Shared Fantasies Ch. 03


She sat down and gave my stiff prick a few strokes, which was all it took to make it fully hard.

She cupped my balls and made an odd sound, "Hmm."

"Okay, well then you go get showered while I dress. I'm starting to get hungry," she said.

I headed for the shower.

When I came back to the bedroom after showering, I found Jess had laid out a pair of silk boxer-like shorts and matching 'smoking jacket' that she'd purchased for me a long time ago. I had only worn them a few times, mostly because they weren't at all practical, but it was very sexy feeling. I was sure I knew why she'd picked it out. I put them on and headed to the family room/kitchen where I was sure Jessie would be waiting.

When I got there my jaw dropped. She was wearing the baby doll shorty that we'd bought that afternoon. Sitting in it on the couch with her legs crossed, she looked as sexy as I'd ever seen. Her full breasts were tightly encased in the top and her nipples just visible through the translucent material. The thing was barely long enough to cover her pussy and her long legs looked fantastic. I felt myself start to harden yet again, and realized I hadn't been completely soft all day.

After a moment she looked up. Her eyes went from my face to my crotch and back to my face. I didn't need to look down to feel my silk boxers tenting in front. Finally I realized my mouth was literally hanging open still. I closed it. That, and all the rest I'm sure, brought a small grin to Jessie's lips.

Finally I spoke, "Would you like me to fix you a cocktail?"

On a Saturday night we would normally have a couple of drinks while we fixed dinner and then share a bottle of wine with our meal.

"No, I think we should just have wine with dinner. I don't want either of our senses to be dulled tonight," she replied enigmatically.

I think that was a first.

"Uh, okay. Shall I start dinner now?" I said unsure of what she expected next.

"Sure," was her nonchalant response.

As she leaned over to pick up her book, I got an even better eyeful of cleavage. I headed to the kitchen to start working on dinner. I'd chosen Veal Marsala, a favorite of both of ours. It was a bit of work, but worth it and I figured Jessie would like the fact that I hadn't picked something too easy.

First I opened the wine to let it breath, a nice rich Merlot. I got the salad ready and put it in the fridge to chill then went to work on the veal. It took my constant attention for about thirty minutes and then it was time for it to simmer for about another 30. I went to the dining room and set the table with the good china and crystal, something we rarely do except for holidays and very special occasions. I figured that one way or the other this qualified as a special occasion.

I kept sneaking peeks of Jessie. I felt almost voyeuristic about my own wife. She looked so fucking hot I could hardly stand it. Clearly my mental state was just making it all the worse, or better, depending on one's perspective.

I was back working at the stove when Jessie came up behind me and startled me by stroking my ass. I jumped a little and she laughed, then she reached around and stroked the front of my boxers causing my semi soft dick to start to harden once again.

"Mmm, nice," she said in a husky voice.

"Dinner is almost ready," I replied trying to act somewhat normal.

"That's not all that's almost ready," she quipped.

Shortly I had dinner on the table and the wine poured. We ate slowly and in relative silence. I couldn't help looking at Jessie's tits in that outfit and my cock just wouldn't go fully soft.

As we finished dinner I started to get up and clear the table, assuming that was expected, but it was then Jess spoke.

"Just leave them, you can do that in the morning."

This wasn't completely out of character for us on a weekend night.

She continued though, "You ready now?"

There was a slight smile on her face, but little discernable emotion.

I swallowed hard. I also knew this was no time for game playing. "I'm not sure, but, well, I'm not sure, but that isn't going to change."

"I know," she said gently, "lets go."

Both of the wine glasses were empty and there was about one glassful left in the bottle. She poured it into her glass and picked it up in her left hand. She reached for my hand with the other and headed for the bedroom.

Once we were in the bedroom she released my hand, set the wine glass on the bedside table and looked me straight in the face and said with all the seriousness I'd ever seen, "You sure? 'cause if you say 'no' now, we'll stop, but if you say yes, I won't give you a choice again!"

I swear that she was more serious than I'd ever seen her. My stomach knotted up, but I knew that if I didn't say yes, for the rest of my life I'd miss something that I had to understand.

"Yup, I'm sure!" I said in a voice much steadier than I felt.

"Undress!" was all Jess said as she sat on the bed.

I quickly complied, my cock now at full staff.

She smiled at me broadly and lay back, "Before we get started . . ."

The message was clear. I moved to my task with enthusiasm. Within minutes she was crying out as she came loudly. I gently kept at her until she came a second time within another minute or so.

"Enough for now," she rasped.

After she'd had a minute to regain her composure she sat up, then stood.

"Is everything all ready?" she asked.

"Almost," I replied as I turned down all the bedding, leaving only the contoured bottom sheet covering the mattress and then picked up the four restraints and laid them out from the corners of the bed toward the middle.

"Wait a minute!" she nearly shouted, "I've seen those in the garage for sometime."

I told you Jessie is very, very bright. The light had just gone on.

"You used these by yourself during your fantasies, didn't you!" she demanded.

I felt like a little boy who had been caught doing something he knew better than to do.

"Well, . . . uh, I, uh, well," I stammered, not having a clue what to say.

"Never mind! Obviously you did, but that's not the point. You said that you wouldn't be able to get loose by yourself. If you used these alone, obviously you can!" she said somewhat angrily.

Glad to get away from the topic of having used them during my fantasy role-playing and on to something I could deal with, I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly explained.

"No Jess, I never used them on both wrist because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get undone by myself, but to be positive, I've added something extra just today. There is no way I'll be able to get free unless you release me!" I clarified hastily.

I already explained my simple but effective restraints. What I'd added today were two 'sheet locks'. A device used on a sailboat to hold lines tight. They could withstand the force of wind in sails so they certainly would securely restrain the strongest of men. There was one on each of the lengths of rope for the arms. Once attached and pushed up next to the knots they would not allow the knots to be loosened until they were released. The release mechanism required two hands, one to push the release button and one to flip the lever to the unlocked position. There was absolutely no way to release them using one hand and therefore once tied spread-eagled, there was no way to free oneself. Once I was secured, I'd never get free until Jess undid me.

Jess had quickly calmed down, realizing that I had in fact, followed her specific instructions fully.

"Show me how it works," she said far more serene now.

I did. I showed her how to slide the knots tight then latch the sheet locks and slide them up to the know. I showed her how to release them too, emphasizing that it took two hands. I even made her practice releasing them.

"Afraid I'll not be able to release you ever and have to call the fire department?" she teased.

I laughed a little, but she was close to the facts!

"Okay, time to lay down sweetheart," she said with a smile and a glint in her eye.

In a matter of minutes I was completely at her mercy. Comfortable, but able to move just slightly and with my arms and legs spread wide. My cock and balls completely accessible for whatever she chose to do!

Too late I thought of one last thing. "What about my safe word?" I asked hopefully.

She laughed, "Oh Jack, you don't need a safe word. I'm not going to hurt you in any way. Besides, safe words are for making the other person stop; that is the last thing you're going to be wanting. Quite the opposite!" She continued to chuckle.

Her attitude caused my stomach to knot up once more time.

She crawled on the bed and knelt between my legs. Sitting back on her calves. She bent forward and kissed me deeply.

As she broke the kiss she tenderly said, "Jack, I love you very much!"

As I softly replied, "I know, I love you too." I finally had a full realization of what was about to happen.

Here I was, completely helpless, hornier than I'd ever been in my entire life, and my wife, who NEVER does anything half way was about to drive me mad with desire while denying me orgasmic relief for a very long time. And I'd given her all the tools to frustrate me as much as humanly possible by telling her my deepest fantasies and explaining what I knew would be the most maddening things she could do to me. Not only that, but I was sure she done her homework and had ideas and techniques I'd never dreamt of!

She started off with a verbal tease by reminding me of something she'd said that morning.

"So, do you think you chalked up enough goodwill today that I'll let you cum tonight?" she giggled.

"Oh God Jess, you have to, you just have to!" I begged.

She giggled some more, "We'll see, but I don't HAVE to!"

And with that she began. She started stroking my cock in a nice steady rhythm. Not too fast or slow, too hard or soft, a just right stroke to rush me to the edge of orgasm quickly. Of course the closer I got the more she loosened and slowed her stroking hand. Finally she knew I was right at the edge and she gave me a few more strokes that were very slow and light, with a few seconds pause in between. Then as my balls tightened and my cock began a contraction, she stopped completely until it receded then gave me another couple just the same. She repeated this four or five times, I lost track, and then quit all together just as my cock started to twitch and jerk even without any stimulation. It was even more intense than the ones she'd done earlier in the day and I couldn't believe I didn't actually cum anyway, but I didn't I just felt the most intense frustration I'd ever experienced. When she knew it was safe she used her fingertips on those places I'd shown her were so sensitive at this point and tormented me for a few more minutes.

Finally she spoke, "Wow! That was pretty good for the first one!"

Jess' comment was one more step toward the full realization of the situation in which I found myself. But it still hadn't fully sunk in as to what I was in for.

After a minute or so she focused her attention on my cock and balls again. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and I could tell she was feeling it, for what purpose I was uncertain. Then with the other hand she was exploring the head, not teasing it, but something else. Finally she used both hands to feel my balls.

"My God Jack, I can't even imagine the state you're going to be in by the time I'm through with you! Your cock is bigger and harder than I've ever seen it and your balls are so full already they must be aching!" she put an exclamation point on this last remark not only with her voice, but by giving them a bit of a squeeze just before she released them.

It wasn't enough to actually hurt, but it sure did emphasize how much they did ache already.

She crawled off the bed and sat in the chair for a minute, sipping at the wine she'd placed on the table before we began. She didn't say a thing; she just sat sipping and looking at me with a slight grin.

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