tagFetishShared Secret Smoking

Shared Secret Smoking


“Hey, can I have one of those?”

“I didn’t know you smoked.”

“Neither does anyone else and I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it quiet. What my insurance company doesn’t know won’t void my policy.”

“Okay, but then you owe me one.”

“One what?”

“Shared secret.”

“What secret is that?”

“After we seal the deal with the smoke, I’ll tell you,” she said, passing me the package and cupping her hand around my face as she sparked her lighter. I inhaled deeply, enjoying her sweet scent as much as the cigarette.

There was something especially exciting watching a slim beauty smoking. Perhaps it was that the inhalation resembled fellatio. Watching her made my cock instantly stiffen.

“Enjoying the wedding?” she asked as we looked out over the river.

“Pretty boring for me. I don’t know anyone and the wife is busy socializing.” It was the stepdaughter’s wedding, held at a fancy resort. The sultry smoker was the groom’s sister, who I had just met that day. We were alone on the elevated deck, the designated smoking area. “Watching you smoke is much more interesting.”

What a dorky thing to say, I realized as soon as the words left my lips. Luckily, she laughed and inhaled deeply. “So, you like to watch?”

“What man doesn’t?”

“Well, not every guy likes girls who smoke.”

“I think you do it very stylishly.”

“Then you just lean back right there, relax, watch and enjoy,” she teased, again blowing smoke up my nostrils.

Her elegant legs would flatter a fashion model, without the anorexic gauntness. They drew the eye up to where disappeared into her burgundy skirt which clung so tightly to her hips that I had spent the hour of the receiving line admiring the shadow of her thong panties. Earlier, at the ceremony, she had bent over while sitting, affording me a wide-open view of her perfect champagne glass breasts captured in a burgundy bra. I imagined it matched the thong. The entire outfit set off her flaming red hair and painted lips.

“The wedding would be more fun if the bride wasn’t such a bitch,” she commented. I tried to just enjoy the sight of the plume escaping her lips, but I must have blushed because she laughed and said, “I bet I know what you are thinking.”

“Really, what?”

“I bet you’re thinking how utterly fuckable the bride looked in that sleeveless gown. Isn’t it ironic how guys like brides to be virgins and whores at the same time?”

She took out another cigarette, allowing me to return the favour and light it for her. Our hands touched briefly. An electric current ran from my fingers to my groin. She looked out from the deck, and said. “And the bride has those huge tits that almost fell out of her dress. You guys all seem to go for that look.”

She looked down at her own modest breasts.

“Not all of us,” I said, “some of us think yours are the perfect size. Hers look all floppy and after you titfucked her once all the novelty would wear off. Whereas ones yours always seem easily aroused and ‘good to go’.”

She laughed and said, “Well, thank you, kind sir,” breathing fresh smoke into my smiling face.

Below us, a fountain bubbled in a pond built along the river. For a moment, we just watched, smoking. For the first time the moonlight allowed me to truly appreciate the beauty of her green eyes. I was about to say something else stupid about that when she spoke.

“I wanted to thank you for fetching me drinks during the wait for the reception. I thought I would ask you to dance but now we can do something better.”


She flipped her butt over the railing, sparks tumbling in the darkness. She took my hand. “Let’s walk by the river.”

She led me down the stairs but instead of following the boardwalk to the water, she guided me into the tall dark open area below the deck.

“Okay, now we can share our second secret,” she whispered, drawing me closer. Her chest pressed against mine. I was glad I had left the sports coat inside on the warm evening. Her nipples pressed boldly against me right through her clothes.

With her right hand, she cupped my neck and drew my head to hers. Her face was upturned and our lips met effortlessly. Instantly, her tongue parted my teeth, dancing with me in a different way than I expected. Her breath was flavoured by a combination of tobacco and mints which reminded me of innocent teenage kisses stolen behind the baseball field along with the cigarettes we took from our parents. I missed those days, and those playful girls.

My hands thought for themselves, daring to do what a young boy couldn’t. They dropped to cup her butt, and then drawing the dress upwards until my fingers gripped naked flesh.

She pulled her mouth away to speak. “I just love thongs.”

“Me too.”

My fingers separated her buttocks, shifting to pull apart her damp pussy. I felt wetness already coating her thighs.

“I wanted to give you a blowjob as our shared secret.” She giggled. “Though I doubt that it is any secret that I’m a slut that’s crazy for cocksucking. I saw you get a bit stiff when I flashed you my titties this afternoon and I knew right then that you had a great cock for sucking. A real mouthful, nice and fat without being too big to fit. Except now you’ve spoiled my plan because now I need that fat cock in my cunt.”


“Right here. Right now. But we need to be quick and quiet or it won’t be a secret.”

Her hand reached down and undid my zipper as she lifted her legs, locking her ankles behind my calves. Although she weighed almost nothing, I knew the strain on my back would hurt, so I spied a small padded bench in the shadows and carefully deposited her there, lying across it on an angle so her legs were free. Under the dress, her pussy would be right on the edge.

She did not release my cock, continuing to massage the shaft and moaning about how beautiful it was. I of course was more impressed with her looks. Still, a gorgeous young redhead cooing, “Look at how the vein pulses when I tickle the head,” was guaranteed to get the precum dripping. She dragged me around to the end of the bench beside her head.

“I need just a taste before you fuck me,” she said, lifting her lips to my helmet. She ran her tongue around the rim slowly and gracefully, finishing at the base. She then licked upwards, cleaning the oozing precum off my meat. Finally, she finished the partial blowjob by bobbing up and down the shaft feverishly a half dozen times, all the while twisting her fingers around the base of my cock.

“Fuck me now,” she demanded, gently pushing me down into position. With her free hand, she drew the sheer fabric of her dress away her groin. Sure enough, the soaked silk panties matched the dress and bra perfectly. The smoking session had clearly been all the foreplay either of us needed.

“Quit admiring the view and fuck me now,” she said more emphatically, shoving my cock towards her crotch and using her other hand too peel the thing away from her swollen pussy lips; there was just enough moonlight for me to admire their perfect pinkness. Like her, I was unable to resist a taste so despite her urgency, I bent over and kissed her pussy, parting the willing labia with my tongue and tasting her sweetness. Except, I detected a certain unexpected creaminess.

She giggled again. “Oops. I should have warned you weren’t my first guy today. After the ceremony, I blew one of the ushers in the men’s room while they were waiting for pictures. He liked how I smoked too.” A deeper laugh then she continued. “I hadn’t meant to fuck him, but because he’s pretty young, he never lost his woodie. I figured a stiff cock was a shame to waste. Since we had time, I decided what the hell and bent over the sink. It was like so hot just pushing my dress up and my panties free so he could bury his fat cock in me from the rear.”

“Didn’t they miss him?” I asked, pausing before trailing my tongue up to her clit.

“Yeah, they even sent a bridesmaid to find him. She ended up licking the last drops off his cock. She promised to eat this creampie later but hasn’t had time. Now you’ll refresh it for her.”

I recognized that as a cue to get back to business. Before we went further though, I reached to the ground where her purse had fallen. I took another cigarette out and lit it. I passed it to her. “Smoke this while I fuck you.”

I shifted around positioning myself between her sprawled legs- one foot was one the ground, the other dangling off the side of the bench. I kissed her deeply as she guided my cock to her warm wetness, shoving it in the whole way without any hesitation.

Her hips bounced off the bench meeting my thrusts wildly. Her hand reached behind me and she kneaded my balls. She took the cigarette out of her mouth to flick the ash into the darkness. “Harder, faster, fuck me deeply like it’s my tight virgin ass that is swallowing that fat cock of yours. Or better yet, think about me smoking your cock like a fat cigar.”

It was just what I needed. My cock was already fat and hard but her talk made it throb thicker inside her as her pussy walls grasped the thickness, slowing my strokes even as she urged me to be faster. The burning coal on the tip of her smoke bobbed excitedly as she inhaled around the filter.

Her thighs clenched my hips, her legs crossed behind me drawing me even closer until I couldn’t move at all. All our motion was from her hips. With one hand she milked my balls as she stroked her own clit with the other.

I knew I was close to coming as my testicles tightened and my peehole started gasping in readiness. Her smoke was almost finished. I reached over and took it from her lips, enjoying a final drag before flipping the butt into the night and then bending over to exhale into her mouth. Our lips were locked together trapping the cloud of smoke. She knew as I did that this was the moment to finish sharing both our secrets. Her thumb found its way through my anal ring and stabbed my prostate, instantly flooding the cum up out of my balls and up my shaft to fill her ready cunt.

We broke the kiss, both gasping for breath. I lifted myself free slowly, gently. She quickly straightened her clothes. “I know you’d love to taste my cunt again, but I better save that for the bridesmaid,” she said. “Now, you go up and inside first. Try not to imagine throwing your stepdaughter across the head table and titfucking her silly. I’ll stay out here for another smoke. That way, no one will know either of our secrets.”

Well, the wedding wasn’t totally boring after all.

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