When I reach the house, you meet me at the door with this almost evil grin on your face and the look makes me question if I should run. I begin to enter and you stop me. You tell me that you want me to take my clothes off. I look around and I laugh. We are outside I tell you. My free thinking is not pleasing you and I know I will probably pay for it later. I look at you, imploring you with my eyes to let me first step inside to undress, and you start to laugh. You tell me that my sweet little smile and sad looking eyes are not going to make you change your mind. I look around, there are people in their yards, cars on the street. I am mortified, but I know I must listen. I slowly start to undress, and I look around the neighborhood, and no one seems to notice me. This gives me more strength and in a few seconds I am standing on the front step completely naked, my clothes in my hand.

You smile and tell me that you have something for me and you go inside, leaving me all alone on the front step, naked. I hate you at this moment and I am ashamed of my anger towards you. I should be proud of how well I can obey, but I am standing outside naked and alone waiting for you. After a few pain full moments you return with things in hand and you tell me to throw my clothes on the ground. You explain to me that I am to only enter the house naked and collared. I am to get undressed out here and my collar and cuffs will be hanging on a hook for me to put on. You put my collar on for me and the leather is stiff around my neck. The cuffs around my wrists are leather too, with silver loops on them.

I am imagining myself hung up by the cuffs when someone in a car notices me and honks on his way by. That causes the whole neighborhood to look, and they are all looking at me. I am horrified and I actually begin to cry. Tears lightly falling I look up at you and ask you please to let me inside. The look of my face and the streaks of tears have made you feel very powerful, and your erection is noticeable through your pants. I look at the erection and my tears are stopped. Me standing here naked, against every instinct I have, because you want me to has turned you on. That is my pay off for these embarrassing acts of submission.

Once I am ready you tell me to get on my knees, and that I will be on my knees when ever I enter the house. I slowly get down and you tell me to enter crawling on all fours with my ass raised to the ceiling, appropriately presenting myself to you. As I crawl in the house I start to feel proud, wanting to raise my ass as high as I can. You seem to notice this gesture and you tell me to stop moving. You come up behind me and lightly rub my pussy. You comment on how wet I am and that I am responding so well, my ass high and my pussy wet. I love the feel of your fingers inside me and I let out a little moan. You quickly slap my ass and tell me to keep moving to the living room.

You sit on the couch and you tell me to sit on my knees next to you. I do as you say and you start to pet my head. You ask me if I like being your pet and I answer yes. Then you tell me to crawl over to the table next to the chair and pick on of the objects off of it. I crawl over and to my surprise there are all sorts of belts and whips. You tell me I have to pick which one I want to be beat with for hesitating outside. I look them all over and I decide to pick the most painful one, knowing this is what you wanted me to do. You tell me to carry it to you in my teeth and I do. When presented with the riding crop you just smile.

You then stand me up and I notice then that hanging from the ceiling is a chain. You tell me to raise my arms and you hook me to the chain by the loops in my writs cuffs. I am hanging at such a height my feet are just barely on the ground. Enough to support myself, but not enough to get the cuffs unhooked if I wanted. I am trapped. I see you looking at me and I know that you are enjoying this scene. You are watching me hanging from your ceiling, naked and chained, and you know you can do what ever you want at this moment. I will not argue, I cannot get away, and you know that I want you to hurt me. Watching me like this is very erotic for you, and you know you need to get started because you almost cannot stand waiting to feel me.

You explain to me that I need to be taught a lesson for questioning you, so this will hurt. You tell me that it is OK to cry out but my screams will not ease the force with which you punish me. Then you lightly run the riding crop over my front. First my face, tracing my features with the tip. Down my neck and to my breasts. You flick the crop against my right breast and I am then aware of how painful this may be. My nipples are hard and you massage them with the crop again flicking me with it across my nipples. You trace the outline of my belly button then to my cunt. You use the crop to spread my legs more, smacking my inner thighs with it. You run the length of the crop along my pussy and it comes out wet. I am so turned on and so scared all at the same time.

You ask me if I am scared, and I tell you yes. You sigh with pleasure and tell me good. You tell me to turn around, and I wiggle my way around until my ass is facing you. You trace the silhouette of my ass with the crop and you are mumbling about what a great ass it is. My pale, unmarked skin, is calling to you and you decide to begin. The first strike hurts like hell, and I cannot help but gasp. You continue to hit me and as you go on I am begging you to stop. I am yelling that is it is too much and I begin to cry. I let the tears out because it is all I know how to do. You know you are pushing me, taking me farther then I have ever been. You are aware that it may be too much, but you need me to obey you, and to trust you. You continue for a few more strokes, until my skin is the color you like, then you stop.

I am so grateful to have it stop that I let out a huge sob. My skin is on fire and I desperately want you to soothe me. You come close to me, leaning against my back, and you lightly rub my ass. You can feel the welts rising and you know tomorrow the criss cross marks of your handy work will still show. I feel limp next you, leaning towards you, willing you to hold me. I am exhausted and I just want down from the chains. You stand there against me, rubbing my ass with one hand and the other is wrapped around me caressing my breasts. Your hard cock is pressed to my side and you are starting to pinch my nipples. Then your hand on my ass moves between my legs and finds my cunt. I ache to have you touch me and you sense this. You finger my pussy, you rub my clit. When you touch my clit I close my eyes and I let go. I want you to take me all the way, let me cum. I am still in so much pain, and I want the release of pleasure too. You hear my breathing increase, and you know it will take seconds for me to cum. You rub my clit and squeeze my nipples. I am building to orgasm and you know at this moment you have all of me. I am totally yours. I reach climax and you have to hold me it is so intense.

After I finish you reach up and undo the chain, I fall to my knees. Partly because I know I have to, and partly because I cannot stand. You walk to sit on the couch and I gather the strength to follow.

I kneel next to you and you tell me to come and give you head. I kneel in front of you and start to unbutton your jeans. You smack my face lightly and tell me to do it with my teeth, no hands. I grab the jeans and some how manage to pull just enough to get the button undone. I then take the zipper in my teeth and pull down. Once down you push the jeans and boxers off you and there you are, hard as I have ever seen you.

I take the base of the shaft in my right hand and I squeeze. I grab your balls with the left holding them with my palm. My middle finger then finds your ass and I massage your ass hole and your balls with my left hand. You begin to moan and when I look up I see you have your head back and eyes closed. I know you are going to love this! I then start to lick the head of your penis, all around the top. I wrap my mouth around the shaft and I open my throat and take in as much of you as I can. As I move up and down your penis I squeeze my lips so tight around that I can feel my teeth dig into my lips. I move up and down, hitting the back of my throat every time. Tears are falling down my face from holding back the gags, and I am continuing to massage your ass and balls. You start to moan loudly and your hips are moving with me, forcing your cock farther down my throat. You cock is getting harder and I can taste pre-cum in my mouth. I know you are close and I squeeze harder, massage faster, and you begin to grunt as the cum explodes into my mouth. I continue to suck you until all the cum is gone. I swallow and then I let go and lean back on my knees. You are still sitting with your head back with a look of pure joy in your eyes.

You look down at me and tell me come onto the couch with you. I stand up to get on the couch and you pull my hair to put me back on the ground. You tell me I have to crawl onto the couch from my knees, and that I am never to stand in this house unless instructed to. I crawl up to the couch and you tell me to lie on my side next to you with me head in your lap. As I lie there, you rub my head and run your fingers through my hair. You tell me that I have preformed well today, and that I should be proud. I feel happy as we lie there and I start to drift off to sleep, dreaming about being who ever you want me to be.

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