Sexy Taxi


I was in a hurry.

Of course, I'm always in a hurry. I didn't get where I am on the corporate ladder by taking my time.

So when I landed at Heathrow that fateful evening, I was in my usual rush. It took forever for the passengers to get off that plane, and then there was passport control. I was stupid enough to check baggage, but with all the important meetings I'd have to attend that week, I needed a lot more clothing than a carry-on could handle.

Fortunately, the Customs officials didn't slow me down, but by the time I got out to curbside to hail a cab, the line was a mile long. Why hadn't I arranged for a car ahead of time?

As I looked at the horde of people and the confusion of ubiquitous black London taxis, I must have let out a groan.

"Care to share my minicab?"

I was startled by the tall man suddenly invading my personal space. I looked up into a pair of brilliant green eyes set in a refined and patrician, but undoubtedly masculine, face. A shock of brown hair fell over his forehead as he peered down at me. He was dressed in a dark business suit, his tie loosened at his throat and top shirt button undone. Tall, dark and most decidedly handsome ...

You can invade my personal space anytime, immediately crossed my mind.

Flushing at my own thoughts, I quickly looked away from him, out toward the milling taxi cabs.

"Maybe I can get my own minicab--"

"They're private hire and have to be prebooked," he replied in a crisp British accent. "Look, it's obvious that you're in a rush. This queue will take an eternity." He opened the minicab's back door and looked at me imploringly. "Come on, then."

It was the slight, crooked smile that reeled me in.

"Oh, all right," my tone was faintly reluctant as I stepped into the cab. "Thank you."

I slid to the far side of the seat, giving him plenty of room to get in behind me. I noticed that he slid just a little farther along the seat than he needed to. This guy definitely has a problem with personal space, I mused.

After we each gave the driver our destinations, we sat back and relaxed. Tall-dark-and-handsome turned slightly toward me and laid one arm along the top of the seat between us. He was close, but not too close.

"So what brings you to jolly old England?" he asked, obviously exaggerating the hoity-toity accent.

"Bidness," I replied in a ridiculous American twang.

His laugh was loud but genuine. I must have taken him a bit by surprise.

"Ah, yes," he was still smiling. "American business. Quite serious."

"So you're telling me that British business isn't serious?"

"Oh, it is," he conceded. "It's just that American business is so ... intense."

"Maybe it's because Americans are so intense," I replied, looking him straight in the eyes.

There was a quality to this elegant, handsome man that was stirring something deep inside of me. Maybe it was his sultry green eyes. Maybe it was his deep, low voice rumbling that impossibly sexy accent. Maybe he was just giving off pheromones that I was picking up on.

"We Brits can be quite intense as well," he replied, looking back at me straight in the eyes. "We're not all gormless prats eating our Marmite soldiers."

"Excuse me?"

"I thought you spoke English," he teased.

"Oh, is that what you call it?"

"Don't mind me. I'm just taking the mickey."

"Speak English. Mutual English, that is," I urged in a mockingly serious voice, "Or word to your mother, I'll wig out and go all Lorena Bobbit on you."

He burst out laughing again.

"I don't quite know what you just said," he exclaimed, "but it couldn't have been very polite."

Then he edged closer to me.

"I believe this is mutual English," he spoke smoothly as he leaned forward.

"I don't think--"

My mild protest was smothered in his kiss. His mouth was warm and delicately scented, and it fully covered my mouth as he slid his soft lips over mine.

As he finally pulled away, my lips irresistibly followed his, wanting more. I was a little breathless and my eyes were slightly out of focus. When they focused, I saw a slight smile flicker across his face before he dove in for more.

This time, our bodies melted into each other as we passionately kissed, and our hands began roaming. They first roamed through each other's hair, stroking and lightly pulling, then our hands moved down faces to throats.

Before I realized it, I had hiked a leg over one of his, and I was sensually moving my hips against him as we made out. His hands had moved from my neck down the sides of my body to my legs. They slowly stroked my long legs down to my high heels, which he deftly removed and dropped to the floor of the cab.

His long, slender fingers now moved upwards again, along my outer thigh toward the hem of my skirt. I had taken off my panty hose during the flight and had never put them back on. His hand felt warm and smooth as it moved along my naked skin.

As his hand began to move up underneath the hem of my skirt, I felt the first real flush of warmth to my pussy. His moves were really arousing me now.

Needless to say, I didn't protest when he hiked my skirt up and began running his hands over my ass. His hands slowly moved along my curves, stroking and lightly squeezing my shapely ass.

Then his hands were on the move again. I gasped when he first brushed his fingers along the thin – and now very wet – veneer of panties at my pussy.

His smooth, deep voice was now murmuring in my ear.

"Do you know what 'shagging' means?"

"I am familiar with that expression," I murmured back.

"Why don't I introduce it to you properly?"

"Your place or mine?" I gasped again as his hands again found my thinly clad pussy.

"I don't want to wait that long," he murmured, hooking his fingers in my panties' elastic band and starting to pull them down.

I was astounded.

"Right here in the cab?"

"You don't mind a bit of a shag, do you?" he called over his shoulder to the driver. "Just keep driving?"

"Yes, Sir!" the driver responded enthusiastically. I looked over at the driver and met his eyes as he adjusted his rearview mirror. It was now fully trained on the backseat.

A beat hadn't been missed in the backseat. My soaked panties were effectively stripped from me, and I was completely naked under my skirt.

But the focus of activity suddenly shifted.

As he continued kissing me deeply, I could feel him move his hands to the front of my blouse, where he made quick work of the buttons. Still smothered in his kisses, I felt him lightly move my blouse off my shoulders. It fell toward the seat behind me, and as I removed my arms from it, it dropped to the seat. Then his hands were at the middle of my back, where he expertly fingered my bra clasp, releasing it within seconds.

Now it was my bra dropping to the seat.

He released me from his deep kiss and moved back a bit so he could get a good look at my breasts. I was pleased to see those brilliant green eyes widen, and I'm sure I even heard a sharp intake of breath.

My double D beauties often got that kind of reaction. I took care to dress conservatively -- to downplay my huge chest as much as possible -- so I would be taken seriously at work. So when they were revealed for what they were, guys couldn't help but respond with various displays of delighted surprise.

Glancing up, I could see in the rearview mirror that the cab driver's eyes were also wide, as they fully took in my enormous naked tits. I hoped he wouldn't drive off the road.

After all, there was a lot to be seen. My breasts are natural, so instead of being perfectly round, they hang down to my elbows like large, rounded footballs. (American footballs, that is.) They're not saggy, mind you; they're quite firm and protrude outward from my body, regardless of their heftiness.

My nipples are also huge – more than a mouthful – and they adorn the tips of my breasts in soft, dark pink roundness. When I'm turned on, my nipples elongate, and I've been told they're the thickest and longest to be had.

Now he took me by one arm and turned me so that my back was to him. Then he pulled me back against him. My back was against his chest and my head at the meeting of his neck and shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to fondle my breasts.

His hands were warm and smooth as they moved all over my tits. He seemed to most enjoy placing his hands underneath my breasts and bouncing them up and down. There was a lot to bounce. I could hear his breathing getting heavier as he played with my boobs; his lips were right at my ear as he looked over my shoulder and down at his handiwork.

He bounced and jiggled my huge naked tits, and then would alternately stop and let them sway back and forth until they came to a stop. He then started to manipulate them, kneading them with his long slender fingers and cupping them.

When he started pulling at my nipples, I started to moan.

I couldn't help myself. It felt so good. To have those warm, smooth hands having their way with my heavy, naked tits, it was all I could take. With each pull and tug at my large sensitive nipples, with each smooth pass over them with his thumbs, I could feel an electrical current that ran straight from my tits to my pussy. I pressed my thighs together as firmly as I could, squeezing pleasure from my swollen pussy.

When he maneuvered my back to rest against the seat so he could lean down to take a huge nipple into his mouth, I actually cried out.

I could hear the driver chuckling, but I didn't care.

His mouth was so warm and so wet. His tongue flickered back and forth across my elongated, thick nipple, sending me into what I thought was ecstasy.

But then he began to suck. As he alternated suckling each tit, it felt like small orgasms were emanating from my nipples. My involuntary reaction was to arch my back to present my breasts more fully to him, at the same time throwing my head back and moaning louder.

But the most telling sign that I was turned on was that I was involuntarily spreading my legs. I wanted to be fucked – fucked hard – and I was showing it, loud and clear. He got the message.

His response was to finally strip me completely naked. I lifted my ass off the seat to help him as he tugged my skirt off.

It was so liberating to now be completely nude.

I was still arching my back, so my naked breasts were completely visible not only to the driver but also anyone out on the street who happened to look our way. I also couldn't help raising my hips off the seat in an aroused offering. With my legs spread as wide as possible, my shaved pussy was also visible to anyone on the street.

As we stopped at a traffic light, I opened my eyes to see several men gaping through the window, getting a good long look at my huge tits and rosy slit. Or, I should say, my huge tit. They couldn't see both of them, because my partner was latched on to one of my tits and sucking like there was no tomorrow. As he pulled and tongued and suckled my nipple, he ripped his tie off and, after I helped him unbutton it, he wrestled out of his white dress shirt.

He released my nipple from his mouth and kissed my neck passionately as he pressed his bare chest against me. His chest was lightly hairy and warm against my breasts, and we moved together as we kissed passionately.

As we moved against each other, I was able to work my hands down to his waist where I quickly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He lifted his hips to grant me full access so I could more easily unzip his pants and begin working them down.

Soon his pants and shorts were at his knees, and I was able to get a good look at him for the first time.

He was uncut.

I had been only with American men, so this was a bit of a surprise for me. A surprise, but a delightful one. I was always up for something new, and an uncut cock the size of his was something I was definitely up for.

He was obviously up for me, too. His cock had sprung free from his pants and all nine inches were bobbing before me, the flushed head pushing from his foreskin. I could see his slit was weeping for me, and I hungrily grabbed it.

Now it was his turn to gasp. As I took his cock into my mouth and pulled down at his foreskin, he threw his head back and moaned. I ran my tongue around his fully exposed head and sucked at his slit. It wasn't long before his fingers were in my hair, gently pulling me away from his dick.

He didn't want to come too soon.

I acquiesced and gave him a slight smile as I raised up and, with one finger poked in his chest, pushed him back so that he lay down against the door.

There in the backseat it took a bit of maneuvering, but I was determined to straddle him. I had leaned forward as I had pushed him back, and I now positioned myself on top of him with a leg on either side of his body. With all that moving about, my tits were swinging and jiggling quite a bit, and he wasn't taking his eyes off of them. I knew that he was watching my huge nipples, which were elongated with my arousal, as well as bouncing and shaking with each little move I made.

The only thing that got his attention off my boobs was when I, in one swift move, fully sank down on his cock.

Above his loud gasp, I could hear the driver chuckling again.

Then I began to move.

I made every gyration, every move of my hips, every circular motion as sensual as possible. I rode him like a whore, milking out of him every groan, every moan, every gasp I could possibly get.

He was in ecstasy, peering up at me with half-lidded, unfocused eyes. His mouth was slightly open and his breathing erratic.

And, believe me, I was feeling really good, too. His shaft filled my pussy completely, stretching it and pulling at it, and with every motion, pleasure was coursing through me. I was sure to give my clit a good stroke with every grind I made into his pelvis.

His hands were gripping either side of my hips as they moved in a circular rhythm, and he was groaning louder and louder. Suddenly, he arched his back way up off the seat and began bucking his hips. At the same time, waves of exquisite ecstasy were starting to pour through me, emanating outward from my clit. With a loud cry, he shoved three hard, long thrusts up into my pussy, and then collapsed back against the seat. At the same time, my ecstasy evaporated and I collapsed on top of him.

We lay there spent, breathing hard and pouring with sweat, the sounds of the driver's chuckles drifting into our haze of after-pleasure.

It wasn't very long before we began making out again. What started as delicate kissing and touching quickly evolved into tongue-lashing fervor and desperate groping.

Now it was his turn to be on top.

Before I knew it, I was flat on my back, pressed against the seat, my legs wide and up in the air. Suddenly, his body was between my legs, and he was plunging his already-erect-again cock into my slick pussy. From that angle, his entry into my pussy was perfect – every thrust was a thrust against my swollen clit, and I cried out from the pleasure of it.

He was banging me hard. I was practically screaming.

While I was getting fucked on my back, the driver pulled the taxi to the side of the road near a park. I could see him turning around in his seat to get a better view of the backseat action, and at the same time, I could see people outside. What began as a few passersby craning their necks quickly turned into a fairly large group of men crowded around the windows, pressing to get a good look. I could hear their muffled laughter and exclamations and see their blurry, leering faces, but I didn't care.

My sex partner also obviously didn't care. In fact, the audience seemed to renew his vigor, and he fucked me even harder, each ramming of his cock making my clit pulse with overwhelming pleasure. He was thrusting hard and fast, shoving me down into the seat and then as he pulled back, my body would spring up from the seat. My hair was being tossed wildly; my huge tits were wobbling all over my chest.

We were putting on quite a show.

And my pussy was on the verge of convulsing into a full-blown orgasm again.

He must have known I was on the verge of coming, because he suddenly flipped me over and made me get down on all fours. He positioned himself behind me on his knees and before I knew it, my pussy was once again impaled on his long, hard cock.

I think the driver liked this position the best, because with each thrust, each stroke of his uncut cock into my pussy, my enormous hanging tits swung. Like huge pendulums, they swung back and forth and bobbed up and down and jiggled. The driver laughed out loud when my dangling tits shook and swayed in different directions.

Before I knew it, the taxi was moving down the road again.

On all fours, with my tits swinging free and my ass undulating with each and every pounding he gave me, the feeling of complete, naked liberation was now overwhelming. I was now constantly moaning and crying out, and I was loud. With each hard thrust, my partner was grunting. Doing it doggy style with these sound effects, we must have looked and sounded like two wildly rutting animals.

A sudden and bright glare brought me back to reality, and I recognized the passing scenery as that of Piccadilly Circus.

Here I was, completely naked on all fours, my back arched and thrusting my ass up in the air, my huge tits now pressed against the window, my pussy getting a thorough fucking – all in full view of huge crowds of people. As we wheeled by people on the street, I could see them reacting. Since we were circling in the roundabout, I kept seeing the same people over and over again, many of them groups of young men who were now stopped and waiting for us to drive by again. As we passed, they were shouting and pointing and laughing and congratulating each other.

I didn't care.

Those gangs of men on the street could have been a million miles away as far as I was concerned. Caught up in an overwhelming haze of pleasure, my loud moans within the taxi were drowning out the street sounds. My focus was entirely on the vigorous strokes being delivered deep into my pussy.

But then the driver decided it would be even more exciting to roll down the electric windows. Suddenly my loud moans and screams were audible to the crowds, and my enormous naked tits, released from being pressed against the windows, were swinging free and wildly out the windows.

Now I could hear the crowds loud and clear, and they could hear me. I could see them, and they could clearly see me. They could see my huge exposed boobs jiggling and bouncing. My naked ass, gripped tightly in his large hands and getting pounded by a long, thick cock, was there for all to see. They could see my partner's firm ass tighten with each thrust he delivered deep into my pussy.

It was all in full view.

Everyone could see every detail.

And I didn't care.

I came, and I came hard. People were laughing and pointing as I screamed in ecstasy, as wave after wave of extreme pleasure washed over me from my thoroughly fucked pussy. My partner was also coming, his loud moans of desire eliciting laughter and exclamations from the street.

As my sex partner hunched over my back, still trembling in the aftermath of his furious orgasm, the driver exited the roundabout and headed toward our destinations.

By the time we pulled up to the curb outside my partner's flat, we were ready to go at it again.

We had gotten dressed, but as he opened the backdoor and took my hand to escort me out of the taxi, I knew we wouldn't be dressed for long.

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