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sex in bed - cheating


You might think I'm a dirt-bag after reading this, but I'll say that it happened a long time ago. And although it happened a long time ago, it's still in my memories fondly and I thought would be of interest to read.

One of my college friends was getting married near Chicago. My wife had conflicting plans so I attended stag. My friend Steve lived near where the wedding reception was planned, and offered me to stay in his spare room while in town. Steve was married to Lisa and had two young kids. I knew Lisa from back in college, when her and Steve were dating, but wasn't really good friends with her. Lisa is one of those girls that is blessed with a smoking body, but a face that only her mother could love - and Steve I guess.

Anyway, I came in Friday night and we all hung out and caught up over some burgers on the grill. I played with their two kids, who were a blast and kept us busy most of the night. We all had a great time chatting into the evening before calling it a night. Before bed Lisa wore a t-shirt and night-shorts. I couldn't help but admire how HOT her body looked. And like the pervert that I am, tried to sneak as many peeks at her as I could.

Saturday we just hung around in the morning. Again Lisa drove me crazy wearing those little shorts, with her pantie lines clearly visible. In the afternoon we took care of some things for the wedding before before dropping the kids off at Lisa's Mom for the night and heading to the ceremony.

A good number of the guests were either friends, or friends of friends. The wedding was nice and the reception was a blast. Although I talked with a lot of old friends, I ended up hanging out mostly with Steve and Lisa. After the reception, right around midnight, a good group of us went to another bar, including Steve and Lisa. We were all already pretty hammered at that point, but Steve was really putting them away.

About 2am Lisa said that they needed to leave because Steve could hardly stand. We called a cab and headed back to their house. Steve was plastered but funny as hell to talk with. In the cab ride, Lisa was sitting between Steve and I and Steve started to playfully pull Lisa's dress up. At one point he pulled her dress up high enough for me to get a quick glance of her panties. Lisa was quite a bit drunk herself and a good sport about Steve's condition. I too was drunk and was enjoying their company.

When we arrived at their house, I paid (Steve was in no condition to deal with money) the driver and as Steve exited the cab he fell straight on his face. Fortunately he didn't get hurt. Although Steve couldn't walk straight, he hadn't lost his wit and jokingly asked me to stay over for a "slumber party" with them.

As soon as we got inside Steve stumbled to the refrigerator and threw me a beer. I was ready to call it a night, but couldn't turn down one last beer. Lisa said her feet were killing her and threw her shoes off and said something about getting into more comfortable cloths. Steve then quickly sat up in a stupor like he had a great idea and said we should play strip quarters since we were going to change anyway. Unfortunately I don't think Lisa wanted any part of playing strop poker. It was apparent that Steve was horny from the alcohol and not shy at all about showing off Lisa, as he again grabbed her in his arms and attempted to pull her skirt up while I was standing there. I was fortunate enough to get another quick cheap view of her panties again, but only before she quickly pulled her dress down and left to change.

Lisa came back wearing only a night shirt that barely covered her panties. Steve already had a glass and quarter in hand, and I was all for the strip quarters, but unfortunately things started to wind down fast as Steve started to doze off in his chair. Lisa pulled him to his feet and they retired to their bedroom for the night.

My bed was the pull-out couch, so I started to undress and then went to the bathroom to change and brush my teeth. As I brushed my teeth I couldn't help but think about Lisa's body, and steeling glances of her panties throughout the night. As I left the bathroom and headed back to the sofa-bed, I passed Steve and Lisa's room and noticed that the door was cracked just a bit. I could hear Steve snoring as I peeked my head in to see Lisa laying on top of the covers already asleep. Her one leg was bent and her night shirt was pushed up so that I could see her panties clearly.

The alcohol had filled my brain and it seemed like a good idea to walk inside and get a closer look at Lisa lying there. I pushed the door open as I walked in to get a closer look at her. With the small amount of light coming in from the windows, I could see surprisingly well. I stared down looking at Lisa sleeping there, her panties in clear view and her nipples visible through the thin fabric of her nightshirt.

It had been many many years since I'd seen another women other than my wife and I was so turned on by seeing her laying there. Stepping closer to her lying body I reached down and softly touched her silk panties, slowly and gently letting my fingers move from her soft panties up to her nipples. I ran circles around her perfect nipples and watched as they became hard through the thin material. I reached down and pulled the loose nightshirt up so I could get a glimpse bare breasts underneath.

Looking down at her, she looked sooo hot. Her face even looked more attractive, although I'm sure it was a combination of the alcohol and low lighting. She remained asleep as I moved my hand back down and softly rubbed her pussy through her panties. I then pulled the top of her panties out slightly so that I could get a look at her pussy. She had a small patch of neatly trimmed hair just above her clit. I pushed my hand into her panties and softly felt her patch of hair. I then pushed my finger further to her clit and in-between the folds of her pussy. She was very wet, which surprised me since she was asleep.

I moved my fingers over her clit and began to gently rub it in a circular motion, not really aware of the ramifications that I was touching another man's wife. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard her let out a slight moan as she pushed her pelvis upward in approval of my touch. With her eyes still closed, she shifted her body so that she was laying on her side facing Steve, who was still snoring away.

I looked down and had the biggest hard-on shooting right out of my boxers. I ran my hand down her side gently and then to her ass, letting my fingers brush the length of her pussy. I was somewhat surprised when she again let out a slight moan and arched her back, pushing against my fingers. In my mind, her reaction was acceptance of what I was doing. I continued rubbing her pussy through her panties. She would push back against my fingers more often, still with her eyes closed shut.

With my fingers rubbing her panties, I pushed underneath to feel her warm wet pussy lips. My fingers were coated with her wetness as moved them up to the opening of her ass and gently pressed against her anus. Her reaction was another louder moan as she pushed back against my finger. To me it was yet another sign of her permission and I slowly slid two fingers into her very wet pussy while continuing to press another against her anus. She moaned again, and her head slightly tilted as her back arched again, pushing her bottom into my fingers. Lisa began breathing a little heavier as I continued pushing my finger into her pussy. I think she was definitely enjoying it, but I wanted more.

I reached up, grabbing the top of her panties and slowly pulled them from her hips. She raised her hip slight from the bed to help me slide them off her feet.

I looked down and there she was, laying there nearly naked. Her nightshirt was still pulled up so that one boob was nearly exposed and her pussy and ass were completely visible and exposed. As I had envisioned, her ass was perfect. It looked so damn good.

I again ran my fingers up the length of her pussy and ass. As I did she arched her back and I just had to taste her. I knelt down and began licking her pussy from behind. As I did she let out a moan and again pushed back against my tongue, arching her back so that I could have better access to her clit. Although it was an awkward position to be licking her pussy, it was simply awesome. I continued licking her pussy, pushing a finger or two into her. At first she would let out an occasional moan and push her bottom back against me, but then her breathing picked up as she was definitely enjoying it. Then all of the sudden she started jerking her hips, trying to keep silent, as her body was hit with an orgasm.

I continued pushing my fingers into her, allowing my thumb to stimulate her clit, as I looked down to see her body shake while cumming.

I then stood up on my knees and was ready to fuck her from behind, but to my surprise she shifted so that her head was now resting on Steve's chest.

So now I had some mixed signals to deal with. She had obviously liked what I was doing as I had brought her to climax. But now she was resting her head on Steve. Was she trying to send me a signal saying 'hey, I liked that but I really don't want to go any further with this'? Maybe, but I wasn't satisfied yet. And I still had a great view of her perfect body, and the alcohol driving my decisions.

So I moved up and knelt behind her and softly felt her body again. Her skin was soft as I gently rubbed from her shoulders to her feet. My hand eventually ended at her pussy again. I softly felt her heat and wetness with my fingers while letting my hard cock rest on her ass cheeks and occasionally poke her butt.

After a short time soft moans were again escaping her lips as she pressed her hips back against me. I wanted to tease her a little and started poking her ass cheeks slightly harder with my rock hard cock. Against the soft light coming in through the window, I could see my pre-cum glisten on her soft ass cheeks. As I poked her bottom with my cock, I ran my hand up her back and shoulders and then down her arm. As I did this, I took her hand in mine and drew it to my hard cock. Willingly she grabbed my cock and began slowly jerking me. There's nothing more erotic than what I was feeling at that moment.

An odd sense of guilt came across me as I stared down seeing Lisa massage my cock with the same hand her wedding ring was on, and them looking up to see her eyes closed but her head resting on her husbands chest as he was fast asleep (passed-out). But then Lisa slightly adjusted herself and guided my cock to her opening. I pushed and easily slid into her, inch by inch. Her hand remained gripping my cock, feeling me fill her as I begin slowly pushing in and out of her pussy.

Her hand then moved from my cock to rest on Steve's chest as I continued pushing in and out of her while her breathing picked up. It was the strangest moment I have ever experienced - fucking somebody else's wife as she laid on top of their husband. Steve was still snoring so I was pretty confident that he was still asleep. But Lisa was pushing back against my thrusts and softly moaning and I was a little nervous that Steve might wake. It was very erotic, but nerve racking at the same time.

I had built up a slow steady rhythm and was ready to cum, but the alcohol was helping me prolong my orgasm. Lisa reached back, grabbing my thigh and tilted her head. I knew she was close to climaxing, which helped put me over the top. My orgasm hit me and at the same time so did her's. Her hips started jerking back against me as I pushed into her as deep as I could go. Her moans were much louder now - maybe she was more conscious or maybe her orgasm was stronger this time. I really don't know how Steve didn't wake up, but he remained laying there, motionless.

As both of our orgasms subsided, the only sound that could be heard in the room was our breathing and Steve's snoring. I collapsed next to Lisa on the bed and Lisa didn't move.

After my head hit the pillow, to my surprise I had passed out almost immediately. Fortunately I woke up about two hours later. Immediately my heart started racing thinking that Steve might wake or know what happened. I looked over and Lisa was again on her side but facing me. Fortunately Steve was on his side facing the other way.

My cock was still poking out of my boxers. I really don't know why I did it, but I turned to my side and laid my cock on Lisa's hands. The way she was laying, my cock rest on her open palm. I was still half drunk, and started moving my cock back and forth on her hand. Her head was tilted down, so I couldn't see her face but only the top of her head. Then I was completely shocked when I felt Lisa's fingers grip my soft cock. Not surprisingly, my cock started to grow in her hand as I watched and thought about what had happened and what I was doing.

My cock grew to it's fullest as I continued to rub it against Lisa's hand. I didn't know where this was going, but I liked it. After a short time of doing this, Lisa shifted so that she was again facing Steve's back and her back was to me. When she turned, her knight shirt pushed up. She was still naked from the waist down and I was looking at a perfect behind again.

I wasn't sure how far she'd be willing to go, but I had to find out. I moved behind her so that my body was pressing against hers. She showed no signs of resistance. I moved my pelvis so that my cock, which was rock hard now, was poking at her back side. She remained still, but again did not resist. I could feel her pussy as I continued to poke. She was still wet from earlier. I eventually found her opening and slowly pushed into her. She then made my heart nearly jump from my chest as she shifted so that my cock slipped out of her. As she shifted she turned to me and said, "no..not here". Looking at Steve to see if he would wake, she climbed from the bed, took my hand and me to another room at the end of the hallway.

As she turned to shut the door, peeking out to see if Steve was coming, I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock into her from behind. This time I felt her body completely and firmly with my hands, grabbing her tits and squeezing them and kissing her neck. We fucked like that for some time. She whispered that she wanted me to cum on her ass (I later found out that she was not on birth control...oops). She had an orgasm which set mine off as well.

I said "I'm going to cum" and to my surprise she turned, knelt down and took me in her mouth. With her hands wrapped around my cock, I began to shot my load into her waiting mouth. She milked the last drop with her hand as I watched it drip to the floor. She then looked up to me and said "you are sooo bad" and then said "you need to get back to the couch before Steve wakes up". She stood, opened the door and went straight to the bathroom as I went back to the couch for the night.

The next morning we were all a bit hung over. I left early, before the kids were brought back. I did tell Lisa thank-you in private and she said it was our little secret, which it has been for many years.

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The best

The only thing better than a homely girl is a homely girl with a chubby, jiggly butt.

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Best part

Homely girls are the best! Love em.

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One night in collage I slept with my best friends girl. She got him drunk and we snuck out and ducked like wild all night.

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