tagHumor & SatireSettling the Dispute

Settling the Dispute


"So what do I get out of this?"

The woman, who'd introduced herself as Mel, shrugged. "You get two blow jobs. What more do you want?"

Simon shrugged. He couldn't remember the last time he had two blow jobs in one evening. If, indeed, he ever had.

His eyes could barely move from Mel's cleavage, light brown skin making a perfect fold framed by a touch of black lace under a purple spaghetti-strap top. She'd be one of the two sucking his cock, if he took the deal. The thought of her husband, Craig, who stood nearby, though, doing the same quelled his enthusiasm. He decided to hold out for more. "One of them is by a guy."

"You'll never know which one, so what does that matter?"

"Hah," Simon replied. "I'll know."

Mel shrugged again, and picked up her purse. "It won't take five minutes to find someone who'll agree. Have a pleasant evening."

"Wait! Why not add a little bet on top of it?"

Mel turned back to face him, her mouth in a slanted smirk. "What bet?"

"Fifty bucks says I can tell which one is given by you."

"And if you're wrong?"

"Even odds, since I have a fifty-fifty shot."

She thought for a minute, clearly intrigued, but frowned. "How will you trust us to tell you you're right?"

Simon's mind raced. "I have a camcorder, we could tape the whole thing."

Craig and Mel grinned at each other, Mel almost drooling. "Terrifically sleazy." She put her hand forward. It felt soft and small in his hand. "You have a deal. Your place or ours?"

Simon's apartment was closer, so the three of them took a cab together. On the ride over, Simon felt compelled to ask. "So, how much is riding on this dispute between the two of you?"

"A month of cleaning dishes and getting up first to turn on the coffee. Whoever loses also has to wear a maid outfit when doing chores or errands."

"Kind of a rough deal for Craig," Simon ventured. But, maybe Craig liked the idea, who was he to judge?

"Perhaps," Craig said, "but she does most of the outdoor chores - shopping, going to the bank, etc."

Mel giggled. "I don't mow the lawn though."

Craig looked shocked at this. "Wait, you never said lawn duties were included in this -"

Mel laughed. "You better hope you're ready for this, then."

The cab driver's heavily-accented voice interrupted. "Maybe you could just doing the backyard."

Craig added, "Yeah, what he said."

Mel grimaced. "I don't know, we'd have to add something else to make up for that. I'll have to consider it."

They arrived at Simon's place. As soon as they got in Mel took off her top and skirt to reveal a silk teddy and garter-belt stocking ensemble. His pleasure at the sight was cancelled out by the sight of Craig removing his shirt to reveal a very similar outfit underneath.

"What's all this?"

"We've planned this out very well, to make it an equal contest," Mel said. "Suppose you brush your leg around and it slides up against one of us. We can't have that giving us away. On the other hand, suppose you notice my hair on your thighs, but not Craig's. Everything has to be equalized."

Craig slid a pair of silicon falsies under his teddy, matching Mel's size, and flipped a wig on, while Simon set up the camcorder. My God, Simon thought, watching him, these two have gone totally insane. He finally couldn't resist the question that had been eating him up. "What kind of husband and wife have a contest to see who gives better head?"

Mel came forward then, her breasts leaning up against his chest, and smiled, brushing a fingertip over his cheek. "Craig is my… protégé. I've been training him. This is a final exam, of sorts. He's made a lot of progress, but I can't be sure he's become a proper slut until he can match my skill."

Simon swallowed. "Your… skill?"

Her voice dropped a few registers, to a seductive husky tone. "My skill, Simon. I'm not bragging when I say you're about to get the blow job of your life. Two, I should say, I've been very pleased with Craig's progress."

Her eyes traveled down to his jeans, then, where a bulge was straining against the hard fabric. "Well," she sighed, "Let's get on with it. Turn around, please."

Simon did. "What for?" But then he saw the blindfold come over his head, and felt it tied behind his head. "Not even a kiss first?"

The camcorder beeped as it was set to record, then. "Not even a kiss first. Pull them down." He opened his jeans then and pulled them down. Mel pulled down his briefs, pulling them a bit roughly over his already-erect penis. "By the way," she added, "it's off if you put your hands on us. Maybe we should cuff you to be certain."

"No! That's not necessary. I'll be good."

"Very well. Sit down, there's a chair directly behind you now." He did, one of the dining room chairs had been moved around behind him.

Then for a moment there was nothing. Maybe they were going to leave him like this, leave him blindfolded with a stiff cock in the air while they rifled through his wallet and other possessions. Damn, they could be cleaning him out -

Soft fingertips touched the tip of his cock then, brushing over the crown and glans slowly then. It had softened a little, but this attention made it resume. What if Craig was going first? It didn't matter. By the time the evening was out he would have to say he'd experimented with a man - something he had sort of planned on doing eventually, he just didn't know when.

The fingertips were attentively stroking up and down the length of him when the barest tip of a tongue moved over the glans. Lips and tongue were on him then, closing around him halfway down the shaft. His leg spasmed as his whole body shuddered, brushing against soft silk and a bit of nylon on a leg. They had prepared well; there was indeed no way for him to tell yet which one of them was no pleasuring him.

A groan escaped him as the lips moved down, all the way down until a nose hit the abdomen. The tongue was moving softly back and forth, and a lock of hair brushed forward up his thigh, landing against his balls.

For the next thirty minutes, he did in fact receive the blow job of his life.

If a committee of men sat and compiled a list of elements making up the perfect blow job, they would arrive at a description of what Simon experienced. The warm mouth kept soft, constant pressure on him, moving with soft slurping sounds; the rhythm was generally slow and steady, with a small bit of tongue movement back-and-forth. Mostly the sucking was kept shallow, but there were moments of deep-throating, when the hand on his shaft moved to cup his balls, and when the back of her… his?… throat undulated over the crown of his cock. Before he could cum the motion would change, and he would have a small moment of agony while the orgasm was held off. Then the sucking would resume, slow and steady at first, then easing into a gentle rhythm. A finger poked at the sensitive spot below his balls, sore at first, but adding to the pleasure in a way he'd never imagined.

Okay, perhaps the committee would have added a few things about using hands on the back of the cocksucker's head to direct the motion, or looking into her lovely eyes while she devours and worships it - but he could make up for that with fantasy. He imagined it was Mel sucking him, he imagined her pretty dark eyes looking up at him, her ruby lips wrapped around his cock. With his leg touching a silk teddy, and the sensation of hair brushing on his thigh, it was easy enough to imagine.

Simon had resolved to stay silent, but towards the end he couldn't help it. Wild moans escaped from his throat as his hands gripped the chair white-knuckled. He spasmed hard into the mouth on him, his orgasm peaking three times as the mouth slowed and held him in deep. Simon remained motionless as he heard the person before him standing and walking on stockinged feet towards the bathroom. The second person came forward with a warm, wet towel and washed off his pubic area.

A moment later, after the person had returned, he heard Mel's voice. "You said it would take half an hour to reload?"

"Half an hour would be fair," Simon replied.

So, they drilled him to give a detailed rating. He tried to avoid awarding a "10" for every category; use of tongue and hands rated high, but there was not much variety of motion or much artistic creativity. Mel responded to each rating with an unemotional, "Uh-huh."

"Okay, Simon, it's been half an hour. Do you think you're ready for the second one?"

Simon responded with a thumbs-up.

Within seconds he felt a presence kneeling before him, two hands gently engulfing his cock, one over, one under. They kneaded gently, drawing a surprised "Oh!" from Simon. This continued until he was fully erect. Then the hands shifted down to his thighs, where fingernails were dragged lightly over the insides of his thighs.

Then a hand grabbed his cock tightly, making him wince, and a mouth was on him with furious passion. Gobs of saliva dripped down his cock and the second blow job, this one fast and slurpy, began in earnest. The pressure was a bit tighter, which made each up and down suck loud. The slurping and eagerness was sexy, but he worried about it being too vigorous.

The head bobbed around wildly on the head of his cock in a kind of figure-eight pattern. The suction was kept hard, but not uncomfortable. As he felt his abdomen writhing around Simon had to admit that this blow job, while very different, was also excellent.

The movement shifted to a very shallow motion that focused on the head of his cock, along with fingertips massaging his balls. It was a sweet kind of agony, almost too much stimulation.

Then the mouth moved over him deeply, the crown of his cock dragged against something in the cocksucker's mouth that made his whole body twitch. This was almost unpleasant at first, but began to draw him very close to orgasm.

The mouth came off and his cock was slapped against the tongue several times, making a soft popping sound. The mouth was on him again then, hard and wet, more saliva dripping down.

As he came close to coming again his abdomen started moving beyond his control, matching the fast rhythm of the sucking. Then his body twitched and stiffened as he came, he came, the mouth didn't slow, in fact it sped up, making him shout from shock at the raw pleasure that overwhelmed him.

Simon calmed down then, his breathing returned to normal as another towel was used to clean him up. The camcorder was rewinding. After a moment he stood and removed the blindfold.

"The first one was definitely better overall," Simon said without hesitation. "The second one was of course a fine blow job, but it was too much."

"How do you mean, too much?" asked Craig.

"It was too much, too raw, too hard-edged."

Craig and Mel looked at each other and chuckled. Simon looked at Mel. "I'm betting you did the first one. It was smooth and gentle, more feminine."

"You just lost that bet," said Mel, with a grin. "Watch." Simon watched as the tape started and, beyond doubt, the person who knelt in front of him was Craig.

"I'll be damned," said Simon, as he searched through his wallet for the fifty bucks.

Mel pulled up her skirt and giggled as Simon held out the money to her. "Naw, keep it. Taking the money wouldn't feel right." Craig had finished dressing already, and was joking about what errands Mel would have to run while wearing the maid outfit.

They were giggling as they left.

Simon relaxed on the couch to watch the tape. Watching Craig do his thing didn't do anything for him, but he figured the second half would make some really nice viewing.

Fifteen minutes later, Simon watched with shock as Craig knelt before him again, and performed the second blow job too.

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