tagLoving WivesShango Plays with the Wives

Shango Plays with the Wives


Tim stepped out into the evening moonlight and walked in the direction of where he'd parked his vehicle. There was light coming from inside the vehicle and as he approached, he could make out shadows through the backseat window. It wasn't until he got closer and peeked his head through the front window that he could breathe again.

Olu Shango lounged in the backseat, flanked by Monica on his left and his Italian friend, Tony's wife, Franca, by his right. His shirt and jacket was open and his pant was pulled down his legs and both wives were fighting over his cock that protruded like a giant tent-pole from his crotch. Monica was pulling on his balls while Franca sucked on the tip of his cock, her other hand stroked his shaft. Olu indicated for Tim to hurry and get inside; both women didn't bother taking their eyes off from their prize as he opened the car door and got into the driver's seat. Olu took the car key from Monica—she too had earlier gotten it from Tim when they arrived—and threw it at Tim.

"There's the key," he said between groans. "Drive, white boy."

Franca raised her head from Olu's cock and sniggered. "White boy," she turned to look at Tim's direction. "I like the sound of that. I'll have to start calling Tony that too."

"You should," Monica chuckled. "He'll go crazy about it."

"Franca, Tony is back in there looking everywhere for you," Tim mentioned.

"Will you stop talking and get to driving, white boy?" Olu snapped at him. "Tony isn't going to worry much once I give his ass a call. Now drive!"

Tim started the car and reversed out of the parking space. After they'd driven out of the gates, he glanced at the rear-view mirror and asked: "Where to, Master?"

"Where else do you think, white boy?"

Monica took her mouth off her lover's cock. "Take us home, white boy," she chuckled.

Tim drove in the direction that was home. It was a quarter to eleven and the streets were devoid of traffic. He arrived at his place in less time than it had taken them to arrive at the Consul; during the drive, Olu had called Tony to let him know whom his wife was with, and for him to come to Tim's home if he wanted to. The guard recognised the sound of Tim's car horn and let them into the compound. Olu held up his pants as he and both women came down and went inside while Tim went and parked the car inside the garage before coming into the house. Olu and both women were already at the top of the stairs when he came in.

"We're going to need the bedroom for a while, white boy," Olu said to him while both women struggled and fought over him. "Make yourself useful around the house till I call you up."

All three of them crackled with laughter as they went into the bedroom and slammed the door close. Tim came halfway up the stairs, listened to the sound of their frolicking but didn't venture any further step. Instead he went into the kitchen, loosened his bow tie and the top buttons of his shirt collar. He made himself some coffee then went and sat in the living room and turned on the TV. Even from there, he could hear bumping noises amidst what sounded like laughter coming from upstairs. A lot of fun was going on in there while he was stuck down here with himself.

More than a half hour later his cell phone rang. It was his friend, Tony calling to let him know that he was close to his house and would be there in the next five minutes or less.

The gate came open and Tony drove into his compound. Tony too was still in his tuxedo, except for his missing bow tie. They shook hands as Tim led him into his home; it wasn't his first time of being here.

"Where's she?" Tony asked him as they entered the living room, and right away, as if in answer to his question, there came further bumping noise and the unmistakable sound of someone—a female—moaning aloud and hollering out someone's name. Tim pointed a finger at the roof for his friend to know where it was coming from.

"That's where they are," he said.

Tony couldn't think of anything further to say. He swallowed his pride just like Tim and took a chair and listened to the crazed sound of fucking, along with that of the bed slamming against the wall, coupled with moaning voices raining down into their ears.

Finally Tony couldn't take it anymore and got up and told Tim he was heading upstairs to see how well things were going; he couldn't take the torture anymore of not seeing how well his wife was getting the black dick. Tim, unable to stop him, felt embolden too and went a few steps behind him, both of them going up the stairs till finally stopping in front of the bedroom door from where the sound of fucking prevalently coming from. Both of them stood there staring back at each other like two boys about to go pay the head principal a visit, contemplating who should go in first.

"You knock," Tony urged his friend.

"Hell, no. You were the one that wanted to come up here, so you knock."

"I would, except this is your home, remember? If and when such happens at my place, then I'll be the one who gets to knock. Come on, go ahead."

Tim grumbled, but eventually knowing he too would love nothing more than to see the action taking place in his bedroom, raised his hand and tapped on the door. The bout of moaning suddenly dropped to a low tremor. Both men stood there, tensed and afraid as they heard the lock turning and then the door was flung open to reveal Monica standing there naked. Tony brought his hand to his face to shield his eyes but it was too late. Tim stared at her with his mouth hanging open, shocked at her brazen look. His cock was pressing hard inside his pants.

"The fuck are you two standing here for?" she spoke with a harsh voice at both men. From behind her inside the bedroom, the sound of Olu fucking was coming loud and clear.

"Hi, Monica," said Tony with a timid sort of voice, gradually taking his hand off his face. "Is Franca ... is she inside?"

"Of course she's here, Tony," Monica smiled at him. "She's doing fine right now."

"Who the fuck is that? Is it those two white boys?" Olu hollered out at Monica, who turned from the doorway to look at him. "Tell them to bring their asses in here!"

Monica turned to both men and indicated with her finger for them to step inside. The air conditioner in the room was on full blast, but it didn't prevent Tim from recoiling from the smell of semen and sweat that was heavy inside the room. He and Tony stepped inside tentatively like two boys entering an abandoned castle while Monica shut the door behind them. Both men gasped at the sight of Tony's wife, Franca, who was at the moment bent over on the bed with Olu stood behind her. She still had on her dress, though it was pushed over her backside, revealing her buttocks to Olu who was burying his cock in and out of her. He grabbed a fistful of her lengthy black hair and pulled her face up from the bed. Franca couldn't stop moaning from the fury of his shaft pounding her pussy. Monica came past Tony and her husband to join them on the bed. She lay in front of Franca and both women shared a kiss before Monica lay on her backside, opened her legs and guided her friend's face to feast down on her pussy. Olu turned to grin at both husbands.

"How're you boys doing," he grunted, never losing step with driving his cock into the Italian wife's pussy. "Hope you're enjoying the show. How about you both drop to your knees and keep watching."

Tony and Tim, like a pair of twins, both went down on their knees almost at once. Both unzipped their fly and pulled out their erect pricks and started stroking like clockwork. Both were ignored by the players on the bed.

Olu glanced their way a moment, released a guffaw of laughter then turned back to what was before him. He slapped Franca's ass one last time and then pushed her off him. His prick pulled out of her and dangled erect like a pole that wouldn't break. Monica crawled past her friend who was still reeling from the hot sex she'd just experienced to claim her Master's cock for herself. She brought her mouth to it and rolled her tongue over his shaft. Olu loved the feel of hot breath from her nostrils as she pulled at his cock with her hand and mouth. A stream of glistening saliva and cum ran out the corner of her mouth, still she laboured over his cock like it was the only thing in the room she wanted, and actually it was. Tim couldn't help admiring the way she fought for the Master's prick, the way she held his shaft up while she sucked on his testicles one after the other.

"Come on, bitch!" he grabbed Monica's arm and pulled her up to her feet to stand before him. "Let's show your hubby and his pal here what your pussy can do."

Olu brought his arms under her legs and pulled her up from the bed and lifted her from the bed. Monica reached a hand down between her legs for her cock and guided it into her warm waiting hole. Olu gave her cock a hefty shove and thrust it inside her and held her up in mid-air while his hips worked his cock in and out of her. Monica tightened her hold around his neck, groaning from the pleasure he was giving her. Both of them breathed into each other's face; their lips wrestled for a kiss, still she rotated her hips against his, wanting more of his cock than he was giving her. She wanted to fill him down to his pubic bone. Shango's hands grasped her ass cheeks and while lifting her buttocks up and down hard on his cock, slipped a finger into her ass hole and now was fucking both holes. Monica loudly whimpered and cried for more. He held her thighs upward with his arms and slammed his cock harder and harder into her pussy. Monica gasped and moaned in time with his hips slapping against her buttocks, his cock driving between the palpitating lips of her pussy, all the way into her warm hole, bringing her to ecstatic delight.

"Ohh ... Ohh ... fuck me! Fuck me!" her face squeezed to one of hurt, when actually she was bring driven to a place she could only visit when lost in orgasmic ecstasy. Olu's breath came out in grunts as he licked his tongue into her earlobe. Monica felt a clenching hurt in her chest as suddenly she climaxed.

Olu dropped her on the bed beside her friend, grunting from the exertion he'd just undertaken. Holding his cock in his hand, he walked over to where Tony and Tim knelt, both of them ogling the naked black man who stood before them covered in sweat and cradling his giant cock in his hand, breathing like a steamroller engine.

"Alright, boys. Let's see those mouths come open!"

Tony and Tim opened their mouths for him, both men anticipating what was about to happen next.

Olu went for Tony first. He inserted his cock into the Italian man's mouth and grunted repeatedly as he poured a large measure of his cum load down his mouth. Tony gaged from the load that filled the corners of his mouth, immediately opening the walls of his throat from it to drain away. Finished with him, he moved quickly to Tim and did the same. Some of it poured down the sides of his mouth. Tim wiped them off his chin and returned them to his lips and made them disappear like the amount he'd just ingested.

"How did you boys enjoy that piece of milk?" Olu asked them.

"I enjoyed it very much, Master," answered Tony, wiping some droplets off the side of his mouth.

"Me, too, Master," said Tim. "I very much did."

He smacked his lips together, wishing there was more of that where it came from.

The moment would have become awkward for both Tim and his friend were it not that it wasn't the first time they were passing through such rigour. Both men remained where they were on their knees until Olu told them to get up and go clean themselves up. Both men thanked him and Tim led the way into the bathroom when together, like two friends sharing a kindred spirit, neither ashamed of the other, not when they both had in mind the same satisfaction. They aimed their pricks into the toilet bowl jerked themselves off. Tim flushed the remains away and they washed their faces in the sink and Tony cracked a joke that brought a smile to their face before they entered back into the bedroom.

Tony helped Franca up from the bed, pushed her dress back on her, though he pocketed her panties. He would use it later to jerk himself some more after he was done cleaning her up back home. He turned to her Master and took permission from Olu to take her home with him. Olu gave accent. Tim escorted his friend downstairs; Franca staggered on her feet, too weak and dazed from the fucking she had received some minutes ago, surprised to see Tony holding her as if she couldn't remember leaving him behind at the Consul party. Tim helped him usher his wife into the backseat. They shook hands one last time, promised to keep in touch before next weekend and then Tim stood back and watched him drive away. The compound became quiet with the night once again. He closed the front door as he entered back into the house and made his way upstairs.

Olu was lying stretched out on the bed with Monica fawning over him. Tim undressed and went into the bathroom and washed up. He returned some minutes later, dried himself then wore on a pair of house shorts and t-shirt. He looked into the wardrobe for a spare blanket and Monica threw him a spare pillow. He murmured goodnight to her and Olu before leaving the bedroom for them, closing the door behind him.

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