Sex In The City


It was a slow pulsing thrust that I settled into. I would take my cock almost out so that just the head of it was still being held by her pussy and then slowly lower myself all the way back in. As I felt each of us getting more aroused with our breathing becoming faster and deeper I started to thrust a little faster and was pounding my cock into her with each inward thrust. By the time she was letting out her low howl I was pounding my cock in and out of her like a jackhammer and we both exploded.

She grabbed my face with her hands and pulled my mouth onto hers and we resumed the record-breaking kiss that had started all of this. We stayed like that for the longest time before I rolled off her and just lay there recuperating.

I reached over to the bedside phone and left a 6:30 wake up call. That would give us ample time to shower, dress and walk the two blocks to the theater.

She looked absolutely breathtaking in a blue strapless off-the-shoulder dress being held up by some kind of feminine magic. It was low cut and had a single gold necklace hanging down between her, oh so inviting, cleavage. Hell, I didn't want to go anywhere other than someplace to simply hold her and bury my face in that valley. This gal was stealing my heart; she had already captured my cock. The show was fabulous and we caught a cab over to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I know John, the maitre de, very well after having taken a number of customers there over the last couple of months and he wisely ushered us to a very nice table where she would be seen by every other customer in the place. I would have liked more privacy but I certainly understood his motive. Without any exaggeration, every eye in the place was on Jana. She was absolutely stunning and I couldn't have been prouder.

Shortly after being seated John presented us with a bottle of my favorite Merlot without even sending the sommelier to the table. He is normally a most gracious and elegant host but if I wasn't mistaken, he was particularly nice tonight. I smiled and winked at him and he broke into a huge smile. The SOB couldn't keep his eyes off Jana.

"Jana, as you now know this weekend wasn't anything like I had planned. I had aisle tickets for two shows and reservations at another of NY's finest restaurants and we didn't take advantage of much of it. I am not complaining but I feel guilty that it wasn't the weekend I promised you."

"Bill, I also want to get serious for a little while. First, I have had a crush on you for a long time. I knew something about sex but not very much and I was wondering who could teach me what I wanted to know and you were at top of the list. You did a magnificent job but now you need to know I truly meant something I said during one of our sex sessions. I think I am falling in love with you, I know that my pussy is."

I had just taken a sip of the wine and almost choked on it with laughter. It was clear to me that it was the booze or one of her orgasms that were talking when she said that.

"Jana, I am almost 14 years older than you and you will have many guys closer to your own age falling all over you. Not just to get you into bed but to share a life with."

"Bill, I want to share my life with you and to prove it to you, if you will remember you didn't use a condom the last time. I knew it but I didn't remind you and I hope I am pregnant."

Good Lord, this gal is serious.

"Jana, I am not sure whether or not you really have thought this out. We have had a great time this weekend but I don't think either of us has thought about much beyond our next orgasm. She said just a touch of a tease, "Speaking of which, isn't it about time for another one?"

I absolutely roared and she tilted her head very seductively and gave me a very coy little smile. My roar had every eye in the place turning to us with every other guy green with envy. Once again my chest was out a mile with pride.

We finished our wine had an after dinner drink before heading back to the hotel.

We were back in bed around midnight and just lay there for some time talking, hugging and kissing until our lips were sore.

We awoke early on our last day in the City and once again spent a lot of time just fondling each other and talking about all we had seen and done.

I broke off and called room service for some coffee and croissants.

Our hands were roaming with deep familiarity over each other's bodies as we chatted. It didn't seem as if we were trying to sexually arouse the other, it was just something that seemed like the right thing to do as we were talking.

BUT...she knew exactly how to get a little moisture on one of her fingers and rub the head of my cock until I was climbing the walls for action and I figured out what to do with her clit to get her equally as aroused. That morning was no exception. We were each in great form and had each other so aroused we were ready for anything.

I thought for our final bit of lovemaking in NYC we should do it the way she appeared to enjoy the most; me on my back with her riding my cock.

I laid back and she climbed on top of it and lowered herself down in one fast thrust. I thought I was going to split her open but she only grimaced a little bit and then started her great pumping motion. I was grabbing her hips with my hands and lifting her higher every time she rose and once again letting her weight carry her down on my shaft.

Her eyes were soon blazing with excitement when I felt that stirring in my balls. I lifted her very high until my cock was almost out of her then I used my hands to slam her down to my base. I came almost immediately. God, she was hot. I looked up at her and she was just smiling.

"That was terrific wasn't it?" she said.

"It sure was. You drained me completely."

"I'm glad cause once again you weren't wearing one of those rubber contraptions." she replied with a superior type of smile all over her face. Her gorgeous blue eyes were flashing and a huge smile lit up her face.

"Oh shit."

Well, we kissed and fondled the rest of the morning after having room service carry up our breakfast they had wisely left outside our door on a serving cart when they didn't get an immediate response to their knock.

We then enjoyed our last shower of the weekend together.

We left the hotel around noon for the drive to her home.

It was an easy ride back to her home and her mother was there to greet us. Jana started to come up with a wild tale of all we had seen and the great shows we had seen and restaurants we had enjoyed and her mother just rolled her eyes.

Her mom roared, "STOP the bullshit. Let me tell you what you did over this weekend. Bill took you to a great hotel and you guys spent the entire weekend fucking and sucking with perhaps a little sightseeing and dining thrown in. Is that pretty much it?"

Jana almost died. I looked at my sister-in-law and nodded yes.

Jana then said, "Mom, I have had eyes for Bill for years and I wanted him to take my cherry and teach me about sex which he did. I told him I think I am in love with him, which I am and hope he and I can go on to bigger and better things. He didn't use a condom the last few times we had sex so maybe I am pregnant but even if I'm not I would still love to marry him." Mom then gave her a few words of wisdom:

"Jana, I guess all of that is fine but don't let him put his cock up your ass. If he is built anything like his brother, it will split you open- - I know."

I almost died laughing, as did my sister-in-law.

"Jana, let's go for a beer at the pub on the corner and have another heart to heart."

"Oh shit," she replied. "Now you are going to get serious too, aren't you?"

We walked to the bar and sat at the back of the place. It was too early for a crowd so we had the place to ourselves.

"Jana, I care for you more than I ever dreamed I would but honey just because we almost fucked our eyes out over the last several days doesn't mean we are ready for marriage."

She started a little whimper and I stopped her right there.

"Enough of that shit. No play-acting trying to get my sympathy. Look, you are ready for college. Why don't we continue to see each other while you are going for your degree and see how things work out over the next four years?"

She smirked and nodded her agreement with a sort of devilish look in her eyes.

I didn't find out until a week or so later that a few months before our weekend together she had applied and was accepted at New York University where she will major in Computer Science. NYU is but a short subway ride from my apartment and guess where she is planning to live? You got it, in with me.

Well, she is one fine looking intelligent gal and I could do one hell-of-a-lot worse than having her share my bed and apartment. I am just hoping she isn't counting on trading studying time for sack time. I am not sure I could take it. We'll see but I know I will be a lot more careful with the condom situation.


If you enjoyed this story we both have my Volunteer Editor 'BlueEyed5ft Angel' to thank. If you didn't, the fault is mine.



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