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Sex With A Retarded Girl


It had been some time since Karma and I adopted the retarded Girl Elaine from my sister and introduced her to sex. She had the body of a woman and the mind of a five year old and was eager to please us no matter what we ask. I had fallen in love with the child like girl and so had my wife.

Our favorite time to have sex with her was in the morning when she had to pee. Karma taught her to squat over my face and pee in my mouth. Then we would both have wild sex with her and we took pleasure that she enjoyed it so much.

I was fixed and I could not have children. My wife said that maybe we could find someone to make Elaine pregnant. Perhaps introduce her to our 'swinging club.' I told her that if my sister found out we had taken Elaine to a 'swinging club' and Elaine got pregnant there would be hell to pay. Karma laughed and said that we would tell my sister that some one had broken into our house and robbed us and raped Elaine.

I thought about this for a long time and made my decision. I called my wife and Elaine into the living room. Karma was evidently interrupted from playing with Elaine's body. She and Elaine were naked and had the glow of arousal about them.

"What do you want?" Karma said gruffly.

"We are going to take Elaine to our 'swinging club.' I said.

"Do you want to go to a party Elaine?" My wife said.

"Will they have cake?" Elaine said sweetly.

"Maybe I will shove some cake up your pussy and we can all eat it." Said Karma laughing.

"Oh, I like to have my cunny licked." Elaine giggled

It was settled then and we checked Elaine for the time of the month that she would be most receptive to pregnancy. We called our friends and told them that we were holding a 'swinging party' at our house.


The door bell rang and the 'club' streamed in with bottles of booze and beer. Some woman produced baggies of marijuana and said.

"We are going to have a great time." She said.

I stood beside Elaine and smiled.

"Why don't you kiss my daughter first."

Then I undressed her with the help of my wife. They lined up men and women and kissed Elaine deeply feeling her breasts and her blond haired pussy.

Elaine was happy with the attention and kissed them back. Her pussy was getting wet and she was excited. People started to drink and smoke weed. They shed their clothes and left them in untidy piles on the floor.

Women sucked men's dicks and men fucked the women. The sex party was started and Elaine looked at them wide eyed and fascinated.

"Before you loose your nuts into a pussy I want you to make my daughter pregnant." I said to the men.

We took Elaine to the bedroom and every one followed

The men stared at me as if they were dumb. The women said.

"Yes, make her pregnant." They shouted.

Karma laid Elaine on the bed holding Elaine's legs high.

"Come and get it." She said'

Man after man mounted Elaine and fucked her cunny hole. Elaine had climax after climax and was moaning and wiggling with glee. Her pussy hole seeped cum juice and it puddled on the sheets.

A black man called Charly who was a doctor rammed his big dick into my adopted daughters slimy hole. He fucked for a long time then grunted and strained and shot his cum into Elaine. He pulled it out and Elaine licked it clean. It was hard again so the doctor slid it back in her pussy and fucked her some more. I would be happy if Elaine had a little black baby boy or girl.

I jacked off my peter thinking about that birth and shot my load off on the pretty red headed girl I was feeling up.

"WOW" She said.

"It is all over me." as she played with my jizz and put it into her mouth. I laid the pretty red head on the floor and my dick was hard again. I plunged my hard on deep into her pussy and fucked her like a mad man. Her husband watched us fuck jacking off his huge dick and shot his sperm on my back.

I kissed the red head and thanked her for the great sex that we just had. She squirmed and kissed me back and cooed.

"I love to fuck and I think what you and your wife are doing for your daughter is wonderful." She said.

Karma was still holding her adopted daughters legs up high watching her getting fucked. The marijuana smoke permeated the room and hung in a haze. Karma had drank too much beer and her bladder was full.

Suddenly she peed all over Elaine and the Doctor. The black man fucked her harder and shot his juice into Elaine's hole again. Elaine gasp as her mothers piss hit her nude body.

"MOMMY." She exclaimed.

"Pee pee on me some more." She said in a excited state of sexual lust.

The black man who was a doctor smiled up at my wife and said.

"Drown us with that sweet piss."

He took his large limp black dick out of Elaine after emptying his potent sperm in her pussy and pissed all over my daughter spraying pee into her mouth and over her tits. The doctor then collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Elaine gasp and said.

"Oh MY GOD, I love parties." She giggled.

"Now it is my turn." She said and squatted down on the Negro doctors face. She peed into his mouth and squirmed her ass while she was doing it.

The men and women applauded and Elaine was proud of her performance. This started the ORGY of sex anew and every one fucked every body with a frenzy of lust. Elaine was fucked over and over again until her pussy swam with white cum. Then The doctor mounted Elaine again and fucked like he was in a marathon

Finally the men were fucked out and the women came to my adopted daughter and ate her pussy. They tenderly kissed her lips sharing the men's cum that they had sucked from her cunt and told her that they hoped she would get pregnant.

The crowd dwindled and every one got dressed and left and thanked us for a great party.

"Will the baby come out of my cunny hole?" Said Elaine with concern.

"Yes it will honey, and it might be painful, but you will love the baby." Karma said.

"I used to play with my dollies and pretend they were my babies." Elaine said sweetly.

MY wife kissed Elaine pushing her tongue into her daughters sweet mouth.

"I love you so much sweetheart."

"Let's get some sleep now."

We all three slept together while Elaine sucked Karma's breast taking her large nipple deep into her mouth while she was asleep.

Elaine indeed was pregnant and doctor Charly delivered the baby at our home. It was a little brown boy. The doctor was proud to have a son. His sperm out of all the cocktail of sperms had made this baby. He came to visit Elaine often and some times in the early morning before he had to go to work. HE WAS IN LOVE.

Elaine took delight in squatting on his face and filling his mouth with warm pee and pushing her milk filled breasts into his mouth while we watched him suck them.

Then he would ram his black dick in Elaine's willing pussy and fuck her until they both exploded in climax. When he finished fucking he always went to his office a happy man.

We ask doctor Charley if he would like to live in our house with Elaine and the baby. He jumped at he chance and thanked us. He ask Elaine if she would marry him and she said yes.

We all lived together and fucked each other and sucked milk from Elaine's huge breasts that were always ready to be relieved.

I decided that I would never tell my sister anything about anything. We all had a wonderful life together.


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