tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Academy For Young Ladies Ch. 03

Sex Academy For Young Ladies Ch. 03


The following story has been compiled from the diaries kept by a teacher at the Rotenberg Academy For Young Ladies in Paris. The diaries are now in the National Archives. As explained in the previous stories, the school was founded by Professor Alphonse Rotenberg in 1891 to instruct the daughters of rich and titled families in the finer arts of sex. It was widely accepted that if a girl was proficient in sexual activities she stood a much better chance of making a successful marriage to a wealthy man.

As before, we will go back in time to visit the academy as it was then.

At the close of the last story, the teacher in charge of the sex education class, Charles Francois, had broken school rules by inviting one of his students to visit him in his study after supper. The lovely young lady was a Hungarian princess named Helena. They had fucked and sucked each other and, like most girls, Helena could not keep a secret and had told her friends what had gone on. If the principal, Professor Rotenberg discovered this, Mr Francois would be dismissed and the princess would have to submit to a severe punishment administered by Rotenberg.

When Rotenberg went into his office after lunch he found an anonymous note on his desk. It said "Helena Magyari goes to Mr Francois's study after supper and they have sex together."

He couldn't believe his eyes. Was Francois mad? He knew that teachers were strictly forbidden to have sex with the students, only Rotenberg himself was allowed this privilege during punishment sessions. Only a few days before he had dismissed a teacher whom he had caught with his cock up the ass of one of the girls during a lesson. He had enjoyed punishing the pretty young lady. He had attached her naked to a saw horse and caned her pretty bottom. Then he had forced large dildos deep into her ass causing her excruciating pain, before he sodomized her and shot loads of hot cum into her bowels.

He decided that as he couldn't do anything without solid proof, he would go to Francois's study that evening to see if there was any truth in the note.

In the classroom the girls were in a state of excited anticipation. Mr Francois had told them the day before that they would be learning how to perform a "threesome". Another man was coming in to assist the Senegalese negro called Bongo who had been engaged to work at the school as a demonstrator. Bongo had been found by Professor Rotenberg at a freak show in Marseilles where he exhibited his massive penis to incredulous women.

"I'll be back in a minute girls," he said, and left the room. When he came back he was accompanied by Mr Bongo and a handsome young blond haired man with a large moustache. Both were wearing bathrobes.

"This is Mr Dupont," he told them, "he will be assisting Mr Bongo in today's lesson. As I told you yesterday, your future husband is very likely to come home one night with a friend or colleague and expect you to have sex with them both at the same time. This is called a threesome. Now, who will do the demonstration today?"

Almost all of the girls put their hand up. "Me sir, please let me do it," they cried.

Francois laughed, "You can't all do it, only one. Maybe Mr Bongo can choose one of you".

Bongo took a step forward and put his hand on Agnes, the Duchess of Bourgogne. She was a slender girl with long dark hair. He had always hoped to have the opportunity of fucking her. She had long legs, a perfectly round, firm ass and very large breasts. "Je veux celle-ci, I want this one," he said with a huge smile on his face. Several groans went up from the girls who had hoped to have been chosen.

Helena whispered in Mr Francois's ear, "I thought I was going to be fucked by the nigger today, I told him yesterday to save all his cum for me."

"But you will be mine in a few hours, I want you fresh for me," he whispered back. Some of the girls noticed them together and giggled. Everyone knew that Francois was fucking the princess and they all wondered how long it would be before they were found out. The girl who had written the anonymous note hated Helena and wanted her to receive one of Professor Rotenberg's special punishments.

"Right gentlemen, please remove your robes, it's time to start the lesson."

The two men took off their bathrobes and all the girls gasped when they saw their naked bodies. They had seen Bongo without his clothes several times, but they never ceased to be amazed when they saw the size of his enormous prick which hung halfway down his thighs. It was at least twelve inches long. His shining black skin contrasted with Dupont's white body. He was shorter than Bongo and his cock was much smaller, about eight inches long and very thick. He pulled the foreskin back to show the shiny pink head.

Francois heard someone say to the duchess, "You lucky bitch, both those lovely cocks in all your holes!"

The uniform at the academy was a short white skirt, a low-cut white blouse, white stockings and high heeled black ankle boots. It was forbidden to wear a bra. All the teachers approved of this; when the girls were leaning forward over their desks their breasts were often exposed right down to their nipples. When viewed from behind, one could see their little white silk panties.

"Take your skirt and blouse off duchess," he instructed her, getting an instant hard-on as she removed her blouse and he saw her firm big tits. She took off her skirt and stood there in her stockings and shoes and tiny silk panties. "And the panties," he added. She had a little tuft of dark hairs above her pussy. Bongo had a huge erection as he looked at her. Most of the girls had horses at home and his prick reminded them of seeing their stallions with an erection. They could already see a large drop of precum on the end of the head. "Get on your knees duchess," he went on. "Now you two gentlemen stand one on each side of her. Duchess, put your hands on their cocks and stroke them."

Students were taught to use crude and vulgar language during sex lessons as it excited men to hear their wives talking like common whores. "What do think you should do next duchess? He asked.

"I'll suck their pricks sir. I'll suck one while I stroke the other one and then I'll change and suck the other one. Do I have to make them come sir?"

Francois felt his cock getting very hard as he watched her holding the two hard cocks. "No, not yet. Suck them for a while and then we'll move on to the next position. Gentlemen, stop her if you feel you are going to come."

They all watched Agnes as she sucked each cock in turn while stroking the other one. Some girls were getting very horny and put their hands between their legs to rub their clits. Agnes could take all of Mr Dupont's dick into her mouth and down her throat, but she had trouble with Bongo's massive organ. She gagged several times which annoyed the negro and he pushed his cock hard into her mouth, trying to force it down her gullet. It finally went all the way in and everyone gazed in wonder and admiration to see the erotic scene. She had swallowed the whole twelve inches and her nose was touching the curly black hair on his belly. He moaned in pleasure as she moved her head up and down the ebony rod. She took it out of her mouth and licked the head as she had been taught, before plunging it all down her throat again. Bongo was getting close to coming and would have liked to shoot his cum in her mouth.

"Excellent duchess, that's enough. Now kneel on the couch with your head down and your ass in the air," Francois said, gripping his cock with his hand in his pocket. Thank God he was going to fuck Helena that evening, these lessons made him so hot. It was incredible to see these lovely young ladies performing lewd sex acts. He would have loved to have joined in but it was strictly against school rules.

Agnes stood up and went to the couch which was the size of a single bed. She knelt on one side with her ass facing the watching girls. Francois pushed down on her back and pulled her legs wide apart. The obscene sight of her pussy and little brown anus made him want to masturbate. Her breasts were hanging down onto the couch. "Mr Bongo, you will please fuck her in her cunt. Get as much of your prick up her as she can take. Mr Dupont, you will stand on the other side and lift her head up. Duchess, you will then suck his prick while Mr Bongo fucks you." He looked round at the girls. "Ladies, gather round and watch what they do, you will most probably have to do this one day."

Bongo lubricated his huge penis and inserted it into Agnes's pussy. She gasped as the massive member entered her. He pushed it slowly in until it touched her cervix and wouldn't go any further. He started to slowly fuck her, pulling his oily cock back until it was almost out and then pushing it in again, causing her to groan in ecstasy as it rubbed over her clit. Dupont lifted her head up and held his hard dick against her lips. She put out her tongue and licked around the head, tasting the salty precum before running it up and down the shaft. She raised a hand and held his cock at the base as she had been taught, then pulled it down to the horizontal position so that he could see her face while she sucked him. She opened her mouth and took the head in, flicking her tongue against the shaft as she sucked and looking up into his eyes. She managed to take all his eight inches in and down her throat.

"Fuck her harder Mr Bongo," Francois called, "ram your prick into her. And you, Mr Dupont, hold her head and fuck her face."

His cock was throbbing in his pants as he watched the pretty young girl being abused by the two studs. He was going to give Helena a really good seeing-to when she came to his study that evening. Bongo was now pounding her pussy, his cock was wet and glistening with her juice and making a slurping noise as it went back and forth. The girls could hear his large balls slapping against her thighs as he shagged her.

Dupont pulled his cock halfway out of her mouth and then forced it down her throat hard, making Agnes gag. "Can I come now?" he asked Francois, "I can't hold it much longer."

"Shoot it on her face, he replied and his heart pounded as he saw ropes of sperm ejaculating from Dupont's cock. She opened her mouth and put out her tongue to catch the cum and swallow it, but most of it splattered over her face, going into her eyes and making long white streaks in her dark hair. Bongo withdrew his prick and hurried to the other side of the couch. He pulled her up into a sitting position and cried out with intense pleasure as he shot loads of cum onto her face. It slowly ran down her cheeks and chin and dripped off onto her tits and thighs.

"Use your hands duchess, Francois told her. "Scoop it up and put it into your mouth. You must always swallow as much as you can, never waste any cum." She did as he ordered, filling her mouth with the thick sticky sperm and swallowing it. "Excellent duchess, that will do; you can go and clean up now."

Everyone agreed that it had been a very instructive lesson. "Can I do it next time sir," one girl asked, "Maybe the nigger could fuck my ass while I suck Mr Dupont's prick." Francois promised her that she could have that opportunity the next day. The class was now over and all the girls left the room to go to their studies and do their prep before supper. Princess Helena looked at Francois and winked. She was going to visit him as soon as supper was over.

Professor Rotenberg looked at his watch. Supper had been over for twenty minutes now so he thought it was time to pay a visit to Mr Francois. He went down the dimly lit corridor and turned the corner. At the end was Francois's study, where he hoped he would not find his employee breaking school rules and indulging in illicit sex with the Hungarian princess. He stopped outside the door and listened. From within he could hear faint noises; moans and soft cries. My God, he thought, the stupid bastard is fucking the randy little bitch!

He tried the doorknob and to his surprise it wasn't locked. He quietly entered the room and by the light of the gas lamp he saw them. They were both naked and on the bed in the 69 position. Francois was underneath with his head between Helena's thighs, noisily eating her cunt and sucking her clitoris. His mouth was full of her sweet pussy juice. She was on top of him, her head bobbing up and down as she greedily sucked his prick. He groaned as he shot his cum into Helena's mouth; there was so much that it trickled out and onto his balls.

"What the hell is going on here?" Rotenberg thundered. "Get off him girl before I pull you off!"

"I haven't finished", she gasped, looking up at Rotenberg with sperm dripping out of her mouth.

Francois struggled to get up but Helena still lay on him, grinding her hips and rubbing her pussy over his face. Then she came, crying out as wave after wave of an intense orgasm swept through her body. Francois pushed her off him and stood up, his flaccid dick hanging down and glistening with her saliva. "I'm so sorry sir," he stammered, "I can explain everything."

"There's no explaining to do Francois," Rotenberg yelled. "You've been fucking one of our students. You know it's against the rules and you know the consequences. This is the second time in one week that I've had to fire a member of my staff for sexual offences. Are you insane? Pack your trunk and leave the school by tomorrow morning, your check will be waiting for you at the secretary's office. As for you madam," he went on, "You will be severely punished for this, go to the punishment room immediately!" He picked up her clothes and threw them out into the corridor. Two girls were passing by and they had heard everything. Soon the whole school knew that Mr Francois had been fired and Princess Helena was going to be punished.

Helena was waiting outside the punishment room when Rotenberg arrived. She was naked under her bathrobe as school rules stipulated. She had been here once before for a similar offence but she was trembling with fear as she looked around at the various punishment implements. There were straps and chains, hanging from the ceiling and bolted to the floor. There was a couch and a contraption like a wooden saw horse with a padded top. Canes and other items lay on a table.

"Take your robe off princess," he instructed her, "You are guilty of an extremely serious offence and you will be punished accordingly."

He lifted her arms and attached her wrists to an overhead beam with leather straps. Then he spread her legs wide apart and attached her ankles in a similar fashion. He took a leather belt from the table and buckled it round Helena's waist. She wondered what he was doing to do to her and felt scared. She knew that whatever happened it was going to be very painful. There was a hook at the front and back of the belt. He next took a flat rubber strip and attached each end of it to the hooks. Pointed metal studs were embedded all along the inside of the strip. He adjusted it until it was tightly pulled up between her buttocks and her pussy lips. He stood in front of her and pulled the rubber strip out about a foot and then it go, rather like an archer releasing an arrow from a bow. It smacked back sharply into Helena's cunt, the pointed studs piercing her delicate pink flesh and making her scream with pain. He repeated the action at least twenty times until her pussy was bleeding.

He went behind her and pulled the strip from between her buttocks. He held pulled it down to her knees and then released it so that it shot up and savagely struck her anus. She screamed again but to no avail, Rotenberg was enjoying himself. He continued to ravage her asshole with the sharp studs, pulling the band down as far as he could and letting it slap hard into her sensitive skin. This was the first time he had used this item which he had purchased in Germany and he would be using it again on other disobedient young ladies.

Helena had large breasts and so he thought he would punish those next. He removed the belt and rubber strip, then went to the table and took a long length of thin cord. He lifted one of her breasts and started to wind the cord tightly around the base of it. He made a few turns then took the cord across to the other breast and bound this one in the same way. He went back and forth from one breast to the other until he had used up all of the cord. Each breast was now very tightly bound and squeezed into a hard red ball. The cord between them was in an 'X' shape.

"It hurts sir, please let me go, I really swear that I won't be naughty like that again." Rotenberg ignored her and took two crocodile clips which he pinched onto her nipples causing her to cry out in pain. Her breasts were now turning purple and were giving her extreme pain. He released her arms from the beam but did not remove the wrist straps. He also released her ankles and kept the straps on. He told her to kneel down on the floor, then pulled her arms behind her and attached the wrist straps to the ankle straps. She was now unable to stand up. There was a large hook hanging from the ceiling attached to a rope and pulley system. Rotenberg pulled it down and put the hook under the cord between her breasts. He began to pull the rope attached to the pulleys and Helena cried out in fear as she realized what he was going to do.

The rope tightened on the cord and gradually started to pull her upwards and off the floor. The pain in her breasts was excruciating as they were pulled up and up. Her whole body was hanging by her breasts. They were stretched beyond imagination and were now turning an even deeper shade of purple due to the increased blood constriction. She felt that she would soon pass out; the pain was so intense. Her face was now level with Rotenberg's. "How do you like it princess? Do your tits hurt?" he whispered in her ear, "Would you like to go higher? Up to the ceiling maybe?"

She was sobbing and the tears were streaming down her beautiful face. He pulled on the crocodile clips, sending red hot needles searing through her breasts. "Stop sir, please, please stop, I beg you, I can't stand the pain in my tits." He walked behind her and ran his hand between her thighs, feeling her asshole and her pussy which was wet with a mixture of Mr Francois's saliva and her blood. He bent down and licked her asshole before putting some oil on his fingers and pushing them into her orifices.

He then lubricated his cock and inserted it into her pussy. He pulled on the rope, causing Helena to be painfully raised until his cock was almost out of her. Then he released the rope and she fell down hard, forcing his cock deep into her cunt. He repeated this several times. When she was impaled on his prick he put his arms round her and pull the clips on her nipples. Her breasts were as hard as rocks. She wasn't screaming any longer and Rotenberg realized that she had fainted. He pulled his throbbing prick out of her pussy and slid it into her asshole. He used the rope to lower her body a little in order to get maximum penetration. She began to come round and started to shout and scream as the intense pain engulfed her entire body once again. He raised and lowered her ass onto his dick a few times until he felt he was going to come and he shot wads of hot sperm deep into her bowels. "I think you have learned your lesson now princess," he gasped, "have you had enough?"

She could hardly speak, she was in such agony. She had never imagined that anyone could suffer so much pain. Rotenberg lowered her to the floor and unwound the cord from her breasts. They were heavily bruised and she would bear the marks for several weeks to come. He released the straps from her wrists and ankles and helped her to stand up. "Take this towel madam and wipe your bottom. Then go to your room. Don't let me see you here again this term."

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