tagFirst TimeSex Club for College Students Ch. 03

Sex Club for College Students Ch. 03


Sorry, this chapter ran a bit longer then the previous two, but I think you will find it enjoyable reading.

Thanks to ZexWizzard for editing assistance.

Background: A few weeks ago Heather invited Calie to become a member of an off campus dating club. The girls fill out date cards where they select what nights they are available and what they would like to do (i.e. restaurant, dancing, party etc...). The boys select from the available date cards on the board and coordinate all the particulars of the date via email with the girl whose card they selected. With the completion of the first portion of the rendezvous they go back to his or her place to have some more intimate fun.

Heather saw her friend and fellow club member Calie in the cafeteria lunch line ahead of her. "Hey Calie, would you like to sit together?" Heather asked as she caught up to Calie.

"Yea, that'd be great," Calie replied.

They went through the line together, and selected their food, Calie from the salad bar and Heather from the oriental food station. They sat down in a booth together so they could talk in private.

"So, did you have a date over the weekend," Heather inquired?

"No," answered Calie, "I had two papers I had to write and a couple books I needed to read as well. How about you, were you dating?"

"No, I didn't either. Like you, I just had too much school work to catch up on. Are you going to the club meeting this weekend?"

"I suppose so." replied Calie.

"Well, that doesn't sound very enthusiastic. Is everything okay?"

"It's just that I've had to step up my effort in a few classes, and so far that seems to be paying off. As far as the club goes," Calie went on to explain, "the first couple of dates I had in the club were great, the second even more so, but my third date was just okay. My last one was kind of mediocre at best."

"I'm really sorry to hear that. Why do you think the dates didn't go so well?" Heather inquired.

"With one of the guys, John, I just didn't seem to hit it off with him." offered Calie, "The dinner conversation wasn't that good. He really seemed more interested in himself than getting to know me better. I guess physically he was really not my type and nothing I did seemed to be pleasing to him."

"Wow that date sounds like a bummer," Heather replied.

"The other date I had was with Andrew." said Calie, "We went to a dance together and we had a good time there, but afterwards when we went back to my room it was like I didn't know what to do. We just finally fumbled with each others clothes, had sex and he left. Maybe on my first two dates the boys were more experienced, but I really felt inadequate as a lover and unfulfilled emotionally by either date."

"Thanks for sharing that with me. I dated Andrew once too. He's a nice guy but when it comes to loving he's a lot more passive than most boys."

"Well, how do you deal with that or the situation I had with John, where he didn't seem to like anything I did for him?" Calie asked.

"Some of it just comes with experience." Heather explained, "If you were regularly dating either one of these guys you would know whether or not they were just having a bad day. Both of you would be more comfortable communicating with each other what your likes and dislikes were. Communication really is the key on these dates. You have a very limited time to get to know each other and create some chemistry before you find yourself back at your room where both of you were expecting to have the best two hours of your week. When you don't, it can really be aggravating."

"Well, how do I get better at this?" Calie asked, "Do I just keep going on club dates hoping it will eventually get better? Is there something I can read or is there someone who can teach me?"

"It's interesting you should mention teaching." Heather replied with a grin, "You're not the first club member to have some mediocre dating experiences. The personality conflicts that sometimes occur between members are probably inevitable and can occasionally happen to anyone on a date. The other issue of feeling inadequate as a lover or feeling that your date is not satisfying your needs is a problem that training can address."

Heather continued, "Last semester Chris and I were approached by Virginia, the club's sponsor. It seems that a number of club members had confided in her some of the same issues you've mentioned. Chris and I have both been in the club for a couple years. Virginia said that both of us had consistently won high marks from the other club members when they were asked to describe their best dating experiences in the club. Because of that, Virginia asked us if we could come up with a way to teach some of our 'secrets of success' to other club members who asked for help. Chris and I discussed it, and decided that the best way to teach someone how to be a better lover was to show them."

Calie intrigued asked, "How did you go about 'showing' them?"

Heather explained, "To begin with, Virginia gave us the name of one guy and one gal that had come to her. Chris and I arranged a dinner date for the four of us, and then we all went over to Virginia's house where the club holds its meetings and had a training session there. Chris and I shared and demonstrated some of our experiences and ideas and we worked with them as a couple, and did some, well, role playing."

"Well, how did it go?" asked Calie, intrigued.

"In the beginning it felt a little strange being naked in front of three other people, while explaining at the same time how to be a better lover," Heather answered, "But, after a little while, I really got into it. It was a good learning experience for me too and when Virginia talked to the two students a month later, they both said the training class had made a big difference in the quality of their dates. Chris and I have taught the class three times together and I've taught it one other time with a different guy."

"Heather, that sounds interesting, and maybe what I need," half agreed Calie, "But I think I would feel awkward being naked with three other people there."

"I want to assure you that this is not intended to be a group sex session." promised Heather, "First off, we don't put on a lesbian make out show for the guys. In order to demonstrate or role play there will be times when the other boy will be asked to do something with you or me and visa versa. You may practice something with the male instructor or the other student. I think if you ask some of the other members that have gone through the class they will tell you that it was a lot of fun and that they quickly got over their anxiety of being naked in front of a small group of people."

Calie asked, "If I did this, would you be one of the instructors?"

"That's up to you," answered Heather. Virginia has recruited one other girl from the club recently that she feels is almost as skilled as I to hold the class too. She believes this gives her a balance of body type and a wider range of instruction for students."

"I guess it would be a little weird having you as one of the instructors, knowing you as well as I do," Calie replied, "but I do value your advice and would want to learn as much as I could. Let me sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow."

"That's fine." agreed Heather, "If you get back to me by tomorrow afternoon, I think we could arrange something for this Saturday."

Calie gave everything Heather had informed her of some serious thought. It did sound like it might be a solution for some of the dating issues she had experienced in the club. Getting some practical advice from someone who knew what they were talking about seemed like a good idea. Being naked with three other people certainly would be a new experience as well, so after a night of careful deliberation, Calie called Heather up and said, "Sign me up!"

"That's great," replied Heather. "All four of us will meet for a bite to eat at the College Sub Shop on Saturday afternoon at 1:00. Then we can head over to Victoria's house afterward for the training session.


Saturday came and Calie slept in late. When she did get up she took a shower, got dressed and headed over to the College Sub Shop to meet Heather, the other instructor, and her 'mock' date and fellow student. It was only about a ten minute walk from the dorm, but it was cold and windy out so it was not such a pleasant outing. When Calie arrived, she saw that Heather and a guy she didn't recognize was already occupying one of the booths.

As Calie approached to join them, the young man sitting with Heather stood up. With a warm smile he reached out to shake Calie's hand, and said, "Hi, I'm Chris. It's nice to meet you Calie."

Chris was tall, maybe six feet, and had longish dirty blond hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a grey t-shirt with the college logo printed on it. He had an easy going laid back look about him.

"Well, it's nice to meet you too Chris, thanks for taking the time to do this," offered Calie.

"Well it looks like our other trainee has arrived," said Heather.

Calie turned around and recognized Allen. He was the newest member of the club that they had voted into their society just a week after she had joined herself. Allen was a junior with dark straight hair and brown eyes. He was medium height, about five foot ten, wore glasses and had some Asian features. He had a "studious" look about him, like many of the guys in the club.

"Hi Guys," Allen exclaimed.

They all made their introductions and Calie and Allen joined them at the table.

"Why don't we all go up and order our subs and drinks and then we can sit back down and talk," suggested Heather.

After everyone had their order and was seated back at the booth Chris started in, "Well we all know why we're here and I just want to lay down some guidelines to make this session as productive for the two of you as possible. First I want you both to be comfortable, this is not a competition and there are no graded tests at the end of class. There are no dumb questions. If you are not sure about something Heather or I say or do, please ask. We've done a few of these classes together as we each have informed the both of you and I think you will learn a lot and have a fun time doing it."

Chris paused for effect. "Any questions so far?"

With no reply from either pupil, he continued, "Okay then, the first thing to remember is that in order for these dates to be successful, the first phase of the date needs to go as smoothly as possible in order for the remainder of the night to follow suit. Your dinner, or whatever you decide to do together, is actually more important than what you do once you two get back to your dorm room."

Chris turned to Allen and said, "Girls especially need to feel a level of trust before they are going to feel comfortable with your hands all over them. Ask them about their day, really listen to what they have to say and don't interrupt every ten seconds with your 'me too' comments. Ask, and then talk about their hometown or their favorite books. You can talk about the club if both of you want but don't start spouting graphic details of the guy or girl you slept with last Tuesday. You want your date to feel like it's all about them. You are here to be with them, learn about them, laugh with them, and have a good time with them."

As Calie listened, she thought a lot of what Chris was saying was just good common sense advice. She realized that on her last two dates, she really never made a connection with either boy during their time together. In fact, with John she couldn't recall one time that she laughed at something he said.

To demonstrate his point, Chris started a conversation with Heather. They covered a number of topics, including dorm food, the bad weather, and a particularly difficult science class. It all seemed so natural of them both, and the conversation was punctuated numerous times by one or both of them laughing at something the other had commented on.

Heather then turned to her two pupils, "You can see that while we have only been talking a few minutes, there is already a more relaxed banter between Chris and I than when we first began. And, whereas I know the situation differs individually from person to person, this particular example is meant to illustrate that as I feel more comfortable with Chris my mind starts thinking about what we will be doing later. I am beginning to 'like' my date and the idea of leaning across the table and kissing him starts to become very appealing to me."

"Oh really. So what's stopping you?" Chris said as Heather grinned back at him.

Chris continued, "It's only natural that you may be nervous about what your date might be thinking about you, or if your actions are those that are appealing to your date or 'is their thing'. Just remember Calie, the guy probably had lots of date cards to pick from, but he picked yours. And Allen wasn't Calie and all the girls you've dated at the club meeting where they unanimously voted to let you into the club?"

"Yea, all of them were." Allen responded.

"That means there was already an interest in you from the start." said Chris, "Don't think little of it,"

Heather added, "I am always a bit nervous on these club dates anticipating how they will go. I think knowing that the person sitting across from you is going to see you completely naked later in the evening is probably enough to make all but the most ardent exhibitionist a little self conscious. Don't rush through the dinner, give yourself and your date plenty of time to get to know each other. It also serves to build the anticipation level."

"As the dinner progresses," Chris sheepishly admitted. "I find myself wanting to be with the girl sitting across from me more and more. I guess I should be embarrassed to say it, but I am usually at least partially hard by the time we are half way through dinner."

"Hey, when we dated I thought you told me you started getting hard from the time you sat down with me at the restaurant," said Heather in mock protest.

"Actually, with you I got hard just picking your date card off the board." retorted Chris.

Calie spoke up, "Well I really enjoy the dialogue you two create, I just don't know if I can do the same with that type of interaction on a first date."

Heather replied, "Well everyone you date will be different, and there will be some people that you just seem to click with right from the first moment you meet. But if you both work at it, by the time you are done with a leisurely dinner you will feel excited about moving on to the next phase of your evening together."

Chris continued, "Of course, tonight's a little different because neither of you knew who your study buddy for this class would be, but we are going to engage in a little role playing and pretend that you two just met for a date this evening. Allen, why don't start this off."

Allen turned to address his 'date', "Good evening Calie, I am really looking forward to our date this evening. I really like that dress you're wearing."

"Well that sounds a little bit contrived," Heather commented, "but it's got the right attitude, and pointed in the right direction."

"Thanks Allen, I've been looking forward to our date too," Calie replied, trying to play into the role.

Calie and Allen talked back and forth for almost a half an hour. They talked about classes, their home towns, and the college's football game last week. Calie learned that Allen's mother was part Japanese, which accounted for Allen's Asian like features. Heather and Chris made the occasional comments and suggestions and by the time an hour had gone by they were laughing and thoroughly enjoying each others company.

Then Chris brought the role playing to a halt. "Okay, I think you would agree that you have a much stronger connection and greater level of comfort with each other than you did an hour ago, and I think you will find as the level of comfort grows you will start thinking about what's going to come with growing anticipation and genuine excitement. Alright, enough of this, let's get out of here and walk over to Victoria's house. She's probably wondering what's taking us so long."

As they got up and left the restaurant Chris made a request, "Allen, I want you to take Calie's hand. Just something as simple as holding hands as you walk back to your dorm can allow you to build on the connection you made during the dinner portion of the date."

Calie took Allen's hand in hers and they walked the two blocks together to Victoria's house. All four of them walked up to the front porch and Heather rang the door bell. A moment later, Victoria answered the door and ushered them inside. Allen gave Calie's hand a little squeeze and released it. Calie looked at him and gave him a little smile.

"Well everything is ready for you upstairs, you know where everything is Heather," said Virginia pointing towards the stairs.

All four of them went upstairs and Heather opened the first door to the left. As they entered the room Calie could smell mild incense. The overhead lights were off but there were two floor lamps and a candle burning at each of the two night stands. Between the night stands was a king size bed covered by a thick dark green bed spread. At the top of the bed the bedspread was pulled back and there was a collection of pillows of various shapes and fabrics. The whole room presented a very inviting picture.

Heather spoke first, "Don't underestimate the impact that setting the ambiance for this part of your date can make. While none of us have dorm rooms or apartments that could match Victoria's setup, just a few changes can make a big difference. I know if I go back to a guy's place and he has taken the time to put on some soft music, has romantic lighting, and the room is clean, he has really thought about our date. On the other hand if we get back to his room and he has to clear his dirty laundry off the bed or something similar, that can be a real mood killer."

Chris added, "I agree with Heather on this one, it really does matter. I can remember one date I had where the dinner conversation just didn't seem to go that great and I really wasn't sure how 'into me' my date really was. Then we got back to my room, and I had candles burning, soft jazz on the stereo, the room was neat as a pin, and I had placed two chocolate mints on what was to be her pillow. She turned to me and said 'You did all this for me?' and then she planted a big kiss on me and the rest, as they say, is history."

"And here I thought all this time that I was the only one who you gave chocolate mints to." Heather said sarcastically. "Another very important point is hygiene. I know you have heard it during the club meetings, but always shower and brush your teeth before you go out on a date. You don't want to have them second guessing whether that finger you are about to put inside her is clean or not. Speaking of hygiene, have you all showered today?"

Everyone nodded yes.

With a smile, Chris continued, "Well, we're going to get close for this part of the class so let's all wash our hands and I just so happen to have chocolate breath mints for everybody."

"Do you buy those things by the case?" Allen chided.

Chris laughed while adding, "At this point, because of the connection you achieved at dinner, the hand holding and the atmosphere you have hopefully created in your room, you should both anxiously be anticipating the next step. If your date took the time to prepare the room, compliment them on it to let them know you appreciate their efforts. This would then be the point where if you haven't already done so, you lean in and kiss your date. Depending on your personality you might even ask permission." Chris gazed at Heather, "May I kiss you?"

Heather responded by leaning towards Chris and their lips met. One thing Heather hadn't told Calie is that Chris was the first boy she had dated in the club. It was a night she would never forget. The way Chris had made love to her was unlike anything she had experienced with her juvenile High School boy friends. He made her feel special at dinner and he was patient with her obvious inexperience afterwards as they explored each others bodies after reaching his room.

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