tagGroup SexSex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll


My girlfriend Nicole invited me to a party Austin; her lover; and his wife was having at their home. They had promised the staff they would host a lavish party in appreciation for all the long hours and hard work we provided to the company. When he visited his wife's office, several of the staff reminded him of the party that never happened and not very subtlety inquired when and where were the party going to take place. Austin gave them some lame excuse said he had to make sure his wife would agree to the party, on his way out of his wife's office he gave two thumbs up and said they would have a theme party at their house in two weeks. Nicole was excited and called me at work to ask if I was going to the party. I checked my calendar to see if I was available for the event. I told her I would attend the party and ask her to RSVP immediately. She said as soon as the invitations were printed, she would definitely put me down as an attendee.

Nicole came over to my place after work to see if I had anything in my closet she could wear. I told her I had a few things she might find interesting. She said "Okay", and went through my closet and found an adult Harem outfit minus the genie lamp that I had not wore yet. Nicole tried on the outfit, and I must say she looked pretty damn hot in it. I invited Nicole to stay and have a drink with me before she met Austin for dinner. She asked if she could shower and change at my place before meeting Austin. I said sure, and we had a few white Russian drinks together. After the drinks Nicole used the guest room to shower and change for her date with Austin. She kept a few clothes in the closet of the guest room for these occasions. I asked Nicole if she would be crashing at my place, if she was I asked her to give me a call and I'd let her in. She asked for a key to the house I told her no way and reminded her of the intimate scene that I walked in on with one of our friend's husband. Nicole gave me a "whatever" and showered and changed for her date with Austin.

I was feeling buzzed from the white Russian's and a little lonely so I decided to take a walk to a restaurant with a bar around the corner from my house. When I arrived at the bar I saw a few familiar faces from work and decided to join them at the bar to catch up on the latest gossip. One of the guys at the bar asked if I had received an invitation for the party Austin was giving. I told him I had, and he wanted to know what I was wearing to the event. I told him it would be something funky, because Austin's invitation's informed the guest of the Sixties Theme. I thought it was a wonderful choice. There was a vintage clothing store a few blocks away from my place which carried sixties era clothes. After I received my invitation, the next day I went shopping for the outfit I would be wearing to the party. I knew immediately what I was going to wear to that party. I have always been a fan of the Mod Fashion Twiggy rocked. She was the icon model of the perfect sixties shape. My shape is similar to hers, long legs, slim athletic shape, I was even going to get a hair cut; I would be Twiggy for one night.

I invited Nicole for dinner three days before the party to catch up on things and to see if she had any idea of what people were wearing to the party. She said she knew of several people who were dressing from the Woodstock days; one guy was going as a bohemian hippie.

The night of the party Nicole came over to my place so I could drive her. Nicole decided she needed an outfit and wanted to borrow some clothes; she didn't bring back my Genie costume either. She picked out a pair of low rise bell bottom jeans and a tie dyed stretch tank top, I wore a Mod print Mini Dress and white knee high GO-GO boots. We arrived fashionably late to the party in full swing, and I hit the bar to chat with the rest of the guests. The DJ was spinning some sixties dusties and we watched the dance crowd shake and gyrate. Several of the young girls from clerical decided to show up in bikinis with their bodies painted a la Goldie Hawn in her Laugh-In days. I milled around in the crowd, until I was being drawn into an argument over politics'; concerning the right to keep and bear arms; but decided that was a buzz kill so I moved on.

Then I danced with a few different men, but stepped off the floor when the DJ started playing belly rubbing slow tunes. I was hot and sweaty by then and needed a break. Of course Nicole decided to show her ass, since Austin was being an attentive host with his wife, she felt he wasn't paying her enough attention so she decided to make him jealous by dancing with a guest at the party name Todd Franklin; a fine brother in the accounting department; he asked her to dance and boy they did some serious grinding. I stayed to watch and felt a little warm myself after the ten minute display they gave. I saw Austin creep over to the DJ after Todd's hands strayed below the belt of Nicole's low rise bell bottoms. The songs he played were some fast Beach Boys and The Moody Blues tunes, which separated the over heated pair. Of course by now the party was swinging and several of the people I observed paired off earlier were missing.

I did noticed Austin slipping away from his wife, ten minutes later he reappeared and Nicole did too. She told me they had a quarrel about her dancing and she was getting out of hand, so I figured on watching the two of them pout at each other the rest of the night. While I was sitting with some folks on the patio a guy dressed like one of the Beatle's pulled out a bag of weed and rolled himself a joint. He asked if I wanted some after he lit the joint. Now there was only a small group of people out there with me, and I suddenly became aware of the patio starting to become crowded.

More joints were rolled and passed around; I even saw my boss; Austin's wife; toking on a doobie. I didn't see Austin smoking, but Nicole was puffing and passing; yes I indulged too but only because someone called me a Narc. Well one puff led to another and I was very high, very quickly. Someone pulled out the white powder. That's when the party got real interesting; with such a diverse crowd there were different reactions to this sudden appearance of Marijuana and the White Pony (slang for cocaine). Some people just left in a hurry, but not too many. The folks that stayed went with the flow, and a sixties vibe of "make love, not war" took over. Everyone was mellow by now and I heard someone suggest an orgy. I didn't put much stock into such talk; I just sat on the patio for what seemed like a long time enjoying the buzz courtesy of Mary Jane slang for (Marijuana). When the call of nature took over I toured the grounds for a powder room. I had to go upstairs into the master bedroom to find an unoccupied bathroom.

I was on my way downstairs when I heard voices in one of the bedrooms. I crept to the door and listened before turning the knob and entering and I couldn't believe what I saw. There were four couples twisted and knotted together in a dog pile on the floor. One of the men turned and beaconed me to come in. I declined to join the orgy and I rushed off to find Nicole to tell her what I saw.

I found Nicole in the living room on a sofa talking to Todd of all people. I guess she couldn't resist twisting the knife in Austin's back. Of course I felt no pity for Austin; he was on the other side of the room engaged in a conversation with two of the body painted bikini girls who were gushing like school girls because he was paying attention to them. His wife hovered nearby to ensure he didn't go too far.

I told Nicole about the orgy upstairs and she wanted to go watch, I told her that they wanted me to join in. Nicole said she knew how to watch without getting caught. She led me and Todd around to the back of the house to the pool area and up some stone paved steps that led to the path of a flagstone walkway along the house. I saw several sliding glass doors, one for each room. We walked along until we came to the orgy. We watched the passionate coupling and I felt a little jealous knowing I wasn't going to get any that night. I mention it to Nicole, she told me to speak for myself.

Nicole and I stayed a while longer, until the crowd grew thin, I pulled Nicole's coat tail to let her know it was time to go. She didn't protest which surprised me. After she shook loose of Todd, who had been following her like a puppy. We grabbed our belongings and started walking to my car when Austin called for us to wait a minute; he wanted to know if I was okay to drive. I informed him I was perfectly fine, since I wasn't going to give him an excuse to drive us home so he and Nicole could be together. He gave Nicole a kiss with tongue before we got into the car to drive home.

When we arrived at my place Nicole told me she was going home. I asked why? She confided that Austin texted her that he would be stopping over after the wife retired for bed. I asked her if Todd made him feel a little jealous. Nicole said "Yes, and I can't wait for the make up sex because the sorry ass son of a bitch will be eating Chinese in the morning." I had to ask what that meant. "Cum of Some Young Guy!" she told me in a horrible stereotyped Asian accent. Still not understanding the meaning she laid it out for me and it was way too much information. I explain to Nicole I knew Austin hurt her but she had to understand... he was throwing a party in the house that he shared with his wife.

Austin's make up sex with Nicole was hot and heavy; Nicole knew she had Austin under her skirt and he would do anything to please her. After Austin left Nicole's place, she called to tell me she had sex with Todd earlier that night in one of the spare bedrooms at the party.

"Damn girl it was good too, wow has he got a fat one. I let him keep my panties." Nicole gloated.

I was not only shocked, but irritated, not because she got some, but because Mr. Thick Dick's juices were leaking into my jeans that she was wearing! I got over it by telling Nicole she owed me a pair of pants. I do still find myself crotch grazing when I pass Todd in the hallway at work these days.

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