tagLoving WivesSeven Days of Lust

Seven Days of Lust


Monday morning Dan came down the stairs of his home to find a letter from his wife on the table. It just so happened that this was the week of their anniversary and they tended to find ways to enhance the entire week to celebrate their joining.

Dear Dan,

We have spent two years married and five together. I love you each and every day more than the last. So this year I propose a challenge to you. Every other day of the week is yours to surprise and excite me. While I will start off and each of us will have three days and the last one we will share together. It may be sexual, it may be romantic you decide. See you tonight baby.

Love, Kay.

Dan stood there thinking of his sexy wife's body and the wild nights they had shared in the past. To him it seemed he would never get enough of his gorgeous wife or her sexual appetite but he was willing to die trying. Dan set off immediately to sit in front of the computer and type out his plans for the week.

As he finished the finer details, he decided to drop his wife a quick e-mail at work. Not too racy should someone else be lurking behind her over her shoulder as she read it, but enough to give her acknowledgment to her letter. He added in a few euphemisms to his email that they shared for sex when they didn't want anyone else to know and sent it.

Now he would have to go shopping. Seeing as how he had Monday's off today would be spent in preparation for tomorrow and his other days. He went to the local art supply store and bought an array of paint brushes and twine. Then he went to Spencer's and bought body paint and furry leather cuffs. He also bought a few other items he would need and then ventured towards home.

It was nearing five o'clock as he pulled in the driveway and just then his cell phone rang. "Hi, honey," he answered. "Hello my hunk of a husband, "Kay giggled, "I am on my way home and I want you to just throw in a pizza and have something to drink ready in about ten minutes." And with that she hung up leaving Dan's mind wandering.

Fifteen minutes later the pizza was just finishing and he had set out a few beers, not romantic but that's what the wife wanted then he was all for it. Just then the doorbell rang and as he went to the door he noticed that there was no car in the driveway. That's strange he thought his wife should have been home by now.

Upon opening the door Dan's lips curled into a smile of pure lust and need. There before him stood his wife her hair up in pigtails and a micro-plaid skirt, and a white blouse opened at the top and tied in a knot just above her sexy little tummy. She had on a bright blue bra beneath the top and white thigh high stockings and on her feet she wore five inch stiletto heels.

"Um, excuse me sir," she giggled as she stood there twirling her fingers through her pigtails, "I am going door to door selling candy for my school and was wondering if you would be interested in buying some." Her lips were glossy and she had on light blue eye shadow, Dan couldn't believe how sexy she looked.

As his wife stood there role playing this sexy little high school vixen Dan had an idea where this was going and he was all for it. She looked the part only being twenty-one anyway. She still had that innocent look about her and she was a total knockout. Her red hair tinged with black highlights that gave her a certain flair and her emerald eyes contrasted nicely. Her body was exquisite at least in his mind.

Kay had a tight little body that she worked hard in the gym on everyday. Her ass was well toned yet had a bubble flair to it while her perky breasts although smaller than she would like was more than a mouthful for Dan and he was all to happy with them. She kept her pussy shaved and in his opinion never needed a bit of make-up.

"Well, young lady," Dan started, "that depends on what kind of candy you are selling, I have an enormous sweet tooth but I also am very particular about what I eat." He paused looking around as he stepped back from the doorway acting his part as his wife seemed to love. "My wife isn't home yet and I have some pizza fresh from the oven if you would like to come in and show me your candy."

"Hmm," she cooed, "I don't know if I should come into your house sir," as she said this she twisted one leg and bent it slightly and bounced her weight from one leg to the next. "I guess it might be all right you look like a nice man and if your wife is due home soon it should be safe enough."

As soon as she was inside the doorway Kay slipped forward near her husband and dropped her little backpack down on the floor. She had fully prepared for this and she now pulled out a brochure from some candy company she had gotten copies of from a mom selling her daughter's stuff at work. As she handed it over to her husband she saw the twinkle in his eye, she knew he loved the way she went all out on their fantasies.

"Here you go sir, look through this and tell me if there is anything you like." As she said this she bent over with her back to him to look through her backpack. She bent at the waist and as she did, her little tight skirt was pulled up over the cheeks of her ass giving Dan more than a glimpse of her thong covered slit and tight ass. "Oh silly me," she grinned as she stood up and fixed her skirt back into place over her ass cheeks.

"Well, ahem," Dan coughed, "I think we should sit down and eat now. I hope my wife is home soon to look through this with me. Everything looks so good I don't know where to start."

As Dan leads her to the dining room Kay takes a moment as she is behind him to undo the fasteners to her bra and pull it from beneath her tiny tight blouse. She tosses it to the floor behind the door to the kitchen and then goes and sits down at the table.

"Now sir," she teases, "I can't drink this beer I need to have a cock, I mean coke or water." Then she quickly adds, "Besides I am a minor and what would your wife think if she came home and saw me drinking a beer with you."

"Well little candy girl, I don't have anything else to drink in the house right now I apologize but I haven't had a chance to get to the store lately." Dan lied.

"I suppose if I just," Kay giggled, "sip it and don't drink the whole thing it might be all right."

Dan set the pizza down in front of her on a plate and watched as she opened her beer and sensuously wrapped her lips around the top of the bottle and tilted her head back. She was going to see just how long he could keep his hands off of her and if she guessed right it wouldn't be much longer.

"Oh, by the way my name is Kandy sir, spelled with a K, I guess my parents had a sense of humor."

As Dan sat next to her they ate and talked about each item on the list and he finally agreed to buying about thirty dollars worth of candy. "Oh sir, that is really going to boost my sales nicely," she quipped.

While saying this she clapped her hands together in a silly manner and managed to somehow knock over her beer and spill it on her top. "Oh no, look at my shirt now," she feigned tears. Her blouse had now become transparent though and her nipples were showing through hard from the cold liquid that had come into contact with them.

"Here Kandy," he said as he took a napkin and started to run it down over her blouse rubbing the eraser hard tips to her breasts. "Um, Sir," she whimpered, "you shouldn't be touching me there."

"It's all right," he commanded, "I am just wiping away the beer." As he spoke these words he slipped his hand inside her blouse and rubbed her nipples with his bare hand. "Sir, this has to stop," she pleaded. Kay looked in front of her and could see the bulge in Dan's pants and knew that his resolve to play out this game was ending.

"Kandy," Dan spoke softly, "take off your blouse and we will throw it in the washer so you don't go home smelling like beer. While you do that I will get a shirt for you to wear from upstairs."

Dan showed her the washer and then ran upstairs to get a size too small T-shirt his wife wore to accentuate her breasts sometimes. Upon descending the stairs he found her in the living room with her hands covering her breasts as she flipped TV channels with the remote.

"I hope you don't mind sir, but I had to find something to watch." Dan tossed her the shirt and as she removed her hands to put it on he feasted on the sight of her naked breasts exposed before him.

Dan sat down next to Kay and took the remote from her. He clicked on the DVD player and a movie started. Little did his wife know of the content of the new movie purchase he had made. As the menu came up Dan quickly hit play and the movie started. It was innocent enough in the beginning. It showed a girl dressed exactly as Kay was right now walking along from house to house selling something. Kay couldn't help but giggle a little at this point.

The next scene showed the girl showing up at a rather large hulking man's house and going inside. He then stripped her once the door was shut. No words had been spoken onscreen between the two he just ripped her blouse away and sucked her hard little nipples into his mouth.

As this was happening on the screen Kay's nipples were hardening and she was growing wet between her legs. She was sure that by this point her husband would have attacked her but he was remaining stronger than ever with his resolve. Even as she was thinking this her husband had draped a blanket over his lap and it was slowly rising and falling near his crotch.

This is it Kay thought and she leaned closer rubbing her breast against Dan's arms as she turned to look into his eyes. "Sir, I don't think this movie is age appropriate. I mean what is that guy doing to her?" Dan watched the screen as the man whipped away the girl's clothing and now had his face between her legs and his tongue was lapping at her pink slit.

"Kandy," he started, "that man is licking the girl's vagina." "Ewww!" Kay exaggeratedly rolled her eyes. "That is sooo like gross Sir, why would anyone do that," she playfully asked.

"It feels good when a man does it to a women or vice versa dear." Kay was the one who was going to give in and she knew it. She needed to wrap her fingers around her husbands thick shaft and stroke his flesh as she wrapped her glossy pink lips over the head and lapped at the pre-cum surely leaking out now. She wanted to taste the salty sweet pre-cum bubbles and slurp his flesh as deep into her mouth as possible. She could feel her little pussy quivering in anticipation and her act of seduction must now be raised a few levels before she went mad with desire.

Kay stretched out and arched her chest forward long enough to make sure that Dan's attention was focused on her breasts. Then with one deft motion she wiggled her ass so that her skirt was pulled up exposing the panties that covered her sex. "Sir," she cooed, "it sure is getting warm in here." She cast her eyes downward to her pussy as she said in here and made

sure that her husband caught the double meaning.

"Well Kandy honey," Dan playfully retorted, "I think that you can go switch your blouse and put it in the dryer right now so that when my wife gets home you won't be wearing one of her shirts."

Kay hadn't expected this direction but she would go with it and see what her husband had in store for her. "Ok that sounds like a good idea sir." As she stood up she failed to adjust her skirt and as she walked away her ass cheeks moved sensually from side to side with each step. She knew without casting a backward glance that her husbands eyes were burning holes into her ass.

As she reached the washer she reached down inside and at once felt his big hands sliding up the crack of her ass. "Sir.." she started. At once he cut her off wrapping his other hand around her mouth. He reached down and slid his hand beneath the thing strip of her thong and snapped the fabric ripping it away. "Oh..." Kay cried out. Her pussy was now alive and wet she couldn't wait to get him inside her. Kay reached back behind her and found his throbbing cock naked as well right in her grasp. She stroked him for a few seconds and then pleaded half-heartily, "Sir, I don't think..."

"Shut up you little slut!" her husband commanded. With that he stuffed his fat prick deep inside his wife's waiting pussy and then withdrew enough to get room to ram the next time all the way in to the hilt. He took her pigtails in each hand and tugged her head backward as he thrust into her. Her naked little clit pressing up against the cold metal of the washer as he thrust over and over again inside her.

Kay was so near orgasm already quivering with her lust and the build up they had managed thus far. She reached down around her ass and cupped her husbands balls and rubbed them in her hand. "You like me fucking your tight little school girl pussy don't you slut?" he asked.

"No... No... Oh fuck yes sir." With that she let loose and her tight little cunt convulsed around his throbbing shaft as he pounding her deeper than she could remember before. He was deep inside and showing no signs of letting up. Letting go of one pigtail Dan reached around his wife's waist and let his fingers surround her clit. At once he rubbed and teased the little nub of flesh as she cried out through her orgasm. "Oh honey fuck me. Fuck your slutty little whore hard. fill me with your cum."

This was it what he had waited for, Dan grabbed his wife's hips and thrust into her hard, her ass slamming off his thighs as his cock penetrated her over and over. Stretching her wide around his thick man meat. Kay's fingers rolled his balls and she pressed right behind his balls and felt the cum shooting beneath her fingers. As it raced up his shaft Dan gave her one hard spank and then thrust forward and held still. His cock spewed forth it's warm gooey cum deep inside her splashing against her inner walls and sending her into another great climax.

Sweat poured off them as they continued the fuck until he slowly started to go limp inside her. As he went limp Kay turned around and dropped to her knees holding his flaccid penis in her hand before licking it clean of their mixed juices. "MMM, honey I hope you can outdo me tomorrow."

Stay tuned for Chapter two. It will be in a different section other than loving wifes's though.

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