Sexual Diversions



"Yes, absolutely."


"Well practically every consultant psychiatrist regularly gets accused of unprofessional conduct." Mike paused before adding. "With women, I'm sure you understand, Sammi."

"Oh I see," Sammi replied, half hoping that he would get up to some unprofessional conduct with her.

"I will apprise you of each case before we start and any history there is of making such allegations, you see many of these ultra rich women have been under treatment by other psychiatrists for years."

"Right," Sammi offered, not knowing quite what right meant in the context she had just used it.

"Let me just explain how I like to work. OK?"

"Of course."

"Each morning we will have a meeting and review the day's cases, perhaps over coffee and a croissant, or whatever, we have full kitchen facilities here. And by the way you can have whatever meals you want, a perk of the job, I often eat dinner here and if you wish you can join me for I like to run through the day before we finish. Is that ok?"

"Yes of course it is."

Mike smiled at her, making her knees feel wobbly and her tits go hot.

"Emma did advise you of the hours didn't she?"

"She said they would usually be long."

"They will be, most days twelve hours, eight to eight, but only four days usually."

"That's ok I don't live far from here. I could almost walk it."

"Well if you are into power-walking or running you can always shower here," he said pointing to a door in one wall.

"I'll bear that in mind," Sammi said, thinking that she might just do that and "inadvertently" forget to lock the door.

"So that's about it for now, ready to start?" he asked, easing himself up from the desk and standing over Sammi.

"Why, of course Doctor, I'm looking forward to getting started," she replied, also standing and affording Mike another great view of her tits down the front of the tunic, which gaped as she leaned forward. "Who is our first patient?" She asked, aware of what she was flashing and that he was looking.


"Her name is Ms Eleanor Richards, but she prefers to be known as Ellie, at least to me but she may prefer you to address her as Ms or Missus Richards, we'll see. This is her third session and in the first one we covered her sexual history. It's all contained here in her files, and I would like you to familiarise yourself with them before she arrives at nine, Mike said, handing Sammi the file. Sammi took her leave, grabbed a coffee from the impressive looking Italian Espresso machine and found a comfortable chair in the nurse's staff room and began to read.

She read that Ellie was 39 and married to a stockbroker, 'hence how she can afford an expensive clinic like this" Sammi thought. She had no children and seemingly wasn't interested but she was concerned at her waning sex life. She had begun socialising with a new crowd recently and a couple of the women had opened her eyes to a sexual world that was entirely new to her, a world that involved 'free' relationships, illicit affairs, bisexual behaviour and even group sex. Not wishing to seem a prude, Ellie had gone along with the chat with these women, feigning privacy when she was asked to contribute her own lurid tales.

But it seemed that the coffee mornings were having an effect on Ellie. Since she wasn't blessed with a husband with a high sex drive and that she had married as a virgin, she was finding out that she really had missed out on the sexual front. After confiding in a close friend she had been referred to Doctor Stevens and had nervously approached her first session.

Before Sammi could read on, Cal poked his head into the room, "Can I get you anything Sugar?"

Sugar, thought Sammi, bloody cheek.

"No thanks, Cal, I'm fine" she said, smiling back at him, quite enjoying his easy flirting way. He lingered for a moment taking in Sammi's crossed legs where he swore he could see the top of a stocking.

'God, I could do a lot for that girl' he thought, and left the room with an image of himself on his knees in front of Sammi, as he massaged her feet and heels before bringing his hands higher up under her dress to discover if she really was wearing stockings.

Strangely, Sammi was having similar thoughts, imagining Call naked at her feet, while she remained dressed, as he worked his hands and athletic body up her legs toward her dripping pussy. She imagined this happening as Mike appeared at the door, pausing momentarily to slip into the room and watching as the scene unfolded before him.

And imagination, she read, was the issue for Ellie Richards. Not the lack of it, but how to control it, since she was finding herself day dreaming of all manner of wild sexual experiences, and this had led her to becoming aroused at the slightest suggestion of sex. She had started looking at other men, and, shockingly to her, other women too. Her weekly visit to the tennis club had her almost foaming at the mouth to get her hands lips and pussy around the bare naked and tanned limbs and torsos of, particularly the young tennis players. She had feigned an injury just so that she could get out of her doubles match. She and her partner Thierri had been losing badly, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off Thierry's hot butt as he moved about the court. All she could think about was having her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands grabbing the cute butt as he thrust his long hard cock into her. If that wasn't bad enough, she was faced over the net by Thierry's gorgeous, blonde girlfriend, and her tennis coach, Phil, an older but very sexy hunk. She was imagining all four of them in bed together, and after the first set was feeling very weak at the knees and if nothing else had to get off the court to change her sopping wet pants.

The detail of the report had engaged Sammi's attention in a way like no other, and she was beginning to conjure up similar images, and finding herself getting quite flushed, imagining this approaching middle aged, respectable woman, becoming a limp rag of desire. She was looking forward to observing how Mike handled the situation.

At that moment, Cal appeared at the door and told her that she was needed in Mister Steven's office. As she went through the door that Cal held open for her, he used it as an excuse to squeeze up

against the nurse as she brushed passed. This didn't go unnoticed by Sammi who chose that moment to brush her hip over the front of Cal's bulging chinos. Cal was already hard, but then he seemed to spend most of the day like it, and returned to his desk thinking how good Sammi would look bent over it,

Sammi knocked on the consulting room door and entered. She wasn't prepared for what greeted her for Mike was embracing Ms Richards. As she walked in they released each other. She felt she had interrupted something but wasn't sure, at least until she glanced at the front of the psychiatrist's stylishly, quite tight suit trousers and saw an impressive bulge.

"Bloody hell" she thought, "It's barely nine in the morning and already I have had wild thoughts about two work colleagues, got a soaking wet gusset from reading a case history and am in a room with a consultant and a possible nymphomaniac, what will I be like by the end of the day?

"Ms Richards, please meet Nurse Cannock, Sammi, our newest recruit, and a specialist in the

sort of behavioural issues we will be exploring." Mike continued. "Sammi will be with us for the session and will be helping me understand a bit more about the sorts of fantasies you are having, and how we might explore and control them, but still retain the pleasure, and of course, your marriage" Mike said smiling.

Sammi and Ellie were looking at each other. It was almost as if they were rivals and were sizing each other up, which maybe in some ways they were. Ellie, at nearly forty, could have passed easily for thirty five and, at a push, for thirty. She was slim and tanned; her hair being dyed in the fashionable nearly ginger colour, her skin the equally fashionable, though rather absurd, nearly orange tone. Her hair was cut in a bob, her neck being shaved, a long wave almost permanently it seemed falling over her forehead. She walked like a cat, gently and with the swaying hips that comes with someone who is sexually confident.

Shaking himself from his thoughts "Shall we begin?"

"Why yes Doctor, where do you want me"


Sammi's mind was reeling. But then it had been ever since the initial interview with Emma at La Crème. Everything about this new world of upscale healthcare that she had moved into surprised and confused her. That so far, it also excited and, she had to admit, aroused her, just made her mind reel even more.

Emma's rather blatant come on at the interview had started it. She had clearly indicated to Sammi that more than a job interview was on offer, if Sammi wished. Had it not been an assessment Sammi might well have accepted that offer. Her concern at getting the job outweighed her sexual temptations, however, so she had most definitely tempered her obvious response to the older woman; her less obvious ones, nevertheless roared away unseen.

The outfit was the next element in her reeling. It was so overtly erotic that looking at herself in the mirror almost made her cum and had twice coaxed her into masturbating. Cal, his reaction to her, the opulence of the clinic, and the sophisticated sexual approach of the attractive doctor all made her mind reel more and more and more.

Seeing Mike and the first patient embracing, Ellie Richard's easy approach, her beauty and earthy sexiness all confused, worried, surprised and amazed the young blonde nurse.

Mike Stevens was one of the most successful emotional and sexual neuroses treatment psychiatrists in London. Well he thought he was. His employers at the clinic knew he was, but would not acknowledge that to him. They insisted that he needed more experience and used this as a reason to restrict his salary that they had pegged at a very respectable, but nevertheless, well under top consultant market rate, of £200,000 per annum.

They also insisted that he broaden his scope of work and thus required him to treat patients with all manner of psychiatric problems and not just those that especially interested him. That was why, unbeknown to his employers, he was doing two things.

Seeing patients that they knew nothing about, such as Elizabeth Richards, and establishing his own clinic that would specialise in sexually dysfunctional men and women. He had already bought a fairly isolated house in the country near Windsor that was currently being refurbished and turned into a residential clinic of the highest order and luxury. But then the clients, for whom he had just started advertising, would expect nothing less than that for they would be paying around a £1000 a day just to be in the clinic plus the enormous fees Mike and his hand picked staff were planning to charge for the treatment.

With the projections that he and his financial backers, a group of Middle Eastern and German entrepreneurs, were showing of a million pounds profit in year two, Mike could smile wryly at his paltry monthly pay cheque from his current employers.

It was through the Saudi Arabian financial backers, who he had been introduced to by a US investment bank, that he had met Emma. The group owned a number of hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities in the Mid East, the UK and the US and used Emma as a consultant for the provision of nurses throughout their empire. That introduction had led to Emma fonding Sammi and placing her with Mike's current clinic on a six month contract.

If Sammi's mind had been reeling before the surgery began, the first patient and her reaction to the nurse positively made it boggle.

Missus Richards was very attractive. She had big, starey eyes, which to Sammi's trained mind hinted at a touch of a thyroid problem, but which also meant they seemed to be mentally undressing her. She had gleaming, probably veneered teeth, and a dazzling smile that she beamed at Sammi. When they shook hands, she held her hand just that tad too long. Just that length of time that said more than hello and just that few moments that some might not notice, but to those with experience of other women recognised as a sign. And Sammi recognised that sign as most twenty something, good looking blondes would.

"Right let's begin" Mike said breezily, looking even sexier Sammi thought in his white doctor's jacket.

The hour long session was taken up by the patient lying on the couch with an eye mask on, answering questions posed from Mike, as Sammi took notes, although everything was being recorded. They were questions that gradually took Ellie further and further back in her life. Sammi knew from her studying that this was the classic psychoanalysis technique pioneered by Freud. It was intended to free the patient from all the conditioning and social PR that jaundiced their real and deepest feelings desires and emotions. By so doing, they would be taken back to what it was in the earlier life that was causing their current problems. To get back to that root, though was a complicated process and required the patient talking about many of her later sexual experiences, it was a little bit like peeling an emotional onion!

Sammi's job was to make notes, to act as a chaperone and to administer the light, mind freeing drugs that psychiatrists sometimes used. As it happened none were used in the first consultation. But then that wasn't surprising for Mrs Richards spoke so easily.

Hardly had she lain on the electrically operated couch that Mike lowered and then lifted up nearly to his waist level, than she started and really never stopped. She was wearing what Sammi knew was an enormously expensive light beige summer suit, the skirt of which rode some six inches or so above her knees showing her slender, tanned thighs and just a slither of the lace of a petticoat, something g Sammi hadn't seen since she lived at home and saw her mum in one years ago. Lying down the top gaped a bit so Mike, particularly, but also the nurse, could see the swell of her pert, firm breasts.

It transpired that in previous session Mike had taken Ellie back to her early twenties when she was about to be married. She was a virgin. She had led a very protected life, having a dominating, severe, fun hating father and not being allowed hardly any freedom until she was engaged to the solid, respectable, rich, well-connected and absolutely fucking boring ex public schoolboy, stockbroker.

She explained how her wedding night was near rape, but as her husband was so drunk he had no recall of that so the second night he did rape her. She went on to relate how it was only a few weeks into the marriage when he started staying out later and later and only a few months after that when she found out that he was bi and that he had a number of boy friends, who, he informed her, he had absolutely no intention of giving up.

"Take it or leave," had been his clear message.

The rest of Sammi's day passed quickly. They saw a couple more "private" patients with similar deep-rooted problems as Missus Richards, but most of those others were not concerned with sexual behaviour, although the reason for their problems often did, as Mike showed quite clearly with his clever, probing but gentle questioning.

The patient roster completed Sammi completed her notes in the nurse's room and returned to Mike's office to file them.

"Let's just run through them please Sammi."

"Why?" She replied a little annoyed that it seemed he didn't trust her

"Well I like to make sure they cover everything and that they are in the form I like them."

"Ok" she said standing in front of his desk and placing the folders in front of him.

"Let's sit over there and run through them together," he said pointing to the seating area with the two sofas.

Sammi sat on the low seated sofa where he had pointed. Mike sat beside her, their knees almost touching. He had removed his jacket, loosened his tie and undone the top button on his pale blue shirt. He looked good a little rumpled and more casual.

"The day is done, the patients have all gone, most of the staff, even lippy Cal have buggered off, so how about we have a drink to relax." Mike suggested.

"Thanks, yes, that would be nice," Sammi replied, quite amazed that such a thing would happen in a hospital.

"White wine or beer?" He asked opening a fridge. "I'm afraid we aren't very well stocked, perhaps a chore I could persuade you to look after," he went on staring deep into her eyes and taking the opportunity to ogle her legs where the hem of the tunic had zoomed up as she sat down.

"That's ok doctor, white wine please."

"Mike please, we're almost off duty now and there are no patients about," he said smiling.

"Ok, er Mike," Sammi replied, feeling pleased with the informality.

He sat next to her. He picked up the notes and they both looked at them. For half and hour or so, during which time he topped up their glasses, they went through the notes. He only had a few comments to make by way of changes.

They really were well done, he acknowledged. Brains and beauty, he said to himself his knee touching his young nurse.

"Well Sammi," he said leaning back and spreading his arms along the back of the sofa. "That really is excellent, there'll be no need for me to check them in future, you really have picked things up awfully well."

Sammi was pleased with the praise; it made her feel good to have him compliment her. The feel on her knee had also made her feel good and she was disappointed when he had moved away, as he clearly had to.

Though he had a long-term partner, Mike was a great appreciator of beauty and sex appeal in other women. He simply revelled in looking at them and chatting to them, but recently he had not been seriously unfaithful and had always vowed never to mix business with pleasure; don't crap on your own doorstep or dip your pen in company ink were sentiments he agreed with.

He was often slightly attracted to younger women, either at work or in other social situations, but other than perhaps a dance or a few quick kisses he didn't follow them up. He often wondered whether that was due to self-control or the attraction not being strong enough.

As he sat alongside his new nurse, their hips touching, his arm along the back of the sofa just inches from her golden, blonde hair that she had tied up onto a tight bob and which he was dying to unravel, he was staring at her. At the clear outline of her bra strap through the thin tunic, at the length of her white, nylon covered legs poking out from the hem of the coat, at the flatness of her stomach and the swell of her breasts. It was all he could do to stop himself putting his hand onto her shoulder. He knew then that if it was the attraction not being enough that was reason he hadn't gone further with other women. That would most certainly not be the situation with his dangerous new assistant, he smiled.


Sammi was not particularly promiscuous, but like many of her generation she did not see sex as being something that should be restricted or reserved for 'the man in your life.' Her view was that it was something to be enjoyed. She'd had quite a few partners with the relationships varying in length from a few hours with the two or three one night, or in one instance in Spain afternoon, stands, to, when she was at nursing college after uni, a year long near engagement situation. At present she was not on the look out for a potential husband, she had all her life ahead of her for that. She took life pretty much as it came at her and sex was included in that. If she was with a guy, they fancied each other and the opportunity and location were on, she was generally up for it and thus, they generally fucked.

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