tagErotic PoetrySex With A Twist

Sex With A Twist


Coming home from college
the end my freshman year
not one to shirk
I went to work
my duties seemingly clear.

Mother's friend, Mrs Jones
hired me sight unseen
pay was great
and hourly rate
quite rare for any teen.

Mrs Jones, a pretty thing
a woman of some charm
rounded breast
and all the rest
appeared quite hip and warm.

Trying for a month or so
to fight a sexual guilt
I'm sure to blame
the knife of shame
for piercing me to its hilt.

Some time, I know not when
Ms Jones began to see
my lusty leer
when she was near
was she now teasing me!

Suddenly, her change of dress
suggested that she knew
I was hurting
from her flirting
tits and thighs in view.

One night while stocking shelves
her hand upon my arm
being alone
the sexual zone
was raising to a warm.

Becoming quie submissive
I allowed her lick my ear
knees were weak
my pussy leaked
my mind was filled with fear.

I could hear her whisper
"you're such a little whore
my tongue will lash
your swollen gash
until you beg for more."

Allowing her to have her way
the tone of sex was set
spreading thighs
obscene sighs
my panties cumming wet.

Standing up, barely erect
her kneeling t'ween my legs
she found my clit
my cherry pit
sucking till I begged.

She was mewing "Oh so sweet"
the cum from out of me
at least a cup
her licking up
I fearing I would pee.

When it finally over
falling to the floor
I lay weeping
pussy seeping
ashamed I wanted more.

Given no time to think
something truly hot
upon my face
adhered in place
her sticky, gooey twat.

Oh god, I relished the scent
her swollen sweaty mound
licking in haste
the pungent taste
of womanhood I found.

Suddenly she was screaming
"I own you little bitch"
like a dream
I ate her cream
up to her final twitch.

Lying there sweaty and hot
full of guilt and shame
she said to me
"now you'll see
your mother is to blame."

"How dare you blame my mother
you're being quite untrue"
"No," she said
"in her bed
is where I learned of you."

I quickly jumped up to my feet
running, out of wind
thru my eyes
I see the lies
She's not my mother's friend!!

As I walked into the house
my mind was in a whirl
didn't Aunt Fay
used to say
"You're mommy's little girl."

But that was with affection
my mind convinced my brain
mom couldn't be
a slut like me
this is all insane.

Walking up to her room
thru the dimming light
legs wide spread
lying on her bed
what an alluring sight.

"Come to mother, little slut"
she beckoned with her hand
"We're going to fuck
with any luck
you'll never need a man.

Rest of summer quite a blur
they used me at their pleasure
no wonder why
my sexual high
I've truly come to treasure.

Now that I'm back in school
my roommate will be first
she's so shy
but bi and bi
she'll quench my lingering thirst.

Next will be professor Smith
she may be hard to tame
but when I mash
my messy gash
her mouth will scream with shame.

Causing shame with pleasure
weds the two with lies
so intense
and so immense
you never reach the prize.

But that's the purest pleasure
seduce a moral dry
on its face
it seems debase
for sex, the ultimate high.

author, little miss blair
© copyright 2001

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