tagBDSMShared Fantasies Ch. 05

Shared Fantasies Ch. 05


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Author's note:

This is a continuation of a multi-part story. It is strongly suggested you read all parts in order. Please take note of the Author's note at the beginning of part 1.


Now on to the story:


It took me a few minutes to gather enough strength just to go to the bedroom and pull on some jeans and a shirt. I headed to the store. I decided on a simple dinner, but one that included many of Jesse's favorites. A stuffed avocado for the salad course, lamb chops and fettuccini, plus asparagus and I even stopped at a little deli that makes up crème brûlée another of Jesse's favorites. I skipped the rose this time, not wanting to be overly repetitive.

When I got back home Jesse was reading a book and sipping a glass of wine. She was dressed in one of my old dress shirts, with the sleeves rolled up. Something she did on occasion. She had the top two buttons undone. It was obvious she wasn't wearing anything under it at all. It was barely covering her pussy and her cleavage certainly showed. It was also obviously she was still quite turned on as her nipples were prominently pushing out the material. Her long legs were crossed and looking fabulous.

I started fixing dinner and poured myself a glass of wine to try and calm down. I could tell she was planning a very frustrating evening for me, though at the time I didn't know the half of it.

"Jack! Would you bring me some more wine." she yelled from the other room. As usual that weekend, while phrased as a question, it wasn't.

I expected a bit of a show when I got there and Jesse didn't disappoint. She had shifted around and her right leg was exposed clear up to her hip, showing off one lovely bun. The shirt was pulled by the sofa back so that it was very tight across her chest leaving little covered and nothing to the imagination. Well, that certainly wasn't quite true, but you know what I mean. My imagination was certainly active.

"Thanks," she said sexily as I poured.

Soon dinner was ready and we were eating and conversing in a very normal manner. Jess wasn't doing any overt teasing, but she looked so fucking sexy in that shirt she didn't have to. Earlier I'd wondered at her letting me stay dressed, but by then I almost wish she hadn't; the bulge in my jeans was uncomfortably tight.

After dinner I cleaned up and joined Jesse in the family room where she had her nose in her book again.

"Wanna' watch a movie or something?" I asked.

She just chuckled, "Nice try, but I think it's time to head up to the bedroom."

I tried not to groan, because I knew what she really meant.

Soon we were in the bedroom where Jesse had me undress and lay on the bed. In short order she had me tightly secured again. I wondered what she had planned because she hadn't removed or even undone the shirt and I was surprised she hadn't had me service her orally at least once before tying me up. There was a goodly amount of evening left and I knew Jesse was well rested. Just her tying me up had me rock hard given my state and the knowledge of what was to come, at least in the general sense.

"Don't go away, I'll be back shortly!" she quipped as she walked out of the room.

She was gone a good long time, long enough that my cock was at least semi-soft by the time she returned. I was to soon find out that was exactly what she'd wanted. She was carrying something that looked like several pieces of leather fastened together. I didn't know what it was, but quickly figured it out as she swiftly began to attach the device to my cock and balls. It was a harness that had a fairly wide strap that went around the top of my scrotum and a second strap that then separated my balls from each other. The third strap was then secured snuggly around the base of my cock, which by that time was almost fully hard again. The instant she snapped it in place my cock became rock hard. Harder even than before and the veins were standing out prominently, the head an even deeper purple than before and clearly more swollen. My scrotum was stretched very tight over my balls, which were held away from my body and stuck out for easy access.

"There, now we'll see if what the sales lady said was true," she said with a lilt in her voice.

When it was obvious she wasn't going to volunteer the information I figure I had nothing to lose, "Which was what?"

With that she started to lightly scratch my balls. My God it felt like electricity, they were so tight and sensitive.

"Which was, that this would not only display you nicely, which it does, but it would make you more sensitive, especially your balls, and also help further delay orgasm," she explained with a laugh in her voice.

She then stroked me a few times and also scratched my cock head a little. NO QUESTION about the sensitivity issue, it was unbelievable. A few hours of her teasing with that thing on and I knew I'd have to be institutionalized!

As if mirroring my thoughts Jessie said, "WOW! No question about the sensitivity issue! I barely touched you and you reacted almost violently. I hope the rest of what the clerk said is as accurate."

It must have been about an hour of almost non-stop teasing later, during which I thrashed and strained and begged her to make me cum, the sensations were so intense, that she paused and said, "Now let's see if this thing really helps hold back your orgasms too."

During that first hour of teasing, Jess had been merciless in her non-stop touching and stroking of both my cock and balls, but while bringing close to the edge repeatedly, she hadn't done one of her 'serious edgings'. That was about to change and then some.

Jesse poured some lube in her palms and rubbed her hands together, then she began to stroke my cock. Slow, long, loose strokes. Definitely moving me toward an orgasm, but at an agonizingly slow pace, however she didn't back off. I kept getting closer and closer.

I was moaning uncontrollably. If felt so damn good! The knowledge that she was only going to stop again was maddening. The cock and ball harness seemed to be retarding how fast I got to the edge, which of course was the point, but I was getting there nonetheless.

Finally I approached the point of no return. I knew any instant she would stop yet another time. Instead, I was stunned by her words!

"Cum baby, I know how bad you need to, so cum!" she said soothingly.

It was another trick. I knew it was. My mind was completely mush by that point. I couldn't think anywhere near straight. The only thing I did know was that she hadn't changed how she was stroking me. A couple of more strokes and I WOULD cum!

"Come on baby, you can do it. CUM!" she urged while continuing to stoke.

MY GOD! She was finally going to let me cum! "OH GOD!" I screamed. And then I was there. No way to stop me from cumming now. My balls started to pull up and my cock tensed to spew cum a mile!

Every muscle in my body tensed as I strained against the restraints. My orgasm had started, BUT IT HADN'T!

"AHGGG!" I screamed some more as my body tightened even further.

Finally Jesse released my cock. My whole body was twitching. I'd reached the point of orgasm but, but, well but I somehow hadn't. I hadn't cum. It was impossible! I most certainly had reached orgasm, I'd felt that, but I hadn't cum. I felt no release. The frustration was as high as it had been. My balls were full and aching. I didn't understand, it was IMPOSSIBLE!

Then it finally dawned on me. The harness! The GOD DAMN cock and ball harness had kept me from cumming. My balls couldn't pull up and the strap around the base of my cock had squeezed off my orgasm.

"FUCK! OH FUCK!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I was breathing as though I'd run a mile.

After a minute or so 'it', whatever 'it' was that wasn't an orgasm passed. I was drained, not literally, but figuratively, emotionally and physically.

Jesse was undaunted. She began to stroke me just as before in spite of that. It didn't take long before it happened again.

"GRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!" I shrieked, unable to form cogent words.

Jesse repeated this a few more times. How many I lost track. Each one was more severe than the previous. It felt as though my balls were being pulled away from my body during the 'events'. I thought my cock would split open. By the last time before she finally stopped I thought my balls had been placed in a vice.

Two make matters even worse; on the last two 'cycles' she had used just very light, short strokes. She one stoked the last inch or so of my cock, focusing the stimulation all on that most sensitive spot at my frenulum. It was even more excruciatingly frustrating because it lasted even longer!

I was covered in sweat. Every muscle in my body was trembling. I was gasping for air, nearly hyperventilating. I finally recovered enough to realize she'd stopped. I'd had my eyes squeezed shut so hard they hurt when I finally opened them. It took a moment for my vision to clear.

There, kneeling between my legs was Jesse, sitting back on her heels just looking at me. The look on her face was one of incredulousness.

We just looked into each other's eyes for a while. Finally she spoke in a whisper, "That was absolutely unbelievable.

After a few seconds pause, she added much louder, "TOTALLY FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!"

"My god! It works even better than the clerk said. I can't believe what just happened! That was SO hot!" she went on.

"I need a little break after that," she exclaimed.

'THANK GOD!' I thought. It was a foolish thought.

Jesse climbed off the bed and went to her night table drawer again. This time she returned with a condom and the little clit stimulator I hadn't seen in years. It is designed for direct clit stimulation, or anal play, according to the Adam and Eve website where we'd purchased it. It is about the size of your little finger; straight and made of hard plastic. It uses a single AAA battery, to help give you a feel for the size, but it is a very powerful vibrator!

Jess turned it on and rubbed it around my cock and balls. The sensation was almost like electricity; not surprising given my state. After a few minutes she was concentrating on that most sensitive spot of mine. It didn't take much movement to start me up the long (well, maybe not so long at that point) ramp toward orgasm. After a few more minutes she held it against that part of my cock again, but without moving it. In fact she held it aligned with my cock and perfectly still.

It caused me to squirm; in fact it was quite frustrating because while it was stimulating, I wanted more, certainly needed more to reach the point of cumming. It didn't take me long to realize that what she was doing would never get me off, especially with that fucking harness on!

Evidently Jesse reached the same conclusion about the same time. She had been studying me very closely while she held the thing in place. Satisfied, she set it aside momentarily and opened the condom packet. She slipped it just over the head of my cock and then put the vibe back with the narrow tip just barely tucked inside the condom. She then proceeded to roll the condom down the length of my shaft trapping the vibe in place without her having to hold it.

I suddenly realized what she had in mind, "NO! Oh God NO! PLEASE JESSE!"

She just grinned and finished her work.

"There, that should keep you out of trouble while I'm gone!" she chuckled.

The experience was very maddening. It made me want to cum even more than before, but it wasn't enough stimulation to allow it. Again I thought of the 'fucking harness', that would have been funny under different circumstances. It turned out, it wouldn't be long before I found out it really WAS a fucking harness.

I haven't any idea how long she'd been gone, but I assure you it was a very long time. The first I comprehended she was back was when I heard a giggle from the doorway. I'd had my eyes squeezed shut again and I realized that I had been slowly humping the air, somehow trying to get more stimulation.

"That's quite a sight!" She giggled "I guess that setup makes you want even more, huh?"

I just moaned a little.

She came to the bed and removed her little home-rigged torture device. Without another word she climbed on the bed and lowered her pussy to my mouth. The message was clear and I obliged her desire. It didn't take long before she drenched my face with the results of yet another shuddering climax.

"Mmmm, you are getting VERY good at that," she moaned, as she lifted off my face, but not much.

After she regained her composure she lowered herself again. I attacked her clit as hard as I could. It was only another minute or two before I was awash in her juices yet again.

"I have to feel that big cock inside me. I sure hope that harness works as well as I think!" she said as she turned around and impaled herself on my iron hard rod.

She was sitting up, riding me cowgirl style. She slowly rocked her crotch back and forth. The moans quickly became some of the most erotic I'd ever heard coming from her. It took me a while to figure it out, but then I realized that the strap around the base of my cock was also acting as a clit tickler. The rough leather was working over her clit in a way she'd probably never experienced before. The damn harness was doing double duty. It was giving her clit some extreme stimulation while choking off my cock and balls. That coupled with the fact that she was rocking back and forth rather than working up and down on my cock meant she could go on that way for a long time without pushing me over the edge.

It turned out I was even more right than I'd imagined. She came hard twice before she lay down on my chest and started working my cock in and out of her pussy in long slow strokes. It was driving me wild, and it was much more stimulating, but like the hand job she'd given me before her break, it made me feel like I was going to cum, but didn't.

She, however, had no such problem, cumming twice more before she finally just collapsed down on my chest, with my throbbing cock pulsing deep inside her cunt. I'm sure little drops of cum were oozing out the tip, but it provided no relief or satisfaction.

She was positively purring as she lay there.

"Mmm, that was absolutely fantastic," she said in a whisper.

Soon she was breathing that even respiration of sleep.

After a while she woke, my cock still hard as could be and buried in her love tunnel. She squeezed her cunt muscles, causing my cock to begin twitching again. Feeling the reaction she caused she did it again as she giggled.

Finally she crawled off. She loosened the restraints so that I could stretch and move a bit, but I certainly couldn't get my hand to my cock. Obviously she could read my mind. The first thing I would have done was rip off that insidious harness, the next would have been to pump my cock as fast and furiously as I could until I blew the massive load that was distending my nuts!

"That's as much as I'm going to loosen you tonight. I know what you'd do if I turned you loose and I'm not strong enough to stop you. I'm sure that under the circumstances you'd never listen to anything I had to say either, so you're just going to have to stay restrained until I'm through with you. I've worked too hard to let you spoil your fantasy now!" she said, all quite mater-of-factly.

'SHE'D worked too hard? WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT ME?' I thought!

"They told me not to leave this on too long or it could cut off the circulation. We certainly wouldn't want that!" she said with a chuckle as she removed the harness.

That, however, was the end of it. She pulled the covers over us and then she rolled over. Just before she went back to sleep she said, "Tomorrow you get to cum. I could make you cum with my mouth, my hands or my pussy. I want you to think about which one it is going to be." Shortly there after she was sound asleep, fully sated and exhausted from all the orgasms. I, on the other hand, could not fall asleep. I was simply too wound up, not to mention very curious about her final remark.

I woke in the morning to Jessie sucking on my cock. God damn it felt good. An instant before I was about to fill her mouth, she stopped. I groaned loudly in severe frustration!

Without a word Jess rose and left the room. She had been gone quite a while when I contemplated calling out to her, but thought that would only start things going again all the sooner. I was grateful for a few waking moments to gather myself before beginning more teasing and denial. I had no delusions that the day would bring anything else. I just wondered how much before she finally let me cum. I knew Jesse would keep her promise about that, but 'today' lasted until midnight I realized. That seemed an eternity away right then.

Finally Jessie returned.

"It's eight o'clock," she informed me. "You get to cum now."

I couldn't believe it! She was actually going to let me cum so early in the day. I was almost delirious with relief! I should have known better. I had reacted too soon.

An instant after she'd said I could cum now, she added, "IF you pick the correct method!"

"You remember the three ways I said I could make you cum?" she asked.

"Yes,' I responded warily.

"Okay the, here is how this is going to work. I'm going to pick one of the three ways and write it on a piece of paper. Then you choose one of the ways. If you are right, you get to cum right then, but if you pick incorrectly I'm going to take you right to the edge using the method you picked and stop just before you cum. In that case we'll do it all over again in exactly one hour. We'll keep that up until you pick the same way I write down. Understand?" she explained.

"Yes, I understand," I replied hopefully.

It didn't sound too bad. I had one chance in three each time. It seemed unlikely that I would have to pick more than two or three times before I got to cum.

"Okay then, here we go," with that Jessie picked up a notepad and a pen and wrote something. Then she tore off the piece of paper and folded it in half. Finally she set it on the bedside table.

"Alright, you choose now," she said.

I thought for a minute. Knowing Jessie I figured she'd most likely pick me cumming in her pussy, since I know that's what she likes best.

"Pussy?" I said tentatively.

She smiled, "You know me too well, don't you?"

"Was I right?" I almost screamed, certain that I had been.

Laughing she replied, "You'll know soon enough!"

First she retightened the restraints so I could barely move at all. Then she positioned herself over me and aimed my cock at her lovely twat, lowering herself until I was fully buried inside her. She leaned forward and gave me a very passionate kiss and then started to slowly fuck me. Ever so slowly.

It didn't matter that it was extremely slow; I was quickly racing toward my long denied orgasm.

"Oh yes! OH GOD YES!" I cried out. I couldn't help it. I was there, I was right THERE! Another second and I was going to explode in her tight, wet cunt!

At the last possible second, she lifted her hips and my cock slid all the way out of her pussy, making a wet slapping noise as it flopped against my belly.

"NOOO! GOD NO!" I screamed. It was too much. I'd been positive she'd picked pussy. I was so ready to cum and I'd been sure I was going to. It was the most wicked denial yet!

She giggled as she climbed off the bed and picked up the piece of paper.

"You outsmarted yourself," she chimed, holding the piece of paper so I could read the word 'mouth'.

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