couldn't stay attached to my hardness anymore. She tried to crawl away but couldn't because her anus had formed too-tight a seal around my hard on! She wasn't going anywhere unless I pulled out, myself. And I was enjoying the super-tight fit and feel of her bowels around my turgid member!

I decided to go into the bathroom and clean up for I was wanting to cum in her pussy. I lifted her ass cheeks in both hands and managed to get my feet under my weight and walked her to the bathroom with my meat still buried in her rectum! Every step I took jostled her and caused my cock to slip deeper into her poop shoot! This caused her greater pain/pleasure than she had ever experienced in her life! But, once I reached the bathroom, I pulled her off of my erection and set her down on the toilet. I told her to open up. She did and licked my dick free of the oils that had been coating it inside her ass hole. She seemed to be rejuvenated by the mix of tastes of her own ass and my hard cock! (I have always loved girls who would give me head after I'd been in their dirty, little ass holes.)

The girlfriend kept sucking and sucking, trying to get me to fill her mouth with my seed. But I had another destination in mind. One that I was sure that she'd enjoy even more!

I pulled out of her mouth, leaving her pouting for my dick to re-enter her oral cavity. I told her to relax. Then I got a soapy washcloth from the sink and washed the rest of the oil and shit off of my hardness and once I was completely clean and free of germs, I picked the girlfriend up, bent her over the sink and mounted her, doggie-style, like the hot bitch that she was, right there in the bathroom! I managed to get the first eight inches in with not too much fuss but those last four were going to be a problem. So I just kept battering away, forcing more and more of the "God Cock" into my honey's little body! Every time I banged into her cervix she cried out in pain. Every time I pulled back out, she cried out, as if she was a butterfly and I was pulling off her wings. Eventually, I stopped caring about her pain. I just concentrated on my own release, which was fast approaching!

I looked down into my lover's eyes and saw nothing but sweet submission. She was giving herself to me and whatever I wanted to do to her, was fine with her. To hell with the consequences. As long as there was love in our hearts, I figured we couldn't possibly go wrong! So I started thrusting as hard and as deep as I could! She cried out every time I went in, still but she just kept on saying that she loved me and wanted this, over and over...!

I soon felt my toes begin to curl and cramp and knew that my orgasm was mere moments away...! I shouted that I loved her and roared her name as my cum erupted forth and scalded the insides of her very womb! It was an incredible orgasm! One for the record books, I was sure, as she screamed that she was coming right along with me!

As we lay there, still conjoined at the hips, we looked into each other's eyes and then kissed. This was not like any kiss either of us had ever experienced before. This kiss burned and fused our souls together as we fought for breath and gave each other what little breath we had in us. It lingered for just the right amount of time as determined by someone far greater than us. We didn't care. All we knew was that something magical had just taken place! Something special had been shared and exchanged by the Heavens, themselves.


Nine months later, I took my lovely bride home from the hospital, carrying our newborn triplets. The oldest boy was more handsome than any of the Nurses on Maternity had ever seen. We named him Chris Junior, after his Dad, of course. The second child had been a beautiful baby girl, whom we named after her Aunt, my sister, Meg. The third child, a wily little bundle of joy, looked like neither my wife, nor myself. Her face was awfully familiar looking, but I just couldn't quite place it. My friends suggested I call the baby girl after my mother or even after my other sister but something told us to name it Michelle. It was a voice from far off, down the street, my wife thought, which suggested we name the littlest baby by that name. Who were we to argue? We were just so happy that we had three healthy, happy, smiling babies to raise and to love and to teach and to learn from, for the rest of our lives...

We drove home, as happily as any couple with a new family had ever been. And everything was great!

Until, The Teenage years....!

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