tagGroup SexServicing Sara Ch. 03

Servicing Sara Ch. 03


Servicing Sara, Part 3: and Traci

"So, Brock, will you do it?" Sara's voice said over the phone.

What was I going to say? No? Here was easily the most gorgeous woman I had ever met, asking me if I would help out with a girl's night she had planned. About a dozen or so women that Sara knew would be at her new place for the evening on Friday, and she was hoping that I'd tend bar and generally clean up so she could spend most of her time socializing with her friends as opposed to spending the whole night rushing around playing hostess. I was half hard just thinking about it, and it took me about two hot seconds to decide to help her out. Sara gave me the details on how to get to her new apartment, and what time to be there, and following that, said good bye and hung up.

I sat there for a moment and counted my blessings. Sara was easily turning into the most exciting woman I had ever met, so this wasn't a hard decision to come out and help her tonight. I looked over my wardrobe to figure out what would be best. After only a couple of minutes, I picked out a gray dress shirt and black cotton pants. I quickly showered and cleaned myself up, and before too long, I was dressed and ready to go. I killed the remaining time until I had to be at the apartment by going over my bartender's bible, familiarizing myself with some of the more popular cocktails, and some simple shooters. I laid the book on my coffee table and headed out to Sara's.

As I drove across town, my mind drifted back to the two memorable trysts I had had with Sara, first with Sara and my friend Steve in a threesome, and the second, just her and I on the beach. The memories were rather vivid, and I had to shake myself back to the here and now as I almost hit a Nissan. The remainder of the drive took me across town, and it took me a couple of minutes to find the right building. Sara greeted me at the door to her place, wearing a beige top and mini-skirt, classy yet sultry. She gave me a smile and a french kiss that made me momentarily forget why I had come over, and then showed me inside to her new place. I was immediately impressed by the layout and the stylish décor. Spacious and cozy at the same time, she had a knack for putting the right picture or decoration in the right place, and gave the place a very warm and inviting feel.

I headed to the kitchen, which was separated from the living room by the breakfast island that I would be using as the bar for the night. I checked Sara's supplies in the kitchen, and finding her to be well prepared for the night, I started setting up, laying out glasses, cutting limes and lemons and the like. Sara for her part was doing the final tidy up, lighting some vanilla oil in a diffuser, and making her living room the ultimate place for a dozen girls to have a good time.

Just as I had about finished getting my bar finished, there was a knock on the door. Sara answered it, and ushered the first couple of her guests for the night into the apartment. They exchanged pleasantries and the girls looked around the place, and commented on the bartender standing at the ready. I smiled as they looked over at me, and continued to finish setting up the bar. Over the next forty-five minutes, Sara ended up continually answering the door until there were a grand total of thirteen women inside the apartment, besides Sara.

I was very impressed with the look of the crowd. The law of averages would say that there would have to be at least one of the fourteen women in the apartment that I wouldn't find attractive. The law was wrong, as every single woman there was pretty, and had a figure I couldn't find fault with. I couldn't believe my luck and there were way worse ways to spend a Friday night; this sure as hell beat watching cable and eating chips, which was my initial plan for the night.

One of the women in particular caught my eye. A very, very pretty young lady with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure that was both voluptuous and tight at the same time, encased in a lacy top and leather mini-skirt, her toned calves accentuated by the heels she wore. When I wasn't making drinks or looking at Sara, my eyes always seemed to drift to lace-top, and I made a mental note of where she was at all times.

I was fortunate that for my meager bartending skills, the orders I took were not too difficult. Most of the ladies wanted something simple: a jack and coke, a seven-and-seven, a bloody mary, etc. Sara seemed to have a good idea what her friends liked as I didn't have to go without in terms of supplies for too many of the drink orders. I did a general clean-up, clearing glasses and plates and keeping the place tidy. I caught Sara'a eye as she was talking to the girl in the lace top, and she had something of an enigmatic smile at our eyes met. I looked at her for a long second before one of the guests playfully slapped my ass and made some lewd comment that I didn't quite catch. I gave the stock answer I had in mind for the night, "Hey, no fraternizing with the help." That elicited another comment that made me roll my eyes as I carried the glasses back to the kitchen. I now had confirmation of what I had heard before: women were as bad as men. I got back behind the bar and busied myself doing some re-stocking.

When I looked up from my cleaning, I saw the woman in the lace-top standing on the other side of the bar. She had a strange demure smile on her face as I asked what I could get her. She leaned on the bar, resting her chin on her middle finger, looked up at me and said, "How about a Screaming Orgasm?"

It wasn't so much what she said, but they way that she said it, coupled with the look she gave me, a smouldering, seductive stare that gave me a slight shiver. I was a little caught off-guard, but regained my composure fast enough to respond with a smile, "Sorry, sweetheart, I'm out of pineapple juice. Anything else I can do for you?"

Lace-top gave me a sideways glance and said "Crown and ginger, please." I kept my eyes on her as I prepared her cocktail, and she looked right back into my eyes the entire time. There was an electricity between us as we stared at each other, and I breathed deeply to retain my composure. Passing the drink to her, she took it and started to walk away, then looked back over her shoulder to say, "Too bad you couldn't help me out with my first order. I always tip well."

Again, it was the tone of her voice that told me she wasn't taking about a cash gratuity, and my jaw dropped at her comment. I stood there for a moment like a gaping idiot before I gave my head a shake, poured myself a shot of Crown, and knocked it back. I watched lace-top walk away, and exhaled a long breath. She had it going on.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful on my end. None of Sara's guests got out of hand or fall-down drunk, but everyone seemed to have a great time and generally enjoy themselves. Without many messes to clean up or emergencies to attend to, Sara was free to have fun with the rest of her guests, and I just sat back, poured the drinks, and took in the lovely sights inside the apartment.

As the night drew towards a close, the guests slowly started to trickle out. I looked over the last few stragglers, quietly wishing they would hurry up and go so I could be alone with Sara. Lace-top was still there, and I kept checking her out as I cleared the last of the glasses and dirty dishes. I turned and went into the kitchen with the plates and glasses, washed them in the sink, and started taking down the bar. As I had everything pretty neat and tidy anyways, I was almost finished when I heard Sara say, "Okay, good night, and have a safe trip home," which was followed by silence.

Believing to be alone with Sara now, I looked up, and frowned immediately in seeing one guest still left behind: Lace-top. I groused a little under my breath as I washed the sink, and finished my cleaning, silently cursing the lone remaining guest for still being there. I looked up to see Sara and the woman walking hand in hand towards the kitchen, and as they arrived in front of me, Sara stood behind Lace-top.

"Brock, have you met Traci?"

I smiled, "Umm, Crown and ginger, right?"

Traci giggled a little, and Sara continued, "Well, Brock, Traci is a good friend of mine. A VERY good friend of mine, and I'd like you two to get to know each other." With that, Sara brushed the long hair off Traci's neck and placed one long, sweet kiss just below Traci's ear. I leaned back against the counter-top, unable to believe what I was seeing as Sara's hands ran over of Traci's lace top as she placed more long lingering kisses on the side of her neck. Traci moaned lightly, and tilted her head to the side, accepting Sara' affections, while Sara's hands slid over Traci's breasts, rubbing softly and slowly.

I watched silently, not wanting to interrupt, as Sara started to make love to this beautiful creature in front of me, and my cock hardened completely as I watched Traci turn her head, bring her arm around behind her to the back of Sara's head, and draw Sara into a deep passionate kiss over her shoulder. I saw Sara's hands squeeze Traci's breasts as the passion from the kiss consumed her, and find Traci's nipples through the fabric of her top. Both women moaned into each other's mouths as I saw both tongues play with one another, and I couldn't help but give my cock a squeeze through my slacks.

Traci broke the kiss, and turned to me, beckoning me to come closer. Entranced, I did exactly that, and Traci met me in a powerful kiss, holding my head and sliding her tongue into my mouth, taking my breath away for a moment. I felt her hand come down and grab my shaft, making me gasp and kiss her harder. Opening my eyes and glancing over her shoulder, I saw Sara stare at us with a look of lust and anticipation. I ground my shaft against Traci's hand, as my own hand came around back of the two ladies, grabbing Sara by the ass and pulling her against Traci. Sara responded by nibbling on Traci's ear, sucking the lobe into her mouth and sliding her hands up to Traci's shoulders to the spaghetti straps of her top. The straps started to slide down Traci's upper arms before she broke her kiss with me, pulled away from Sara's mouth and led us by the hand to the couch.

Sitting between Sara and myself on the couch, Traci took one of our hands each and placed it on the straps to her top, and let us tug them down, until the bodice of her top peeled away from her perfect breasts, the lovely pink-capped orbs exposed and begging to be touched. I bent my head and sucked one of the delicious nubs between my lips as Sara leaned over and resumed kissing the lovely lady between us, caressing Traci's other breast, while her free hand cradled Traci's head. My tongue ran in circles over Traci's nipple, feeling it harden as I licked, and I listened as both women made little noises of pleasure, my eyes opening to see Traci caressing one of Sara's breasts in turn.

I covered Traci's nipple with my mouth, sucking the whole of it into my mouth, my tongue feathering the tip of the nipple, and I watched from below while the ladies tilted their heads, deepening the kiss, their lips locked tight together as their tongues danced. My hands moved on their own it seemed, and slid up Traci's thigh just under the hem of her mini-skirt, and was rewarded with her thighs parting, inviting me to go higher. I pulled my hand away from Traci's leg, and grabbed Sara's hand from the other breast, guiding it down to Traci's upper thigh. I heard Traci gasp a little, her thighs parted even more, and Sara and I responded by tracing our fingers slowly up Traci's thigh, pushing up Traci's skirt all the way, exposing her panties; a white lacy, flimsy g-string that didn't hide much. Sara's hand glided lightly back and forth along Traci's thigh, right beside her pussy as I played with Traci's panties, rubbing them over her mound, drawing the g-string up between her lips. I started licking along the inside of one thigh, feeling her legs open wider, inviting me to their center. I resisted, keeping up my tease, closing my eyes and licking along the full length of Traci's thigh.

I reveled in my closeness to her for what seemed to be forever, before I opened my eyes and looked up to see Sara's top gone, the cups of her bra pulled down, and Traci's mouth fastened to one of her nipples, her lips covering the dark pink nub, and Sara's head thrown back in ecstasy. I watched Traci pleasure Sara for a couple of long moments, before I moved my head all the way between her legs.

I pulled Traci's panties to one side, looking at her neatly trimmed pussy, seeing it glisten with her wetness, smelling her wonderful aroma. Extending my tongue, I licked ever so lightly on her labia, tasting the nectar that had seeped out of her sex. I slow increased the pressure of my tongue, roaming about between her thighs, dipping my tongue inside of her, then lapping at her clit, then beside her pussy at her outer lips, up and down along her thighs, until I felt her hands at the back of my head, holding me in position with my mouth directly over her clit. I closed my eyes yet again, and drew her clit between my lips, sucking on it while one of my fingers found its way inside her, feeling her ample wetness surround the digit. I couldn't help but start pumping it into her, slowly fingerfucking her as my mouth released her clit and I languidly licked on and around her button.

I opened my eyes again to see Sara watching me eat Traci, meeting her gorgeous green eyes, seeing them glazed over with lust, her breast still being ravaged by Traci's mouth, as the pretty blonde made love to the offered breast. Sara smiled a little, slid her hand down Traci's body to her pussy, and deftly spread her netherlips, opening them and pulling Traci's clit hood back, completely exposing it to me. I responded by flattening my tongue and giving her clit several long slow licks, looking up at Traci as I checked her response.

Traci 's hips bucked immediately, and she pulled away from Sara's boob for a moment to moan and gasp, before regaining her composure and leaning up to kiss Sara. Traci's hips started undulating as she humped my face, riding my tongue and my finger, and moaning softly into Sara's mouth as they kissed. I licked Sara's fingers a little as she held Traci open for me, and winked at her before turning my full attention to the sex of this wonderful creature beneath me. I lapped at Traci's clit rapidly and hungrily, using mostly just the tip of my tongue on the top of her clit, sliding a second finger inside her and was rewarded by feeling Traci's hand on the back of my head, pulling my hair and simultaneously pushing me towards her wetness. Her hips gyrated and bucked as her passion increased and I felt her hand pushing me harder against her, now hearing her moaning getting louder and longer, hearing my name in them as I continued my onslaught on her snatch, trying to keep up with her as she ground on my face.

I looked up to see Sara bend her head and capture one of Traci's taut nipples into her mouth, and felt an immediate reaction, as Traci's thighs clamped onto my head, her hips lifting off the couch, her moans turning into cries as her orgasm started. I maintained my affections on her pussy while she came, licking more rapidly, fluttering my tongue on her clit as she rode my face through her climax. Her moans as she came were so arousing I found myself completely hard, and when her body settled and relaxed, slumping back down on the couch, her legs spread wide wantonly, the expression on her face saying she was satisfied, yet wanting more, I was more than ready to oblige.

I positioned Traci so she was lying length-wise on the sofa, and kneeled in between her legs. I took my shaft in my hand and slowly poked it against the entrance to her snatch, easing myself inside. Sara came down off the couch to lean against me, her hand on top of mine as I held myself, pushing my member deeper into Traci, turning my face to kiss her while her hand was wrapped around me. Traci spread her lovely legs wider, and moaned so sweetly as I slid all the way inside her that I swear I thought I was going to cum right then and there. It took everything I had to compose myself, and start thrusting into her, her warm wet pussy conforming to my shaft, and immediately I started feeling that tingle in my groin. Knowing I wasn't going to last long, I was determined to make the most of it, kissing Sara deeply as my rod pumped inside Traci, my tongue delving deep into one blonde's mouth as my shaft slid even deeper inside the other blonde.

Traci's impossibly long legs wrapped around my waist, clenching me, and I responded by raising myself onto my knees, lifting Traci's hips off the couch as I held her waist tightly. I continued slamming my cock as deep as I could inside her sodden snatch. Sara kissed me with an even more fervent passion as her hand came down to finger Traci's clit and rubbed it while I impaled Traci on my shaft. As I kissed Sara, I looked down at Traci, her face locked in an expression of absolute rapture, her full breasts bouncing wildly with each thrust of my member into her.

The visual coupled with the sensation was far too much for me to hold out any longer, and I arched my back, throwing my head back, my mouth wide as, with a gutteral shout, I came like I never had before, my seed shooting deep inside Traci. I heard her cry out in ecstasy as she felt my cum warm her inside, and felt her pelvis slam against mine as she milked my cock of all its juices, her hands on my abdomen touching and feeling my six-pack before they came around my waist and held me tightly while I came ever so hard.

I wanted to lean forward and kiss Traci deeply, but I was completely spent, and collapsed onto the arm of the couch behind me. Through half lidded eyes I looked at Traci, her legs still spread with my cum seeping out of her, her chest heaving, so absolutely sexy. Sara smiled, smoothed her hands along Traci's firm body, and lowered her head between Traci's legs, licking our combined juices out of the other blonde. I watched Sara eat Traci's hot snatch, watching the white droplets of my cum disappear as her tongue bathed Traci's pussy, then wriggled deep inside her to gather as much of my cum as she could. After she had licked as much of my seed as she could she looked at me with a brazen smile. I smiled back at Sara, by way of a thank you, but she just looked at me blankly.

"I hope you don't think you're finished."

I was a little surprised, as usually I'm done after an orgasm, especially after one like that. Sara, however took Traci and I by the hand, and led us, although weak-kneed, to her bedroom. She lit a couple of candles and peeled off the rest of her clothes as I sat at the head of the bed and Traci at the middle. I looked Sara in the eyes, so attracted to her, but then down at my now softening cock, and wondered if it was more than just decoration for the rest of the night. Sara then came back to the bed, laying her head down on the pillows beside me and with her lower body down by Traci, she then cupped and caressed her breasts, playing with her ample tits, teasing the nipples into hardness, all the while looking me right in the eyes.

She finished pinching the nubs into hardened peaks, and then smoothed her hands down along her body to her wetness, immediately slipping two fingers inside herself. I saw her close her eyes and her jaw slacken as her fingers quickly pistoned in and out of herself, hearing the liquid squishing sounds of her fucking her sodden snatch with her digits. Traci had moved in closer, having stripped off the rest of her clothes, her face just inches away from Sara's sex, watching her play with herself, kissing Sara's inner thigh.

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