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We're at a party and don't know each other yet. I spot you from across the room. You're wearing a really sexy dress which shows lots of cleavage and I can see that you have nice, round, perky breasts. This turns me on. You must have sensed that I've been staring at you because you look over at me and smile.

As the night progresses, I make my way around the room in your direction. I have to be discreet so that no one knows that I have the hots for you. Finally, we meet. You introduce yourself to me and ask if I'd like to come back to your place for a nightcap. I try not to appear too eager as I agree.

We say our goodnights to the host and make a hasty exit. Neither one of us has driven, so we hail a cab to your house. Once inside the cab, my hand accidentally brushes your thigh. Instantly I'm wet and can't wait for what lies ahead. The cab ride seems to take forever!

We finally arrive at your house. You lead me inside and offer me a drink. Even though I've had a few too many, I agree. We slip off our shoes and make ourselves at home at opposite ends of your couch. As I sip my drink, you tell me about yourself, about the line of work that you're in. By the time I've finished my drink, I am so horny that I want to take you right then and there. You must sense this because you excuse yourself for a few minutes and then invite me into your bedroom.

You've lit some candles and have some music playing in the background. The look in your eyes tells me that you want me as much as I want you. You ask if I would like to dance (at this point, any contact with your body would be welcome) so I eagerly agree.

We dance far apart at first but then as we get used to each other, our bodies feel as if they've become one. I gingerly slide a hand down to feel your ass. Your ass is very firm and I can tell that you must work out. You don't seem to mind that I've felt your ass as you gently nibble my neck. This drives me insane!! When our lips meet, it's all I can do to stay on my feet. You are such a hot woman! Your lips are so soft. You gently probe my mouth with your tongue. We french kiss for a couple of minutes and then you direct me towards your bed.

We fall onto your bed with you on top. I love the feel of your body on mine. We waste no time in getting down to business. I have your dress off in no time flat. You're wearing a red lacy bra that I quickly remove. Your nipples get hard as I lick, suck and fondle them. You remove my dress as well and nibble my very large nipples attached to my very large breasts.

At this point, I can wait no longer. I flip you over and remove your sexy underwear. Your panties are drenched so I know that you must be very wet -probably as wet as I am. I test the waters by inserting a finger into your hot pussy. I'm right, you are very, very wet. You moan as I slowly insert a second and third finger. You beg me to touch your clit. I tease you for a while but then decide to comply as I want to taste you as much as you want me to taste you.

I touch your clit with the tip of my tongue and this sends you into spasms of ecstasy. I stop for a minute but you beg for more. I quickly go back to your clit and lick you with long, slow strokes while simultaneously keeping two or three fingers in you and moving them in and out in a fucking motion. I can tell that you're getting close to climaxing by the movement of your hips. You're thrusting pretty fast now and I'm thrusting my fingers and tongue right back at you. Too quickly it seems, you let out a shuddering cry and I know that you've reached your peak. I continue to lap at your clit until you beg me to stop.

We are both so exhausted by this point that we fall into a lazy, peaceful sleep.

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